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Las Vegas Daily Optic (Newspaper) - October 18, 1881, Las Vegas, New Mexico Vegas daily optic. Vol. 2. Las vegas n. A. Tuesday evening. October i8 1881 a Monte Veum. The wierd Hilton of n sited fam a her con r taut to. A Beth of society hoes Down to Tho vilest i toured St ton. A there if a woman sitting there Iii that cell whose history is a very re a a a Zaoie one a said tic turnkey of the san Francisco City Prianti to a reporter a Tow night since a but Aho Baa such an utter detestation for officers and newspaper men that i doubt whether you could get her to talk to you. She is too drunk now and when she is sober she wont the woman sat with bowed Bead upon a rough wooden Bench in the Comer of the Cage usually assigned to inebriated females. Her Bat and shawl had been torn off in her resistance to arrest and Ber Long Mack hair Hung Down forming a Complete veil Over her face. Lier rest was Tom dirty and upon the whole she presented a pitiable object Complete picture of abject misery and despair. Shortly afterwards she arose and advanced to tile bars and in coarse hoarse tones and a mixture of oaths and imprecations demanded a drink of water. As the Gas rays fell upon her countenance the reporter recognized her. It was belie ski Doos ahas Monte verde alias mrs. Chilian of alias mine. Vestal Abs mrs. Hated once the reigning Tai in in a Cheyenne gambling House then the notorious a a Fenoer and doctor for the Black Hills Road agents and More recently proprietress of the largest and most fashionable dancing House on stats Street Leadville. Her presence in a ban Francisco police station House was no Surprise but when and How she left the scenes of Ber former glory was a question that interested the curious news Hunter. This was satisfied next Day when an interview was had with the former Queen of the Faro table and Roulette Hoard Iii Deadwood. Four years ago mme. Vestal Lay upon what she imagined to to her deathbed in a Small cd we chamber on one of the Back streets Tat Ween Deadwood and Central City Dakota. In a fit of Drunken frenzy and grief caused by the Lynching of her Lover Archie Cummings a notorious Road agent she had taken a Large dose of morphine. Her vanity had prompted a desire to have Heb obituary promptly written and to Send fora reporter to take Down notes of her remarkable career. Before leaving Deadwood she twice attempted the assassination of suspected murderers of her Lover Cummings. Her death bed confession annoyed her so terribly that although it was not published owing to her failure to die she left the place but not before sending threats to the reporter that if he published the details of her confession she would make her men a put his Light out a that is kill him. Her appearing in san Francisco a poor wreck of what was once one of the handsomest women on the Frontier a recalls to mind some outlines of a very remarkable life. Belle Siddons was known during the first two years of the War of the rebellion As the Belle of by. Louis. A relative of the last eve nor before the War broke out she d made quite a sensation in Jefferson City on her debut in society. Coming direct to Tho state capital from the female University at Lexington her accomplishments and remarkable Beauty combined with her distinguished family connections won for her the homage of All the Gay and hot blooded youths hovering in and about the state capital. Intensely Southern at heart this Beautiful girl reigned supreme Over the minds of All the chivalric youth then preparing to March Forth to follow the state hag southward. But it was the Fortune or rather misfortune of a Young journalist of St. Louis to receive almost unsought the love of this imperious Queen of fashion. Already plighted to a lady of Louisiana mo., capt. Parrish was slow to reciprocate the undisguised manifestations of favor on the part of Mise so tons. But the spell was irresistible. He became the devoted worshipper of the reigning Belle fought a Duel with the brother of his discarded affianced up the River and soon afterwards left by. Louis to follow Claib Jackson South where be fell upon one of the first battlefields in the Southwest. His death seems to have changed the entire disposition and course of life of miss Siddons. The wore no mourning and made no outward show of grief. Of the contrary she became the gayest of the Gay. Her most devoted admirers were the Union officers attached to general Hal Leeks or general Curtis Headquarters. The Rode with them danced with them and might be seen almost nightly in their company at de bars opera House lavishing smiles upon these gayly dressed staff officers. In december 1862, general Curtis ordered her arrest As a spy. One of Ber admirers attached to Curtis staff had warned hero her impending danger and she attempted to is ape southward by the usual a Grapevine Railroad a known Only to Southern sympathisers. She was captured near St. Genevele with positive evidence of her guilt in Heri a Taon and brought to by. Louis. When brought before general Schofield the proud Southern Beauty daringly announced her own guilt. She confessed to having kept generals Forrest and Sterling Price informed of every movement made at the Union general Headquarters claimed the Honor of assisting Forrest in his Well executed raid on the Mem Shis 4 Mobile Railroad which Cut Oft Irani a supplies at hotly Springs and compelled him to take the River route to Vicksburg. She defied Schofield to do his worst Aud was mat to the Gratiot Street Setal prison from whence she was permitted to go Outh a Tow months afterwards through the Infix enc of her remark Abl Beauty upon the Provost marshal general. Her career in the South to known Only to herself As she declines to speak of it by reappeared seem after the rime a the a or i play to the War As a successful lobbyist at Jefferson City during Tho corrupt regime of governor Thomas c. Fletcher and that of governor my Cirg the last Radical governor of Missouri. There she became notorious for her Subtle Power and influence upon certain members of the legislature and Many were the scandalous stories afloat of carousels wide suppers and mysterious excursions to by. Louis. While the legislature of 1871 a in session. I Mhz Siddons suddenly disappeared from the state Capitol no one knew where. It seems she had fallen in love with a handsome sport from Kansas City named Newt Hallet to whom she was married and started with him for Texas. While living in Houston Hallet died of yellow fever and the widow left the a Stone Start state for the Northwest country where she appeared in a new role. Discarding the name of her husband Hallet she assumed his business As Faro dealer under the name of mine. Vestal. Thousands who have visited such dates As Wichita and Ells wort lib the cattle Headquarters in Kansas and Cheyenne and Deadwood will remember seeing this remarkable Wonrau attired in velvets lace and diamonds presiding Over a Faro fable or sometimes twirling the Roulette wheel in the most popular gambling Saloon in those cd Tim. There she would sit night after night month after month Pale Stem and impassive. No matter now the game went whether them to or on maw. Vestal Oever Acca ficut a mutate of Lier coast Nance. She was regarded As in Felefele top taken from maddened disputants by her White bejewelled fingers and Many a taint to tour bully has sneaked cowed and trembling from her presence while she minted her deadly revolver toward him and the door. Her will was Law and no Queen Ever ruled her subjects with greater ease or treated her worshippers with More supreme contempt. While on her supposed death lied Birne. Vestal laughed scornfully As she related incidents of her gambling career in Cheyenne Wyoming of ruined despairing dupes who nightly left her table Only to go Forth and kill themselves or Rob others. The isms Ted that she had never done kind act returned a Dollar won asked a favor sine a she became a Gambler. Baid she a my Luck was invariable and i had a superstition that if i allowed the first thought of kindness to enter my soul it would break the spell. I hated every Man who came to play against me they came to break my Lank. Why should i spare them my husband never gave Back Money or spared either Friend or foe in Why should i a the went wildest excess in dissipation. When not sitting behind her gambling table she was eating or drinking. But she was never known to drink in her gambling Hail. There she would sit attend Aud Brilliant coldly buttling the cards or carelessly twirling her Roulette table. Women she despised and Seldom spoke to or of them. She never quarrelled or exchanged words of anger. Her prompt argument was her pistol which always Lay besides her stacks of Money. Her favorite costume was red or Black velvet ornamented with a so fusion of Gaudy jewelry mostly Iamo Sidh and rubies. Her luxuriant Black bar usually Hung carelessly looped Over her shoulders with Gold and Diamond clasps. This sensational costume she said was apart of her Stock in Trade. A it excites curiosity and draws in the suckers a she said. When the Deadwood and other Black Hills Gold diggings were creating excitement in 1876, mine. Vestal chartered a four horse omnibus in Denver bad it modelled into a Beautiful boudoir and bed room and attended by several of her attendant sporting men with wagons loaded with tents and cabling furniture started for the Lack Hills. On her arrival there she opened her gambling Palace under canvass. There it was she became acquainted with Archie Cummings a former guerilla on the Kansas Border and with whom this strange woman fell madly in love. Through him mine. Vestal became acquainted with the Well organized gang of stage robbers and Road agents who for several years made the stage roads Between the Black Hills Aud the Union Pacific Railroad anything but a pleasant route for people with Money. Mme. Vestal according to her own confession became the confidante and adviser of the gang. No robbery was undertaken which she disapproved of and none failed in which she advised and planned the details. Hitting in the gambling Hall quiet and observant each night she could Bear the conversation of All kinds of people. Detectives were lured to her table by a a tappers and a steeper so sent out for that purpose and by her permitted to win Money while she listened to their conversation about the Road Asea to. By this Means she was enabled to keep the gang posted As to what was going on when treasure was going to be sent out or when a Laden Miner was about to take stage for the Railroad. When the Road agents were surprised by a party of armed officers concealed in a Decoy treasure coach Between Deadwood Sod rapid City in 1877, Archie Cummings and one of his a a pals were wounded and Alex. Caswell killed. This strange woman at once abandoned her gambling Palace and went out into the Woods to where her Lover and his partner Lay helpless and wounded and there attended their wants. Not daring to bring a surgeon from Deadwood to dress their wound Pat detectives should follow to their plate of hiding these wounded robbers amal have died had cot mme. Vestal com to their assistance. She had Learned something of surgery while in the South during the War and according to Ber own statement was competent to extract a Bullet or set a limb is Well is say surgeon in the Hill a. Her cunning devices battled All effete to discover the bid jag Jaee of her beloved strafe ads Boone my the daring chief of de Gold the by her management they were even taken into Deadwood unseen by the detectives and there treated Success fully for their wounds and sent Forth again to prey upon the stage line. About this rime 1877 mme. Vestal seems to have first met her evil Genius. Or St least a Man who neither feared her or Ber formidable influence As Queen of the desperadoes and sports in rile Bills. Young and on the Sidney Cheyenne Hills stage Bito was then a stage Driver. Cunning reckless and Brave to a de Grey almost incredible he wow his Way to the favor of Madame Vestal and by his careless manner Gay and festive style attracted the attention of the female Gambler and soon won from her sufficient information to Pat him on the Trail of the Road agents. Boone my never talks to newspaper men if he Cen avoid it and he has never revealed the details of the tragedy Here related. The Story was told by the woman on what she supposed to be her death bed and in such an excited and disjointed manner that Only the outlines could to obtained. Boone May and his gang succeeded in obtaining such information from mme. Vestal is justified Bim in sending a dispatch to Cheyenne which caused the i arrest of Archie Cummings and two of his companions just As they were boarding the West bound train St Laramie City on their Way to ban Francisco 5 where mme. Vestal had arranged to follow them. They were sent to Cheyenne Sod from there Astor guard and j in Irons to Deadwood Boon after crossing the Platte River near part Laramie a party of thirty armed men the coach and took the three agents from it and hanged them one by one using the same rope for each allowing the last to see the first kick and strangle before suffering the same penalty. Archie Cummings not yet recovered from his wounds asked permission to Pray and for time to write a Farewell letter to his Mother. This was granted on condition that be gave up the names of his confederates in rime and revealed the hiding place of his Money accumulated from frequent stage robberies. This he declined. He was then offered his life if he would give up his hidden treasure. He accepted the conditions and after revealing the hiding place of his stolen Gold he was at once Strung up and a warning written and posted warning All persons to let the bodies hang. This was on Cottonwood Creek on the Black Hills and fort Laramie stage Road. One of the vigils its for a share of the dead Cummings Money related the details of the tragedy of his devoted Paramour mme. Vestal who after attempting to drown a Complete link of i Quot a f i new fall and Winter goods. It we Are prepared this season to offer our a fro a and the Public a general i specialities in specialities in specialities in specialities in specialities in Fine underwear dress suits business suits Fine hats boys clothing our assortment of overcoats Ulster and Ulster ettes stopped Road age 18 simply immense. We have Ais added this season a Large line of Fine custom a and made boots and shoes. On Stock this season will Bear inspection by the feet do or Cohn a respect fulls Fine Haven cigars. 229-tf. Billy sports Billy son the Plaza. No cough or cold however obstinate ran resist the Healing qualities of or. Marshall Slung syrup. It completely cures when All others fail. Try it. Only Twenty five cents a bottle Law size fifty cents.-294tf. California fruit at Grant 4 fresh oysters at Groat 4 . Her grief in liquor took an overdose of age amp to Poison As atari suited. Yin tor to covery mme. Vestal announced her de term i nation to kill Boone May and every Man engaged in the hanging of Ber pet. But up to this time Boone May still lives the terror of the renegades and desperadoes of the Black Hills and Western Nebraska. From the time of her attempted suicide this remarkable woman appears to have lost All of her characteristic courage and surrendered herself to drink. She appeared in Leadville col., during the rail and Winter of 1879, where she made herself quite prominent of the proprietress of the largest music Hall and dance House on state Street. From thence she says she drifted to Las be new Mexico and thence to Tucson Tombstone St each place losing a each place Money in gambling speculation. She says she arrived in ban Francisco last my since which time she has been living atone in a furnished room on Kearney Street. She still possesses some Money sufficient perhaps to keep her until her limited life to ended for she is fast drinking Herf Elf into the grave. A slave to opium and Brandy this once Bright ornament of by. Louis society must soon find her Way to the oblivion of the grave of the stranger. There have been few women who have started out into life with brighter prospects or under More Brilliant auspices. Beautiful Besom pm tolled highly connected Well Tau Ca Ted she might have chosen her place in the highest walks of life. Her career has been eventful and exciting. Bhe passed through the several phases of life Belle of society affianced Bride spy hot Tai nurse lobbyist gamblers Bier Confederate of robbers Saloon sees California comb . Boney at Graaf fresh pork and sausage on Oak at Hooper meat Market Hast Las pc in Vul Mullett. I in a of a Ltd us Aso jewelry sol Avreet watch Tom Quot oms Peny. Atry Silver plated War. Las vegas. For tse celebrated Zoek fort in try sad Ute Johnston optical \ full line of mexican stigma jew fresh oysters received daily at Graaf 4 co�?Ts.-294tf. Fresh oysters daily at Graaf 4 cvs.-29 of Salado a la Delmonica at Billy a doily lunch.-229tf. Jaffa Bros. Smoke a a Billy a Havana. Choices cigars pure 229-tf ice cold Bud Weiser Teerat billy�?Ts229tf our liquor Case is now filled with the choicest brands of wines and liquor for family use. 392tf Marcus 4 Clem in. Cream cottage and milk daily specially Tau cheese Sweet Cream Mummer drinks a j. D. Wolf. Go and examine the Large Aud new Stock of Valise before purchasing at the Boston clotting 8tore.-249tf. Browne Star to Rabess cure sore Throat and hoarseness and Clear Sud Atren then the voice. 289tf Bird seed 264. At Mareus 4 Clem rn1 in Vav Lon i wife six Way. Are our kept of stoves stoves to stoves i Hundred in Stock and on Firat class goods at living prices r hustlers for Trade Heaters All size styles from lightning Bug to a Furbach we Are age it for tip Denmark which has coequal for Bini it uts for the celebrated parlor stove deeper Sod now after wandering All Over the frontiers she finds herself behind the ban of the female cell in the City jail of ban Francisco. Tag soft Coal in the United states give us a co i before you purchase.-280tf Lockhart 4 co. The latest attractions in ladies dress goods fell and Winter patterns at Jaffa Brothers.-287tf. Trask leks risk. Fresh Lake fish received twice a week at 268-tf Phillips 4 Milligans. New and attractive at Jaffa Brot be re.-287 a re a for ladies new invoice of those Superb cigars at the and a Golden Crown Sabonge Saloon j. d. Wolf pro Chil come and see of and bring the Dren we can fit them out. 287ti. Jaffa Brothers. Monte in Lah vegas. Tin doings of Monte verde an she was known Here while she sojourned among us would fill a volume. She came to la Vega in september 1879, and dealt a Short Faroe in the a toe Jam Saloon on entre Street where the Bon too Saloon now stands. There she Lead in life of dissipation and shortly afterwards appeared a the Globe theatre woe re Mcdonald a whiskey 8te>re has been located As a leading variety lady. Her Banjo solos will to remembered by ail the Chi boys of the town Aud a their memory will steel oter a Etc. She went to the lower country and returned to March 1880, and opened a the parlor a a Palace of pleasure on sixth Street. She again entered a variety theater and was the a heavy Gale in a Railroad Avenue vaudeville. Bhe had a citizen build a theater on Centre Street and played to it until the fire of september 1880. During her residence in Las Vega she wrote several effusion poet to the Oft in and was a great Friend of journalists courting their favors on every occasion. Bhe Nae vegas Young Man Aud some of Tbs older ones a n urn tar whom Suu reside Here. With Gene try hoi Mao her solid am she Toft Las m. Metes has received vegas a year ago Aud went to Coloni i new Mexico for the sole of do sad from thence to col forms of Stor Beer. He keeps is Stock stated by Hie Frisco reporter no one of whiskies which will be said by the Iii Las vegas knew irn full history Battel err ear toed and hoi in immense m4 the to goof Mumm a Fol he re my of tit breads and a Ratte Tad in .a.jay. I. A re. $ 4r in. I go g Jet 3. A g a it ii wms fowl la will a of Lait and Witt los Yogas. I have just received a splendid assortment of millinery and fancy goods cloaks Dolman Etc., which i am offering at lower prices than the same Quality of goods were Over before offered to Las vegas. All goads strictly first class. Call and examine before i i fitz6erkll, the urn oat am Ubl Las Quot a emf sus 5t amp a. T j Hazue Brill the live real rss Al. Tate Man is tor sate a Large banter of Nan bust Ehm sad de i Rabic residence lots to different pert of the new end old portion of tee City. Portico cooking Tom tibent to real estate badness Chance basters and dwelling houses should Osili on rits Gerrell be Muse Vonu Ariates then. A Kaaa land Grant of ninety six and Terra. A splendid Chance. In ill be sold cheap 80>oooat.7r if Grant sold St once. A containing Ritter thousand Seres. A Well watered Stock ail h car twin buy one of the snoot Stock if i ranges on the Canadian River. A i raw in buy s Good Stock Range on of the Pecos River with my heed of rattle St the Market Price it aaa Lliel of ewes and lambs for sate a of guv Blackwell Colorado Eta bargain go Saaw i tar a hotel Camalete a tar Niche St Mineral City s splendid opening for s hotel to make a 20,000 $40.00wm head of sheep for sole y Good residence tots. $50 to $150 in the san Miguel lot Vista lion will buy Ira i Roble no i Donee lots on Stoa Hill Iguel i own site co. In the Boena town rom May Sod in Mer tines Odd w in Bay a Good three room Bonce in old town $400 Wunrow we room Bonce Sud Bara. Tot this is a bargain. Fronting on Mila Street s Good six room Bonce in Avenue will Bay lots b a it of double $600 2? a. Fence around it on $75 to value in six months time 4dfidwll> Bay one of the in tvs a cd terming Zachra within twelve Miles of Las i store handsome log Over St ten in one of the towns ii Ca axes a splendid new residence a rooms late renting for a per Cen on investment. Fries i have tor Sale la Mills a Chapman s tri distal Bathe hot Springs these lots will in sold Cran Iutuk of la \ cos t Tenn we Tow dwelling sad two a Vav Seres of handsome ground easting Over is ten in one of the a Hrire a constr for Rale the Paay lots the lbs North part of to a last in the Market. Two tote and a Qiju Vici tows desirable Cit will i hit a. Int a a sgt. Nome a left roses together with elegant for witched to the Porter Wilt be in pears Hargate for one week Only Sti ates saw a u \ to Mcferr t different business Street of the rite Era re tsars to cd dwellings if to rent property rail it or Hale two of tee brat it sad s one fourth interest to developed mines in the Mineral ramp Tetef is Tim it 11 be Washk Nhsn Ssiss sep a tabs to m it i m hmm wet ii a fora is 1-rt supp purchasing elsewhere. . To ooh Iii to Quot a Quot Aye a a them took sews Well ast my. I have it a foil assortment of a soiled Good fifteen Var it a Penn a in the asst Sud Gaar Inlet Cli Wert acc Dora Steriu wed i a rat a Fri Ign Way gun Wyto a a ism1w sjl1 for family anti Smutak use on band St r of i Marcus a ulema. C. In Melv Ute. A Las Vega iftisjjsfc1 a % in ii is to # awl is % Ira m j in i irn Impi Mtoagi a. Vegas Tak Heit . R Mages in twp if.1 mph a a kinds of bites Teaset to Otter to msry m
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