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Las Cruces Sun News Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1940, Page 1

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Las Cruces Sun-News (Newspaper) - March 17, 1940, Las Cruces, New MexicoOur Home town the Coronado cavalcade five major Folk lore fiestas and num Erous school and religious pageants will feature Las Cruces participation in new Mexico s Cuarto Centennial celebrations. Las news m the dependent Diw sunday newspaper sewing Southern new Mexico the weather forecast fair today with considerably High cloudiness tonight. Not much change in temperature. Mox mum. 69 minimum 25 mean 47. No rain. Vol. 59 no. 299 Las Cruces new Mexico sunday morning March 17, 1940 Price five cent opening starts la. Campaign poor Richard s sayings an a Jtj today is better than a to i Morrow. By Wallace Perry new Mexico has been getting1 a lot National publicity the last ten Days because the new Hatch act the proposed Extension senator Carl Hatch s pure politics idea to Federal paid state employ is As Well As the Federal workers covered by the original act. Some the publicity has been Good some it not so Good editorial writers generally have praised senator Hatch for his High minded ideals and the persist ence with which he fought for them. The not so Good publicity has resulted not so much from criticism new Mexico s other sen Ator Dennis Chavez for his opposition to his colleague s Bill As from the nationally circulated assertion other opposition Sena tors that rottenness in new mex Ico politics was the inspiration for the Hatch idea. There s this skit for example in this week s time printed under the caption the Cowboy am uie like a farce with a Dull first act. Session Iii the 76th con Gress took ten weeks to get funny. But. Last week no one with an Eye for High Low comedy could com Plain As 96 Good men True in the u. S. Senate discussed purity in politics. The Man who started it was Carl Atwood Hatch 50, Clovis new Mexico a mild drawling Little Man who walks As if he missed his horse. Or. Hatch s passion is to put Honor Good Faith and probity into politics in. Debate . Hatch is a very Tough Lombre partly because he is uncompromisingly honest partly because he seems to credit opponents with Only the loftiest motives. Last year . Hatch rammed through a politically shocking Law which barred from political activity ajl unclassified Federal Jobholder about below the ranks policy makers. Although his Bill prevented a 1940 democratic convention packed with marshals and Post masters he turned the trick miraculously without making a single enemy in the Senate. "thl3 year Cowboy Carl brought out a new Bill. Now he would spread the Hatch act to apply to All state Jobholder whose salaries Are paid in part by fed eral funds. In every state in the u. S. Unis Bill struck directly at. The state Highway commissions which Are 1 largely dependent Federal funds 2 almost invariably the largest single organized Polit ical group in each state. This time 46 threatened by Black Damp in mine blast St. Clatrv1l-l.e, o., March 16 Blanket death dealing Black Damp tonight enveloped the Fate 46 miners trapped in an explosion in the Willow Grove Coal mine the Haima Coal co. Two Rescue workers were lulled by the poisonous gasses m the mine Shaft. Bodies scattered John Richards mines superintendent and tipple Boss Howard Saunders lost their lives shortly ister the explosion when they entered the mine in an attempted Rescue. They were overcome by the Gas and dragged to safety where they revived momentarily then lost consciousness. They died a Short time later. Some the 1go other miners rescued after a terrific blast rocked the mine shortly before noon feared for the lives the trapped ones. On my Way out i saw men scattered All Over the said John Yoworski and Harry Stan Ley another Miner declared the situation looks 160 accounted for Hanno Coal co. Officials said 160 206 working in the mine were accounted for. Mast them gained safety through an air Shaft at the head the three mile Long Drift. Gas affected nearly every one the 160 miners rescued. Gas masked Rescue Crews were pushing into the mine hoping to break through the Wall Black Damp before Midnight to where 46 Are believed to be entombed behind a Rock Barrier. Phone wires Burn out All Telephone communications in the mine were burned out by the explosion although it was first reported by a Telephone in the affected area. That phone went dead a moment later. Sheriff Howard Duff blamed the and her real name s Kelly deadly explosion Ai accumulation Gaia in the lower parts the mine. Gas overcomes former resident Knight cracks Campaign talk governor blocks dam work you know her As Judith Barrett the screen but this Young lady garbed in gaelic dress to celebrate St. Patrick s Day really is a daughter the Emerald Isle. Judith s real name is Kelly. Pease appeals . Hatch had gone too far. While fuses the senatorial restraint blew All Over the chamber calmly . Hatch explained the beauties Lily White politics. His apoplectic opponent fell Back the argument that his Bill would in Vade states rights. Blandly . Hatch pointed out that the paths Progress were paved with sound legislation that had once been opposed just such grounds. As the democrats fell . Hatch and one another Manhout Charles Mcnary hooked his 23 re publican elephants in Lino checked their to meetings quietly Pat shooting his cuffs in secret glee. Carefully he hid his smiles thrice he prodded his gang g. O. P. Votes together with democratic Leader bark Ley s faithful handful. They were just enough. the de Bate s second Day uie original Hatch act was saved from out right 35, third Tes Ali idly state stoned up out Earklis now butted whip and Suppo Rte for their votes 1937. What fenced Alton continued Page four Martha Virginia Burton 84 year old writer who formerly lived in Las Cruces is recovering from a near asphyxiation in an Elpa so Hospital. Miss Burton was found unconscious in her room by her land lady who became uneasy when she did not see her Roomer leave her room during the Day. A Leaky Gas Heater although burning brightly was the cause the Accident. Miss Burton has Many friends in Las Cruces. She lived Here More than ten years. By associated i Kess America s president Roosevelt once More pointed the Way toward Asting world peace yesterday even As activity picked up the stalemated Western eur Ope s Only Laud War theatre and 3ritain lost two More naval Traw ers to German mines. Today we seek a moral basis for the president said in in International broadcast in connection with Christian foreign sen ice convocation in new Mother 7 10 child Fen killed Heber Springs ark., March 16 Otis Allen 36. And seven her ten children were burned to death when their farm Home was destroyed by if ire Early today. An Oil lamp explosion caused the fire. Allen and a brother in Law were burned seriously three older sons escaped injury. In a prepared statement addressed to the Sun news editor. C. F. Knight candidate for mayor the citizens non partisan ticket saturday criticised mayor Sam Klein for what he termed turning a dedication into a poli tical meeting. When the. Knight ticket was made Public tuesday atty. R. C. Garland its Campaign manager announced that Active campaigning i vim be deferred until after the dedicatory cd re monies. Imagine How surprised i air. Knight s statement says when . Klein took adv Utji the occasion to make a political his statement follows tells non fluff it i Ropasa now that the dedication Thi is Over i desire to make the following statement after Many representative citizens Las caucus Usu asked me to become i candidate for mayor must end four when the easter Sun sends its it cannot be a real he first rays Over the Spires the continued if it is the fruit Organ mountains the people pression starvation cruel los Cruces and surrounding Eom to if human life is dominated Muni ties will join in a Sunrise by armed Camps. It cannot be a service Quesenberry Kieski at sound peace if Small nations must state College live in constant fear powerful income taxes in 30 percent gain in a speech from the Hague Queen Wilhelmina uie nether hns arranged for Organ music also called for an end while the crowd is Gath the Hammond org n from the music department state College will be in use. Prof. Carl Jacobs world strife. The choir from St. Paul s myth urge Little Hatch act in Maxi cd Al Campaign Telegram sent saturday Las Rueus. X. Is. March Iti to. Hon. Joint e. Miles governor Santa be new me Leo Jim Umler sigh d in Ali other purposes she is also buy ing Large amounts agricultural products from countries nor Mally sell to the result is that american Farmer s exports Are severely cur tailed. Only Quick heavy govern ment purchases As Well As Loans it opt him from fully realizing just Hove serious the blow dealt him when cd dirt d. He concluded from info Inu lion available it appears that the situation will grow morn Anile hiring the coming fiscal famous Wii tikk Diks Stockholm March 16 Selma Lagerloff Noble prize Winner in Ike Nilore in 1d09, died Hen Tiluy at the age 82, .1u2i link in Juarez March 10 i Xci census takers report unit. Juan a Lias a population . Washington Maith i Senate opponents the Bill to curb political activities state employees partly wholly paid by Federal gave up the two week fight against the measure today. Only a desire by Many senators to spend the away from the capita i postponed the final Vole until monday. I mallets decisive majority Hauler that developed at. The Clos hip lit Bate gave at least a surface indication that the i Inoc Ralic split Over the Hutch measure would leave no last ing bitterness. Senator curl Hatch predicted hat the Bill would approved finally by a Large majority Ali pm oppo Milinn Leader said we Are a the Mel the the Only fear now expressed fur i Imil passage the Bill is in the House where tin original Hatch Bill with resist Ance. Defends n. M. During1 debate in the Somite i late. Friday. Senator Dennis olives struck Back at. Senator Claude Pepper id., for his Rar Lici a Erlton that unil Orlu tile occur Frnncis in new Mexico had inspired his i senator Hatch introduce his pure politics Hill. Referring to indictments in by the spa for political purpose. Senator Chavez declared i Orty ii vat my friends ii new Mexico accused and indicted. For what reason nol. Fur taking one Penny tin govern ment s mom v. But for the reason i hat supposedly they had used efforts to Advance the cause represented by our Side. I leers beside. Kent air kilns nothing is with now Mexico it is not from any other state. So far us the spa cases Are concerned we were a Bunch Pik ers compared with rinse in Penn Sylvania and we a Koi h Washington. March 16 col. K. A Harrington. Spa adminis Trator has authorized the dropping 228.000 men from work Relief Rolls april 1. 1m h1.ishkr visits it err Hurt Hoadley Smith Center. Kan., publisher is Hen visiting his daughter mrs. Kay Corkran. Call tar Lintl Din King men who played a part in new in their utopian Kolste. He Kliff. Called to Mexico s Tutlo is j desert Paradise find if Early polio invoke the the oath pc Nojd Tho saints poem to. Or oth it the shalom build pom1 before coming picture them Telny Iheson i snit Cal with. Kwis. Who would now be a thu Stoks Komi t11r Roar Hanff their fifths in us Drent ski Nam Dona Ann n. prime life. File Klein ticket before mass meet to beat deadline while mayor Sam Klein a. Telling an audience at the City Hal dedication Friday night that mass meeting would be held in the District court room monday to nominate a second ticket in the municipal Campaign and that if that meeting should nominate him he would make the race for re election a Complete ticket with the mayor As its head was nest Ling in the Liles the City clerk 50 feet Back him. It had been filed quietly. Wed night., by City atty. E. G. Shannon it was Learned saturday. To heat de Aillun . Shannon explained saturday that he had filed the ticket his own responsibility to beat the. And that it was filed subject to the action monday night s meeting. Changes can be made in uie ticket if those attending the meet ing desire to said but atty. Gen. Filo be Dillu had advised i by Telephone that it was necessary to file if a ticket was to he tired. 15 Days before the Date the election. Monday night would have been too others interested in the ticket explained that As Many As thro changes May be made at monday night s meeting. The Klein ticket these arc uie names filed for mayor Sam Klein to Man a mril Momii hrs c. T. Seale Manuel Navarez b. A. Cardwell Carlos Sanchez City treasurer Clarence Dean City magistrate William Page . Scale and . Navariz Are members uie present City Board. Air. Cardwell und . Sanchez like the places Earl Stull and Ivle Aguirre who have decided lot to run for reelection. Or Dean is the present City Reid juror and no opponent he citizens non partisan ticket. Campaign Promise Kepi our chief mayor slain told Friday night s audience it the dedication is to to Able to stand and Tell you hat Wehnert kept our Promise made you two years ago. There was an election coming1 up just As there is now. Thiv were two tickets in Uio Field so far so far in 1 know there now is Only one five Good people who Are trying to save the City from me i. Understand. They rail themselves the cd non partisan ticket. That was our name then. To ran against another ticket that was advocating the Selling Bonds the town Las Cru Ces in the sum to build . We did t like that idea a Bond Issue. We believed that by economical management no the off aim the town we could Huid a without a Bond Issue. We told you would build a without a Bond Issue. Evidently you by Nievod us. Well Here is your . Where is the fellow who Saya a politician never keeps a prom ise maybe we Are not politicians. We invite those gon Lemort who sited we could t do it to come up my Ruh their noses against the Walls and make sure that they ure really recalls office wandering however this is no time to exhibit an i tort you so spirit. To Are glad that we have been Able to provide for you a Plaro where you can transact the a fatty die town. A to town and All its activities und eggs nor cheese nor any animal this one Nawf for the Nako non food rave Honey shall Ever Bovi Ineneo and Economy. We have used upon any part the prom trip ii to look a hand and provide Page four continued papi 6

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