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Lansing Star Newspaper Archives May 6 1990, Page 2

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Lansing Star (Newspaper) - May 6, 1990, Lansing, Illinois Enrolment Airport schools continued from Page Al Pic ants. But no District has to accept any student. One Veteran educator was not Overly impressed with the Isle intr District open enrolment plan. A i think the primary Issue would be to determine Why a Parent wanted to move a child Quot said superintendent Edward Rachford of Homewood Flossmoor school District 233 a if a District has a building school parents Are unhappy with Why does t the school Board fix it Quot Rachford added that whatever the problem a whether its Low test scores an incompetent principal or teachers a it can be corrected by the Board. Rachford s District has Only one school so intr District would not apply to District 233 but District 233 has been a Leader in act College Board test scores in the South and Southwest suburbs Over the years and has Long been acknowledged by some educators As the Best High school District in the area. Should inter District transfers Ever come to pass. Of Likely would be High on the list of schools to which parents might want to Send their children. Rachford pointed out that District 233 already accepts six out of District students a year. Each Pavs a tuition of $6,442. Lee Betterman. President of the Illinois education association is no fan of open enrolment and believes that it is unjustified. A the emphasis should be on improving schools. I cannot see putting Money into Choice plans because school restructuring is where the Money should be going Quot Betterman said. A the aim should be to improve All schools for children we do not support any state or federally mandated Choice plan because there Are inherent problems. We re extremely concerned that education Choice does t become an elitist or desegregation situation As every child is entitled to equal educational Betterman also expressed the fear dist. 172 state Grant for gifted plan Sandridge school District 172 in Lynwood has submitted its Grant proposal to the state for funds for a gifted and talented program. According to superintendent Richard Wangerow. The Grant asks for $99,250 to fund the entire program for one year. Wangerow added that the request is state mandated and that All proposals that meet the required specifications will be approved. The proposal that has just been submitted will fund a program for the 1990-91 school year. Wangerow explained that any student who displays an in of 115 or higher in any area will be eligible for the program. The program Wangerow added includes All subjects taught by the school such As science mathematics and physical education. Student enrolment in the program also will be based upon teacher observations and achievement testing results. Wangerow said he expects at least 80 percent of the students will be involved in the program. The District will hear from the state sometime before August he indicated. That teachers in an inter District open enrolment plan could lose As Well. A a teacher could lose tenure if he or she is transferred because tenure is with a particular District. Suppose a teacher with 15 years experience is transferred to another District. That teacher would Only get credit for to years experience in Illinois. So that teacher would lose Money and sick Days Quot Betterman said. Even in an intr District plan Betterman said Only so Many teachers can be transferred to a particular building within a District therefore any movement of teachers would have to be subject to collective bargaining a we give limited support for intr District Choice plans but Choice will not improve education. There is just no evidence that it Betterman said actually the entire Issue May stall because no Money is available with which to fund open enrolment. A now that the policy has been adopted it will move Down the line into the program area which will require Yogi said. A but i done to know How much Money we Are going to get for this program it was not a line item but submitted under the umbrella title of school improvement. Until we get Money to encourage districts to look at this Choice plan everything has to flow from state reps. Loleta Didrickson a Flossmoor and Terry Steczo. A Posen. Both members of the House elementary and secondary committee. Done to foresee any Windfall from the state to Institute the new initiative. A first of All i Don t know what prevents Isle from implementing inter District open enrolment a Didrickson said. A i Don t see How this policy intr District open enrolment changes what can be and is already being done anyway. What Isle adopted is already being done in the City of Didrickson said she does not think there will be Money available for new projects a and even if there is the amount will be minimal. A we have not met funding objectives that we already have on the books so i Don t know How we Are going to find new funds Quot Didrickson said. A moreover if a system the size of Chicago can implement Choice plans without funds then any system in the state could do Steczo echoed Didrickson a sentiments. A the amount of Money available for elementary and secondary education is going to be minimal As it is Quot Steczo said. A to try and look at new initiatives is going to be difficult unless its done on an extremely limited basis such As a Pilot program. A we would be hard pressed to justify monies for new programs when we Haven to funded those already inside business.c-1 and c2 classified advertising .c3 to c-12 a business directory a automotive guide dimensions.d-1 to d-6 editorial.a-8 news briefs.a9 obituaries.a4 real sports .e-1 to e-4 our phone numbers to Call news 418-1234 or 755-6161 circulation 1-800-339-3363 classified and 7553993 tent Sale May 1 th-20 it ust r Ian 92q St sport Haus 19001 s. Cicero ave. Country club Hills Illinois 60478 799-3030 continued from Page Al Cess of the Federal study to a this is a Kankakee county and will county Airport authority a an even split Between the two counties Quot Joyce said. A i Don t see How it jeopardizes anything Quot he added repeating his 1988 arguments. Except for the two county eight member arrangement the 1990 Airport authority Bill is similar to the original 1988 version Joyce said. The Board would have the Power to sell Revenue Bonds to cover operating expenses if a third Chicago Airport is built within its jurisdiction. He said. Airlines using the Airport would pay Takeoff Landing and other a user Quot fees to repay the Revenue Bonds Joyce said. Federal and state funding would have covered the capital Cost of building the Airport he said. Parking continued from Page Al apartment complexes. Fester noted that Garden House apartments in Calumet City has a parking ratio of .52 spaces per unit the Dorchester in Dolton has a parking ratio of .28 spaces per unit and lutheran Home cottages in Crown Point has a parking ratio of one space per unit. Board member Chester Griggs countered however that although the Dorchester has Only 40 parking spaces for their residents there is a total of 700 parking spaces available throughout the entire Complex. A even though we re marketing to Active seniors most of these people Are not real Active Quot commented fester. A research shows that Only 20-30 percent of people who live in these types of complexes have cars a added Garry Cawn architect for the project. The boards recommendation for the 1988 Bill originally called for an All Kankakee county Board with bonding Power. It passed the Senate without dissent. Local Kankakee county groups either supporters and opponents of the proposed a Impact lined up on both sides of the Bill. The 1988 Bill overwhelmingly passed the House but Only after it was rewritten at House speaker Michael j. Madigan a request to Call for a Kankakee Wili Board without bonding Power. Joyce said Madigan a Chicago was opposed to a third Airport near Midway Airport which lies in his legislative District and would support the Bill Only in the rewritten form. The 1988 Bill had to return to the Senate for approval of the House changes and failed three times by one vote. Interstate news service continued from Page Al Tural improvements at its five buildings. The District used All of the Money replacing ceiling tiles Wall panelling. Floor tile and adding a new room to . Reavis elementary school at 17121 Roy St. A fifteen thousand dollars is a lot of Money but when its stretched Over five buildings it does no to go very far a said William Simpson District 158 superintendent. Thornton fractional High school District 215, which serves Lansing and Lynwood students received $12,311.52 from the tax and will use the Money to Purchase land said Kenneth Olsen District 215 superintendent. School District 171, also serving Lansing and Lynwood students will use the $9,233.61 it received to make two of its schools safer. The theater tax Money will cover approximately half the Cost to install video cameras intercoms and new locks on the doors at heritage Middle school 19250 Burnham ave said superintendent Durward Schuetz. A new hallway will be built from the front Entrance of Nathan Hale elementary school 19055 Burnham ave., to the main office so that no one can enter the school unnoticed. District officials have been working to implement the safty measures which will Cost $18,000, since the 1988 Laurie Dann shootings in North suburban Winnetka Schultz said. A i think it All spreads Back to the couple of shootings we had a couple years Back a Schuetz said in reference to the Winnetka incident. Opt com approval carried with it the agreement that if the 1 1 parking ratio proved insufficient additional parking would be added the property line to the North be moved 20-feet to allow for More Green space and the parking be in a a shaped pattern. Construction on the senior Complex is expected to begin sometime this summer. The measure now goes before the Lansing Village Board of trustees for final approval. Tuition continued from Page Al Nice avenues Torrence Avenue and Ridge Road and Ridge Road and Burnham Avenue. It will Cost approximately $17,000 an intersection to implement the system said mayor Bill Balthis. Lansing will receive 70 percent of the Cost from the Federal Aid Urban Fau project Balthis said. The Village will use met funds to help pay its 30 percent share of the project. The Fau Money will be distributed by the South suburban mayors and continued from Page Al Eren dums to increase the rate. In reference to the enrolment Fonte said the College s enrolment had increased 25 percent from 1986, when the College lost 2,000 students due to a teachers strike. But Fonte said although enrolment has increased the College is still receiving state Aid based on the 1986 enrolment figure. He said the College will receive an additional $1 million in state Aid based on current enrolment but the first instalment of those revenues will not be received until july. In the meantime Fonte said expenditures have continued to escalate leading to an imbalance Between expenditures and revenues and the $3.5 million deficit. Managers association which also decided where to install the system Balthis said. Lansing and Between 12 to 15 other communities volunteered to be in the program. The mayors organization chose intersections that had the most traffic and accidents said mayor Bill Balthis. A everyone got into this based on their desire to spend Money a Balthis said. Lansing a three intersections were a was Many As any other Community a Balthis said. The Village also will spend $50,000, or $1,500 a vehicle to outfit its emergency cars and trucks with the radio transmitters needed to change the lights Balthis said. A the Cost of the program is rather substantial but it is a safety Factor a Balthis said. The transmitters will Only work on the signals that Are equipped with the opt com system Balthis said. 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