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Lancaster Eagle Gazette (Newspaper) - September 15, 1962, Lancaster, Ohio The Lancaster 15 nature notes looking into the barrel to connect the Man s Miil on the Bank of Rush Creek North of the with the state Road a Road was Laid out in june 1834 that Road began at the East end of the Rush Creek Bridge and followed the bottomland North along the East Side of Rush Creek abutting the farms of Jacob Ruffner and Caleb j to Lay oat this Road Simon Hartman and Daniel Dudrick served As chairmen Jonas Ruffner was the Marker and Earl Tiffner the Surveyor in 1861 this Road was extended farther North following the East Bank More or less of Indian Creek this is now designated Richland township Road 413 and known to Many of the older residents As the gun barrel Road it was ably called by this name because of the Many Crooks and turns it May been likened to the bore of the Hunting rifles used by the Early settlers of Fairfield county for our morning walk we followed the gun barrel Road North the Mary covered Bridge Ever Rush Creek and through the gun barrel Road passes t in distance is a Bridge Over this is the upper end of the Irish Creek Gorge above spot the rocks were hidden by end moraines deposited Fay the Wisconsin ice the records show that the gun Road was not Cap beyond this crossing of Rush Creek until the Road Over these few rocks exposed near the Corner where these roads we walked May have joined the Miller Road beyond the covered meet Are of the Logan of Fine grained Sandstone which was already in existence when the gun Road separated by Argillaceous shale possibly we could was Laid found fossils in this formation had we spent some time in search i there were none in the fragments of Rock we quickly new York was named after examined Duke of York tie gun barrel Road in Richland township As it winds North through Rush Creek Valley notice of filing inventory no 30136 tie stare Ohio mass transit sen of Noi support regardless of ire h May Nave on my said future the measure approved by Senate banking re of the the along Back of Rush Creek near the Mary crr Bridge this May been grinding Stone used in the Kuresman Mill now on North to Indian Creek to Ohio Northern Road of the gun along Indian is now a farm Lane an in was u Back track rather than retrace our Steps we followed the for a Short distance then walked the to o Between the chartered in 1889 As the Atlantic and Lake Erie Thomas Ewing served president Ater re Ohio Railroad now it is a part of the York system i the tracks Folio a ire West Bank of Creek Cross Snake run round a Ara then go the which san the Creek Gorge this was our walk this part of the West Bank rash Creek the ties As we hurried along there was t the make Many observations the cd in column were switched Ash Caie is the Rock and thai the Ock House our a 10 the mayors Cay set for american cities Uncer my and t of said Day of it August j would Lead to ownership of the transportation system notice of filing inventory no 30465 101 collars the slate of Ohio ice of appointment of t no 30497 no or de to 1.1 of on j or de Ujj r re or a o Are to d i or l dated August b c i judge of county pleasant mothers plan year s projects by mrs Marjory Columbus where they wis Side before their return mothers Circle selected projects for the coming year at the first meeting of the fall j son held in the Home of the i Lincoln Al mrs Carroll Myers i the Circle planned a card party has for Benefit of the Community Park i voted to donate an article for the Day Circle of Lincoln j mental health patients and to dress Cue enjoyed a Colls at Christmas for the dinner at the Church sept army 5 sixteen members were Proem i mrs Robert Snyder won the for the meeting hostess gift a games prize was mrs Hager presented awarded to mrs Jane program the worship service Roll Call was answered by topic was members telling what they is missions mrs Hager gave Jet during the summer of the lesson present were mrs Myers mrs taking part i the program Robert Sayder mrs were mrs Harvey Hampson Ner mrs Elmer mrs Reading from Book Janet Hoffman mrs Robert of acts mrs John o Hara mrs Fred Holliday mrs Reading from and hit Claude Estep mrs Marjory scripture from Man and mrs John Freeland Amos All scripture concerned mrs Snyder assisted mrs missionary w Ork and the Myers in entertaining the group Mand of Jesus go preach next meeting of the Circle is scheduled oct 4 a Short talk was Given by tit to meet president William elder at Chico will assemble Tendance at sept 28 the first fall meeting at z tonal seminar at Carroll was Dis sept 17 at the close of cussed the society will have a business a cooperative lunch will program for be served honouring members with work at the i birthdays in july August and september Patricia Lee of of notice s Ven that or t ii of v de of of Ter count v creditors Are required to four months dated trus 12th Day of september Robert Hastings i i r probate of said county Fly marked couple left miss Patricia Anne Nason of Rev and mrs Kenneth i e Nason became the Bride of or Lee of Seoul Korea in a ceremony held sunday evening sept 9 at the Lincoln Avenue i methodist Church Road Richland township 413 is an interesting one which to walk there is Little travel Barking but not biting dogs and Only 3 or 4 Homes along that Section which we walked sawtooth sunflowers were in feet tall with leaves with sawtooth edges Goldenrod was in Bloom the plumes turning the open hillsides and ated Fields into a sea of yellow beside the Road Are Ohio Buckeye Trees wild cherries hazelnuts and Wahoo All of these Trees were a fruit the Buckeye pods were about to burst and release the 2 buckeyes in each pod the Ripe panicked clusters of wild cherries were attracting the Birds especially the migrating Robins the husks covering the nuts were still Bright the nuts not quite Ripe the unusual pointed Star shaped fruits of the Wahoo were fully formed but not yet turning Brilliant red the narrow Road with grass growing in the Center is a Good place for Birds Carolina Wrens called almost constantly there was a Ling vireo singing in one of the taller Trees Wood Peewee called and Catbird scolded in the dense thickets several times we heard the clucking of a Wood Thrush the chatter of the Carolina Chickadee the yank notes of a nuthatch maw of the Birds were silent was a Boxelder tree that was alive with Birds were and not one of them made a distinguishing sound in another tree there were several they too were silent a Small Bird flew across in front of us to capture a Small Miller in flight by its size and shape we identified it As a Type of Flycatcher since t did not Call we could be mistaken in its name there Are several species of Small flycatchers it is Fay song that we Are sure of their identity the dark dense and Damp Woods to the left of the Road is Peter with Pale jewelweed in Bloom the Flowers Pale yellow in color to the right of the Road Papas covered the shaded slopes on a few of these Bushes we noticed the fruits which will be Ripe about the Middle of october it was pleasant walking along this Road you could not see and distance ahead so we re wondering what is beyond the next Bend was an area where the deep Shade Between Rush Creek and this Road was a huge mat of which the Early settlers formed in bundles to make scouring pads should you wish to know the scientific name of this Rush it is Equisetum variety Affine Means horse Means Winter because this Plant is Evergreen Affine Means a pleated Woodpecker scolded somewhere on the tree covered slope to the East of the Road there were an unusual number of woodpeckers uhe Large edition of the downy along this Road also downy woodpeckers too a red bellied Woodpecker and eral but no red headed woodpeckers an unusual clump of Goldenrod beside the Road attracted us we examined it the Golden yellow Flowers were scattered along the Stem which was Square and Bent this Way and that it was the Zag Goldenrod with leaves which resemble those of the sawtooth Flower the Road leaves the bottomland and ascends to the Ridge As we climbed this Hill we were in the Shade of Beech Trees and sugar Maples this Type of Forest is quite usual in this glaciated part of Fairfield county the Road improved As we reached the Ridge goldfinches still to full plumage chattered As they flew with dipping flight from a tree pasture to a tree in another Grassy Field to the of the Sornev any be Are on the Day of August j an and appraisement of estate or a Ana be for the Cay o 1962 10 o clock i any person to he Asci inventory must chem at five poor to under hand and Seal i of Sau Day o August 1962 Robert u Hastings 1 probate judge i notice of appointment Case no of deceased notice is Given that Hedges a Isabella court i Lancaster Ohio has been daiy i pointed executrix i estate of Jalma deceased late of creditors Are required to fiduciary Tus Day of september of inventory state of Omo county court attorneys an v of to aforementioned the 1917 1962 dinners 723 the estate of Soma a late of Lancaster said county court i and i of Tor hearing this on the Day or september 1962 at 10 o clock j and to sex j to inventory at least to the Day set of this Cay o september Robert u probate judge it the state of county probate court 11 is of skin under win and tie attorney o attorneys any or the persons 1 an inventory appraisement of the estate 6 l Robb de ceased of in said county was lied in this and appraisement be for hearing before this on the Dav of september 1962 at 30 am to to inventory must them at least five cays prior to Dav set for hearing Given under my hand sea of this 4th Day of september 1962 Robert probate judge notice of hearing Fok Spivey a prisoner fared Iri women committed from december the crime of breaking uninhabited do erg v o steal x s and server a i 01 years is Fie Ohio Pardon on o after the Pardon and tie which overlooks the Creek Radey and where Are was once an enclosure erected by the indians township Road 368 joins to the right to the left is a Ridge which overlooks Rush Creek somewhere on this Ridge there was once an Indian enclosure constant cultivation of the land has obliterated this raised Mound of Earth huge Catalpa Trees planted Many years ago Border the Road at the base of one of these Trees a had its Den it used the trunk of the for its Lookout and to Sun Bath it scurried into the Den As we o d r As the senior customer a Dairy w r Cloud mrs Charles Chestnut St Mona near record notice of no estate o Ida deceased notice ii thai i of 321 West nue Lancaster has been b notice of appointment no estate of Bay i Johnson hereby that Ella of a Baltimore been pointed of the estate of rav l w Johnson deceased late of the Village of Baltimore fair Field county Ohio creditors arc required to file their claims with fiduciary four dated this 12th Day of september notice of appointment Case no 30502 Given that Anna City of Lancaster i creditors Are to file said j foor month s dated of probate judge of 31 Al of 116 Johnson Street of East Walnut Street Lancaster Otao has been duly appointed executrix of the estate of Wilbur de estate o our Canev e ceased late of the City of Ter Fairfield county Ohio Are required to file their with fiduciary four dated 7th Day of september 1962 Robert r Hastings i Hastings l probate judge of of notice of Case no 30480 estate of Ciao deceased notice is hereby that dred Griffin of 414 Highland Levard Bremen has been duly appointed administer matrix Ith the will annexed of the estate of Clay Heiser late of the Village of Bremen Fairfield county Ohio creditors Are required to file their claims with said fiduciary within four months dated this Day of August 1962 Robert Hastings probate judge of county a a

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