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La Verne News Newspaper Archives Mar 15 1888, Page 5

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La Verne News (Newspaper) - March 15, 1888, La Verne, California'O \ . -i *.RNE NEWS. íDAY, MARCH 15, 1888. \ LOCAV BREVITIES, Tk« La T«rm po«t office bailding^is IK>w latbed And ready for the plaeterere. Reven car-loads of lamber ahive<yroifi *8aa Pe^ro harbor for La Vemelaet week. Mr. (Wrge Banks has bonght E. A. Mf right’s place, on Ramona avenue. The Nagasaki Tea'Co’s, pictorial delivery wagon decorated our streote lost Saturday. ___ Willjam Furrey’s ne\V house on Al-eeeant^ avenue is nearly ready for the lathers.    , Mr. Packard i^ building an elegont- Y^’^® ” •*^®oc’il*toi?ooutanonymou8lv. mansion in his finé eucalyptus grove just uortbeost of towu. j %      ■    I    -    ■    ( I    ■ '    !■ " The ladies of La’Verne aie talking of organizing a branch Women’s^J^tian Temperance Union. Mr. L. Meredith 111 building a pretty and artistic new house on S^alia avenue bdow Cambridge street. feeding Had The I^^eme restaurant is froip into 80 patrons every day. 87 to dinner last Saturday. Mr. Qr>enwood is building a cbffipiodi-onv re«iden<« onRednlia aveuue nortih of Fuiton street.*" ‘ Elders C. C. Smith and Win. Young, of IjA Verne, have been holding meetings at Glendora for some time, with good success. The reservoir has been thoroughly bleaned and a box screen placed over, the entrance to the Grand avenue pipe. • Messrs. Nye and Arinsti-ong have com-mem«d the erection of a joint residence on Sedolia a^niie and Fulton street. Foreman L. Hpahling now has thirty men under his chai-ge, engaged on new buildings. He keeps things moving. ____________ Mrs Robbins’ stately new residence on Grand avenue iioitih of Glendora street looms up toward prospective habitability. _____ Mr. Harkey, our bricklayer ^contractor was lying sick at Pasadena, at last accounts. Hopo hp 11 soon be on deck again.____ We have no man*iage column yet, but we get a whisjier that there’s a matrimonial pot boiling in town. Ab, yes, w'e smell greens. The first poetry written in La Verne was the melodious pa^r >of verses on our fourth page, and sighed “J, T. S.” Dr. Rmith WTOte it. As the name 8an Joee ooc^ so often on our paper, perhaps we ought to explain that it is tbb Bpanish for Saint Joseph and is pronounced Sai Hc^y. A. U. Pogue has the material on the ground for the erection of his new house on Irving street at north line of town. He will ‘‘look down” upon his neighbors, but his beart wUl be with them, all the same. Mr. E. A. Wright and family have removed to Napa, north of San Francisco, where his sister. Miss Cora, is going to start a millinery business. La Verne regrets to lose them, but wishes them good fortune in their new home. Our “devjl” comes in with his inkync and whispers: that poem of ‘‘Baby Mr. and Mrs. Lamb ond the four little Jjamhs got jnto their new houce on De Soto avenpe last Tuesday, just ahead of the tluve day’s raiu storm. Mr. Payne’s pench ortfi.ard, in the arroyo Hettlemont, is in full bloom, and is as pretty a florascoiwi as mortal dye ever looked ujwn?^ '    \ There are many children in La Verne too small go so far to the district AV no Will ««Aim w. ..oOl ? The San Jose iUuich Co. has abrickyard aliout two miles southwest of La Verne, and there our supply of bricks comes from._____ A. C. Abbott & Co. jmopose to keep good goods and scl^hcm as low as the same article's can Iw bi)ught for in Po-luoua or any neighboring town. Mr. G. S. Goss found near Pudding-stone falls a fragment of a fossil shell which a])pears tu be a genuine fossil relic . of the Biliifm^ge of geology. The irrejmi^ible sewing machine peddler has ^done” La Verne. An organ ginnder and monkey is all we lack now to gilre us a metropolitan air. Mr. Thos. Divine has made a standing galley, galley rack, proof-cabinet,' tables, etc., for our printing offiw, and did a nice workmauli'Ke job. Jose road dis- LaVeme/is in the Ran ytrict and Win. W’ddman roadmaster. We need of Pomona, is another road- master forAK«Ji9rth part of the dia-* ^trict.' •    ^ The Los .\ngeles 'Prihune has established an agency in La Veme, at Abbott & Co’s, store. The morning paper is delivered to Us patrons here about 9 or 10 o’clock.    ___ Abbott ± Co.'s store is headquarter^ “^for all sorts of store trade. Asthe Dutchman said: “Eef you don’d can see vat you vants, letter of you asks for it, ve vas got ’im!” The advertiseident of Messi-s. Marshall & Bigelow’s store, at Hau Dimas, apiieare in our columns. They are very pleasant And accommodating gentlemen and are securing a good nm of trmle. Joy Berrier is the go.al looking young roon who drives the Chino ranch meat wagon and supplies La Vemo with fresh meat. There is a fair prosiiect that La Verne will have a local meat shop of her own in a week or two. C. Mr. 'Orrin has ten shovelers, and eight men with teams at work on the streets, ond they are making dirt fly, for keeps. Workmen don’t do any “soldiering” on Orrin’s contract, you bet. ^ Mrs. G. H. Harris has done considerable of the type-setting on this first number of our paper, and done it well. She éan paint a picture, cook a dinner or dam a sock just an well. The nmaller room overAbbott’s «tore is to be fitted up for a public readinft room and furnished with a variety of newnpapemand periodicals at an early date. On occasion this room may be thrown open so on to enlarge the caiia-city of the Hall. Mrii.S^mes has taken in Glen Alpine and the Puddingstone Gorge and Falls, ^and she nays there in nothing near Pasadena to compare .with those foils, in romantic beauty, and .that ' there is a much greater charm of • natural scenery—more points of Interest about Ia» Yei'ue than about Posadapa, W’e ought to say, sub rosa, that it w written by Dr. Reid, besides the o called “Old Baldy’s    Greeting,”    on    o first page. *    * We have a good deal of interesting matter that is crowded out of this issue. In short, we found that we could not flell all the “news” about La Verne in one is-sue, but propose to keep right on every week, doing the best    we    can to    tell    ti» »tory.    V    'X ConnECTioii.—In the list of ^shareholders of the La Verne Lahd Co., on our first page, Mrs. Eliza B. Cooi’er’s place of residence should be Wooster, Ohio, instead of Kansas. Miss Jane F. Smith should be accredited to South Newburg, Vt., and Mrs. A. E. Fisher to New Bcdfcjird, Mass. Mr. V. F. Northrop, of La Vérae, is the agent of the Oro Grande Lime Co., for all places on the line uf the Santa Fe railroad between San Bernardino and Los Angeles. No need^ of any more “lime famine” in Southern California. They’ve got plenty of it and got it “quick!” >.1    ' ■ ■ - The San Ditnas school district includes La Verne, Glen Alpine, San Dimas, and the Arroyo settlements. Its ajiportion-ment from the county school fund this year is fJ72, but more is to come from the State. The direcibre are W. S. Young, D. C. Tea^, and >L. H. Bixby, clerk. Tuesdays and Fridays are special days for I^a Venie, and the La Verae omnibus meets the trains from Los Angeles and Pasadena on those mornings, at the “S&n Dimas station. We meet the same trains on other days with a smaller hack. I^a Verne visitors are earring} FHEE, both to and from the trains. The foundation material and much of the lumber are on the ground for Dr. Smith’s family mansion which is going up at the comer of Grand aveuue and Glendora street. This will be the largest and most costly dwelling yet built here. But i»erhaiw the next man will take bis cue and go it one better. One of the places of curious interest for La Verneitcs to visit is the Cienega tun-•ncl which the San Jose Rauch Co. is making. It starts in near Mr. Teague’s bam and ianow built in over 300 feet. The arch is high enough so a person can walk in. It is designed to tap the artesian weiiH u— ^ ^    to    t>'-' lands below. PRIZES. OFFERED: It is not alone the gmial ‘climate and the picturesque natural scenery whkh makes Ronthem California attractive to the tourist and the old resident, but i| is the many beautiful home placeq^ with their handso^ fruit and ornamental trees, their^ifl^y trimmed hedges, neat lawns, brantiful flowers and Inxnriant tioh—those things which our climate aird soil, with the water, make it lible foi^ns te produce—that delq^ts le eyes of the tourist and makes the resident well content Wth his lovely ^ome. W^ want to make La Verne tM most beautiful rural city in Ronth^ California, and as an addition^'mcentive to the people to vie with each other in beautifying their homes, I offer the following cash prizes, which w[ll be awarded by a committee at some time during the coming summer, which will be announced later —probably in August or September: For the moct complete and attractive place, a^moBt complete and handeomeet frrowids, (re- sardl«w of iityle and cost of buildinss.)  $50. Second PrUe..................................'.............. 25. Fpr the beat laid out sronads...................... 25, Second Prise,...'............................................. 16. For the best Ipwn......................................... is. Second prise.................................................. lo. For best display of roeea .................J...    16. Second prise................................    lo. For best display of flowers........................... I5. Second prise..............  lo. For the larjrest growth of any tree  ........ 15, Second prise.................................................  lo. For the beet hedge on threé sidos of lot. .......15. Second prise.................................................. lo. For the largest tree making a good growth. 10. No one person is to receive more than two lirizos, or more than fifty dollars. ‘ Lyman Allex. / pnr Public, Pwk The plasm or ** Inglemde ?ark/' cuo»-prisee half of blot* 21, bonn^ by Grand aveuQeonthewest,8edalia venue on the eaut, Delmar street north aid Cambrid^ street sonth. Thelngleade otel stands in this park, fronting on G t ^ avenoe and Cambridge street. The httel is now nearly enclosed, and a full derjription is given in another place. Whercompleted the grounds will be laid oi|t in    ^    daily    the    first    year, malls, courts, promenades, et., and set The “Aldine,” or Ladies’ Art ¿pcie^r/ Aboqttwo months ago the ladies of La Verne started what has grgym to be the “Aldine Society.” They/^re a community of strangers p/ovidentially thrown together in this p«w town and new country from all paits of the world, alinosi, and they needed to come together and get acquainted, and find out what knowledge, sympathies, hopes, aspirations, interests and tastes they had in common, and what nice and useful things they might learn from each other. The first meeting was held at the residence of Mrs. W. S. Bird. The plan adopted was for each lady to bring with her some unfinished w'oik of woman’s art, for use or ornament, and visit together while continuing or finLshing it. In this way they could leani from each other new arts, and new points of interest or advantage about such industries. The homé-mak-ing, hoipie-adoming and home-serving instincts of a refined woman cover a pretty large range of designing genius and handicraft deftness. So we find in this Aldine Sotíiety the whole curriculum of nic.e things that w'omen learn to do for home and loved ones. Nothing comes amiss-painting, crocheting, lace knitting, wax work, hair work, wool work, floss work, bead work, feather work, crystal work, paper w(^, dress trimming, quilting, patchli^daming, mending, rug making, econoipizing new material onitilizing old material^these and a hundred more things of household art aud domestic four persons were present. It was con-economy are quite as important in the j ducted by 0. H. Masters, and consisted with semi-tropic shade t^is, shrubs, flowers, gr£M8-plats, vin^' and fountains. La Verne park comprises : e whole of block 39, bounded by Aldineavenne east, Hawthorne avenue west, Glmdora street nortli, and Fulton street south. The landscape gardener, Wm. M Heron, now woriiing for Mr. Bixby, is eigaged to lay this park out and ^ant t with trees, shrubs, flowere, vines, gioss, and set fountains, as soon as the «rest grading and water piping will permt. This is to be the grand breathing-plice and main public park of the town. Winona park is the teminol point at the junction of Hawthoruf apd Winona avenues which come togetier áttá acute angle. This will be a small pzrkorparklet, its shape and position as to streets rendering it not desirable for a residence lot. Hawthorne park is a similar point of land or park let at the junction ,of Hait-thorneand Ramona avaiues. Ramona, avehue runs tree north f^soutb, and is the old county road whidtWds up into the San Dimas Arroyo. It merges into Grand avenue on the south, near the Santa Fe Railroad track where the La Verne station is to be located, and the switches, side tracks, etc. Aldine parir is another point of land or parklet at thajunction of Aldine and Rar mona avenues. Ramona park is another of the same sort at the junction of Ramons with Grand avenue, which Mr. Heron vill lay out first. The work of street grading is now going on vigorously, under the effieient management of Mr. D. T. Orrin, and the pipes for the street mains are ready in the factory at Los Angeles. It is the intention to follow up the street grade with the water pipes, and have four of the parks graded, laid out and planted this spring, Mr. Heron, the expert landscape gardener being specially engaged for this work. But two of the parklets, Winona and, Aldine, will probably have to wait till next spring. ^ Church Services. The first religions service held jp La Verne was a prayer meeting at the residence of Mr. F. tl. Pierce on Alessandro aveuue, on Wednesday evening, Feb. 15th, 1888, at which meeting nineteen persons were present. The following Sujiday, Feb. 19, the first Sunday meeting was a Sunday school service held at 8 p. m., at the resideure of John B. Hjll on Ramona avenne, at which twenty- home life as anything that men attend to in the business life of the world; and of devotional exercises, and the regular International Sunday school lesson for it takes about as much brain work, pa^" )that day. Ji song sei vice was hrfd at ..dice, pei-sevcraure and skill to getitheK.the same place tbe^me evening, also La Verne abounds in musical talent,, and has a ladies’ quartette, eomj^sed of Mrs. Abbott, soprano, Mrs. Bird, second sojirano, Mre. Davis, alto. Miss Minnie Cowan, contralto. They are to assist at a concert at Glendora next Wednesday evening, for the benefit of the Disciples church of that place. Mrs. Abbo^ will also play the piano, accompaniecTby her husband, Mr. A. C. Abbott, on the violin.    _____ Last Friday night the postofficj at Lordsbuig was burglarized. A hole was drilleil ill the top of the safe and a charge of powder put in which blowed the door off. The blast did much damage to the counter and windows besides. The noise of the explosion was h^ard by several [leople, but having no suspicion of what it was they paid iio attention to it. The thieves got #55 in money aud #00 or §70 ill postage stamps. The iron water pipes for street mpins ill WVerne are now >ready for delivery as vfioon as the street grailing is done aud the ditches are ipade ready. Meauwhile some families I'esiding away from the temporary pijie line on Grand avenue^ or the zanja down Hawthorne and Ramona avenues, have to be supplied by the company’s big water tank wagon which goes a^uui,J| every day to fill their pails, tubs, barrels and other vessels. __ A petition and apjilication for a county road six or seven miles up through Ran Dimas canyon to Wolfskill Falls, proved to bo infonnal in some technical points and could not be gi'ant-«1. The f ouiity Board has given consent for an amended jietition and appointed three rood viewere to go over the ground again. The rainy weather of the past month has delayed the probings, but it is nojihoped that the iriowers will be able to instiret the ro^i and make their rejiort soobv    Verne    is in terested to get a county road up to the Wolfskill Falls, one of which is 30, and one 40 and one 100 feet high. Preaching, Next Sunday. The La Venie 1^11 is ready for use, aud wilf be occupied nextRunday, March 18th. Btrnday school will be held at 9:30 a. m., and preaching at 11 o’clock, Elder J.W. Fulton is pngttged to take charge of the church which will be then organized, and he will be assisted on this occasion by Elder W. S. Young. agents for la VERNE. Young Brpa., No. 4, Weet Firet St., first door east of the Natick House, Los Angeles, are special agwits for La Verne. They are from Rislalia, Mo., but are no relation to the Youngs of this place. Mr. J. L. Ovnrton, of Johnston & Overton, is siiecial agent for La Verne property, at Pomoua. Mr. E. M. Taylor, at Monrovia. Th<» Lyman Allen Land (’o., Grand Hotel Block, opposite Firet National Bank, Pusaduna,    ^ yses out of them. The Aldine met first at Mrs. Bird’s, Fib. 15’ 1888; has twice at Mrs. F. Davis’, aud bne or two meetings were hindered by rainy Aether. The following ladies were inAttendance at the last meeting: Vtnjim. J. T. Smitb,    Mrs.    Bev. C. C. amith, E. A. KobblD8,    MIm    Gertrude Smith, John C. .Smith,    Mm.    W. 8. Bird, L. H. Bixby,    Mise    Mínale Cowan,_/< ' Mm. John B.'Hill,    Mm. A. C. Abbott, Mrs. J. T. PulHifer,    Mm. F. E. I'erley, Mm. A. A. Arinetrong, Mre.ijkira A. Brown,. Mra. D. E. Webb,    Mise^ra A. AVright, Mm. F. J. Pierce,    Mm. C. K. Dally, Aim. Ferdinand Davla, Mím Bernice G. Davig, Migg Nellie G. Davig. Mies Myrtle kpwan. Singing and music form part^vpf the pleasantries oPfcfeese meetings, and every lady in La Verne and vicinity is welcome to attend. At pi-esent it has no esiiecial object except sociability and acquaintance, but in time they expect to make it serve the purpose of raising funds for some charitable or public interests of the community.__ A syndicate of capitalists has secured possession of the marble mountain in the San Dimas canyon three or four miles above I^a Verne, and are* preparing to quarry marble and burn lime up there. Nearly everybody in La Verne is going to compote for the cash prizes offered by Dr. Allen in another column. The Dr. may as well be getting his purse string loose. That priirf money will be called for. But Avc thiultrthe best newspaper in L» Verne ought to come in for a prize, too.    _. The following names have thus far Im'Cii signed for organizing a Good Templars’ Lodge in La Verne: J. J. Coyle, Geo. H. Banks, W. 8. Young, Mrs. E. A. Robbins, 0. H. Masters, F. J. Pierce, Mrs. Pierce, Miss L. B. Coombs, F. L. Spalding. More names are wanted. Mr. Coyle is a membeqi of tlie Right Worthy Grand Ixidge of the World. i Dr. J. T. Smith practiced his profession at Warren, Ohio, before the Avar. He entered the army as surgeon of the 2d Ohio cavalry and was detailed as surgeon-inch ief of the 3d Division, on Gen. Custer’s staff, serving in the army three and a half years. After the war he settl Columbus, Mississippi, and while there served as collector of internal revenue for the 2d district of Mississippi. He was also President of the ^fississippi Valley and Ship Island railroivd. In 1875 he returned to Ohio, settling in Col-linwond, a suburb of the city of Cleveland, and practiced medicine there and in the city. In December, 1887, he came to CtUifomia, and settled at Lá Verne as ft* practicing physician, being a brother of Elder C. C. Smith and Mrs. £. A. Robbins of our town, and gains a place in history as the first doctor of La Verne. OBITUARY.    P Dird, all hi* rMlUitnM on Moreno avenoe, Jan. 30, KWH.q'HOiiAB B. CVLVBR, ORfd 65 yeore. Mr. Culver wo* from Utico, llllnole. He woe ■nb)ect to heart dleeoae, havlns hod eeverol attache ot It at hie former home. Thlawoe the flret death In I.,o Verne. The funeral wo« held at the family residence and theTCofti^ Uken to Tomona for t\arlsl. He loaves a wife o^ eon 'who have tlie,alScere syuTathlea ol the conmnhlty. led by Mr. Mastf^T The next Sunday, Feb. 26, the Sunday school was held at the residence of Mr. F. J. Pierce on Alessandro avenue. Also March 4th, and since. Wednesday evening prayer meetings have been held regularly at Mr. Pierce’s residence, led by different ones os appointed from time to time. They have procured a supply of hynm books and lesson papers as used by the Disciples denomination; but these have been union meetings in which Methodists, Baptists, Congregationalists, Presbyterians, Friends, and others joined in the common felloAvship of Jesus Christ and his gpspel of love. Arrangements-are in jirogiess for a grand literary an^\musical entertainment and sociable—a sort of formal opening of La Verne    Hall,    in    about    two weeks.; _]_ A description of the Congregational college which is located only two miles east of La Verne, came too late for this issue; and numerous other articles Avere crowded out. They will appear in next issue._,_, We are pleased to note the^good progress being made by our sister town of Son Dimas. Their pretty and tasteful hotel is nearly completed; the station building will soon be ready for service; some new buildings are going up, aud everything is astir Avith healthy life. Mr. Al. Cobler, the postmaster at Lordshhrg, has been very accommodating to La Verne people, and they feel like tendering him a vote of thanks, or the best dinner that the best cook in the La Verne restaurant can dish out for the prettiest waiter to pass to him. A few days agflT’ft party of La Verne picnicers spent tb^d^y down in Puddings stone gorge, and wBUe there, hod Mr. Cc^yle take a photoOTaph of the whole group, with tt^ falls os a background. The following is a mtt of the group: Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Bird, Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Bernice Davis, Nellie Davis, Roy M. Davis, Mrs. J. M. sof Philadelphia» Mr. and Mrs. Per-ley,    Mr.    and    Mrs.    Pulsifer, Walter Pulsifr *Ml. MU' MIH. WHUb, Archie Webb, Boy Webb, Miss L. B. Coombs, Mr. J. J.Coyle. Mr. J. J. Coylf\our photographic artist, has traveU' very extensively in nearly all parts c the world, and being a great admiieTine natnral scenery, hasalwayáwkenpains as far as possi-letoviut all siéch points of intereet. e has probabk taken in more of the hills, delle, and linglee about La Verne than any other ff the new or old residents. He ea.Vw that nowhere in his travels has he eien more beauf^ful scenery, and that it remjbds him of seenes in the Isle of Cypress. Mr. Coyle has been ac-cnstomed to taking landscape views whije bn his tratéis, and Is qnite an expert in this line. He is now engaged in taking vietrt!| in and near La Verne. Avhich will be pluDed on exhibition in Aii|^|ee, Pasadoia and otlier towns, ( bencewe have gathered some it^is in this line. The first painting in La Verne was done by J. W. Doane. The first grading was done by the La Vome Land Company. The La Vebnb News is the first news-papo- of this new town. May it be forced Mr. Northrop, we believe hod the pleasure of planting the first shade trees in La Veme. This is qnite an honor. MesSts. Carrione.A Kntz peddled the first milk in La Veme, and have worked up quite a business. They areclever gentlemen. The first dog brought to La Veme by Mr. Sherman. On leaving the place he gave the dog to Mr. Perley who has him now. The first house built in La Veme was that of Mr. Douglas. It is a pretty stmcture ajid stands up high to greet the passing trains. Solomon Gates was the first man who subscribed and paid for the La Verne Nea^, He also sends four copies to friends ea^ It replly does one good to look at Mrs. HUlVchickens, the first ever imported to La Aerae.'^Eine and glossy, ánd^v^wd lay^ they have proved. Tbe^rstspan of horses in La Vérae, was th^ of F. E. Perley. He has been hauling and teaming eker since with them until they feel at home. Mrs. F. E. Perley is the owner of the fflrst CQw that was brought to La Verae. She is a fine milker and it looks good to see a cow loni^ng in our pastures. • The first sale from the grocery store-of C. A. Abbott & Co., of La Verne was a roll of butter to Will. Young. The first sole will ever be counted as a big thing. The flret insurance policy Issued here was that by Mr. A. L. Robinson,insuring the La Verne Land Company’s building in which the office is located. The policy was dated Dec. 13,1887. Mre. SymefLwas the first La Verne lady to clamber doAA-n the great Pudding-stone gorge and visit the falls; and her daughter, Do, six years old, was the first child to do the same from here. Rev. C. C. Smith brought the first    to LaVerne. He came from Milwajih^, *^nd having a sister liAring at Pas^ena, who AAas about to remove to La Verae, he brought her a large, fine Maltese ejit. . Dr. J. T. Smith was the flret of -that profession to locate in LaVerne. He is from Cleveland, Ohio. The Doctor seems to enjoy it here, and rides about the canyons and country in search of something, new and more beautiful every day. L. H.,Buckles opened the first restaurant, in a building which had been put up for a blacksmith and wagon shop, lie wa^ succeeded in-the business by M. R. Rob^s who kreps the La Verne restaurant and boarding house on the corner of Grand avenne ahd Erie street. John C. Smith has the honor of being the first “printer’s devil” in LaVerne. John run the ink rollers for dor first edition of 4,800 papers. We Avill now turn him over to the Academy of Sciences to see whether hoofs and horns have begun to grow on him. The first bricklaying in LaVerne was done by Mr. E. E. Warren, of Pasadena. It was the fonndation for the building now occupied by the I^a Verne jestaurant. The next Avas the foundation for the Ingleside Hotel, and building the chimnej^., . j The first letter that came addressed to the La Verne-postofflce was an inquiry from the great Bradstreet’s commercial agency os to the financial standing of La Verne’s principal mercantile house. The “standing” is A. No. 1. The “sit^ ting” is good, too, judging by the seat of the storekeeper’s pants. The first stickfull of type A\as set by G. H. Harris, Avho also pulled the flret impression or did the first press work on the flret issue of. the first neAvspapec' in LaVerne. All our neighboring towns have had their newspapers printed for some weeks at Iflret in jPfl^íwlena or Los Angeles; but every lick of work on the La Verne Neavs has been done here at home. The flrsl alligator Avas brought to La Vflirne from ílofida by John C. Smith. It is the flret step toward a zoological garden or a menagerie, and who shall say that from this small bejrinning John may. not out-Barnum Barnum, .yet. In Florida Mr. Alligator used to slip on a niee warm mud overcoat when cold weather set in, bnt the clothing stores of LaVerne haA'e not been able to fit him yet._ Our First Church.    w The Christian Church j)eople have been the flret to take measures for establishing a church in LaVerne. They have secured lots Nos. 44 and 45 in block 12, comer of Grand avenue and Bonita street, for a church site, and have already obtained pledges amounting to over #3,000 for funds to erect a bouse of worship thereon. Aud they intend to begin work on the new church as soon as they can get ofganized and prepare toe plans therefor .But for the present services will be held in the La Verne Public Hall, over A. C. Abbott ’ft Co.’s store. Elders C. C. Smith and W. 8. Young, of this denomination, \rsside at LaVerne, and J. W. Fulton, ónly two miles away. At this ^ting onr postofflce snpplies, postmastW’s commission^ pouches /have not yet Woshinj^n; nevertheless, addressm to La Verne postofflce arrives every by way of Lordsburg. Dot the mail pouch tor LaVerne will be delivered from the railroad at San Dimas statioi^ when we get our own mail service into running order. W’e azIU haArs two mails daily—one from the east and one from the Avest. Onr post office was granted and John Symee appointed postmaster by the authorities at Washington March 1st: Our petitioQ for a post offics had 02 slgnsnt )1MAS S.T^E‘ MARSHALL & BIGELOW, :P3?oia?±e-fc03?s. ir«k»T« os bud sUrat and eosplate stock <g v Groceries and Provisions, Glasswardi Queensware, DU'X' 0-003DS, AJSTD- isroTioisrs. Also a faU stock at HARDWARE, “Stoves, tinware:, Iron, Nails, And all kinds of Shelf Hardware. Onr stock is new ud complete And Will be Sold at Los Angelés Prices. All Goods will be Delivered to any part of the Vfidley, free. We are éieo prepared to de afl Unde «I PLUMBING AND STEAM FITTINa * AH elfee of AVatOT ud Qm Pipe kept in stock. Don’t forget that we DELIVER GOODS FREE op CHARGEw MA HALL ft BIGELOW, SAN DIMAS, CAL. TO-w“isr oip SAN DIMAS! Knnce Buppiies, I, mail matter y[ Thla ii the only pim in the San Gabriel Valley hairing at the expense of lta’proiecton« Complete Sewerage System, ^ . Thereby uvlng aU expeaee to the property owners ana inanni.« (or all time to eome the health aad comfort ol aU who may aettle here at thla a SixxEnniti Of 'blxe'VaiHey- with onr aleter dty of I.a Verne, we soy without féar of eneceeefnl contradictton. that thla la the dryest and cooleet spot In this valley, there being leee froete thu in any of the towu ra either aide of na owing to the proximity of the hills on the nortli ud aoath. Pure Honntain Water Airead; Piped All TbrooAb tlie Ton And over thoosuds of aerea of the flnast soil in this Valley. Hsrs yon cu pnrehau • town lot, or ons or u many acru ot lud u yott dssirs, at Prices That Will Surprise You for Their Cheapness. ♦ 0 This Is snre to become one of the moet favored apote for horns seekers owing to the méajr advantagw it natnrally poaaaasea. A very fine Hotel hi nearly completed; the B. St. Depot will be occnpied within 60 daya; a line large Plaalng Mill. Saab. Door. - . and Blind factory will be in fall running condition within 90 daya: many cottogps ud dwdlinm are under contract, Indndlng a Chnrch ud 8uool bonee; ne have THE LARGEST STOCK OF LUMBER I    ^ Between Pasadena and Ontario; and the Han Dtmu Brick Yard is turning oat as flu "    brlok u are mads any where in Honthern California. t E. E. MARSHALL, Agent SAN DIMAS, CAL. ON EASY TERMS 80 .kcTM, $825.00 nor acre—22)^ acres set 8 yearn to Oranges, Lemoim, Pranen, Apricot, Pears, Peaches, Apples, Grapee, Berries, ft». It's a Bargain. 20 Acies, Set in Frencb Prunes, - $1000 per Acre. ftc., ftc., ftc. 10 acres set in Peachee, Pears, Prunes, Oranges, ftc. Also a great variety of unall froit A Deantifnl Home, Cheap. [ALP Of 40 ACRF;S. #350 ^ Acre. 20 Acres at $365 per Acre^ Will Subdivide. Atttbe above are adjoining the beantifnl and grcMAg toira ol La V«e. For further information coil upon or address , A. L. HOBINSON, Agent, Cor. ol Qraiid *w. «i Drlmtr Bt, LA VBEXX CIL,

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