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La Verne News Newspaper Archives Mar 15 1888, Page 4

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La Verne News (Newspaper) - March 15, 1888, La Verne, California sthern CalKornia* i For tu* la vcrw xr.w«. Froai ttw Lot Am«i«tcti-PribiiBo. 1    LA    VERNE. SoutlWTO CalHornia! A hui.l oí hmlth | Thc-re o. cn-t ot tin- UK>thill.’an,l .tanj'-ns i*imI iiWnty and beauty, that till within " w new» •»( tv»o lovely vnlleT>< l omniHiiditiir. 1 Im> laMt fosr yearH no little wnw k^own, .*nd concerning which eo much in vet tó I    1.    L    " hile westward the far famed ^aru(jabriel l:,>*, •* mnde knowil-how attractive, how Witl. beawifal villas and «.ft tinted «ta-s; vaet tlie tbemel''Ita mere pliy^ical COll- And for to thesoathaard ni billouy sre« u forination and magnitude are mat^mi .'em jow'hiii» enliven the mene. that if one attempted to describo them i pureaparkiii: t*ide Testimony* for the rasuJoUii Doily Ixi Voriie witli on cxcnr-; sioii’pui . , ..id T>ma his n»j»ort, wkij li j Out* A repwt*^ A wouM carry one into the heaveiiH/bn tlio tain. What California Has. Profcsi*or 11. D. Coneviu the Ainerioaii Field, luis 1 to Kay: “FalifoVnia han I’liion vi till' Mi'iiei y of .'iwitziThiiid aiitl l’Ólorado, the troiti.;a! fertility of Daly, and a di- \va,s publis’eil iuAliat jiaper on Oct. la.' \ei>ity UÍ climate thmughoiit its eight iSfsT, weiuke tl;e foliowiiig extrncts; Inindred miles of length, poHKi'Kaod by no' Y«*sterda a iKirty .^•oii'^istiiig td T. (i., otlier htiito. It has overahuiidieil peaks ^ Meek and \ife, Mrs. .loli», D. Hill, Mrs. of a height exi^snling t.j^thousand feet,! E. A. Robbas, Dr. H. A. Reid, A. Stet-1 K water úow5 down from the uioim- ‘ of which Shasta, fourt<<m thousand feet, ’ syn and jii.-, Mir^L-W. Royce, Mrs. M. | I is ^ fCi-eari'st; ten^ pro Vi's of big tn*es, I J. (^uiinby. .Miss Ihvk, Mr. Smith, .Mr. SC011S of sjKaiting geysers, luiiidretls^f ■ IVóodwort and Dr. Alltii went to in-y town <if Ln 'V other good^'ii- imid volcanoes, a iietritiod forest, ] terprise, a Daily l\ion V'liorfiw was and a tlozen , fine watering places, j along to sh? Tilid learii whate\ifc>r the b.'ickfl of grand mountains, and on end-    di»tribnte    to    mnny    a    fonnt.Un: ■—Jd.'sH journeys through wonderful vallevs    ,    ,    u    o    v-i:    ■ ‘ ■ i Of shnibs. rich fruits, .-tnd vine covered bowen*. . mine: ai, soda, siillihiir, t Ojiglvss, \ ichv, ' SjH'i't the roinisiiig new Í e map roa er s ar w almost u.selo,ss^The monntaius behind and the oeean ixfore, i alu’.ir alkali, hot i;ad boiling springs; ‘ Verne? and, is in everv ot %vhen dimensions os well as gtsigraphieal    -    ........    x.    _ ’Tis a vLsion of beautywheiTvcr you turn. The ítem of the foothills—our lovely La Veriie. J. T. .S. A Lovely'Eden Indeed. .Vtnong its hundn'tls of lal^i's, it ¡ctM.-uid Tahoe, ten by twontV- IKMtlon, are sought even in-his b<*st d« Inieatíons. that one caiykuow a tsjuritry well only by himself ^J^ting and walking or riding over it. TTie bold individual who should attempt to ride over the entirety of Sonthern California would need . the natJiflndinir f ilonf    *    ^outdoor    book    entitled-‘Southern Calif coupled with the eudiiriince of the ideal Summer. It is beautiful, and tell.s the    its    submerged    forest.    It it numbers ^midei“8jL)f ths pujun- might yisli to know about- it*. La Verne w"is iimjn ted an^^ laid onj^ entirely by Fisadena..{V‘ople, and is lo- ., ' whole story. We niulie tile following p.v-,    m*ord    of yielding ^lO,000,000 ** tnwt: * '    ‘    A    *    *    of    gold    in    one    year—1H.Y3 (pi-esent'un- 1^, I “Sometimes this '«eason, (spring) eoin-    production. ?18,0d0,000.) It eulti- siivage, if not alsd the length of life of tli« wand^ng Jew\ We will not trouble ' '- the reader with the exaít figures' should represent the square milet^of ter ntory in Sonthern California; they would ¡ <»verpower the senses, and serve no heljifnl i parpóse. When it is said that San Rer- nivrdino county alqne is larger than thnv or four of the eastern Stott's, and tJiat the, *'^1'^'- jtood land in Los Angeles county, if nil • brought into one bodv, would still make a larger state than'Mivssael.usetls,    fi!»'' ’    j^*oM two miles ill size, itH surface si.v thousand two Mr. T. S, Van I )yke, of San Diego,in lifs' 1iih"1i^h1 and forty-si.v ftvt    above    the i^a for-■    tvsiiington),    with    |    rated on fou-biindretl ftcrt*s    of land on tlie dividing ridge between    the waters tiiat flow son.Iieiistward into the Santa .Ana river ant those that flow sontliwt'st-wurd into tie Strn Gabri**! river. For this retvsoii *uere is a mugnlficent view wi'stwartl, til' towii.s of Monrovia, Azusa, Glendora,Sut Gabriel,.Vlhauibra.rasadts da, etc., beiiii plainly (lisi crned in thiw lovpl>-^noruiiiic {«eriscojie,'while Lord.s-bura^ikthe vast stretch of cultivutotl lauds foiNm' ny miles , ea.stward make another picm'o most fair to    look njioii: and to the'j^rthward the    broken ond tunibhd foothills and fertile valleys stand in many shades of gi-wniiess and .sliapcs of beauty at the front, backed by the towering i>eak.s of “Old Raldy’* and the “Cucaniouga Twin” inouiitaius. with a light rain in .November, ¡ ' millioiis of acres of viiieyartls and light shower or two in    b'roves,    sirying nothing of fruits oft he very best seasons    |    und cereals. Jt posse.-ses Aosi'iiiite, fit time that all begin to lose.endless natural o\VáÍiíber adds its full tribute .'•hine that for nroiitb.s I ha>c1>onreil along the land; and 4yerli^j)s llo'.KÍlf*Sf the sm'aui of ow Petroleum Was P, pJ^i . Me>»^ duced. Jlre tlu'ory is lield by Prof. Men'denleef that i>etrolouin is produceii by water wldcli penetrates the'earth crust,'afid moat we can do towardscouveviivg mi/n-    Tin t^ lñarnt idea of the territori.vl lairíí of thlH n'gion has Isen done.    1“^    ‘J’-»"»', T T    IP    \    u ■ Wh.nthi.laui bsHy known | » ifl'ko.l.l.t, lutayln-nir frrows .Iri.wauJ |'<‘'^oCnrtal,    wn- tlie slmde coolej; the smoke of bru.sh fii-e]^*** di^iiiposed into its (oustituen^ o.vygen uniting with the iron, and thofc few hnndml. won,.    1    "■“I»''?'" “    “1>    «'<• .•er«,be^ga part of them soldiei^ nndl^'»    ruin,    but    it    never the otbir i>art missionaries. Xo attempt'    ^ e by Spain to jilant colonies New Spain jt had not num* than a few!    -    ;    .. hnndredrof whites in its tliinpoTmlation, i    tunes    along    the sky; the water a fo» i,.,„a~.,i..      1..    '    has rismi 111 the springs and sionghs as if «nn^tm ! and ast*enOH up liiglier i-egion where l»art of it is\ijj;riensed iuto mineral oil, ....... .............................. ............ anti part i-enmins as natural gas, to esliere, aid the utmost that was nttenutteil i    -    •    ■    I    *14.    Tfai- waatoVain posst'ssion of-the countrv I'""b-^eicy    <    ^each    out    j    outM.    If    tins    m^wiiption    ^ for herself and her ndigion. Rut even for ¡    mountain    tops    j ^-nffi^-ient ston* of tlie «letnllic carb-. *i •    ...    '    wP4«ei KwiinniiiiLr in a film of h-i7i» \ f*,,,. ides is corttaiiiHl in. the earths interior, this purpose no expeditious wen' ever,    ^    '    *    i    *•    *    i    , i i n.ad.bytod or water into the „p,„„l«rp. amount of fn»s, and enonsi, nkir-, I-*™',™™™“t'nue roantry. ftat portion of the    i'■'¡"'•¡"K on-r the .ky foV a dot.u, storum '«o»    .'•«■'■I    » «'PI>l.v of rtate known «..outhern Cnlitomia,-.v.w |“"J''•'«'Í™-">te, the elou.iu at |„st | M'-‘r c,ml has !«« e.thanrted. the whole of .New Spain, a. erptored and    tlie    «Jt    pattering iu heard Mmulenleet ».ilil«.rts h,» view, hy pro- governed from the first niiasion c Per-! np^n roof. " hnpe we may be denied Montcnw, which When the siin again nppears, ii is-svilh  _• •    *1    a s'ofter milder iM'iini tlmn before The I Gu'natural product is made. was the most northern mission on the    mmnriMiuu    ui.in otion.    ,    .    .    ,    ^    » (■oa.t-bnt««tothntw...hon eee in the J™''looks bright nuj nJre.lu d, like „ It is only n dr.ve of twelve nnle. from coming time; at tl,o piceent. dropping i ti«<> Jit-tJ Kv who hns hud a goo,I Imth i    V:'", " "" ‘’""'"t;    t'”™!""'!    “I do«. to .Santa ^)arbar'^ that beautiful » ""P’“"'I the lately bur. pl,nins '^■•«,-0* I'ocnte. A tnp of ...tereut lor diieing the artificia] p'lrolenui in a man/ ncr siniilar to tliat bv which he believes town it surely ours, ami San Diego, the first mission town established on the .coast.—it it not one of our great sea- and hillsides show a greenish tinge. Fine little loaves of rarioos kinds an? spring-ing-frorn the ground, but nc.arly all are porte? Long before the Golden Gate was [    «    general    profusion    of    dark    gn'en evtr seen by white voyager, and'ere the!f'”*' texture visit of Sir Francis Drake m.adc it possi- our eastern visitors.* ble, acci rding to the legend, but not. The Name California. • “-As td''tho origin of the naino California, no serious qnestion remains that that a careles.s    o.ve might n>adi!,v t.ake    j this naine, a.s first applied, betwivn    IbSri I    them for ferns.    This is tlie'tdfilarilla, the    j and to a    portion of Lower Califor- probnbly In correilpandencewith the fnctAj    «owcr    of the land. The rain j n?rt, was derived from an old printed    roto name the g^at bay Ran Francfseo, i    continue at iutervuls. Daily tlie i manee,'t!ie one wliich Mr. Edward Ever more eligibly situated San Diego was á 1>^‘‘‘<'"1^1'.'’’•liie Gih shades of | ett Hale ro-diseovered in 18(52 ami from frequeiitt*d harbor and a bii.stling Utile ¡    f’-i'^    vnried    by ^e play of sun-1 which he drew this now ncceptoil oonclu- towm    It fell    asleep one    day and did not'    I'K^t on the slofK'sof rollinghi!ls,increa.‘ie'i ^ion. For, in    this romance, the    name awake, really    wake up    till    half    a    dozen    !    •'i nj”i'*’‘‘i'Here the color    i California was    aln'ady befbre Ih years ago. In the meantini.e,thLs country {’”    •'in'Hhere bright; yonder it rolls plied to a fabulous islamL de.scri became Mexieau, by the sueeess of the! >n "HFy nlteruations, and yonder it Republic of .Mexico, and after twenty-four |    i»    an unbroken shade wliei'e the ywirs—tluTC was but a quarter of a cen- J P*nin    broad and free. For iiiauy l^yhoin Cortes brought to the newly dis- tury riupsed between Spanish and Anieri-1 wi*'*kH arreen is the only eolor. About th»'! covered ismiusula in 1535, and who reran ownership—it liec.anie a part of the '    Feliruary a little star-like flower | tnrnf'd tiin next year, may have bi'en the United States.- In ir/22^iue indeiieivil-i bl«'«h pink begins to shine along the 1 first lo apply the n.'vnie to this supposed —    '    ‘    "    ’    nr,,    • •    .4    *    ¡pilaticíj on wliicli they had bee'll for a time rosidont.” near -the Indies and also the Terrestrial Paradiw'.’ euce of Mexico was jiroeU^mcd over Cali- j tácoUnd. -This íh the bloom of the nlfilar-. fomia. In 1846 the samexpuntry was ; ill'b mnl ceded, largtdy for the reasoii^that Fre-: i^outhern :hV it swiftly spreads from tlie slojies, wlit'ro it L-'gins, and niont was on the ground, to the Fuited Stat^. If there is drynes.s in thos.e historical particulars, they are introduced runs from, meadow to hilHoiik .Soon after a cream colored Ixll flower begins to nod from a tall and lepdrr-tktalk; another for a pur|K)se, and surely will Isqiardoiied j of blue soon opens beside it; bem-ath as showing how quickly eveiif^ hajipibi-j ff'ose a little five-petaled flower of deep iiig in this century, have moviii on this = I>oik tries to outshine the blossoms of' far stretching coast.    \    G'o altileria; and .above them soon stands extensive migration wt in toward the radiant shooting star, with* reilexed u«^ California Jn 1846 jhe hiúk of petals of white, yellow and pink, shining the pbptdfttion would ho-áiiJbe south of j bi'hiiul its pnriile ovaries. On every side theStiih^rqllel. Wad almost j.er- violet.^ here of purest golden hue, and of fectclini^ÍQt^lüiM^^ kfiown to overpowering fragrance, appear in nnm-possess the charnistmii are no univer-j fivi’” beyond nil cQiiception. .And soon sally attributed to it. inh few year's frofii j HÍ-X or seven varieties of clover, all with 1846 this southern sw^^ion .would have ; fio'h delicate leavi's, unfold flowers of red, :e little crucifers 'modestly below and maintained for Los .Angeles the pri- n’l tiu se; little cream c-oJoi:^flowers on ^ mm'y that she formerly enjoyed on the ^l' iKl'T « apes look skywitnTtin eviry j Pacific Coast. Rut slow tiseasiein jM'o-j^^ide; while others, of ])urer white, with pl« were to. find out tht| beauty and rieh-ness of this sei-tion, only for tlie accident of the gold discovery Ran Francik.co containwl » population that mu.st long i .vdlow and pink. Delic»^ since h.uve made of Ínuh Di^egt a fine city, i white and yellow, shiiij ^    SEWKKAOK. A good quality of bricks are made on lauds of the Ran Jose Ranch Company, abixit a miie and a half froni La Verne’s business cejitcr. The same ranch company owns a sower-farin nnd are now maiuifactujiiig on their grounds thm? miles of si.x and eight inch cement scwit Inin'S lor tlie towns of La Vi'rne nnd Ran Diiims. This sewer system w ill start at the i.a Verne Hoti'l nnd business center! and run with rapid fall southward nnd ! westward, jiassing tliroiigh Ran Dinms; and under the .Santa Fe Railroad away j off to the dcbouche in the great outspreading wasli of the Ran Dinms cany on,, thi'rc to Im' iTtilized as fertiiizing material for the waste land which can thus lie recovered to profitable fertility and thrift. Thus inside of ninety days La Verne will have the most j>e^fect sewerage of any of our foot hill towns. might to this day Imve been of w'coiid cr every variety of i>etal, eroWd uj) amoiig tlieni. Rtanding now upon some hillside tliat co.nunand.K miles of landscajie, one is dazzled with, a blaze of colors from third rate imjiortaiice. Roíate as'1.8-Hiacns of. pink, great file.s of ^violet.s, vast Los-Angeles was thc'largest towii in the reaches of bine, endie;is.    of    white, state, as coiiHidering tlie character of the ‘‘Fpon thi.s—merely the warp of the surroimding country, its inatchle.s.s pro- c.irpot about to cover the land—the sinr ductivity and resources, it may well hoi»o hist leaics a web of splendor, .\long the sometime to he again. The law tlmtde-tenniiics the di-stiny of inl.nitl 'citic's is working niiglitily on 'this city’s side. ler be I'itie southern slope.s of tlie lower hills sooii beams the i'/ai>ge liglit of tie: i>opi»y, w'liich kindles the adj^iccnt sloiies, then The smaller but by no means less irn-'flín»cH along tlie meadow nnd bkrze.s important i-ifies that, we now sei- to be j ‘>u tlie ailjiv-ent liillsidcs. Rjiires of tjiig, will in a short time Imvolgrj'en, mounting oh every side, .soon ^growu liTuimny times thuir prcsi nt size, * open upon the to?) into'lillies of deep othernewicil¡sil will sjiring up likewise lavender, and the se.arht bnvts of the and ttourish. I’.eaiitiful villages shall ex-• painb d cup glow side* by side wilh the tend their rose frijiged bo'r<lers, until it * crimson of the ^-ardiñal flow-r. .And will be hardlto say s lu-re one villagh Ih>- ^ soon eomi s the iri.s, with its liroadgoldi-n gins and another has it.s limit. On either eve, fringed with rays of dark lavender side of thtvw?chains of villages 'and cities • bine, and five varieties of ;^ialci lia over-that will stretch glittering!}' through t)ie whi'lm some plitcosAviih waves of puri<le, niiddlt* of every eiieliaiited valley, there ■ blue in<ligo..nml whitish piiiTc. Tlu* evim-will 1)0 cultiviijited farms ami dappled or- ¡ h'g priiurosc covers the lower slopes with chnrds and ' far spn'u<l.iiig viiieyanl.i, ; h'lig sheet.s of hrighti-st yellow; a,nd from when? nature will (h'jight to prove'tlie nt- the hills abovt' tlu* rodk rd,S(? adds its I • most oxhiil)orauce of h«.T ricliiy lu ih'cked | Koblcii bloom to that of the sorrel and and luostswc'ethosnm. lliis limited and "dd alfalfa, until the^^lijils^ oulsliine the "softeiied lttudHcaiM', thus el.aborutcly ini-i bright liglit from tlio siojiesand plains. '/ proviil by toiKthat is s.'areely different i -''‘d through all thi.s nodsa tulip of most from play, umJ,la'»ishl.T benntiflisj, by the ¡ diflicuto lavender; vcthes, lupins and all gardener’s and the builder's arts; walled i the mcn/b^rs of the wild iiea family arc by the hwsi'r ond towered by th« liighiT pusliing and wrniiing tlii ir way overy-mountaiiis; this wondcrl^ol Imidsrnpc,— where in every shndti of pur|)lc, crini/^on the glorious of Roy them Frtlifomiar-■ nnd white; along the ground iho ('tcift-will affortyforeTer U) i»ersons of crni or-1 foot wt nvcs a innntleof while, through din»ry syiisibilitics Huauiitig and cxquis- which, mtii'l a thons.aml comrades the ite visual pleosure. It. is not premediDv | ortliocjirpns rears ilsliifteil hi'ad of pink, tsdly itHhin the SJ'ojic of this article to ‘ Among all Ihesf are mi.xed a thousand forecikst the political future of-Routh- rn ) other Ho'ai i;s, plenty eiioiighj^nu plenty raniornia, nor to discuss its probalfle' would In* itcr^oiniiiHl iu other ciuintries, éMiiiiieiriiil status. VVh< iht'r aixjs slalj* buriiere mere iiin-poiiiis on ng.reat one day 1*« carved out. here, or' of colors.    , . whether the grniiil territory of ( nliforiiia; “.As a ii niiic-'r gn^e.s on.this eariiet shall rcniain as now inlael, is a probh lu ' that now eo.ver,-. iii!l';uid d/e, uiidnlales that tloPM not niiieli cone*'rii Hie imiiihm1í-‘'^iv< :’tlu'Inl'l^latals aiitNt)^'s_^v( ri the ats prewmt, unless it is probalile, íiuIimI, ' |,,,,,|„(,|¡n    i,r'¡|ii;ui|.y n]|,j ooior whHi it does not wsmt to ls>. that a di-awav. he Tisioil will probably takepbiee wiiile yet the bulk of (he |M»puWtioii nml a ni.ijor-Itv of the rt^>p**Aeiitiition in the Isgisia-tlilf leside ift>4Íje nocFherti half of Hie sDite A rich aiiirrriJble eommouwealth might b* given boimdiiries of «.\leiislve swu'p, nnd still leave jlie pte.^mt Faliior-liia a huge enough donuiiii. I he Golden Stat^' Tlic following arc Cus«;ct_ji4?iitÍH(ic8 coii-cernTng Califoriiia:    .    ►    , Rwiond hirgest state in the Uuion; area lS8,i)8j sriuare miles.    • Length, 770 miles» hreadth, -330 miles. -Acquired by the Fuited States, IS 17. Gold discovered, February, 1848. -Admitted to the Union, Septoyli'ber 9th, 1S.50.’    •'    ,    - Population (census of 1S86) 804,694.* Population iu 18S7 (estimated) 1,300-000.    ■    \ Rajiked twenty-fourth state in population, ef'iisuK of jRHO. Ranked first state in is;r capita wealth, census of 1880. Runkt'(T ninth state in aggregate wealth, ccnsn.s of 1880. 'Twelfth state in manufacturingknport-ance, 1880, Ihfteenth state in agric.uRural importance in ISSO. -Assessi'd value'of all property'in 1887, ;V,h)0,395,713. ' Increase' over the year 1886, ^1-32,000-000. " Deposits in savings banks iiil887,i?70-977,893. D(‘])Osits in eoinmercial ami;-savings lianks i|^l 40,7]1,443. * *' Net debt of state, !f354,400. Number of newsjiupers jinblished, 418. "Number of jmblic sc.liool buildings in 1885,3,2(52. -Number of te.a»‘hers,.4,082. Rcliot)! fcxjienditures in 18H5("¡^3,920,- ] Salaries paid t'o teachers. 1885, $2,-573,623. Value of seliool property, 1885, f7,-93(5,ti20. Gold and silvfr product in 1887, 000,000. 3h>tal gold and silver iirodiict. since 18 48, ^7»)3,98(5,954. Orange product the coming season, (es-timated) 1,250,000 boxes. .    * lloj) jtroflliel, 4,500,000 ttjs. Wool .product, anmml average, eiglit ytüirs, 41,5(J0,000 tbs. Wheat shitmicnts, eight years annual average, 13,000,000 centals. Flour shipments, aimbal average five years, 1,‘200,000 bbls. ,. R.arley crop, annual average, three years, 20,000,000 centals. ^ í-(¿uicksüver prOdurt, nvcrage annual output for eight years, 45,000 flasks. (irape brandy product in 1887,800,-000 gallons. Wine product, annual average for five map i.'ears, 16,000,000 gnlloiis, ■ Kaisin product, 1887, 1,000,000 boxes. WATER Bl'PPLA', La Verne’s water supply is mainly from the San Dinuus oonyon, where the Ran Dimas Land and Water Uojnpany owns a water right of one^ hundred inches and furnislips the town. The town company has alrcdy bought one iiiile of six and five inch iron pii>e and one mile of twQ inch pijie for main coiidiiits, and vvill i)¡i>e water in front of every lot, Mr. L. II. Rixby, well known to all old I’asa-denians, has a six-inch free flowing artesian well on his farm adjoining La Verne oil tlie north, and the Run ,Jose Ranch i’ompany has tliiiie flowing wells of the same siV-e adjoiniiig the town on the southwc.st, where two more are in process of being bored, an<l another one had to be abandoned after going down 150 feet, on account of striking a flinty gi an-itc boulder at tliat depth. The flowing wella are 195 and 215 feet dW'p, yielding clei^ pure water, sliglitly wnrn^i, but] notalkulinc ormiiierul, as far as we could tell the taste. IlAILROAn FACILITIES.    , The Ranta Fe Railroad cvossoft the lo,wer end of the La Veriie Land I'ompa-n.v’s lands, and Grand avenue, 100 feet wide, is laid out and graded from the north line of the town site straigiit south through the busiucss center to the railroad tnu'k, but no station has bwn secured yet. However, Ronita avenue, 100 feet wide, starts at Ran Dimas statioiP and runs ea.stward to a junction with Grand Ave. Tliedistauce from station to hotel is about the same as at Monro via,or as from the Raymond station to Colorado street iu Pa-sidena. puiiLic scnooi-fi. The La A'erfio school lioiise is on Mr. Rixby’s land, adjoimng the village. Tliere are now fifty-three pupils in attendance, ■and twenty additional seats were ordered ’V the school board to-day. Mr. E. E. Rt. Clain', is the teacher. NEVlCn A LUil'OIl KA1400.V.N The La Verue Land Company resolved that whiskey shops shouhl never blqi ajid disgrace their town, us they , have done nearly everyjjiither town in.,(1il-ifornia, so they have taken legal mcus-urc.s to perpetually exclude the liquor trafile. They don’t want anyhoily lln.'n' tis einployefi, n*si<lentS or hiisinefvS men who have aii\' ,ijsc for a liquor saloD)», and^ey are luríiH-fly willing' to let all tjie'world know this fact and take their Clmnces on how it will uffi'ct bnsine.s.s. Rut fliey offer lihqral things ps to lots Significance cf California Namés I La Vei iH—The Ferns, or‘“ tlie grwn." Dinms—Sai.nt Tlwiiiias. Ran .Antoniij—Rai:)t .Anthony. Pasmleiiii—The ( niv.n of the Valley. Las Flcri's-i'rfie Flowers. -Linda Vista—I’s'antiful A iew. FI Rieto—The Retreat. Ran Gabriel—.Ra'int Galirief. ,    ' El Molinc^'rhe.Mill. ■^-Lflinbibh's—The Oaks. El -MoW.--T!ie Ruf.h. Los-AlUlfeles—The'.Angels. I, Rq.li JnanTa(?i;strano-*-Rain\jA)lm, the Chanter.    •    ^ Ran Louis Obispo—Raiiit Louis, the Risiiop.    ^ RaiLLouis Rev—Raiiit Louis, the King., Ran^liAmai—Raint Michael. , -Albiiqiirqui'—Fatnily Nanjc. Rueiia Vista—thiod A'iew. Grande Vista—Gre.iid View.    \ Arroyo Vista—River View. Hermosa A'ista—Haiidsonie View. Cajou Pass—Rox Pass. Colorado—Red. ' El Paso del Norti'-^The Nortliern Pass. Coronado—The CrowiictL „ • Glorietta—Plea.'-’put A’alley. Aznso—The AVash. El Llano Estacado—'DieRtakeil Plain. .Alaniitof—The Poplars, Dnart)*—Fniiii1.y Name, Ensi'iiada—Rnmll Ra.v. La Canyada—LittlftvVallo.v. . Klsiuqii'—Home or llamlet. Garvanzo—Pen. <    ■    - La« Casitas—Little Honica*' , El Tr('inl)1ore.s—Eartlu]uake. (Early name of the Ran Gabriel river.) Ramona—Rpaiiish Christian Name. Ranta Monica—Raint Monica.    * \La Raltona—The Rayou, Ran Diego—Raint James. LaTnonti'—The Rridgc. Monte Vistit-Mountain View. Lu Jolla—3'he Caves. Las Vi'gns—riie Meadows. Mesa—Table Land.' Ran Joaquin-Raint .Toaciin. Ranta Jenoveve—Raint Genevieve, Rierra .Madn*—Motjier Mountain. * Tin, Jimnn—.Vunt Jennie.. Trinidiid—the Trinity. A’al Verde—Green’Vale. Elevado-rEk'vated. Las Tablas—The Tables. Pii'dra Oranih'—Rig Rock. Ran Jacinto—Raint Hyacinth. Racranicnto—R)KTcd Mind. Ran Francisco—Raint Francl». ilount Diablo—Devil’s Mountain. Al'ission Viega—Old Mission. Sail Mateo—Raint .Matthew. Los Pulgas-^Tiie Ficus. La'Plaza—The Square, La Playa-Tho Shore. La RierriV-Tlio Mountain R.angi*. Ronita—Pretty Little. La Cif'nega.'j—The Mud Springs. Run Rernardino—Raint Bernard.    * Jik'ii .Alpine—The .Allline Glen. Gkndora-Dora's Glen. Los Nieto.s—Tim Neiihcws.    ■ Los Coyotes—The AVild Dogs, ]*a Liigniia—The Lagoon. .    \. El Potrero Gruiidi'—Tli^ Rig PastuiT. T*a Mci'eed—Men-y. La 11 obra—The ojicn sp; Ranta '.Ana*—Raint .Anna. Ranta .Anita—Ruiiit .Vmiie. El Rincon AVERNELANDCOMPANY NOW OFFERS A Limited Ampnnt Of Its Capital Stoct At $50 Per Sbare. Thiaenables investors to sei'ureajjnterest in the town site, water riglit, the hotel,'uud all jniprovemms, at i^wige price, us lougas this offer stands. Tliere is no Wtter or more promising town-site iiivest^ient moiwoffvretl in Southern Caiifomia. own Lots For Sole at Prices From IPIMpiord. Jt One block of 4 finebts is offered at $750. Street grading is now gding on under the direction of D. T. Grrhi, who has had Avs years exi»erienee ill such work iu Pa.sjulena. The laying of. water pipes and the planting of shade trei's will quickly follow on the streetw awl iwirks. FIND IS BEJFRIEII FOB SIX, I l^iots arc given for churches. Stores art? already oiiened. A steuiu planing mill and luni-. l)er yard are cstablislieil. First-i-Iarts,mechanics reside in La Verue. The most attractive canyou resort tp be found. Tlii-ee fulls of 30, 40 and 100 f.t?t. More romantic spots within iHisy reach than any other town. ore forever, Liquor saloous e.xcliide<l. Milk, uieat aud vegetable sup* ]>ly wagons cull at eW'h bouse The finest water sources within a liuiidi-ed miles. A niouutainof pure white marble near by. I^cdgpsof “iietriflwl moss” and a dense park of native forest trees. .A mild equable climate. A§ a Health Resort or For a Delightful Home Place LAVERNEBEATSTHEMALL -CALL AT TUE OFPICB OF TQE- LA VERNE LAND COMPANY, Cor. Grand At. and Dolmnr «treat, La V»m«, Cat. A. I4. RoBinao.'f, Local Agant, -OR OX THE- Lyman Allen Land Company, . ^ GRAND HOTEL BLOCK, * - Coe. Fair Oaks Avo. and Colorado St. Pasadena, Cal. -3']ie coroner. Los lisos—The .Vlders. ^    ( Potrero de Loa Pinos—Tlie Piwturo of the Pines. Relia Vista—Pinc-Vicw.    ^ E.scondido—Hidden, . Encinal—Oak Grove. . .Alameda—I'ino Drivewa.v. Poinqna—The Fruit Goddess. INilomaros-Pigeon Hqjise. Sjiadra-An Indian name.    ^ Run Miguel—Saint Michael. Ran Mateos—Saint Mark.. El Conejo—The H;tbbit( Las Virgins-The Virgins, Santa Clara—Raint Claire. El Escor.fiion-The Scorjiion. La Rrc;i—The AsphaltuqL Rodeo do Lq.s Agiias-^Tlic Meeting 'of tlio AVuter.'i. La Centinela—Tlie Rentr.v. Rausai Redondo—Tlie M’illow Grove. Ran Pedro-Raint Peter.    ' Los* Pnlos Verde—'Die Green Trees. Los CorritoB—riie RmuR Hills. I.OH Alamitos—The Rnmll Popkirs. liUS Rolsas—The Hnnimocks, La Liebra—Tlie Jtick Rabbit. TenK'.seal-Icdiun Sweat House. La Soledad-The Solitmlo. El Encino—’fhe Chimp of Oaks, litt Lcovidciicia—PRovidencc. Los Feliz—The Ifujipy. Rail Jose de La Rueños -AyfOfP—Laud of the Fine Climate. Ran Pascual—Holy EaMtcrtide. . Cucamougti-.\u Indian name. The Saloon in Politics. From tlic' I’lisiiiti'iwi DdD.v L'nkmof Feti. IS, 18S«. The saloon m iiolitic,s has for many years beenjii jM'i ullar factor. In most lui'gi' cities the ward politieians and wire-pnllers liav*'. controlled the municipal goveriiTiient and dictated . the political hopes of every olficc-asitiring individual. THE LA VERNE STEAM PLANING M AND R D. E. M’ERB, Maijiagcr. P. L. SPALDING, Secretary. Harln» parchnHr«1 tlie entire etork of the Ken-khoff-Cuiner I.nmlier Co.. and the Went Coiw Lnml>er( o., at LonlsliurK mill removed both .vnrile to L.1 Verue, we nr* now prepared to (urnlali any kind of Lumlier d«elre<l, in larjp» or <tinull qimnt tliH, nt rariVnt market prlree. Our Mill Facilities are Very Complete. We minrranteo aa good work, prompt nervlre and low price* a* can bo had In Taaadena and Los Angelee.    . Wenrepropor^tomakebld* and take contrnct* for linllding elcgnnti residence*, rkarrhm. tiotele, «toree, pqkllc halle, farm buaece. barue—anything nnd everything iu the building line, «lota or omaiDciital.    ^    y    - We are prepared to famish lu stock or make to order all kinds of    ^ AVOOD MOULDINGS, '    ■    AVOOD    TURNING, SCROLL SAAVING, '    HOUSE    X^RESTINGS, OroameDtal Brackets, Wood Fences, Sash, Doors, Bjinds,etc. s    .    - potternji and designs for rarred, monlded or otiisr orno- for chim'h biiihliags, and have appropra Imíiiii, oil wliifli o h,)Icntliil liiu'lcy made in three months. Roys” íÍikI stands in with the huIooiih ' and their nnnierous hangi'rs-on, his pros-«™rnÍK,,.llu4t    Hi.wre,    anvtl.iliK    l«. Hire luwii. .111.1 llowor Kuril iiu ciui b,.    ||„.    „,„,«v.t,vl,le    cfemnil of voters mid they, in consequence, Imv»* sta.vi'd away from the polls, which is jnst what the ward boss wants^ The ward politicians meet in tho pet saloon, fix up a filatc and th« ultimatnm goes forth Hmt this ticket mnnt be chosen nt tho nomihatingconrcntinm. Tho boneeg are goncrnllv profiipe in promiecfl and know enough to kcoji thorn, hence their follow- A Tourist’s Opinion. “Fora year ai;.i a half we have ¡Mirsist-ently nought I le licuutiful in southern California. Aftvr traversing tlie greater portirtn of it b.T rail and otherwise, wonro freo to say that nowhere in our oxperi. Rrmi ¡iro^uct for 1887 (5t),000,000 |IO'ill|lLs, • \ cgcl allies ¿liip|M'd to the east in 1887, 40,000,000 Rm. ^ A. C. ABBOTT -& CO. -Dcnlers In- •"((¿aUrtlM his vdcabulai y itf :.jq.t'(lat ives aad.goesiiiiMv imagiaiiig he lias («een it all. A'el he lias only sei/ii I lie liaekgriiinid Ilf an faiGriiiilerv iinni I'ioiis aail sph iiiliil. I 'li iwlu li II wiviigiit.'' ence'of the beaivics of nature hr.rc wo ever seen more s('lies and landecapes of j ing sticke hv them tliroiigh thick and concentrated loviliness tlinii iu Los .\n- thin mid do whatever may be dictated to gek'8 cfflmty. ' ocean lends 1ts.^ma.!tli,.m. It is about time the «rilooii jestic fiower to ereute sliidies by the hf'as; j strongtli should Is* broken up. Com- tlie valleys clothed in emerald gri'i'ii pre-« poned qs it is of the lowest and vilest I'le- scnt tho charmiiiik landsnipe sl'i'iic; (ho ¡ menl of Hit' [lopulaHon of large citjies, Its ¡ mngnifleenee of |\h iiiountain rmigi's , infliienei'I'miiiot hut be injurious gives Hip sublime itidureof the European effects repulsive to aíl di'i Alps iii siiimner; Hie wxiodlaiMl dell, Hie i The onlv feasible iilmi SH'ins to lie for (0.1I.-.I Kiimfe    ..<>,000,000    ,I,  I, f 1 c. - /N /V «    III!    liewitc    ling    scpui^ito    till'n'l'ker' lege one of saered trust, ciirr.ving with if . iitdopo '^G^' •* '    *'*•    ,    aftet    the    heaiitksof    nature.”    i Hm'most important duties of his eitizen- Dried trmf sliipmciits, . 50,000,900,    .       „    .L___ of large cities, its , I J injurious iwnl its li'cent iqjaried men. fioumls. Greea deeidiioilH fniils .Mllippi L'^RT, 35,-‘ll2.<U)0 flM. , important „-4    ship;    let    honest*    men    eoinbine,    ivaiving ,    .    •¡"tn'i'r    has    just died nt (|„. ,jf(    „f    polities    mid d ea.it ill '.Round Valley \vlio;e age wna suppoM il lof .V California GROCERIES, HARDWARE, DE.-5T O-OODS, Qucensware, Glassware," I^otions, Etc, have lit I'u I118. miile (o Iireiik Hi!' piMM'r oI I hi:’infamous i I’e.llUie.    \    . A full lino of irpry Oi'nig iisiinlly kept In li woll stocked Kencml store. (IimhI goads at fair prlcM.

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