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La Crosse Tribune and Leader Press (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, La Crosse, Wisconsin State la Lofv a till t mgt a a a no Ponton. My Huy hut a Armor East and Olith of it Rtin Iii rib ant sunday edition 3680 Tribune Telephone member of the audit Bureau of circular vol Mil it. In uber tor Ion and Leader-2press full leased wire new report of the associated press la Crosse w Wisconsin sunday morning March 19, 1939 fourteen pages Price five cents to killed As Stra Toliner crashes seek soviet Aid in front against Germany Dander is Rien Power of dictator Britain France Kei uht help of knt via for i Heck Chi in re min gain to Hii Igiania pm pm the chamber of rpm s voted Premier a Ladler ii precedent cd dictatorial Powers saturday met As informed Quad tem disclosed a French by fish note to enlist soviet Russia s Aid n a ii re front against German it nomic pressure on Rumania. The sleeping decree Powers dad or demanded to enable France to move As fast a the Dic a a ? pm cd toy a vote of 321 i 24 in the chamber. Senate. Or Val at sunday s Belion was a a dered a foregone conclusion another move to put the a i defences in order the Pera lied an emergency Cabinet n for sunday at which Mcm a of parliament said he would it a approval of do a crees calling to c to specialists from a number f Mil a Ary service Classer French sources said meanwhile a King Carol of Rumania had do cd Britain and France of his to resist Adolph hit it eastward drive if they could j de markets for rumanian cd it it it of which Germany now is the greatest purchaser. 48-Llour reply e rumanian Monarch was said a ave a red Paris and London a imply within 4.&Quot hours on v re support they could give Sci t the Nan drive. 7 Erie jux a ii the two gov Etc it these sources said. Asked a so if tile soviet to Nion would v r t vent in bump from Rumania to Block Hitler. Y to Gin min Ier George but a inferred in Quick Sucic Ion the rumanian ambassador. It Premier George tatar Sci. N ambassador sir enc or. Up and Jacob Sui its soviet i Bassadore. T e chamber a final vote of ap-p.ova1 on the decree Powers which or void give Daladier dictatorial a a a a urn i nov. 30 was the fifth in of received by the j. A a or in a single Day s session. He put sed the question of confide Rte j r the fourth time when he. Iced the chamber to reject a leftist amendment to a Bill which would have prevented interference v the Public Liberty by decree. The amendment was rejected 321 to it to 261. A great boy Adolf. Of a a maund publican government saturday night broadcast to the nationalists Fonse Council to forget its Mission and the real reason for its Besteiro said. A Calm is re established Satur who just the other Dav i said to him Memel Danzig next for Hitler Europe at a glance fuehrer keeps i an ill mite a Nab a of Dai parliament diet own or in i Chi hold a majority in the it already have voted to ape the stringent decree Powers. The Enate adoption sunday a �?�a1 Ceria Oty. It appeared that Munday a Ladler would be in to to Wield More pow it Ary pot War Premier of toe trims of the Bill he could one poll Cal parties ban pub get is and newspaper pro a Ament a life or dissolve it put France in a state a filiation without obtaining a a Trent by approval tinder refused flatly to give Amber any definite inform or v hat he proposed to do the decree Powers. He said were military measures and to rot be debated openly trough hts ministers and Ujj statements he made to Retief of tie finance committee Ever this much of i pro i seemed certain reinforcement of France s so farces by calling tile spets to the colors for the army a and air forces. By tile associated press London Britain France bitterly denounce Czecho slovak seizure seek soviet russians Aid in blocking German threat to Rumania Brit ish French ambassadors i it to from Berlin to reject Paris London denunciation As lacking every political Legal and moral basis recalls London ambassador for consultations. Paris chamber vote do Ladler government unprecedented dictatorial Power Senate concurrence sunday foregone conclusion sunday emergency Cabinet session called to approve defense measure. Washington in s order extra 25 pc r cent Tariff e n Manv p. Odor a germ and sends America Pittman proposes neutrality Law re recall envoy a von Dirksen from London Berlin preparing for a Fronir lit fuehrer sunday ultimatum to a titania denied Berlin a it a in Germany saturday night promptly rejected but i ish and French denunciations of her Conquest of Czecho Slovakia declaring they a lacked every political Legal and moral j at the same time Chancellor Hitler called Home his ambassador to London. Herbert von Dirksen. A to make a reciprocating action taken by Britain Friday in calling her Berlin envoy Back to Day and the defense Council has London. France following Britain s Lead also called her Berlin ambassador Home a to criticism fathers the government announced that its rejection of the British and i French denunciations had been i delivered to the British and French 1 ambassadors who earlier in the Day had presented notes charging Simp tolls that Germany a course in Czecho j Slovakia was illegal and a violation of the Munich agreement. These developments occurred As i reports of consternation came j from european states within arms reach of the expanding nazi Empire. The foreign office watched the gathering Cloud of criticism imperturbable. Saturday night the returning British envoy sir Neville Hon Der i son. Took a train to London to res port on developments m Central Europe in London it was said von Dirksen ambassador to Britain i since last april i. Was expected to i leave sunday. In addition to reporting on Britain s reaction to Germany s invasion of Coccho Slovakia it was said the envoy j probably would be asked to report on an incident involving mention of Hitler in the House of commons thursday. A perjured traitor this incident was the description of Hitler by Alfred Duff Cooper former first lord of the admiralty As a a thrice perjured traitor and breaker of German circles in London resented the fact loyalists ready to negotiate for peace u. S., dutch air experts Are victims Schumm sub strata draft plunge nil on tent flight lit Washington Alder. least ter the Spanish re just reinforced its authority and is convinced that it interprets the general feeling by trying to obtain an honorable peace As soon As its readiness to negotiate immedi-1 possible. Lately for a an honorable peace Quot to a now we give you today the sex persons were killed including two end Spain s 30-month-old civil act terms of the communications officials of dutch airlines when War. Kab Tho National defense coun a four motored. 33-P��Enger air minister of foreign affairs jul cil addresses to the nationalist piano designed to operate through Ian Besteiro speaking from the government using the radio As the sub stratosphere plunged to Union radio station declared a the the fastest Means of Communia Parth near Here saturday during a moment has come to talk peace Hon. Ies flight. And that he was using the radio a the communication from the among the victims were the As a was fastest Means of Communia defense Council to the nationalist Tiona with the nationalists. Government is a the necessity of crushing the a the moment has come when communist revolt in Madrid last the National defense Council must week i and avoiding its repetition carry out its Mission and in cons should not Lead the National de Quence it addresses your govern ment to inform it that we Are disposed to undertake negotiations which will assure us an honorable peace. A we await your Al Leader brands Lew is plan for labor communist program Barr fire floors to death new York it a a a a fall on a cake of soap killed John so Beshuk. 47. Saturday. He slipped while taking a Bath and plunged through a window of his fifth floor apartment. His nude body fell into a courtyard. Fond do Lac Man admits slaving a Clewis proposal and one he said k mini Salon Linail i Lur Mig the communist party advanced two vat Iii it to steal car. Or explain instant general manager of the Royal dutch airlines and a half dozen leading american aviation experts. The huge Boeing Airliner Brok into three parts and crashed w Ith tile Pilot still fighting his controls and passengers in flight position. A aboard were killed instantly. The dead Peter Guilonard. Assistant general manager of Royal dutch air planes and Leader c f an air Mission to the United states. A. G. Von Baumhauer. Engineer for the Netherlands state air a. M m a worthiness Board and second mom i hat Ain danced i i ear Ber of the Mission. Julius Barr. Boeing test Pilot and former personal Pilot for Madame Chiang Kai Shek. Earl a. Ferguson Boeing test Pilot. Ralph a. Cram. Boeing aerodynamics expert. John Kris Tel Boeing chief Engineer. William Doyle Boeing test plot. Harry c. West jr., Boeing Foreman. Harlan Hull chief test Pilot for transcontinental and w Stern air. Ben Pearson Boeing sales representative. First of four of peeled presence of the dutch Mission aboard the plane was not explained dropout identical to ago by red John i. Frev charge Washington it Abs an Al official charged bluntly saturday night that the labor party proposal advanced by John l. Lewis was that advocated by the communist party. In a statement. John p. Frey president of the afle a Metal Trade. Division described As a a identical a fond do Lac. W is. A of Vear old fond do. Lac a 22-la Borer ports Bifid the Fri fun were consider my Purchase of the str Atolinery or a sister ship. The 5500,000 liner was the first of a contemplated Fleet of four poll la Eye the keeping on Bailie eager furl years ago. He Etc Rod to the suggestion by Pocong although re film Lewis head of the Cio. That the Al Cio and Railroad brotherhoods unite in a National labor federation Lewis made his proposal immediately after the first saturday night was held for re Al Cio peace conference held at such planes under construction by Moval to Akron. Colo., where the White House recently. The Boeing company in Seattle. It chief of police James Silgen said. Al leaders already have re had been undergoing tests at Low he admitted killing a Salesman a ejected Lewis suggestion calling it altitudes near Seattle for several week he. J impractical and one which of Days. Air Speed indicators were jammed at 200 Miles an hour when residents of this Little Mountain town reached the wreckage. Although the ship carried about 3.ooo Gallons of gasoline there was no fire. Barr at the controls had before 1%1the chief said the youth. Ells feed no possible solution of the pm quo a sep put that the speaker of the House mad j Worth e. Med Berry had waived problems arising from the conflict i lit 11 in cull cd no objection to the ?. The it extradition on a first degree Mur Between Cio and Al. Expected a he nazi government to warrant. Although Medberry p. V. .e0mti0n�# protest against it Jid not know the name of his Vic Hill All Europe anxiously Akron authorities said he although Lewis proposal tech watched the lengthening Shadow be questioned concerning Mically still is on the Agenda of no Oil Rel i % it i Atmo Ervinea Hungnan Eastern Ca Patho ukr me Block Road troop to a Complete traffic to i Iva or occupation o Rumania. Mimsi Gwo to v i Kerji comp it Ltd on Gaiman Advance but w do holds official comment. By Harfst to. N a n Trade neg i shorn with Reich army officials Confer on future course. Pragler reported ordered to appear for questioning but new nazi regime. Report la no going Oil Iii nazi Trade discussions w till rumanian Buchan St a a a Trade negotiations Given Sharp new significance by nazi eras i c of Coccho so Akia during the week proceeded intern ively saturday Between nervous Rumania and Germany. King Carol considering Germany a new position from the military As Well As the economic stand Trade discussions and that there were Many Points of difference. Foreign minister Gregorc Galen go insisted however that Germany had presented nothing amounting loan ultimatum. He pointed out also that German official sources had denied any extraordinary pressure was being brought on this Balkan King 2. Speeding up production in hmm Quot a m and other War industries by Point called in High army officials Dom of Rich economic resources. Masury Loans and by increasing to advise the Crow n Council on in Lindon a spoken an of the faking hours. Romani a future course. 2. Baying War stocks abroad to the Trade negotiations which ret gaps in French production diplomatic circles in London and a a pc. Of War materials Paris viewed As holding important 4 inc Reasing working hours even alarming political Inifi 1 Pond the 40-hour a week limit Ranee were being conducted with i Louis in kill in r Berlin a what i the next thing up Hitler s sleeve t a ii it a w i Chat of a my berliners in every walk of life asked themselves saturday As the nazi capital organized a conquering heroes Welcome for the returning fuehrer. That the wiping out of Czechoslovakia As a state was not the end of territorial arrangements in Europe a taken for granted by everybody Here both foreigner and German. Sworn to secrecy the group of men surrounding Hitler u to Are told of his plans in Advance is exceedingly Small. They arc sworn to secrecy and they keep dependably tight lipped. Nevertheless events have a Way of casting their shadows before them though As the nazi technique becomes perfected these shadows grow Shorter. Two Cardinal principles of hitlers foreign policy furnish clues to the direction from which forecasting shadows Are Likely to fall. The first of these is that All germans stand under the Protection of Hitler who regards it As his of the Swastika. Adolf Hitler Rode slaying of John t. Gray 32, of the Al Cio peace committee the a tit off ignition switches rom Enna amid tumultuous Colorado Springs. Federations weekly news service the plane hit. A Sheils a to a secret stopping place Medberry taken into custody published saturday a statement the outer left motor be on his Way Oberlin he left to Rary saturday when he returned from the Al negotiators which lieutenants the task of imposing hic nazi will on Bohr Meta Moravia and ironing out relations with Slovakia gel Many a new protectorates. The fuehrer was expected to make a triumphal entry into Berlin at 7 30 p. In. 12 30 p. Inc. To sunday. He l amed Baron Konstantin von Neurath former German foreign minister and president of the secret Cabinet Council As Reihs pro Tector of Bohemia Moravia tighten Sway meanwhile. Rumania feared for her Fertile wheat Fields and Oil Wells alarm was reported in Lithuania concern was shown in Poland suspicion grew of a coup a Chat in Danzig and the possibility was mentioned of German aggression against Hungary. Helmuth Wold that adviser to Field marshal Hermann Wilhelm Goring. Nazi economic dictator was in Bucharest apparently attempting to tighten Germany a Home to visit his Bride of less than a year. Had been sought since three per on identified a Denver police picture of him As a likeness of a hitch hiker picked up by Gray at Sedgwick. Colo. Ordered out of t Ity pc Deal Bureau of investigation said a we Are confirmed in the conviction earlier expressed that the Lewis plan offered no solution this statement added that the proposal a bears All the earmark of the Type of suited front which Doe not unite but Frey who appeared before the experts reported the Bullet found Dies committee investigating Unin Gray s head had Bern fired from american activities last year and a .25 Caliper pistol taken from charged communists had gained Medberry when he was arrested at Denver on a concealed weapons charge. Medberry received a suspended sentence on condition he leave the City and hitch hiked Home by was of Chicago. Chief Silgen said the youth whom he described As a a Bright fellow with curly Blond hair and Fine physique was hazy about details of his encounter. The chief said Medberry told the following Story i he hitched hiked a vast to a jobs co it i that the first proposals for on a dam project in Colorado lie Unity advanced by the Cio were took a pistol along for protect Tom. Identical to those prepared by the footholds in Many Cio unions said in his statement a one of the most serious problems presented by the Cio has been the infiltration of communism. Communist policy and communist tactics and the control secured in Many local unions and nations organizations affiliated with the Cio cites Resolution a it will not make the problem of Unity Between Al and the Cio easier to solve when it is under fell on a Hilltop. 1.000 Yards from where the plane landed about 200 Yards from in Tacoma mount Rainier Highway. The left Wing broke off about to feet from the fuselage and Between the two feet Wing motors. One Section landed about 200 Yards and another about 500 aids from the plane. Bits of wreckage from the Tail were scattered Over a quartering arca and Many were gathered up by souvenir Hunters. Body at control the plane landed flatly and the bodies were at flight station throughout the ship with Pilot Barr s body still at the controls witnesses said the plane appeared suddenly out of the Cloud and that the sound of its motors died Down momentarily. The motors then seemed to Speed up and the plane began a Long crazy spin earthward. The Tail Assembly apparently broke away during the fall. It struck in a narrow Ravine in logged off land. A it travelled toward the Earth at tremendous said mrs. L. Economic it a in Southeastern after Riding about too Miles with communist party with Moscow s j a a a a a a j Europe. He Colorado Spring Salesman on approve two years ago. Quot a Quot to. He decided to get the Uroic a government spokesman How March Ever described As a warrant non i look tort in on non j sense reports that Rumania and. In Hungary were slated to follow spinsters oily eople s front gov i jaw in Industry i those producing War to these primary the deput is reported that by hts r go Tom majority. It mild prolong the life of a relent parliament for two a i Var until 1942 and irs a a a plan of electoral Reform the right. Or. Helmuth Wohlt halt representing Germany. A general a mouse i indicated All a not going Well with the in Heimans. Moravian ordered flies toned it v azi wasters. ,. Divine Mission to a bring Home into rum when the Reich All whom it is physical Czechoslovakia in Hitler Book by possible to rejoin to greater Ger j of conquests Many and to enable those who must remain outside to practice the nazi Weltanschauung or a world the second key Tenet of nazism a that Hitler is determined to guarantee a space for Pax sin existing a to a constantly increase i my and expanding German nation. 3# million out Ide eminent had received and rejected sweeping demands by Germany for Complete economic co opera lion As the Price of nazi guarantees of Rumania s territorial integrity the rumanian minister was reported to have informed British it lot i n k a German spokesman denied there had been any ultimatum to Rumania. This in summary was the nazi stand expressed by informed German quarters in answer to and French t condemnation 11.i�r Ful ii a i Iii i in brei la Birmingham. Eng aha two thousand British spinsters saturday celebrated prime minister Chamberlain s 70th birthday by but my him a silk umbrella tied with a Lilac Cpl ored Bow. Frey said a Resolution adopted by the communist party in june. 1937. Read a a a we must never cease to demand the unification of the Trade Union movement. In line with this policy the party has raised the question of the convocation of a Trade Union Congress of the unions of the to. Al Railroad Broth-1 Rhoods and other unaffiliated unions. Let All Tho get who stand for Unity and Solidarity come to such a Congress a i fulfil education of it Itil Ilotti. Jailed in Lake. Nike town of Johnstown Mer Jtj Reg a 20-Day jail Quot in on a charge that he a wilfully f Quot wrongfully and unlawfully and neglected to cause his Fen to attend some school . F Hiwa arraigned when k l. Celt superintendent of Polk re to school complained that Quot a two sons aged to and 12. A absented themselves r a shoot two or three Days. A a Spencer Yale. Gave a a a Aile native of a 52<n a a in Nice and the a run e Jan. A on now attend school Outcelt reported. Plague a Hpe at least 10.000 residents of Bohemia and Moravia were known saturday night to have been ordered to report for questioning by the new German masters of broken Czecho Slovakia. The orders did not mean. However that they would All be detained. But numerous arrests Are known to have been made. The partitioned Republic Only those few czechs who heard foreign news broadcasts had any inkling the outside world was showing and interest in their Fate. Aii Day Prague residents continued their silent demonstrations before the Rathaus War memorial honouring patriots who were killed in 1620. When czechs once before lost their Independence. Men women and children a few without tears a stood with bared Heads before the memorial and flanked by two Sterne. Fume altogether germans Are n in a Home in the some 30,000 000 however still remain outside. In answering the question a what next a it is justifiable to consider who of those 30.000.000 can physically a come Home into the Reich Mcmil with its 100,000 germans comes to mind first. Nobody Here doubts but that it will be annexed by Germany sooner or later. Danzig with its 400.000 inhabitants and 754 Square Miles comes to mind next. The Danziger themselves do not seem to think the hour has struck leaps being revived in circuses record set in la Crosse in 1881 by Gladwin Hill new York a ave one of the world s most dangerous Aru. Which has taken countless lives for 300 year., is being revived. Was an exceptionally loud noise not like an explosion but More like a Roar. A it was terrible to stand there and watch it fall. The noise a terrific even though we were some distance Ould carry air express tile Stra Toliner was equipped with Cabin and facilities for High Altitude operation 20.000 feet or higher Abov e storms on the Earth surface. It was to carry 33 passenger or Day or 25 in luxurious night accommodations. With a Crew of four or five and had a capacity of two tons of mail and air express this plane a the first of to to be built. It had a Wing Span of it fret. A length of 74 feet and an Overall height of 17 feet the inches. One of its innovations Valt a a super charged Cabin a to passengers and Crew a a tale be i air pressure while flying France had denounced Germany s absorption of Czecho Slovakia. Few hear broadcast newspapers of the Bohemia Moravia protectorate brought under nazi control made no mention of fridays statement by acting Secretary of stale Sumner Weller nor of the French and but us notes calling Hitler a it Hon illegal. Surrender Arm inside the Rathaus City Hal citizens complied with a military order requiring them to surrender All armament. Revolvers old muskets and antique weapons of All sorts were carted into the building and turned Over to authorities who gave receipts in i turn report from Prague suburb Ilove in six a 4 carried him off. He never moved later Billy Batchelor a Champion again. He had broken his neck leaper of the world a did a double most of those who watched somersault Over 18 horses Tousnt of it Only a one of then by then the fatal fascination Ujj oooo a the a rth a a editable accidents Antony the had taken hold and leapers almost sealed Cabin into which air Vas i saw its last victim a quiet lit thousands of stunts that make up invariable drove themselves on to pumped creating and automatic tic belgian named Gene de Koc a circus. Point where they killed them ally maintaining air pressure Corn killed before the eyes of 10.000 Cir actually they wine tack the selves. Parable to that at sea level Cus spectators in the Boston Gar latest in a Long series of tragedy Only one Repealer Den in 1934. Connected with an ancient school the will a the Wisp that lured Urit Ain to tv-1 they brought out three Cie of acrobats with the deceptively them on was the dream of leap just vet polish government Cir pliant and lined them up. Side by homely title the my into the air Over their Assort cd however Are keeping an anti Side across the track. On the far cleared is horses cd obstacles and whirling through the leaps originated in the rim not one somersault or a double i London a it a a the first nation ple jumps and hurdles of Aero but through the almost Imossi wide trial of Britain a air rail bats in the medieval bazaars of ble trip. Warning system will be staged from air raid Warnin Ous Eye on this Baltic port w hich they now control. Neither Memel nor Danzig need clamor for express trains Back into the Reich. They both already air virtually ruled from Berlin and they can wait. I not a a anxious to More pail of the polish corridor a1 in Rome to mind a a or in Vovk Xvi trill t. A a a a a to. Side they Laid Down some thin Mats and on the near Side a Short sloping runway and a springboard do Koe inconspicuous among half a dozen other performers in West English circus presented a Clown costumes raced Dow r. The Man who cleared five horse. Runway up the springboards and winding up with a somersault hurtled Over the elephants in a through a flaming balloon Saffier of lightning convolution. American performer took up lie landed in a Heap and to cd j the Challenge and a Hall Century Europe. Only one Man in history has Ben 9 p. In. To Midnight 3 p. Rn.-6 p. In. In 1817 in downtown new York Able to do a triple repeatedly As an c. To monday. Advertised announced feat. He was John Worland in 1874. Worland the leading rouble some Saulter of the Day. Tried the in per at St. Louis. Twit e in Vovk lot i Wood l a Luj the Home office asked the Public to show a for bearer Cen should there be difficulty in putting through Calls while the Telephone system want being used for raid signals

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