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La Crosse Tribune and Leader Press (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, La Crosse, Wisconsin State w Eather than to Mcnno a thunderstorm Munday my in o my Day a morn monday Nat lir a Loudy to a loud cooler. Member of the audit Bureau of circulation and sender res is h aul ids act it a Iltz a Leer a Ltd a a rear net Tom trinae Reeder sail. Phone 3640. Wisconsin Minnesota associated press service you i xxx i. Number 39 twelve pages la Crosse Wisconsin sunday morning june 23, 1940 sunday edition Price five cents House favors four billion Navy program plan would give i. S. Sea Power such a has never been known in world waft p 0 cd boo seamen urls a a1 att a a a a $4.-warship construction n make the american greatest assemblage of the world has Ever Votti by the House sat scan Cicely two hours de 7 f Swift action together with % i congressional approval of a <oo.oo0.iioo tax defense Bill and is .763.913.904 emergency ap-0-trillion tor the army and Navy Pei Tion at tile Capite with rt0"� it Strong opposition with the Senate naval committee to a Firma in of colonel Knox s Yrma on to be Secretary of the Ivy. Depends in explanation the naval committee voted at a ofed session to a a Knox to a to be i a it for questioning on c Rev toward United states i by and a he War. One member to said he favored approval of f. Nomination told reporters that i informal poll ind rated that if be e one taken saturday the lamination would be rejected la style showy Bridge woo Taft support Philadelphia a in a a senator Taft of will try next week to win a Legates by teaching them Bridge and showing them the latest styles. His Muna Geis Haw arranged for a series of Bridge lectures at his Headquarters every morning for the entertainment of visiting women. A style show with gown by models and featuring a Martha Taft dres. Has been arranged for tuesday Congress adopts tax Bill takes Cess \ aeration a amazed British Appeal to frenchmen to Aid in Battle what goes on Here German terms called a hard but honorable ill reconvene republicans recess action i Tso Arr. A not the committee in nomination. This truly depend ims a of i Niento of his attitude Ole United states in a the european War. Expansion Bill wept House with a chorus a Voil e vote. Tile sex of new ships proposed secret the Mea-4 this by providing 0<� torus of battleships. Of aircraft carriers of cruisers 250.000 overs and 70.000 tons c Bern unofficial Esti Quot Var that completion in together with oth a is a St i act Ion lid give already a the United july i oppose Washington a a Congreve quit saturday night for a one week recess after sending to the White House a i billion Dollar tax Bill and Over $4 000.000.000 of appropriations legislation. A mattering of a a noes a came from the Republican Side w Hen tor House adopted the Resolution whirl closed a ten hour Day for the legislators and recessed Congress until july i. swiftly on one item after another the Senate and House sent to president Roosevelt a scone of Bills during the Day including a si.768.913.908 emergency do lense measure and the annual appropriations for Relief the labor department and the Federal Security Agency. Errant authority in addition to toe direct appropriations Congress also granted authority for various government agencies to enter into contracts totalling almost another si.000,-000.000 the Pui action a interlude t Iona i con two l Cap he Neppl cans to a two sex be Pool Cash the Hoo select Ca a wet a Poos Ever it a get Ioc Ca r of a become the. Pc Slos a ekes pent a c Cap Pate French still fight italian government is in Rori Leun Lou tinier i it ii pact is is if Heil Pona. Lew Saf a support 7he Cor. Because the Pew Deal Presa r Cro a he ouch Eop or the ?./0e<eal 9 St Tok amp me count Uusi Ces pee be re coh pc a so Pic a l it he we be a �?~cohsenpat/pe9 a a sewer Theus. Hui sen tools to Kuss a so that the Waz ally away of a he tanks pc Eta a tax a pews con pet conc Hess to put to Apoc Chaa elect Phye an tax boost to of this High Speed s two fold to allow an for the Republican a mention beginning Mon Day at Philadelphia and to get vital appropriation measures enacted of 618 warships Cap in a jaw Wenj before the new fiscal a or to b a i Bra a he a five Ai 219 de a Iii meeting Simul Tancous in a he Atlantic and Pacific. 26 battleships i ? would lie comprised of ships. 14 air plane carriers. I ers. 338 destroyers and 170 be. This compares with Ting Navy of 15 battleships. Plane carriers 33 cruisers lovers and 95 submarines. Julion to heavy combat in Bill so would author it Ion of 15,000 air planes Tion of $25,000,000 of Small ichor defense Craft and 100,000 tens of auxiliary vessels. Informed sources said the latter \ Ould include a new fast Type f Bio capable of carrying comfy Cly equipped detachments of rare not including their tanks and artillery. Senate consideration of the Bill it not expected until after the political conventions at the earliest. There was no official word of any expression of views on the Knox nomination at the meeting in Enate naval committee. A in inn an Walsh id mass a in announced after the closed inn that it had been decided by annus in to summon Knox for c .0 inc on his \ lews and that bearing probably would be held in july i. I was reported authoritatively however that it was proposed in the session that the committee is be a Public statement to the of fat hat it intended to investigate Knox s views and that if it found that he favored intervention it would reject his nomination. While questions of policy continued to agitate both Senate and hour a they completed action on a la too 000,000 tax defense Bill and a 1.768.913.908 emergency defence treasure supplying funds for air planes tanks guns and other Munu ions. Expect More requests the latter Bill was the last of Ial defense appropriations it f soc asked by president Roosevelt. There was some expectation gang i of Tine the the leg stators however.1 Tequesta would be vie i a he near future in View of sports that the National defense comm Marion had recon Mendel ? 1 additional billion Dollar pm cd to or. Roosevelt. Authoritative sources said that a his called for construction of or t a of government plants to turn out powder shells Armor plate. A Quot Craft and other munition.-. In addition it was understood that the Eon Ara on had recommended huge orders for air planes i Capone to a sure that lev could go on a rna a pro it a basis. Ile this country has Only 19 Nee chemical Quarter Mas aircraft plants the army Nymand has established that would be needed for a major Baal defer be Eft Ort. The recorded government construct Ogram it Asaid would j cd at supplying Tho get sgt Industry could not be cd to finance or operate. Year starts on july i. In addition to giving Quick approx a1 to Senate House comp Omta is on the tax and defend get Bills the two branches of Congress accepted j and sent along to the White House j a Compromise $1,157,711,357 Relief appropriation Bdl. No War profile Levy a it finally passed the defense j tax Bill was shorn of a Senate approved proposal for a War profit Levy. It carries provisions to not reuse the National debt limit from $45,000,000,000 to s49.000.000, Lowers personal income tax exemptions increases the number of tax payers by an estimated 2.000.000 and imposes increased taxes on j theater tickets cigarettes whiskey gasoline and numerous other i ducts. Tile income Tux changes will cover 1940 incomes a Cable in March 15, Imi. The excise in-1 crease become effective immedi 1 lately after the president mans the legislation. The si.768.913.908 emergency defense appropriation was the la est of president Roosevelt s recommended defense expenditure j the bulk of the fund will be used j for army air planes tanks guns and other munitions but part will go for Nav y needs including a Start on construction of 68 new lighting ships. 5 billions appropriated passage of the emergency defense Bill brought tile total of de sense appropriation measures approved up to now to $5,377,$52,054. In addition numerous items it a tended for defense purposes appeared in other routine Supply Bills. The Senate completed Congro 1 signal action d sent to 11 a White House during me Day Legi lation to provide $1,023,282,690 for the labor department and Federal Security Agency during the coming fiscal year. Originally the democratic leaders of Congress had aspired to a Linn adjournment of Congress saturday night but opposition from both Republican and democratic quarters ended this Hook and the recess device was a red upon. Up Rej it states Atay ape to adopt peace tafe Tonsch a tack to Sape z be to republicans crowd Philadelphia 1 so h i w Rug 139 it i of Ai my discover Contr Aliamo munition in Parana Argentina a i put a t a discovery of contraband munitions in camouflaged fruit cases Enro Ute to Uruguay from the North was reported reliably saturday night from the federation department a Border area. It was recalled he in that Uruguay recently took Stern measure to Cope with a nazi plot uncovered by a parliamentary investigation. Ind rain storm covers territory in sgt mini i in Stirr Ltd Trees Arr blow ii Dom ii heavy rain fell throughout the upper mis Phi Valley saturday evening being accompanied by a 30-mile wind that damage to Telephone communicating systems and blew Down tree. In Crosse slightly More than one half Inch of rain fell during the storm which moved out of the Northwest. There was some lightning and Thunder. Tice were blown Down at 1307 Avon Street and 1902 South 13th Mercet. The limbs falling Over electric House connection. Repairs were made within a Short time by Power company Crews. To litre was no damage reported to the main distribution system of the Northern states Power company in la Crosse and Vicinity although the severe storm in the i eau Cia in Black River Falls area caused a dipping High lines that resulted in periodic momentary dimming of lights Here Telephone lines from la Croe to eau Claire and Black r pc. Falls As Well As at Coon Valley and Between Winona and Hastings were reported out of commission for a Short time. Sparta Galesville and Viroqua i reported no storm damage although there was considerable rainfall in those areas. 3 drown in state 1 Mil Waukee up a two i of flings were reported Here and one at Marshfield As heavy rain and thunderstorms saturday filled Riv Kris Jarm la or in Hornbill try British London a dry the air i ministry announced the Krupp armaments works at get in v. Ere bombed by the Royal air Force night. Important German aircraft factories and storage buildings were reported attacked by i heavy bombers in raids w Inch la ted in hour and a half. Revise attitude. Rumanian told King a Arnis my it to country about pm totalitarian Lirt a Bucharest King Carol called Upo i rumanian saturday to a revise their entire mental at j Titus a Quot to conform to the new nazi patterned totalitarian party into whose hands the government has been placed. It aim. The King a cd in a radio address will be to a put aside personal interests and aspirations in the interest of the state. A no one any ions r think about himself but Only of rumanian National Carol it Aid. The speech was preceded by a Roval decree granting Ardon to All who Weir charged with political crime., or fled abroad. This was regarded As a Concession to the pro nazi Iron guard its who fled after the assassination of Premier Armand canc Sci la t t year by members of their organza to Tion. A a a a tailor remain Iii serious goal Ilion i in a Moron c. London a sunday or pm a the French peace negotiators Are expected to have their first meeting with the italian monday. Exchange news a British Agency reported from Bordeaux Early today. Official circles in Bordeaux were said to believe it would take two or three Days to reach a settlement. It was said also that French authorities expected germans to influence a reduction in Italy s claims against France. The French government proposes to stay in Bordeaux the news Agency said. And would not return to Paris unless the nazi captured capital was a free City and a not controlled by German bayonets peace Terma harsh Bordeaux a a the French government announced officially late saturday night that France and Germany had signed an armistice prov iding a hard but honorable a terms. A if the terms had not been honorable. France would have been ready to fight on in her colonies a French source said. The Price Adolf Hitler demanded for peace however will not be announced officially until after France reaches an agreement with Italy and the cease firing order is Given. Troops hold italians in a heavily censored dispatch. I it was disclosed that the government remains for the moment at Bordeaux the provisional capital from that Headquarters official spokesmen said a fresh French i troop were holding firm along i the Alpine Frontier beating Back italian from Mont Blanc to the Sci despite tile menace of German pressure from the rear. T the germans were pictured a pushing a Spearl Iead Down the j Rhone Valley behind the Frontier defense forces slowly steadily despite valiant resistance. The High command s night communique indicated that while the fighting a less severe it continued in local combats All along the front. There was no Rea a firing order brawling for App Aien in the troops must continue to hold at the War at a glance i both a of at or re a it London Churchill saying no Independent French government could have acceded to German terms appeals to frenchmen everywhere to continue the struggle at Britain Side As France s Only Hope for Liberty and restoration bomb Krupp armament works at Essen and German aircraft plants elsewhere report battleship Scharnhorst badly damaged. Borio m a a France acknowledges signing a hard but honorable a armistice with Germany Confidence voted to marshal retain fighting continuing until after italian armistice agreed on. Finds germans thrusting More strongly into Rhone Valley and South of the to re. In Rux a French capitulate signing armistice in railway Ca in comping be Forest fighting of end six hours after they agree on armistice with Italy German command reports 500.000 French soldiers in Lorraine surrender. Alexandria a italian bomb Alexandria four times driven off by coastal and naval Cannon. Rome a place and time of italian French armistice kept secret. Geneva a French Tri color still flies Over great fort Al l eel use germans pushing in Effort to join forces with i tall. N Alpine armies Gam a few Miles germans capture lose and regain Between Dawn and dusk fighting Swiss Border continues without re spite. Washington a Congress approve Billon Dollar tax Biti and sl768.odo.000 defense a Propri lion Meau a House approves $4.-000.000.000 Navy expansion authorization opposition reported within Senate naval committee to confirmation of col Frank Knox As Secretary of Navy. Plea issued by Churchill in in broadcast Jai Iii free government Gould not submit to g e r in a ii armistice cites a grief of nation London a sunday a it a pure minister Winston Church a expressing British a grief Ari amazement at France acceptance of German armistice term appealed saturday to All frenchmen wherever they May be to Aid the British fight against Germany. % the Only Hope of France s eventual restoration to Liberty. Declaring that the British government could not i eel that a Fri % Independent and Constitution. French government could have submitted to the German Arm lice. Churchill appealed to Trent a men Over the herds of the be an government a to Aid to the Ulm t of their strength the forces of liberation. Which arc enormous and which faithfully and resolutely used will assuredly prevail. The bid. A v in t is la t Brit Nelch a Asp the a och Cly a Pope is Hape a Sette pen ant Chance thah the hew Yohn Yah sets candidates deny rumours of deals nomination a ii n Iii is Force fur i lil by Ric hard l. Tirner Philadelphia a a leading contenders for the republics i a presidential nomination arrived no this Cai Nival Bent convention City i saturday denying fast flying rumours of impending Anil f looking Forward to the party a first wide open contest for the nomination Macc 1920. Wendell Wilkic the new York j utilities Man risen from dark to. Get j ranks Thomas e. Dewey the Young i rid attorney who swept the preference primaries and senator Robert a. Taft of , fresh from the firing line in Wash Egton. Reached Tow ii to join Sena tor styles Bridges. Frank Gannett and governor Arthur h. James of Pennsylvania contenders who had previously taken up their quarters Here. Rush of Delegate with them came a Ruh of Dele a Gates and party Camp followers who jammed hotel lobbies b. J and restaurant talking excitedly of this Rumor or that and arguing i endlessly about platform Plank and candidates. Dewey holding a pros conference said flatly that trip was no truth in it forts that his forces were teaming up with those of. Senator Taft in an Effort to a Stop Wilkie. Asked w Hether he would accept a vice presidential nomination. He said a i Trust the question is Lacaden. Hours after leached with their he Italy lines until agreement to is at the same time platform committees were at work behind for France. Gen us uni ers and a Eek in several Tatj Florence. Italy areas to flood level and overflow Taylor. President Roo eve i to per Vlf a sed doors including the i u my Sonal representative to the Vati-1a work Oil the neigh Ai Gerald Reinhecker. 7. Of sober can continued in a Serio i it Ronda Pink. All the group ban West Allis lost a he in ram Tion Here saturday night of an ill add cd to have their p it turn to in it no w hich began several d a is ago. Lor presentation t it a -.�?�?-. Committee by Early Here a explanation of How u. S. Compulsory training would work Bill limit profits to i Fht per gent n2ton a up a a Bill Lim a by profit on warship and a rim and Navy air plane construction to r per cent received Cong res Ncneal approval saturday. Hoult is 10r the measure to the cite House. A a a p r cent profit would be Only when the contracts for Trade under competitive b d a of rat the contracts v. Ere simply Jug vitiated. Profit would be limited r even per cent and r existing Law profits on aircraft Are limited to 12 per r and on naval ships to to per . Washington a Pic legislation providing for Universal compel it Ory military training was introduced in Congress this week. Here arc the answers to some of the questions concerning the Bill what is its purpose to mobilize the nations strength by fitting a every Able bodied Man into his proper place under a fair system of selective compulsory military training and service. Who we Ould be called a a male citizens wherever residing and All male aliens Reading in the United states or its possessions who Are aged 18 to 65 v when would it become effective effective until 1945 upon enactment of the Bill. The president would not have authority to induct registrants into the army or Navy How Ever until Congress provided funds for that purpose. The Law would be of Lelve until May 15, 1945. Unless extended. Would All who Register get the same training no. Men Between the Ages of 21 and 45 would be liable for training in the United states land and naval forces those Between the Ages of 18 and 21 and 45 and 65 would he liable for training in the Home defense units of the land and naval forces in or near the communities and areas in which they reside. Would this program be dependent upon declaration of War no. The president would be directed to select for Lia rung and had been nits read the drafting i evening. Alf j m. Landon. Chairman of the foreign affairs sub committee asserted however that that was Impo sible in his Case. Landon d View. I repeatedly re a pie eel. been that the Plank should not be written hurriedly service As Man Mali As be deem became of the Uncertain status of de necessary for the National in events abroad. The Plank is cd Terest a whether a state of War ducted to emphasize peace and pie exists or i �, urge some cd period of training assistance to the allies and stir How Long a period of training the Republican party As la would be provided 1 peace part. Dunn peacetime. Training scuffs at Rumor would be for eight consecutive lir months and after training each seated in a Wilman cd i Man would be a member of the i tween North Phil Delniaa. Enlisted Reserve corps for to years i thirtieth direct station or until he reached 45. Whichever Pooh poohed talk of a of came sooner. If a emergency de Willko a movement with pc leaped service would continue lion that other candidates in so Long As National interest of control their Delegate to it r quire. Extent and flatly asserted would there be additional train would accept the vice ins nomination. Ycu after the initial service. A fall the candidate Are men in the Reserve would be sub Fine character be i Jet to one month s lining a doubt the they ii Ara to 1 Agi Fijoj i England Ripe for storming i nazis believe Point to or duration in import heat on a and a Iii so air Berlin a Pic England is a Ripe for Well informed nazi quarters sad saturday night. As this View widened in Germany the Days communique told of incr a. Pressure against England to pm the air and on tile a a. Nearly too bom Bel i cared Over English c Wnm Mues Friday night in Arother i Quot demonstration of Power. They will go Back a Hie German the t adequately based planes need not fear sea Power. Com is in it Etc Ion of excellent air Bane along the French and belgian Coa i. The newspaper Dienst Ait Cut Chianti pointed out in developing its that England a. A Ripe Foi storming Quot it re Titan 30 per cent of All imports and exports of the British talks have been stopped since the entry of Italy into the War and the collapse of France it said eighteen ship arc now needed to bring the same amount of food from Aumi Alia that one ship formerly could bring ii oui Denmark the Nev service continued while 90 per rent of the Ore import has been halted. Chicken and p is must to be slaughtered because there i no shipping space to bring in feed Foi their the communique said 25 enemy plane were brought june 21. Some in the air and ome on the ground. totalling 2.-686 Tori was do loved by submarine in addition to the sinking of an English transport of 11.000 tons. The High command announced also that More than 200,000 prisoners w Ere taken in the Quot Lorraine Vosges sectors Aion. And that 260 planes on various Fields were seized. Four French submarines were seized role Havre a. Bor. C r Ash fatal Beloit. jts or m. C. Bruard. 50. Died at mum pal to just what France had agreed to. Pita Here saturday of injuries suf at the end of a Short and bloody feed tuesday in an aul it Mobile struggle which in 43 Days left half truck collision four Miles a St of Beloit. Krill a mistier Omen liter italian Kart by Louis p. Lochner Berlin it a France made a final surrender to victorious gel mans saturday it of. Signing tile Forest of comping be Price based upon the Broad dictate Laid Down by Adolf Hitler. It was an armistice still conditioned. However on a second capitulation to Italy and saturday night men fought or in a con tic. That was a War no longer. It was an agreement that will bring a real armistice Only after the French have made their terms with Premier Mussolini. Six hour after the notice of this second armistice have been received by the nazi High command the guns will cease to speak. In the same old railway car in the comping be Forest where the Kaiser delegation bowed in defeat to mar Nal Ferdinand Foch on nov. La. 1918. Two generals at 6 50 p in. 10 50 a. In. A St put pens to the French it in Cnoc it of 1940 a take plane to hair tic weary French delegation took a plane almost immediately for an undisclosed City in Italy to begin their conversation with Ali Olini. This French surrender at an old and bitterly remembered scene of German defeat the railway Cai in the Forest Daawes signed by co. N tre land clog it h Widhelm Kitei for get Many by general Charles h until turn Lof nor Continental european Blitz peace is hinted a Aid Cote i i Quot if a a to i a an he men of a and i no inti by Louis p. Lochner a the. A Blitzkrieg May be followed by a Continental european Blitz peace. This predominant impression i received in the of Cost of comping be. France. Britain will nil hand in this peace. On the contrary once this peace is established a Many and Italy can pursue the War with England More in than Ever. Naturally i am not at Liberty to reveal the names of the men with whom i talked during the historic hours at i . They Are men in the now however. They Allag a in believing tha it me Southern German City already has keen chosen for re making the european continent. The a men feel confident that Hitler and Mussolini w ill not demand a peace win w ill Lead to new wars by one which will assure a Long earless period to the continent. These men Point of a hat the German thesis cons gently even before the outbid a of the War was that England has no business mixing in Continental affairs. They say that with Fiance s defeat the last great or a for Britain a influence on a continent has been knocked Down the Way is now open to nov say for the Axis partners in cooperation w Ith All Continental Powers to rear Thi. War weary continent on a new foundation. Despite the action of Deaux government he is to iou Britain will Quot it Cau c of the French popu pointed out to them that \ Lectory was the onh p for the restoration of for the to Quot Rdv m of its people to mercy of dictator the prime minister s statement As read Over the bib i broadcasting facilities follows a this majesty a government a heard with grief and amazement that the terms dictated by the German have Ben accepted by t a French government at Bordeaux. A they can not feel that Uch or similar terms could have been submitted to by any French govt foment which possessed Freedom Independence and Constitution i authority. A such term. If Iee pled but Cit frenchmen would place not any Fiance but live French Empire entirely at tic me. Y and in the Power of the German and hah. N dictators. A not Only would the French people be held Down and forced a work against their Albe not oms would the soil of France be us d with the approval of the Bordeaux government As the Means of attacking their Allie but the whole re of rfcs of the French Empire and the French Navy would speedily into the hands of the adv tar for the fulfil mint of his purpose a this majesty a government firmly believe that whatever happens Lucy will be Able to carry on the War wherever it May be. C sea. In the air and upon to a Grucce .-1ul conclusion. Brave men lighting a when great by stain is v of. She w ill. In spite of the of to e Bordeaux government cherish the cause of the French people. And a British Victory is t in Only possible Hope for the Resolution of France and the Freedom of its people. A Brave men from other com i tries overrun by nazi invasion Are steadfastly fighting in the Aries of Freedom a accordingly his majesty government culls up it Nall frenchmen outside the Power of the enemy to Aid them in their tags a. And thereby Render its accomplishment m in sure and More Swift. A they Appeal to All French a to wherever they May be to Aid to the utmost of their strength Hie forces of liberation which Are enormous and Vinch faithfully and resolutely used will assuredly Frenchman speak London a to general do Gaulle of. Neav. Re to f us Reynaud. Resigned French Premier. Aid in a Bro. Deist Ltd frontal Over Brt cd broadcasting corp action saturday that the of acc of the condition dictated by go Many would be that a French Tard sea and air forces would a Quot completely demobilized arms surrendered and the territory of fran # completely occupied a the English translation of a broadcast issued by the minis y of information stated Gen Tai us Gaulle declared a francs a undertaken no it to Lay Down her Arr. Except in agreement with her Alite. So Long As the e allies continue the War i her gov Al nine at f is not the r in t to surrender to the enem a a bad military by tem. Foul s in the conduct of or actions. The defeat t spirit of t o government during these recent Combe to made us Lese the Battle of France a tie said. But added a there remains to Usa vast Empire an intact Fleet much a there remain to us Al i Ira whose resource Are immense and v to dominate the seas. There or Mains to us the Gigantic possibilities of american Industry. Should it it Lour Light a Honor common sense the in Terr St of the country demand that All tree frenchmen should continue to Light wherever they Are and by whatever mean they can. General de Gaulle said he undertook t in National task a there a England of grouping together where possible the a greatest possible French Force he said he invited the leaders the Soldier the sailors than men of a he French to get us i touch with him

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