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La Crosse Tribune And Leader Press Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 4

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La Crosse Tribune and Leader Press (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, La Crosse, Wisconsin Page four la Crosse Tribune and Leader press sunday february to Milwaukee Banks Bank Stock tax a mute will los half a million a year if Law is held invalid declare officials Madison of th4 a Tate attorney general s department a by state tax commission Are giving consideration to a new attach on a state tax Law which if held invalid. Will mean a Loes of probably $500.- to the state it was Learned sat-1 urday. Conferences have been held the last few Days Between members of the tax Quot commission the attorney general a department Ami represent i lives of the Milwaukee City attorneys office on Legal procedure in suits brought by four Milwaukee National Banks attacking constitutionality of the Law passed by the 1923 legislature levying and Valorme tax on stocks of Banks operating in the state. Ruder 1923 assessments the state would receive approximately $3u0.-000 in and Valorme taxes from the four National Banks in Milwaukee involved in the puts records of the tax commission show. Under Normal income tax assessments the state would receive from the same sources Only $85,000, tax commissioners declare. From this it is pointed out that More than two thirds of the tax will is lost to the state if Tho act is held u Neon tit it ions. The same percentage of loss will apply to other National Banks of the state it is said under the injunction proceedings filed in of Derat court in Milwaukee by the first Wisconsin National Fate takes hand in scattering Fortune millionaire miser hoarded to the Point of seeking dime tips from cronies j by George Britt Chicago. 111.�?Edwin b. Jennings Fortune was estimated at 1 7,500.000. J Edwin b. Jennings played pinochle i in a Bani for a Nickel a Hundred Points. He protested he could t afford to raise it to ten be at s. He used to carry the bucket for the i party a Beer to earn a dime tip. And be no or limited for fear Bis wife would take half Tho estate. But tin aged misers lifelong a a pc by Wise a policy is Vaughe l at by Fate Tess than four months after his death a Mammoth Legal Battle is started Cue that xviii squander and scatter the hoarded wealth. I Jennings dodged the imagined perils of Alimony by dodging formal marriage. For so years to maintained miss Ida Miner in a Beautiful Aport i Ine if. Introduced Lier As a mrs. and recognized Lier son i Charlesa his own. Sot i rights cousins Charles e. Miner this a a a on. Has left his Labouring Job in Louisville ky., to claim sole Heirship. Eight Cousin i of the eccentric millionaire Are Iii court to on Tom Bim. And with $27,-50ii.otto to Spur them on lie fight Premier to be Long and expensive. With the issues set by the Par Imon a ions Jennings himself Iii bus craze for saving. Tales innumerable Are told of the economies and distrusts of Jennings. He bought All his clothing and shoes of second hand dealers. It Mensio Nally he would lend Money but his outside limit a Lens for $5, and then Only for Short terms High interest and Large Security. He took miss Miner and wealth of state. Seven millions says government arid Buhion. And clothing reworks join appear Only in totals of nor to too or 51.0 per cent Ana Silver Minera other than of the nary. 7s1svoooto or j the fatted state. I per rent. No comparison a it a a a a tilde for Tho value of a it motor vehicles which was estimated in i --$141,085,000, by Caus it no separate estimate was made in 192. In making these estimates Tho de in general a the a Sejm. And privately owned a he attorney to have aide Mondovi wit. The Fluffy county Board ill meet in special set. Aion at Alma. Wis. Monday to hire an assistant for Hist. Atty. G. I. Rrat4. Foot in defending the county in Tarj in Charles f. Miner with Skitt a Hes of the activities of Edwin j Unm nos. Of Espy ? married _ became like took miss Somm mine and thew ton to the theater once it their lives. Catty Law or Wilt kelp Ray wide to per capita values increased from $1 7s7 to $�?~2.87, or 01.5 per cent. All Classer of Prois erty increased in value from 1912 to 1022. The estimate cd value of taxed real property and improvements increased from $2,207,- 001.000 to $3,980,870,000, or go.3 per cent exempt real property from1 $�?~205.271 too to $320. Usi.<m0, or 56.1 j Lier cent livestock from $220,489,000 j to $256,164,000, or ll., per cent farm implements an machinery from y $57,700,000 to $122,652,000, or .d j per cent manufacturing machinery tools and implements from $163.225,. Too to $482 007,000, or 195.9 per cent and railroads and their equip mint from $520,718,000 to $396,-746.000, or 23.7 per cent. Privately owned transportation and transmission enterprises other than railroads i increased in value from $146,743,000 the estimated values of Geld and department of Commerce an Parment followed. A. Important damage Sung involve. Bounces figures showing method employed in making j claims of $10,000 and $800. All prone Rev furore timotes for 1912, n in be eve ail i Kopeny respects the Vork in Washington d. a cart 2 a Jas Lien More thorough. It ment. Of Commerce announces for the j j j 0 Boim it Iii mind that the Instate of Wisconsin its preliminary es., of roam it of in Money value Are to a Large Tibia to of the value december a due to the Rise in prices which 1922, of the principal forms of wealth j taken place in recent years and the total amounting to f7,866,081, As Tjit is the Case they do not too As compared with $4,277,569,000 a gent Carr spending Intro Aires in 1912. An increase of s3.9 per cent. Nunn tits of wealth. A if its for an Auto Dietz will Haye it. Nagoh Coffee it is the Man who docs not want to express an minion whose opinion i want. A Abraham Lincoln j. J. Hogan inc. Established 1858. Bar Ray estate. Hank. Tho Marino National Bank Tho Tacq son 1r� i theater one in their lives. Then it was vaudeville they sat in the gallery. National Exchange Hank and the National Bank of Commeree the 1923 Art i attack d grounds that it is in violation of Tho rational Constitution. The National Banks contend Thev Are operating under Federal Laws and cannot be taxed by the mate it is requested that the As and earned a tip of Ioc its. Ment made by the state tax Coni j Mission be held void and illegal Ami that Milwaukee City officials be enjoined front collecting the taxes. What Steps the state will take in the suit have not been definitely de Fermi Ned it was said today. The i cases have been set for hearing in Chicago on february 12, it was stated. And and not elected As frn Merly and that a City health instructor to Aid City nurse anti the Bon itary inspector be appointed. Horse tai.into be Lar Birchwood. We a when Henry Wilkins Aud Art Schalf Maple Grove wb., arrived at Cameron wis., to and at the pinochle cames with his attend a basketball game they put the few trusted cronies they i Ike id to Send horse Iii what they thought was n. J out. In the old Dave for a bucket of j h. Bartlett a barn bub made ii mis Beer. The millionaire Jennings acted j take and placed it in the scratching at bucket Carrier on those occasions j shod id a Chick Ell Bouse. After the i Gamo the Young men discovered the j he celebrated j horse had fallen through the floor that Barb it a tra i pay Bulgher 5a. Another Mory. Like the others sup into a vegetable room beneath. Re he a Jos than almost any other Trade. Plied by a Lorneva Roe. Concerns the horse was uninjured. I constant Clef and for our graduates. Death of Jennings brother who was to a f with him a joint beneficiary of their salaries increased father a estate. The brother a death big Money in barbering claims origination of i a Fox Al Type of film London Hundred s of thousands of feet of Cinema films and countless j phonograph records Are boing carefully preserved by museum authorities Iii London so that future generations intr see How things were done in this j age. And hear what prominent British i statesmen had to say of present Day j problems pleasant work. Start in business Mahin met k. Tho ulv Onnrie lit for yourself with Small capital. Kun to in lining Tho Ole heir Law or moot inc Grant cd salary in 1 equip want and advanced method a a j i. A a., erases to four Cit v off Irish Tho in of instruction make course quickly a i fed pretty Good. Tunning told j8 it a a am easily arned. Write for free is Friend. I rank Reed. A to Cele or a re pincer a. M. I Iii was a .0. By item Gobi to Bur a bottle of incr of a by $180. Thief of police illustrated tagalog and information. Wino and a Pond d in j1- stroll twin City Barber a the says Recd a Lens 35 Brooder $180 Ralph Brown Anni. Nutty or a inspector. $168. It also urged College cents and the dirtier a a s numbed v can <1o some a pen Ivl rite City assessor to appointed i 204 Hennepin ayr., Minneapolis. Mina. Celebrating when the pending suits Are \ All settled. Fine new theater for fond do Lac fond did work will be started shortly after feb. 15 in the on difficulty in Tho Way of this a s�<>0 000 tit Rator building which. of into Promin today to 1 i a erected in Tho Confer of the Morrow has Boon found in Tho fact Buenos District Ltd of this City by the i int Cinema film contract and d d or Ithran Ihunt c�., it Hiya of ii has of on announce. Or Tomo Itow that he rate with age. But a British firm claim to have inv it so a film that ians for the Structure for whih will not shrink Ami that is not in Rise site has already been Purceli awl. Film Mab to. Have completed. The building which. A 4 will have a seating capacity of 2.19o k. C. Cd i Biol be completed persons also will House seven stores j Sheboygan installation of the Aud 27 apartments it was announced. Furniture and equipment of the new knights of Columbus club leu a Imp la a Tough to be in a Crow of in been min Pletch. Die ii Chi be will be did and Mali Jon org fans when you dedicated week. The solemn i Timbo stand Only i it medication Kiwi Blessing will be Given i Bagle. Tuesday nigh by flu Rev. Francis Murphy Rector of St. Clements a Hurch. Wednesday night open House 1 Vert isei Clit. Will i e by he with is musical program. And thursday. Griswold s Guernsey Cream and milk is sold at the Bodega St. Valentine night there will but t v. A card and dancing Par c an Ary sings tunes Santa Ulara. Tai. Mrs. Nyc Farley a Singer living in this Vicinity is a Aid to have trained a 4-Vear-old angry Bird to whistle popular melodies. Johnnie th1 Bird is limited a Only by the Range of Lii it notes according to report. Neighbor say he an reproduce the air of a listen to the mocking with the exc Chi litre of one Low note which be cannot reach. Johnnie is reputed to have scleral tunes in Bis repertoire drink i i Cense Cut sought thief. River Faler. M soft drink dealers in this City Are in to have the annual Lieen a to. Al Seral directors and embalmers i a lady assistant. 109 so. 3rd St. Phone 110. Wardrobe trunks attractive prices in a travel things High Grade Luggage at a saving to you. Hotel Jefferson Luggage shop banish wrinkles and worry lines it is pretty generally recognized now that Naturopathic Massage is the most efficient Way of smoothing away unsightly wrinkles especially on the face and neck. Lines and wrinkles that Are the most deep seated can be removed if the treatment is applied daily. We have thoroughly tested this treatment and believe it to be the most important Beauty Anc health discovery of the past decade. All who Are interested Call at the Meyers Gord Hereth inst 122 so. Tenth St., la Crosse wis. Lady attendant phone 407. Never bothered Adam Why let them bother you Send them to us. We do nothing but High class a leaning and pressing without injury to the finest of fabrics. Pitzner phone 823-c. We Call and deliver. 121 no. St. A Complete Ford truck with All a Teel body and cab Chassis ooly9 $370.00 prices i. O. B. Detroit 1 a a a till a a a Iii ii Iii fee la $10 to $1 o aiming i hat they cannot Jiff try to pay a state licence and City recuse will any pro. Fit remaining. The City Council is undecided and l repealing the ordinance altogether. Griswold s Guernsey Cream for whipping for Hale at the Bodega adv. Elmeri Waii Beauty Quot electric Iron the beat Iron made we have been Selling this Iron for years. We like to sell it because it gives such wonderful service. Every one we sell makes another Friend. Electric Supply co. 218 main be phone 93. R. W. Pumas prop. A a ambition a wonderful Wistful a Barefoot boy the kind that every one loves is the subject of a work of Art entitled a a ambition which we Are now exhibiting in the lobby of our banking room. Let the Small reproduction which we Are placing in your Home serve As an invitation to come and see the Large picture. If you like real boys and appreciate real Art you will enjoy this picture. We believe the message that goes with the Small reproduction will interest and help every one in your pome to attain his or her ambition in life. 3 per cent internet paid on interest accounts Small deposits welcomed. Batavia National Bank r i. The nor Ford a steel body and weather proof cab on the Ford a worm Dot Chams makes world s lowest priced Complete one ton truck a new Ford steel truck body the Ford motor company making the body readily adapt announces the production of Able for general use. Screen a new All steel body and steel sides and end doors May easily weather proof cab mounted be installed. Wei ast Fyk Ford a t0n a a a to by built of heavy worm Skive Durns forming Sheet steel strongly reinforced a compete haulage unit at and riveted is designed m theire Markhay Low Pace of stand up under the most severe usage. Loading space is four steel flare boards and end Gate get 8even feet two inches 086 of weather proof cab is a a Quot fitted with stakes and High Side boards or the mounting of a canopy top removable door opening curtains. Authorized Ford dealers amp pc it acc Caus a trucks a tractors 5 a a i

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