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La Crosse Tribune and Leader Press (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, La Crosse, Wisconsin Sunday february Lotre Lacrosse Tribone and Leader press a sew Staper for the people la Crosse Tribune and Leader press Page three publish every afternoon id sunday Molnrr Tribune co. 261203 so. So St. Ltd Ujj we la Crosse. The Beautiful. F. H. Burgess publisher a ambr to so mar aking editor. A. M. By Ai on associate editor no second class matter. June 2 Ion a a a for. It la Freer. Al. It it a ?5lhof the to by e and Leader press is a member of the Lee newspaper Syndicate purest musings offic 323-1 editorial department. 3-3-2. A a Zertis representatives tone Hun too let ire. Room i. 0. Vople s building 130 a we a a tre to hic air f forty first byte. York tot Cand rank bldg. Kansas City to. Constitution Rida Atlanta Cis a Ertrie a old i tilt. My cd. To it b 1 a a More member of the re associated Presa 1s e e associated press publication of All news dispatches Quot credit e do to tor not �53 a 11,0 a la Cir n-r8 i will for a ise thee thee for t am fearfully and wonderful in. For that works and that my soul \ know eth right Well psalms irs 14 i it tax Praff. Made. Marvelous last card events Are nearing some sort of denouement in Europe. This is plainly to be read in two significant incidents of the past week. I one is the demand of Premier Macdonald of England for a plenary conference to Settle the i european situation and the other the Plain in j dictation that Premier Poincare a policy of fiscal Reform in France will he Defeated in the i chamber. The latter is of great importance because of its Promise that the conference will actually be held. # ii Premier Poincare were to put through his last minute hurriedly conceived taxation increase and it were to attain its object of stabilizing the franc the possibility of continuing his policy in regard to Germany and Europe generally would be indefinitely prolonged. It would give him a new lease of life politically and would improve the situation Only insofar As it ceased to pile up the French governmental deficit under the euphemism of the a recoverable that would have Only an indirect influence on the european situation. If Poincare is to be beaten however it is probable that his passing from control of the French government is imminent. And if the French people will not pay higher taxes to stabilize Hie franc they must either go bankrupt along with Germany or find some other Means of putting their affairs in order. With the German distress Plain before them they Are not Likely to permit bankruptcy. The other alternative is a conference such As Ramsay Macdonald suggests. Such a conference with Poincare out of the picture might be effective. It is reasonable to assume that the alarming decline of the franc has not been entirely lost upon the French and that they will enter a new hero \17hat makes a Man a hero in popular imagination a hero is a Man who makes a j sensational record or takes a daring Chance. There Are exceptions and one of these is Edmund e. Branch of Lawrence mass. For sixty four years he has served As an employee of his local Gas company. This does no to get him into the olympic games. But somehow he strikes us As a heroic figure. His is a life of service. The plugged does no to get the applause. But he carries nine tenths of the Burden of life. I his is real heroism though not spectacular. Second hand a trifle More than three million second hand autos were sold during 1923, according to the National automobile dealers association. Their sales cover the majority of used car transactions. The association reports that the average Selling Price Orf a used car in 1923 was $308. The interesting claim also is made that the dealers paid an average of $322 for these used cars or a loss of $14 a car. This loss is one of the costs of salesmanship in transactions w Here old cars Are a traded in on Quot new ones. A a Gas i Jow much have you been paying for gasoline in the leading cities Over the country the Price recently has been averaging a trifle under fifteen cents a gallon. In some towns More in others less. Early in 1921. The average Price of gasoline in the same cities was Twenty nine cents a gallon. That was the highest Ever reached. A drop of nearly fifty per cent certainly would be welcomed in other comrato cities. Over production ultimately is the greatest Price Brake. Ing instead of rafting. It was hard to keep from yielding to the a blues a and i Felt that this change of work and the mingling with a different class of people were the Best things that could have happened to me and i soon began to throw off the Burden and assume that cheerfulness that j was my Normal condition. Has a Busy season in anticipation of Matrimony it might not amiss and i Trust it will not be considered egotistical Blakeley master. My partner was to say something of my habits while John Arnold one of the Best pilots on the River. During Ray rafting sex i fever ran with and formerly on the Prience my companions were Al-2 was in the St. Louis and St. Paul i lower River. I think Jim Hunt was most All addicted to drink and Many Trade making a round trip every two first Engineer he is still living generally had liquor with them most weeks the nominee was making a 1907 at Savanna we a. Laughton of the time. Whenever Opportunity was mate and Charles c. Mather was was Given they would make for the first clerk. Our first trip was to saloons and dives where drinking and memoirs of Stephen b. Hanks a Conan of Abraham Lincoln and in Pilot and cup tan on the upper Mississippi River for seventy two years. From the diary kept by rapt. Hanks and placed with the Burlington Iowa. Post. To be published after his death. Edited by capt. Fred a. Bill no. 1623 Van Buren Street. St. Paul Minn. To whom All communications concerning this history should be addressed and who will be glad to give publicity in these columns to All corrections additions and comments sent in by old rave men and others interested. On our first trip of the or. Frank or crooked place where the pilots tin no. 2, with Captain Smith Harris cannot see very far ahead occurred a somewhat memorable and As Early As the season permitted exciting race with another boat of we started out from Galena Russell those Days the nominee capt. Orrin Smith a brother in Law of Captain Smith Harris. The or. Franklin no. Round trip from Galena to St. Paul each week. There was some rivalry As the nominee having been recently reads Landing Only As the ice was card playing and worse were the put into Trade was making some inroads into what the or. Franklin no. 2 interests conceived to be their pasture on our Way up we had some brushes with Lier but there was nothing decisive. On the return trip she left St. Paul first and we left As soon after As we could it being Early in the evening. We travelled fast keeping a Sharp Lookout for our rival. Not out of Lake Pepin. There were lots of passengers but not much freight As the passengers and baggage gave us a pretty Good Load. We also carried the it. S. Mail and had an express messenger. The i. C. R. R. Had not reached Galena at this time chief amusements. These things seemed to fill their minds and were largely the topics of their general conversation. Now. I never touched Harris in the run Between that City and St. Paul and this year they added some More boats under the name of the Dubuque and Minnesota packet company running in All some live boats and our line had some nine boats in the service. Our last trip from St. Paul was commenced after ice began to form and we were loaded Down with people. Many of them were old settlers returning to their old Homes. These with the baggage and freight practically overwhelmed us. One article of freight was cranberries of the. Wild variety but Large and Fine and were gathered largely with rakes As described in my logging Days. At the close of the season i took the Galena to be Claire and put her on the ways. There were some other boats of the line there for repairs. On my return to Albany i began preparations for my marriage to miss Emily Bennett we Taich had been arranged for some time previously. The wedding took place at the Homo being held up by a big Cut at Scales the character of most of those with Mound and the Gap to Galena was lit whom i was thrown was not such As really Black with stages and team i invited Many close friendships. When liquor and cared nothing for card of her parents in Kingsbury where playing so i had very few social in they lived on a farm on december timotes during my rafting career As if. 1s56. J had my wadding Bult made in Galena during the fall. I now made my Home with Ray at reads Landing we heard she was transfers transporting freight and t commenced just ahead of us and when we reach passengers. Those were Busy times de grand Encampment some six or for us. Our boats being crowded con seven Miles below reads found her tinally. Early in the season till brother. David we Here to lived on a Cotton a Cotton famine is Apt to tart about next May if Holroyd predicts. He is president of the federation of master Cotton spinners associations. He Points out that England which bought 86 per cent of its Cotton from America in 1913, now buys Only 65 per cent Here. Egyptian Cotton is going ahead by steam boating i was farm some three Miles South of Al brought in Contact with Many people i Bany where he had gone after his with whom it was an advantage to be j marriage. It was expected that he acquainted and tended to better in would attend the wedding but he lying under a Point awaiting us. She passengers were mostly americans pulses and the formation of a better went to St. Louis with a raft late la swung out behind us with the Evi but by june foreigners were coming j character which t knew was to my the season and did not return in Dent intention of giving us the Lead in crowds mostly norwegians Kiel advantage and reacted favourably on time so i took his wife and babe and then running by us in a straight swedes with their Peculiar dress my mind and undoubtedly on my and sister Sophia afterwards the test of Speed it r strategy either being habits speech and odor. Galena was body As Well As an evidence of this wife of or. R. L. Hill of Dubuque will cite the fact that now i am in in a Sleigh and we started for Kings my eighty sixth year and in such Bury. The Snow was deep and health As warrants the expectation i was not much Road and at one place that i May reach the Good old age of i we stuck in a Drift and broke the 90. Which very few of the men with j harness. I remember that Sophia a Victory for her and a discomfiture a Busy hive being in fact at this time for us we slacked up and offered the principal shipping Point of the her a Chance to take the Lead but Northwest. She declined to take it so we settled on our second trip we reached St. Dow n to a fair Light and no favors Paul and then began our regular and the race soon became very sex trip a round trip being made every whom 1 was associated in those raft i cried but i done to know what for but. Citing. At crooked Slough the Nom five Days Thor being five boats in ing Days Are alive today and Many the delay was not Long As i Inee attempted a Little strategy by go Active service our heaviest loads of them Werc much younger than the harness toggled up and we Fin ins Brough Point Rock Slough but the up trip As the was before she came out further behind us than to Northwest had become a shipper 10 j ? his it Gar i Sac when starting in. At Guttenburg we produce. One Large item of our was transferred from the Galena to took a Wood Flat in Tow. Dumped the Aown freight was Buffalo hides furs Tho Oming Anuj on our up trip Wood on Board As soon As possible and other Pelties. These came main had orders to Transfer to the Alba in Bra when we should meet which happened a Short distance below Dubuque. The Alhambra was a Light draft Stern Wheeler and in those Days Stern wheel boats were something of and still held the Lead into Galena y from the red River country and reaching Bere Early in the evening were brought to St. Paul in tile Fa-22 hours from St. Paul the quickest Mous red River carts which wore time i Ever made Between those constructed entirely of Wood and Points and the longest drawn out and Rawhide. They would squeak in an a a hottest race i Ever undertook. There alarming fashion and would weave a ran y on to upper part of the were times when the boats were not around when under was looking As River and Many of our pilots were far apart and or Burins and Jour they would Cou apse a any adorned to handling Thorn ing that passed Back and Forth with moment but they proved to he very t1 had car Ned steam boat piloting the excitement and nerve Strain made serviceable carts the harness that on 8t�rn Quot boats so was perfect some extremely tense moments. Jab used on the one of that hauled i Stajl Mcl Oue a Type of boat our trip to St. Louis and return to each cart was made of Rawhide. The the Alhambra had been recently a Galena was without special incident hides were put up in Bales about the so far As i now recall but when i got size of Hay Bales of today and seven shed our journey on time. Note Anent the characteristics of the Early Day raft Man the following from an article on old River life which appeared in the Winona re publican Herald of february 6, 1909, May be of interest a they were great big Broad chested Square shouldered men rugged Aud full of spirit. They usually wore a big White Broad brimmed Felt hat. Set Well Back a Cotton shirt Seldom if Ever closed at the neck cheap Cotton trousers the legs of which were thrust into the tops of High boots which they were limn he trip hopi woo Vii Vic Loon Ark to a Ena 1 transferred my of or eight of these would constitute a leaps and hounds. I be Don Weevil Nas Bee sections and belongings to our rival. Load. Trains of these carts would gradually destroying this giant american in i the nominee. The River was now come frequently and sometimes it falling to Normal stage and the own looked As though the trains were a ors of the rival vessels were negotiate rail Long. Each of being attended by Ling for a consolidation of interests an Indian or half Breed As these Dusty. Plans Are under Way to enable Farmers to stay in which was successful and resulted in skins were nearly All a from Canada on he would of a �?�?,e sixteen months every year instead of Only four it the formation of the Minnesota pack an j chiefly from the Hudson Bay i r season. This was All right debt teen Mon is. Company. It was cheap transport a a Gorver a but Terrer a i to the tion the indians requiring but Little .1. We remained on her in no. 2 and oxen living on the country they ? sinking might not have occurred Chui Cihi news furnished by the Church news association it company. Note further in regard race Between the or. Franklin no. 2 and oxen living Jand the nominee. Or. M. W. Hanks came through. The loads would be i of Stillwater Minn., and son of Captain Hanks gives us the following. A i have often heard my father talk quire and the pilots assigned to it yer seen without her could not hand a her hence the j a a Rule these men were a Bap Transfer of my partner then George j by go Lucky set hard workers but Nichols and myself. George was oa8ily when under the in very much displeased at the Transfer i of liquor and a temperate but shortly after was consoled by the Man was a Scarcity in their ranks fact that the nominee Sank and i j when aroused they would fight at said to him that had we remained be drop of a handkerchief often committing crimes for which they were never apprehended. A still there were Many Good men engaged in this Wrork who Are still alive and look upon those Days As the making of their the quotations above were made by Captain Robert n. Cassidy of i Aud is competent to speak. F. A. R to be continued Rogant mind than that of Poincare. M. Poincare has Given France enormous military preponderance and the feeling pleasant of dominating Europe. But unfortunately the Napoleonic Complex is not a paying proposition. Glory is a Good thing but found Money has its compensations and in the my the French Republic which has always i Cen endued with the racial propensity for Thrift will doubtless seek a More substantial return. If they could be sure of an adequate guarantee of Security there can hardly be any mention that they would Chuck overboard Poincare a big army big air Leet and a Iron ring Quot policy with All its expensive Burden. That such a guarantee could be arranged seems As possible As it is sensible. Not meaning to say that she would transferred direct to the boat or Stor-1bave been but scr handled or saved by cd in the warehouse of Borup and so a prior skill or foresight but the. An tied More it in it Vii. Worn Mir Acrite at to circumstances would have been Dif Nona Ana applied More Parttic Ulray. Iii i were our a0cnts at -t-1jferent in and on 0f Manv wav3 an j. To the old a floating Days when the about this race As being the most sex Paul. La very Little thing of ten causes or current of the River was the Only. Citing and hardest fought one he had i there was another class of freight prevents casualty we closed the 1 Power that took the rafts to Market Bishop Manning of new Vork. Addressing Episco jever experienced in All his career As to int but the amount was much weapon on the Alhambra without xxiv i the a Ptah a War there at that time pal ministers of Bis diocese in View of the Controvert a Steamboat Pilot. In his account of greater a couple of years later Ami furh.,r Inri pm of to o Orth o a sic Over the Virgin birth and practices in churches of it he docs not mention the fact that that was Ginseng. A voting botanist Pean he n l is i a a t. New York that Are under the. Bishops general Over he never left the Pilot House from the when cruising around in Minnesota j Galena with about the pm rep european conference in a somewhat less a i makes the following Points in Faith and prac time he left St. Paul until the it Woods noticed a Plant that looked the previous year 1 a. Hee. No question of Persona i Liberty of thought and de Dubuque and that be piloted the Verv much like Ginseng. After Satis t 1 the Flotd Titt of we torn Immi j a less a Rosie heavily abroad action is involved. Episcopal ministers of the diocese boat the whole trip from by. Paul to of Yang himself that his surmise was Erat Ion was on in tit the associated press. Of new York entered the ministry of their own Voli j Galena. A Correct he had a Wood Cut made of Morable season was made the most of in it Switzerland la St $1,000,000,000 tion. And without coercion became parties to a con a the also told me that when they the Plant and got out circulars de j by the settlers of previous years and is dec in sinning of the world War tract. They Are bound by such contract and Bishops were obliged to land for Wood As they scribing it and offered fifty cents a to priv no re Aie of to a. Because of the depreciation of Swiss Are bound likewise and have no right to absolve men did not always find Wood cargo to Pound for it delivered at a certain from their contracts. If any one no longer believes take in Tow All the passengers As place. These circulars were sent far things he said he believed a the time of ordination he j Well As the Crew helped to a Wood up and wide and soon shipments were is quite free to assert new beliefs and to go outside j in order to get started As soon As pos going to him in Large numbers. The of the episcopal Church and proclaim such Tain doctrines have been held by the Church for centuries. Such doctrines Are an Essen Ial part get ahead so it was a game of see in a new country were often in great of the Church in question. No one person eau change saw a great part of the distance until need. Shipments were usually to them. To deny them is to deny the Catholic Faith of the Franklin took the Lead at gut Small Hogsheads or casks weighing one saturday morning we had on 1 the Ages. Properties set Apar to teach such doctrines Tenbury after which she was always from two Hundred to three Hundred Oard Captain Orren Smith president unguarded ran to Nav not teach different doctrines. It is matter of com-1 ahead. A hounds. I.,---- ,. Unguarded trap door in a store. Mrs. The Early arrivals of the current year in breaking starting gardens and a n practical those who were far enough along b. Moneys were making their first Crons hut a 1. Austria Russia and Hun Gary accounts tor More than none 3 go outside j in Vracr to get As soon As pus Kuziuk 1u Large numbers. In not Many had yet reached that Point a a a bulb l j beliefs. Cer sible. It was when either boat Stop Revenue proved of great value to the the had generally a Good Stace of a Tbs the lo9r re a Catholic sped for Wood that the other would settlers As Many of them As is usual water All season and there were few woman tvs for. Woman awarded i damages incidents out of the Ordinary one of i Siglo Falls. S. the suit which i recall. For $10,500 for injuries she alleged Finis three of the most prominent european Cor respondents of american newspapers Andre Tardieu a. G. Gardiner and w Illiam p. Birds in this Issue of the Tribune express the attitude of French and British informed opinion upon or. Lloyd Georges statement about a secret treaty a Between Wilson and Clemen eau stipulating the occupation of the Ruhr. They agree that the statement is false based upon a mis construction of what happened in connection with certain clauses of the treaty Turing their preliminary period. At least one of the three m. Tardieu was Clemenceau a first assistant at Versailles and is Able to speak with first hand knowledge. Or. Gardiner suggests that the correspondent who published the statement after spending a week end with Floyd George misunderstood an ambiguous statement possibly made by the sex Premier in ii desire to impress his importance on the visitor which seems quite humanly probable. In any event we should suppose the incident is now closed. It would never have made much impression indeed were it not for the fact that France and Britain arc Alert for the Opportunity to get each other in the Hole and the further fact that it happened to be made Public in the Morrow of Ilson s death. Of the company air i some friends Jennie Maun Rud was awarded $1 who Vereer it anxious to reach Hump tips or n Kiri in air Mhz Mon honesty Fidelity to a Trust and not matter of the a in those Days the boat carried Paul at this time was simply a vow episcopal or any other churches. Jib Iron Torch baskets in which was big overgrown Village of the Frontier. Prairie Duchien in time to catch a burned Pine Wood and pitch or resin Minneapolis was making Ita first Start train for the East which would be Many protestant Mission boards of North Amer for Light when at landings lather an j j wag very familiar with the the last one until the following Ira join in maintaining a committee of co operation in it Ai they had a plentiful Supply of untouched Prairies where now monday. We were late in leaving latin America. This committee grew out of action resin in barrels on Board which was in that great City. These Prairies Lynxville and soon ran into a Delime taken at a great foreign Mission conference held at de freely used in the furnaces to keep were covered with luxuriant grasses fog. Under All the rules of piloting Winburg. Scotia in 1910. It reports new conditions Ber boiling and before they reached an j other growths usual on Prairies we should have tied up at once but which have arise in South and Central America and Dubuque the breeching Cre prac of the West and Northwest As resin there was a Good stage of water and to some extent in troubled Mexico. A there is a new tical a red hot to the top of the Jack wee it various forms of sunflowers. I kept going As fast As i dared. Run interest on the part of common people in the develop its Froin use of rg81n Ana Oil in the great weaving Fields of Phlox Golden Ning was almost by ment of their countries a says the committee. A women Furnace have awakened from seclusion. Educational forces have taken on new life. Damages by a jury in circuit court Here. A a mixers Are Best earners Adel Ert Ford psychology instructor in the University of Michigan from a study of statistics from graduates has come to the conclusion that the men who Are the most Active in social and Campus affairs at College a their educational systems. Instinct but 11 earn three times As much when they i Rod. Asters and Many other different made All the Crossings fairly Well and enter the world of affairs As the Lii a lab freight was refused a Cep. J hued Flowers in their season. During when close enough to the Bank to it Beta Kappa men. Who though Eon governments Are remaking that which could the taken on without this season i was at the upper end distinguish it from the water would i spic Sously diligent in College so far new health movements Are 1? of Tinie when stopping to de of our route every five lays and Stop straighten up and go ahead. I As studies were concerned earn on an organized and sanitary measures Are made effective Allver a ,.take w hich they usually had a Day to spend As i repeating this at each crossing and i average Only $3,000 a year during the organized charities Are taking shape agricultural Edu wer to 8top pleased. We were carrying Many frequently sounding our whistle As ten years after leaving College. Tim cation is being in produced. Among University students Good old day8�?~ in a r a a j passengers who were travelling for a warning to other boats should average of the mixers is $10,000. There is a spiritual Awakening that needs helpful guid changes from raft piloting pleasure and this was a new country there be any in the Vicinity As Wella dance and is now getting Little of such guidance that is j piloting Jayd full of no Elty for tourists so As j As to let Tho Railroad people know Cloch polecat is prize Worth Wail a i came in Contact with our Passen we were coming. Below yellow River game keepers in great Britain Are this is a natural dividing line in Gers on the Way up it was natural the fog thinned a Little and when a barged with persecution of the Brit something wholly new in matter of la Nten services mgt to River life the rafting Days Clos that i be solicited to act As guide within a couple of Miles of our land polecat until the spec ies is nearing is announced for three of the live boroughs of Newyl Ork 1 with the running of the two rafts or cour1er during the Leisure Day to ing we could see quite clearly. As extinction which accounts for the Rit and on town in Westchester county because of to Clayton and Dubuque As already show them around St. Anthony Falls soon As the people discovered the considerable ado recently made at rho 1 the in Fhyr rho ranged by prominent ministers mentioned. The Winter of 1854-55 and its environs the new suspension train waiting for us they gave me Loudon zoo on the arrival of a polecat Rinn no in f no n d a t Ion s of their beliefs Safe and sane was spent in Albany where i boarded Bridge Over the Mississippi just above three rousing cheers As an a Pieria Wales. The specimen is prize the to or Arr to be elven in go a a nth re men to Civ with e h during the win the Falls Minnehaha Falls then in tion of my efforts to avoid their re because it is one of the most Graceful. A him Quot xviii to eminent preacher who will state with Ter 1 made 8 tr1p to Galena. And its primitive wildness fort Snelling mailing Over sunday in Prairie do Bloodthirsty creatures yet brought in them will be eminent preachers no win state wan a a a the hoc o0nstructed of Chien. To Captivity. It was caught in Cardi Ere All places i among the improvements at a Gal Gan Shire. Could be taken Ena this year was the erection of the. A Unnur in a nah air i a ii Ana or Vii Ira us. I us a at it Ifcic a to stir in a no of the Good de Soto House first class for the la k i i of in Lynli hmm other newly built boat for the same horse teams common at that time in times. It was necessary to get a a a a in the Beautiful n w Hall of Roo. 3 Hue n a company in june were Aiso the a Day and it was really an enjoyable room in the Harbor in which to turn United mates. America imported Madison Square. Nominee Alambra lady Franklin trip. The nearby Indian villages our larger boats which was done by More. Farm products than it sent. Oui. C and or. Franklin no. I As i now then quite numerous were very in cutting away the Bank on one Side l0twlthstan,Ling european countries thus a Aih the world a St nday school association Reca j cresting to the tourists and were so that one end of the boat could be a r0,nf�?~ instances on the verge of announces a program for use by sunday schools in the my get by of interest to know frequently visited. The Peculiar Cus run in while she was being Warp Marat in a and much american pro i Nitro May a and a of the world on the sunday june Bow top or Franklin was once Tom of burying their dead in the Trees around. At Dunleith. The Argyle Dmn fris a marketed. The report for 2. Covered by the dates of my convention of ail child bunk an j Oue of the re8uitb of the or on High scaffolding always excited another first class hot was con by year ended june 30. 1923, showed re lib indie Hinr Jinn War apr let in f. Aspinw sent Ann Tho a. I Oik aaa aaa 5�?.___religious cd carion workers in Glasgow Scotland the Xhu Channel makes a curiosity and comment. Custom of schools in All Christian countries assisting in Sharp turn around an Elbow at one i enjoyed these trips around fully the convention Observance in this Way began in 194. J Point in Maquoketa Slough a few As much As the tourists As i was Large warehouse of the Illinois Cen pro Klugg a strutted and an addition of too or 5000,000 importation against 150 feet was added to the already -927., exportation of farm when the convention was held a easter time Injo re a mjie8 above Dubuque and High tim royally treated and not allowed to fral Railroad. At Dubuque William Lem to the school thus asked to take part the re a Robur a pig the Short close to the a share in any of the expense of the Ryan. Who had been in business with 30.. children enrolled. For makes it impossible to see far trips. I also made numerous friends i brother James in Galena Stab ahead. The or. Franklin was going Many of whom i numbered for Many lashed a Large packing Plant a Levi Dye research costly Dye research in the United states since the outbreak of Tho european War in 1914, when German chemical dyes were substantially Cut off from Tho world had Cost More than $29.. up to 1920 and Large any theory to reduce taxes is All eight of it works. Hat Many merely work the people. Shifting tax from one shoulder to the other do it Evn it do much Geed if Bot ii shoulders Are on the same Man. Catholics of All France Are rejoicing Over an official Down Stream and the Galena going years. I was comparatively a Young Quot As established at Tho Mouth of Tho announcement from the Vatican to form a diocesan a up and both wore running at full i Man fond of social life and there Slough the lower part of which was striation the reason is that for the first time since the Appod. As the or. Franklin shot past a re Many Young people among our dredged out Aud made a Winter har Law of separation passed under Premier Briand some the Point the Galena crashed into passengers and i was particularly in Bor for boats. Our boat store Wasyn ars age the Catholic Rhury his joined with the re her just about the Forward and of forested in the Young ladies. All this moved from Galena to Dubuque and us p sin re a but a pent for Frei a Public. This Union of Church and state is not in the or boilers on the starboard Side. I bras of much value to me at this Par enlarged to meet the requirements Dlf Roverial a Dur nor those critical form that prevailed for a Century and More before the she Sank at once but fortunately titular time when i had not recon Law of separation and the old concordat is Gene give there w As no loss of life and Only a red my spirits from the disaster of a the French government rights in the far East and minor damage to he Galena this the year previous the total loss elsewhere but in All hands by persons of vision the collision brought out the present in. Of my property had a very depressing j pow state 1s regarded As far better than the old for s. Law that the whistle must be blown effect upon me and was the main froth state and Church. Jon each boat when entering a narrow treason for taking up Steamboat Pilot # _. Requirements of the growing business. New boats were contracted for and everything pointed to a continuance of our now very prosperous business. The previous season some parties at Dubuque bad placed the Fannie i years. Nevertheless 43 per cent of the imported dyes in 1922 had again come from Germany. Mississippi was the first Fate in the Union to establish in agricultural High school

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