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La Crosse Tribune And Leader Press Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 2

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La Crosse Tribune and Leader Press (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, La Crosse, Wisconsin Page Twila Crosse Tribune and Leader press sunday february to oratorical event interesting Many in Rural schools prevention of Gaiter our glands make us. Tho thyroid of swallowed and digested cures Idoy in Many it is wonderful what the medical men Are doing with this gland therapy feeding thyroid gland substance from the sheep along with Small doses of iodine to Back county superintendent tells of keen interest in coming contest by ?5. Blanche Chamberlin j human ones in listening to an address that in tons Are re heard recently i realized More fully j Turr of iodine than Ever before the importance of prevent Goiti Hie assertion that tim Handicap still there grains of iodine. It is necessary Fallows him. Although he Bas worked to add Small quantities frequently valiantly to overcome it. Oats raised in Minnesota contain in the minds of not a few people an la Grain and a half of iodine per ton. Education consists of an accumulation i who in Connecticut they contain of facts in Reading writing and Arith three grains and in Maine a seacoast Luxetic when the real truth of the mat. It Tate. 23 grains per ton. I wonder l r i i that the facts Learned Konsti i if the High iodine Content in the Maine children iodine As he would like to Lute a very Small part of a real edit grains Ard wafer has not had a lot feed them he can improve their men to with the rearing of hundreds Ward children in hypo Thyr holism. In marked cases these cretins have the mentality of idiots in less advanced degrees they Are stupid backward children below Normal with Teeth irregular nose and Throat diseased tonsils often enlarged adenoids in 1910 i Rode eight Days Over Switzerland when it Van the most go herons country on Earth. A few years later hrs. Marine and Kimball fed thousands of children in Akron prof. Suggests psychology to Stop accidents Novelty in lingerie the sleeveless Panama is a in lingerie and a very close round neck line is favored opossum collars Between season Coats of Natland Check 0r have wide collars of opossum by c. V. Porter system the state would have a less the Tribune recently had a Short number of feeble minded children to article on use of iodine in prevention care for is less number of deaf mutes of Gaiter in the great Gaiter Belt. As to train or idiots to the re Wisconsin is in that Belt the it object in forma tory at Green Bay and the Pris one of importance to thousands of our on at Waupun would not be crowded citizens. Gaiter is caused by want As they Are. Of iodine in animals bodies. It is a by. Marine says a prevention of disease of Domestic animals As Well As Gaiter Means vastly More than a Limi and our Experiment a tax tinting cervical deformities. It Means. Noram it a deafness and partial deaf j to Mobile accidents by Means of a in listening to an address that prions Are recommending use of Tine in addition the prevention of those pcs a eighty per cent of All cretins i plied psychology is the plan of or. recon to v i real Zed More fully turn of iodine in the drinking water to forms of physical and mental Dagen Are deaf nutes in Gretef or less -1 William a. Mckeever editor of Miter. Aeration. Such As cretinism mutism am gr0<�t�?o Gays Mon prison. J serous juvenile and psychology Public declamatory and oratorical con Quot i have seen probably fib cases of idiocy which Are dependent on thyroid test which in held each t ear in our j Gaiter in Domestic animals in Vernon county. The speaker used his own said our efficient county i health commissioner Bundesen of life As an eve a in j vie and t old of his agent Schilling lately. By. Mclendon Chicago estimates there Are 200.000 Early Lark of Opportunity in self sex of Minneapolis tells us the human thy. Gaiter eases in that City. A physical pression before ills Fellows and made void gland contains normally about and mental degeneracies ouch As idiocy sub normality and eventual criminality often follow this Lack of he tells us. He would feed the children two Grain Chelate coated Tablet of iodine of sodium daily for weeks Irr fall and two weeks in Spring. If i a. Bundesen can feed Chicago a prepares a Universal Auto Creed for Drivers and pedestrians Lawrence. amp a locations and former University of Kansas professor in charge of child welfare and a better City project. By. Mckeever has prepared what he Calls a a Universal Auto Creed a Ohio two grains of sodium iodide consisting of a pledge for the Driver daily for two weeks in fall and Spring the pedestrian and Tho motor guest with wonderful results. Or. Klinger which he is to offer to automobile of Zurich Learned of their work and a igniter commission was formed in Switzerland. Compulsory treatment was Given the school children and in four years incidence of Gaiter had fallen in some cantons from St to 13 a at Ion. In life we continually feel the n cd of boing Able to take our Placer Minong men and women of affairs and Early training in Competition with o Hor boys and girls gives the poise ecu Tom in can improve Reir Inen up a. A Ltd of. To 1922 i spent a week in laity and their morals More than in nor Lek Republic and i saw fewer of to. . Quot a Quot Imo mass rep Ditc anti i saw lower Superior men and women the Pine All the clergy in the Windy City in the pig. Necks that Weer than i Law in yer treo state has produced there is same time. Very Little Gaiter in Maine and con a interesting study Ueo Picut associations schools safety leagues and All others concerned in Tho problem of Safe motor car driving. A there Are not More than ten critical Points for the Driver., for the j pedestrian and for the passenger a said by. Mckeever. A cover these Dan i per spots with on Advance vision in the mind of the individual showing teachers and All other patrons of Tho tent. A kelp is Rich in iodine. A water Vernl districts Iii making this years from the lower Mississippi Valley or contest in your school in the several a rom wails there contains from too to towns and in tim county a greater i i too times More iodine than water in Success than it has Ever been before tile Basin of the great Lake and roil the 100? says i tersely incidence of Gaiter is from 30 a pull Many a Gem of purest Ray be us 60 re cent among school girls in Reno j the like District and there is Little or the dark a fathomed raves of a Evan j no Gaiter in the lower Mississippi Bear i Valley and along the Atlantic and Many a Flower is Horn to Blush unseen and Wade its sweetness on the desert Lef us work together to see Hifp no latent Talon Clong the line of self expression is left undeveloped in our Rural districts that tim Gem Are polished and that the perfume of the rare Flowers growing there is spread far and wide. The first contest 1s to be Beld in the borne District. As Many pupils As Post. A Siblo should be Given an Opportunity to take part in the Home contest. Up. I ii in All grades May take part in the oratorical and declamatory work. Pupils in the sixth seventh and eighth grades May take part in the arithmetic. Strolling my writing Coa Liest. The Conte visions As follows at Birls a declamatory connect. It by. Marine say. A simple Gaiter is the von non county in a week. Swiss children jul specifically How to act or what a were Given one chocolate Tablet con j t0 and the safety will take care i t wish i had Talent enough to give j taming milligrams of iodine week of similar tablets with 10 Mille-1 q he pledge for the Driver Are j of iodine Are sold to our school i j Tju think ahead i will drive health boards for $7.50 tier i too. Carefully i will avoid speeding to such tablets costing the school i Vrin observe signals i will manage i gland is among which Are the thyroid j Board 30 cents will protect that Bright my Auto i will Slacken Speed i will i thymus the pineal and pituitary Bod pretty school girl against Gaiter for re sport pedestrians i will assist at ies in the Bruin the Supra renal mation fora year. Doctor wont you accidents i will encourage others ii glands sex glands and others. J pet a higher seat in glory if you and Lvi a assume responsibility. These glands produce interial score Vise that lady soon to become a Moth j a Lri pledges for the pedestrian con 1 Tio is which passing into the blood j or to use this preventive iodine treat-1 of these Stream Are capable of inciting cell Mont ? j i will lie thoughtful i will follow i activities. In health they function teacher you enjoy teaching sub traffic t will watch Street cars t will normally but the thyroid gland for Normal children a poor defectives j wac deliberately i will cooperate Clower in mind and motion than tim Wrath of led or Tho rag wheels of eternity if not. Advocate this pre example May act with in _. Crease function hyper function ass lest of All known diseases to pre High Taftt . Asma 1 a up Tahimic Gaiter. Or it May fun Jvon five iodine treatment. School Banj it non i Aeq May come tion belch a Normal or insufficiently. Member wont you please look into Thoro Are three Porick a when Sam by to thyroid ism they Roll it. Which this subject write Tho state Board of be thyroid enlargement most com concerns doctor Parent and teacher i Only occur first in tile foetal state j most. Often. Or before birth second during ado hypo i Hyro desm in the Ming w Hen Lessence. From Ages of to to 16 years. Well marked is called cretinism. The i destroy the health or consult your medical men. And soc if it is pot blotter to prevent this hideous disease than to have it Beauty and health of with Drivers t will stand in safety zone i will Watt for car to Stop i will keep to the right i will be responsible t will avoid a walking. And third during in. Thyroid gland is a very important Ope. Kimball says. A prevention of Gaiter in a the thyroid gland which is to the Mother Aud unborn child in As simple human by la As the draught i to the is prevention of Gaiter which devel says Mccarrison. A the Normal Ops during adolescence. In these en-1 functioning thyroid is indispensable Demic Gaiter districts if every woman for the development of Normal Mon would keep her thyroid saturated with says another authority and iodine during every pregnancy she Arthur Brisbane writes a pm e Are what would not develop Gaiter. Nor would a a a a -7r=?g�=. It a i there be any tendency toward Grater Advertis mint god s loveliest creatures. The Candlewood of Arizona 1s said to Havo All Tho properties of rubber and to vulcanized properly. Latest styles in menus hats a at the la Crosse hat works. Twenty year s of successful automobile building january 2s, Buick celebrate its twentieth birthday proud a Buick is of its growth within the Short space of two decades it is not in its vast organization that Buick takes its greatest Bride. Rather it is in what these attainments indicate. Buick position of leadership has been achieved solely by the accomplishments of Buick cars in the hands of More than a million owners. In their dependable performance in their satisfying Comfort and in their year by year fulfilment of every demand of motoring Buick cars have won the place they occupy. From the Rich background of experience with All of its unequalled manufacturing facilities and inspired by a deep sense of personal obligation to Buick friends owners and the general Public Buick will seek Ever to maintain on an even higher level the Confidence of the Public which it now enjoys i-37-15-vt Quot to. Fox Bros. Buick company phone 123. 129 no. 3rd St. Tuci be tear automobiles a stiff Hajj Are built. Buick. A j i. Mint Iii build rfcs i lung now Cao amps ,. ,. Formation in Tho thyroid of Hor child. Is Dit ulc l in o four i wild save two of Tho go tor per. It Odd in Tho life of nov individual. if every girl would keep Hor thyroid bots declamatory contest for turned vital to it Llop d.,Rinc a to in Ting r a. Ilese enee. Shy from ago of ii to 16 i Hoys oratorical contest for inclusive Reno would develop older boys. I tit arithmetic. Spell org and writing contest for either boy or girl. School credits will to allowed nil pupils taking part in their Home con test. The township contest r to to hold april i and we recommend that Tho District connect be Hod aha rut a week before that Date. Township chairmen have been be doctor a follows Bangor. Katie Morgadant. Barre Ruth Horigian. Burns. Mallet Berg. Campbell. Lillian Brill. Farmington. Marie mme Llor Leile. Greenfield Matilda Gillis. Hamilton. Eva Ashland. Holland. Ceile Cook. A Onalaska. Emma Brunner. Shelby. Airs. Ellen Bigler. Washington. Elsie Thompson. Holmen it a to graded school Alameda Gustafson. The county contest will held a the agricultural school at Ona Las Al. Probably on the Lois of May. Red Pepper for golds in Chest ease your tight aching Chest. Stop the pain. Break up the congestion. Feel a bad cold loosen up in just a Short time. A red Pepper Ruby is Tho cold remedy that brings quickest Relief it cannot Hurt you and it certainly seems to cud the tightness and drive Tho congestion and soreness right out. J nothing has such concentrated penetrating heat As red peppers and when heat penetrates right Down into colds congestion aching Muscles and sore stiff joints Relief comes at once. The moment you apply red Pepper rub you feel the tingling heat. In three minutes the congested spot is warmed through and through. W Hen j that every Newborn babe have a Silver you Are suffering from a cold rheumatism. Backache stiff neck or sore Muscles just get a Jar of Rowles red Pepper rub. Made from red Poppers at any drug store. You will have the i remember that cd mind Burke Long Yeji ago wrote no essay on tin a Sublime and and therein wrote that a the Nelt k of woman i the most Beautiful object in away from Tho Gaiter Bolt burkes statement is undoubtedly True and lovers of the Good and True and Benti pitiful should rejoice that the fashion in female dress is As it is. A a thing of i Beauty is a Joy and May tim mothers of our girls of nine or ten i years make tie of the simile proven i five Means which will save them from j deformity. Our stale health Board demands >1 it Ion drop pet into its eyes to pre i vent blindness. Were that Board to i demand that every woman Coon to become a Mother every week take n a i Czuj c cud Iii of of he i minute Quantity of iodine into Bori quickest Relief known. The Bassia tree in India a a Candy flouver.1�, Tho petals of Tower being Rich in sugar and used for food. Inv the a Quot advert ment if Back hurts flush kidneys drink plenty of water and take Glass of salts before breakfast occasionally when your kidneys Hurt and your Hack feels sore Don t get scared and proceed to Load your stomach with a lot of drugs that excite the kidneys. Keep your kidneys clean like you keep your bowels clean by Flushing them with a mild harmless salts which helps to remove the body s waste and stimulate them to their Normal activity. The function of the kidneys is to filter the blood. In 24 hours they Strain from it 500 grains of acid and waste so we can readily understand the vital importance of keeping the kidneys Active. Drink lots of Pood water a you can to drink too much also get from any pharmacist about four ounces of Jad Faits. Take a tablespoonful in a Glass of water before breakfast each morning for a few Days and your kidneys May then act Fine. This famous salts is made from the acid of grapes and Lemon juice Combine with Lithia and has been used for years to help clean and stimulate clogged kidneys also to neutralize the acids in the system. Jad Faits is inexpensive can not injure makes a delightful effervescent Hythia water drink which everyone should take now and then to help keep their kidneys Clear and Active. Try this also keep up the water drinking and no doubt you will wonder what became of your kidney trouble and backache. By All Means have your physician examine your kidneys at least twice a Vear to extra charge for x Ray shoe fittings Moss shoe co. Inc. 201 main St. Radio bargains the Foll coming receiving sets have been purchased by us from a bankrupt concern at a Price which enables us to sell them far below the regular list Price 2 Kennedy Model v receivers $125.00 list i Kennedy Model x receiver .$285.00 list i Grebe cr-8 2 step amp. Receiver $135.00 list 1 Grebe cr-12 receiver $170.00 list 2 radiola is tuners i radiola senior. 1 closely a a receiver $65.00 list 2 Grebe cr-13 receivers $95.00 list come in and get our reduced prices on these sets. We assure you a pleasant Surprise. These sets Are All new Stock. Ott radio inc. 222 main. La Crosse wis. $85.00 list $39.50 list Harrow fancy ribbons for tics and trimming lingerie blouses dresses and hats. We have a pretty assortment of patterns and colors. 0 0 my in our great ready to Wear Section. Children a and juniors dresses pretty Stylos and pretty colors a Plain combinations. Stripes checks and plaids. The materials Are Gingham Swiss. Rating Linen and silk. Many Are trimmed with hand embroidery and drawn work. Quot Quality always a Domestic Section $3.50 up to $15.00 45c Knicker and middy cloth a very finely Woven cloth willed Wear and dust resisting. Navy red White Khaki Copenhagen full go Inch at per Yard. Real fruit of the loom cases �?42 or 45x36 Inch at 35c each. Regular Price but a real bargain. Pequot Muslin and tubing in All widths. Sheets at Price of Muslin by the Yard. Cases in All sizes nothing better than Pequot for Wear. Shoppe unique visit this Section often. Pretty now things Are arriving daily. Circle Sash Corset Nir Aasrum Circle Sash Here is shown the new Circle Sash Corset a a Corset that does away with the unsightly corseted appearance that gives a smart hat Back line and that docs not bind. Made in various materials. $2.50, $3.50 and $6.50 third floor Rug and drapery Section Rug specials p one Only 11 txl5 it. Bize extra Tine Wilton data a Rug. $279.00 value special at__________9/luutuu one Only to u x i 3 2 it. Bize Hest Quality a 11 m Jaa ton Rug $250.00 value special at a Juv one Only llaixl2 it. Size seamless velvet Ling a $66.00 value special at us dial one Only 1114 \12 it. Size seamless a Elvet Rug nah a $60.00 value special at i thu one Only la 4xl2 it. Bize seamless tapestry Coo a Brussel Rug $42.00 value special a of Vatu one Only 9x1 3 it. Wool Avilton Rug $133.00 of a a value special at_____________________$1uu�uu one Only 9x16 it. Size extra Quality Axminster a a Rug. $80.00 value special at four Only 9x12 of size Klo Arflac rugs two tar., Onn a one Green and one Taupe $49.00 value at m a us one Only 9x9 it. Size body Brussel Rug 41jstf a $68.00 value special ut__________________$31�uu one Only 9x? it. Size Quot heavy Quality Axminster Ita Rug. $50.00 value special at of lieu Ivo Only 9x9 it. Size Klo Arflac rugs Ono Blu of a a one Green $40.00 values special at to lug us a Cash Deposit will hold any of the above rugs for later delivery. Quality Silks whether your wants Are for Light weight Silks As Georgette crepe Chine or heavier Silks As Canton spiral crepe. Satin taffeta whether it be lining lingerie or dress Silks you will always find a Good selection Here priced right. Quality always. Wash goods Hollywood crepe the season s most novel creation. Done to fail to see it. A Snappy assortment of those popular silk and Cotton printed crepes 36 inches Toji or wide per Yard it ply a cd trimmings w e have just received an abundance of new Spring trimmings. Silk lace scarfs silk knitted ties fur trimming. Fancy silk braids Metal cloth ornaments imported embroidered tabs. Many new styles in lace edging. Wool fabrics carry a Complete line of All Wool Staple fabrics. Isi ail

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