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La Crosse Tribune and Leader Press (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, La Crosse, Wisconsin Weather pair sunday and monday. Not much change in temperature. Pm sunday edition full leased wire news report of the associated press 4t la id la Lea d Ier p i 10 a member of the audit Bureau of circulation volume Xix number 269 la Crosse Wisconsin sunday february to 1924 Twenty pages Price five cents the week by a. M. Brayton German embassy Flag incident not malice but Bonehead Edness f it a a tit eel Woodrow Wilson Bas been with the immortals. To Miffy a had a funeral As imposing it a of in his country s history. He be Laid away quietly with Looe Efth i amp of War. Which he hated. A Warrior of necessity Pestle Sis i Quot Piston Aud in a week the j Reat Good that was in him has been j recognized. I personality his work impelled that recognition in death Shioli in life polities had denied him. I to feint much for a single Weka what be Aid of him by the centuries Samuel my kown passes ninety eighth birthday and never misses meal Poincare project j to increase taxes doomed to failure Hale and Hearty looting for time to get out again Harden pays tribute to Wilson Ideal Lenroot takes a Fung at Denver newspaper owner attempts to make Bonfils admit his paper s silence had been purchased Campaign is launched for a memorial Union building at University Teapot dome inquiry takes on new Angle in afternoon a a a Denby resignation Resolution to be v noted upon monday inn to w Bidi he b nr.? a a # a two unfortunate sensations followed the death of or. Wilson l Ine was precipitated by an alleged statement of or. Lloyd George Farmer British Premier. The other was an explosion following what appeared to be con actin a a of the Gorman Emma it vat Washington. Lloyd George want quoted by a Brit i it a journalist a a tog declared that during High absence from the Versailles peace conference or. Wilson and or. I 0�nenceau had entered info a so orc dict count enhancing French occupation i of the Rhineland for 15 years. This i was plump by denied by or. Lonien eau and or. Lardeau. French rep 1 at tin pea Ltd of Lloyd George Al denier the Ai Theu tidy of lathe interview bu1 he did not deny the incident. Mac rial. Brit Sec labor Premier regrets Tho affair for Foar it May disturb the cordial relations which he has established with Franco. Theft will to much ado about ibis. And eventually the truth will appear. Time digs for facts. Wiedfeldt Gorman ambassador at Washington. Failed to half mad the German Flag in recognition of president Wilson a death. Hilt our buttons for a Floral Emblem was por it on Al. Not official he says his Mig Quot tion to the German foreign office to participate was rejected and lie was instructed to take no official part. Now it appear that either to or the Bead of the foreign office w ill be Wade a the Wiedfeldt May be weaned. Washington Rumor has it that Eon regional action looking if Relief of <>1111811 children and to a German own May be halted by Ihk incident. It is generally interpreted As a new evidence of German arrogance. A another explanation is possible. For years Tho men who now constitute the Mari an government have keen crucifying Wilson in Public it Tanneh. They have pictured him As Tho Arch foe of american institutions. 8 Man most dangerous to the Ameri a a democracy. Alight it not have happened that the German foreign of. Fee feared that to How Wilson Rolt text might been affront to the Republic administration perhaps they took Republican castigation of Wilton too much at its face value. I of hot. On the ground would have sensed the True state of affairs. A Little wooden Hae thinking in the German foreign office might easily have arrived program of fiscal Reform scheduled to die by talking to death Only alternative plan for general peace meet must get agreement to prevent collapse of franc did not remail after h a by William Btag special Kut Peiin it . By Lindin to Tho Tribune. Copyright. It by the consolidated Brens association parts. This week has furnished a comic interlude in the great drama of european reconstruction it is As if. After the recent weeks of tension and panic All the actors in this tragedy Felt a sudden need for relaxation. David Lloyd George of course has on february taken the chief comedy part in this in elude though doubtless unintentionally. Since his demotion to second in command of the smallest Brit ish party he has been feeling the need of attracting attention to him a self. And the Best version of his famous interview indicates that he simply desired to mystify his interview or by displaying a packet of foreign i office documents labelled somewhat Equi vocally a Wilson Clemenceau i i the interviewer who should have known better jumped to the conclusion that or former British prettier i had some extraordinary revelations i of secret intrigue up his sleeve. At All events it May open a Sav Orous discussion of what Rea in happened at the Paris peace conference and while it is too late to do anything about it it should make interesting Reading if All the delegates open their attache cases. Is recovers from broken leg j after eighty drinks butter. Milk three times a Day in you want to live to be a Hundred years old of it Ltd. Work hard live a healthful outdoor life never miss a meal Aud drink plenty of Buttermilk. This is the formula for old age which might be gathered from the experience of Samuel Mellow n. Is. And Quot till enjoying Good health. By Maximilian to a Den Ger Many i Foremost publicist. Special radio dispatch to the Tribune. Copyright. 1924. By the consolidated press association. the Book of Leviticus there is a thorough description of How the Scapegoat shall be consecrated Laden with All the sins and misdeeds of the people of Israel and then sent into the desert. The Ber Lin government is quite As free from i a i jews and also quite As pious As any i Imperial government e or was. And Washington by the Assoc fat is not less inclined to Load the guilt de persistent Hilt in Success on other persons who must Bear it la efforts of chairman Lenroot to like the fettered Goat. I Force from Frederick j. Bonfils. Pub Froni the Lusitania Case Down to Jibber of the Denver Colo Post an the offer of Carranza to ally himself j admission that Harry f. Sinclair had with Tapa ii and quickly seize Ari purchased the silence of his Newson Zona. New Mexico and Texas always a per in connection with the Teapot there Bas been the same easy method of unloading the guilt for mistakes of executive organs and always there has been the same cleverness in supplying new weapons for foreign propaganda through Blind awkwardness just at the moment i when sentiment in favor of Germany Samuel Mckown oldest resident of i was improving slightly. It,.,Ity. A it Lehr Lute us net eighth j Obi s, birthday on sundae. February 2. Besides timing hic oldest person in la i to was not difficult to preserve Crosse he is also one of the oldest in i 8urh glorious tradition in the the number of years of a Fidenco. Episode of the Flag on the German having made his Home Here since embassy at Washington since sup. ,. Purchased for i too porters of the ancient regime occupy j v Sousi it bad tor , or. Mckown was bom in mag-1 Tho higher government posts never 00� Hora. Ireland. �?�0 Miles from Belfast j Hod Ess although the writer cannot is26 j dome lease were made today at another dramatic session of the Senate Oil committee. Or. Bonfils was emphatic up his denials charged that Bis enemies in Denver had inspired the questions and declared that the contract which Sinclair entered into with the publisher and Ink it stack a Denver of Man whereby he was to pay them $1,000,000 was in settlement of a liability under contracts which stack had with Standard Oil subsidiaries whose claims in Teapot dome Sinclair will vote monday when he was so cd conscience either Praise or a i years old he crossed the Ocean on defend the Berlin government he a Small sailing vessel do weeks and j mu8t declare loudly that it certainly four it a v timing required to make had not the slightest intention of into trip. Ile landed in Canada but Jung America s feelings. In there Long but soon i everybody Here knows in what n111vi.i to it it eur York Friendly manner the United states or often la treated Germany lately and what i Ottine All Quot rat line amendment thanks this country owes america.,.in Imam on the Resolution Itse f. Adaptor the help Given to the german1 1 1 poor. The hateful Ness of the situation area Ted by the occupation of the Ruhr and by French furthering. ,. At the Capitol rumours of impending ii. And engaged in Farmon tells of working there by Tho year at n salary of $13 a month. It was there where in met the lady who later was to become Ilia wife. Or. And i Quot Mckown were married in new York and after ii tog there five years moved to la Grosse in i Xvi i oui i cd Here he i arrived to la Crosse. The present City wag a a a tinted of i Par six while the gruelling Cross examination of the publisher by the Wisconsin senator proceeded the Senate removed its debate in the Denby resignation Resolution and finally reached an agreement to shut off All discussion at 5 p. M. Monday and begin and a Hon of the measure j another was forecast. Simultaneously wit ii in one form or these event when most of of wild separatism in the palatinate had won sympathy for Germany and then a big the Flag incident the ambassador a Cedfeldt feels that he has the Talent and disposition to play cab in it changes were revived but tin y were w without any verification. I attorney in Nom i Daugherty whose Quot Titer does not know whether i Siim fluently has been drawn into the Oil Dis i Sion on the Senate floor j returned from Florida and immediately conferred with prudent Coolidge. Help feed Birds until the Spring thaws take Snow heavy Snow which has fallen in All sections of the state and is now covered with a thin coating of ice has made it extremely difficult for Birds to find feed. To help the Birds along until Spring or when feed is not so scarce the Iii Crosse chapter of the Izaak Walton league urgently asks that people throw out feed for Birds whenever possible. Tho local a like so have be a approached to help feed Prairie chickens Quail and Partridge that have been threatened with a Lack of feed an Ltd Are leading assistance to the Birds up North in the neighbourhood of Necedah. Since the game wardens Are working on a ten Dollar a month allowance they Are handicapped and need Tho co operation of citizens in order that the Birds May be fed. Partridge Prairie chickens and Quail have been seen on several occasions picking up Grain along the Railroad tracks. This indicates that their feed is at a Premium. All types of Birds need this help. Even the sparrows. The deep fall of Snow makes it impossible for them to dig to the ground to find their feed and it is Only after hard work that the Birds succeed in reaching Iii Quot ground. Tile sleet and rain which fell on saturday while not very noticeable in the City have covered the Snow on the Snow on Tho Prairies making it Burd for the Birds to feed. People Art asked to place Broad crumbs grains or anything which Birds feed on. Outside Quot Here the brids can reach them. Of wild life is to be conserved Lii it is one of the big things that must be Lone. Lack of feed will cause a noticeable dying off of the feathered tribe Ami their loss will be noted in the Spring. Prof. E. H. Gardner tells of wonderful growth of University and plans for new building will be social Center for big institution inspiring meeting held at the chamber of Commerce in evening Anderson is Given one to two years by judge Tompkins secs the president upon leaving the White House or. Daugherty said the Oil lease investigation had entered largely into the Dis Fol rare in bad meanwhile. Premier Poincare Man aged to Furni it in some amuse tent Iii a a i his fight with parliament for dicta official of anti a tonal Powers. After declaring Power to legislate by decree was absolutely necessary in the present crises. M. Poincare seeing formidable opposition had developed had to Promise he would not use Sumi Powers in Loon league is sent up for falsifying records new h. Anderson who was sentenced on Friday to i the role of Scapegoat. An attempt j is being made Here by the government and the. Greater part of the press to Lay All the blame on the a ambassador and on a Young Secretary of the prussian military nobility. J even if the matter were so the gov-1 Cushion with the executive. He decrement would be responsible for id a that he had been requested by i staffing this most important Post Tho president to return from Florida j with unsuitable men. But it Isnit denied he had tendered his resignation so. Ambassador Leidfeldt has shown and refused la talk about details of himself everywhere As a Clever Man. I the Oil inquiry. And he never belonged to the rag a Secretary Denby. Who had a coning nationalists. He went to Wash f or once with president Coolidge of in ton Ash it result of Long solicit tor the Cabinet meeting yesterday slug sing prison for falsifying the any effective sense of Grants them. Books of the anti Salon league has but he is not Likely to get them any resigned As state superintendent Chi a that organization it wa3 reported re Way since there Are i of More tides in the Bill to be voted and the iat it y opposition if filibustering. If anybody wants to be the Mussolini of France he must adopt the italians to tics of seeing the Power first and / lion and remained there although was closeted for a Long time today he wanted to return in 1923 to his with Secretary weeks who has conning Bridge As a Captain of in been i Friend for Many years Dusty. I there were indications that the sen Lut it up to Berlin ate situation was discussed but there that he Berlin what the was no evidence that or. Denby embassy should do after former changed his announced determination with songs and cheers and stories j reminiscent of student Days More i than i Oft alumni of the University i of w Wisconsin gathered last night at i tim chamber of Commerce and pledged new allegiance to Alma mater and undertook to raise their share of the fund for the proposed memorial Union building on the Madison Campus. A the building was characterized by the speaker. Professor k. H. Gardner As the Symbol of a new Era in the history of Tho University an Era of co operation in which its efforts will be directed More than Ever toward establishing closer human contacts among students on the Campus and Between the University its alumni and the people of the state. A the University derives its Power a raid profess r Gardner a from Tho fart that it is the agent of the Willow the people of Wisconsin toward the solution of the problems of our com i Mon life in the Light of free intelligence. And this implies the close cooperation of All especially the eras of history the eras of University history were sketched by the speaker As first the a a a a Quot a .1 Era of beginnings when such Devot half of desired ten million i de leaders As professor Sterling carried the institution through its Early make headway in raising capital for Northwest dollars subscribed by East pm Bankers new corporation May be ready to Start very soon or. Anderson could not to reach president Wilsons death proves How de for comment. Wel1 he Blu knows German at it the conclusion that to put a slight. A a a Hor whiner r null please nor Quot rest j Ulk is about a a afterwards Ltd it and Congress. It was one tiling or another very stupid or very insolent. N Ere in much talk about this affront to Wilson by officials of a country which recently he bad beaten in a. Mere significant to american-1? the action of Dan Hoan. Mayor it Milwaukee who refused to join j City officiate in a letter of condolences to mrs. Anderson must go to sing sing prison for from one to two years for r 1 biosphere although he is on the Potomac. Herr Leidfeldt could not to remain on the Job despite the pending Resolution asking that lie resign. Mcadoo up monday 1 financing proposition now up to Middle Western Bankers conference Likely the expected defeat by talking to death of m. Poincare s program of fiscal Reform undoubtedly Means a turning to International conciliation As the Only alternative Means of stabilizing the franc. Stiffer taxes would save the situation but As the Prospect of these goes glimmering it becomes daily More Likely that Ramsey Macdonald a overtures for a general Quot a. It May be possible to re conference will meet with fast is and the German foreign of Chicago 111. A Quot re than of the capital for Tho new $10.ufo.ooo service corporation for the Relief of the stringent credit situation in the Northwestern states already has been subscribed by Eastern Bankers. Ralph Van be Elton Vieo president of the t he fee. For americans to understand mayor Hoan is impossible. # Vor Here. Even though Tho past few weeks have enlightened the French enormously As to the possibility of pose to the coarseness of the Rowdy nationalists or assume a responsibility which belonged elsewhere. Tho same people who reproached stoned plea for clemency by former a count von Bernstorff publicly with in Ltd in governor Charles s. Whitman. An-1 a Quot carrying on enough pro Pagan Derson s chief counsel and an Appeal would have complained loudly infirm anon by Ferdinand Pecora. Assistant Dis about a Lack of National dignity if sent Fini a a pict hearing. Committed and aggravated Quot by som3 of his testimony which was obviously the sentence followed an Imp struggles. A picture was drawn of student life in old North flail which j then served As a dormitory when i each student Cut his firewood from i the pile beside the building when Tho late Bishop Fallows walked Home to the farm each week end returning with his weeks Supply of provisions i in a bag Over his shoulder. Board in the dormitory was then $1.80 a week but John Muir records in his autobiography that he boarded himself for less than this sum. Saving the remainder for books and instruments. President Bascoms work the second notable Era was that of president John Bascom who planted in the hearts of his students the sense of responsibility to eave the state which has moulded the of Wisconsin. Another Continental Ami commercial National to presidential nomination will a Hank of Chicago Anil a member off. We it hic own in ii i f it t lie organization committee announce j notable Era was that of intense Stu 1 a4 f de saturday night Dent leadership and athletic Domin announcement was made today Toto Neve York City quota of the Anee beginning in the �?~90�?Ts, when committee by senator i now capital has Boon fully $ubscrib-1 a Wisconsin was first and the rest or. Yan Vechten said a Elf the Bankers of the Middle West do As Era of expansion the now organization should be Montana the George of the committee on pub during tim War had by Telegraph for agreed however i strict attorney and the punishment Leidfeldt on his own account had of Mir of a s agreed however a was Quot originally expected the origin i the University entered an Era of exp be such As to satisfy the Public that j joined in the demonstration Ofa a innit or of other a witnesses now j work. Jug progressing under the Diree pension when the state began to the i mourning. I in Washington would be examined Jool Inetter appointed at j Bend thousands of students and Tho fear of the nationalist terror also or. R or prov s our the presidents conference at Wash i University Plant had to be extended drove the Berlin government to the testimony by l. U that he Jinp tourist monday in Pittsburgh to care for them. This Era also highly foolish answer that the death 11,1,1 advanced $n.0 0 to reel who never my Detroit. Chicago minnea i marked the establishment of uni Well. _ i ready to begin business quicker than under the late president Van his t the Par Francois growing Domi Tindee in Europe. Tho recognition was upon terms similar to imposed by Secretary Hughes the difference being the Macdonald administration of England Quot ill mock these conditions it it subsequently or. Hughes demanded i Horn As win a edition precedent to recognition in Aly. So hint to capture Dom flu Nee who leadership of the latin race. a actuated by considerable similar to those in England. # # # # Teapot dome Continua is a pol if i Gusher. In. Sailing immunity if be a before Ajir. Committee. A armary fill indicated a conscious Tes a of criminal of tilt. Special at for the government advised committee be to further quiz if might interfere with the can be called before the committees Refus etl to grat1t of experts Are ready with their reports. Which May be a matter of months. The writer has it from qualified observers who have been following the work and the committees and Berlin that in the experts View Germany s finances Are on the verge of another crisis. The Renten Mark although it has stood firm hitherto now in noted Abov. Par to Wilh arguments for a certificate will be heard by the court after on february of. As lie left the court room Anderson was served with papers in a $ 105,00ft libel suit brought against the league of which he still is superintendent. By Francis to Artwright of Corning n. X., Quot to has accused the league of a being labelled him in literature Distri Bird throughout the of a private citizen was no occasion v a undertake of prevent the Lead to is. Milwaukee and St. Paul. Our j verify Extension which made the for official mourning. The few polite gang of rho of reserves to republicans up port an in St encouraging up to1 entire state the Campus of the uni words which the government uttered 3ft�r the democratic administer Mon f d at we Are confident then Bankers varsity and made famous the wis the Dix Mude catastrophe brought its Sharp rebukes and fright nerd it into making a Beautiful excuses. Too timid Woodrow Wilson whose purity of soul not even Bis opponents deny was exhibited to Many germans for years As an Arch enemy a very Devil who had enticed Germany into the ended. Coca cola King s wife arrested on wet charge i of it chicag it. Minneapolis and St. Paul Consin interpretation of the True will respond to the needs of the Situ j Funcion of a University. This has Albin in the Northwestern a been recently defined by president meeting of the reorganization Ridge As not the training of a few committee will be held in Chicago leaders like some Eastern ins Titu next thursday at which reports on capital subscriptions will he received i Atlanta. A. Mrs. Asa g. I failed four times to w As a candidate trap of his 14 Points and shamefully j Candler. W. J. Stoddard and g. At. Assembly in 1922. Fynie the As tic Oess of the prosecution. Secretary in nov has issued a state a in int Yli his acts legitimate Srill for the Hest interests of Tho Cven j la Quot a convinced that seepage my private Wells was defrauding the 1 Quot ii try at the naval Oil reserves Aud that leasing was necessary. Head if i tii naval Reserve in placed in j a hands the Interior department a an it it a department was already j1 charge of leasing government Oil funds. To failed to mention the fact Ltd the a Tep was taken Over the pro 1 of the Navy department. He de. J a ares his action was pursuant to the ill m of or Gross hut be fails to j <v4>aui�ii�d Unitas Aku a to he established on an unsound basis and in danger of sudden it collapse. Tzi Dumo it is this situation the correspondent Ari ing 11 Ulyir is informed that has Given the com Watib from Mph of ally Riper nations mroos the most serious misgivings it la Ca a Al irl in i Pil i a thus far and prevented More rapid Crosby. the first con betrayed her. Timorous souls eager 1 for applause do not dare defy such i childish mad ideas. Patriotism appears self understandable to politic to end her life Keeling were arrested by the police a saturday while seated in an apart-1 Chicago 111. After four alleged Mont House around a table on which attempts to end her life Friday Nisi of the police said stood a quart bottle Taura tending. Whose parents live which contained a Small Quantity of in eau Claire wis. Told judge Baraga liquor. They were taken to the police saturday she wanted to return there station and released on Bonds of $100 because of her morbid attitude in tons that have limited their attendance but the translation of the life of the Community from the realm of tradition or Nile of thumb to the realm of this implies the continued on Page six Progress. Leap year children who Are you the Tribune desires to obtain the names and picture of every person in i it a Crosse county whose birthday Falls on february 29. In it Smuch As these person enjoy Only one Quarter of the birthdays which other persons have. The Tribune believes they arc entitled to a special Mark of distinction. It is planned to publish the names anti pictures in the Tribune on Friday february i Send names and pictures to cite editor. Tribune. _ oersted Effort at pumping the water till believe they must Dally prove from the Milford mine scene of the themselves patriots by loud shriek cuyp ii Range is Jester. Got under Way 1 eng and coarse conduct so that they saturday afternoon when pumps be cannot be accused of gun sucking from both the mine pit f and from Foley Pond. Water from j qut whole politics is dominated water from which flooded the mine. The water in the Shaft where forty one miners com their lives tue was a Sam Day afternoon is Down 57 feet from could be called an infantile disease j Tho top tonight. Of remembering France of 1871�? the Stream from the sink Hole in j tile Post War psychosis. It is certain Lloyd Georgo was not called a i traitor even after his wildest Bluff. But in apostolic Germany too Manv each. Mined by Stoddard for appear ourt the judge refused to release her j Anre before the City recorder tuesday at s a. In. Mrs. Candler was formerly mrs. Treason to i Mary Little Ragin. She and Candler were married on june to last in the affair was responsible for her action Chapel of Emory University. Her just dissatisfied a she said. Husband is a millionaire capitalist and . Soft drink manufacturer of this Rity. Mai in in la it ��?�., in snit which mrs. Beginning to fight Onezima i Bouche of sew Chicago. Iii. _ Tho Mcadoo continuing the hearing until february 23, with likelihood that the girl would be returned to eau Claire before that time. Miss Tho iding denied a love 1 and the internationale is often ruined by this fear. The Flag incident and Reno. Nevada brought against forces have a burned their Bridges be torn for $500,000 for alleged breach. Hind w Illiam o Connell state i Poler Pond a topped running and i an in important number of of Paunise to marry. J manager of the Mcadoo for rosily Frozen Over. Soundings in the a a i Hurt thet in i or. Stoddard is head of tos return have led engineers to believe that the i i a apr Iran re re cleaning and dyeing establish j Mem Aiu Raay night upon is return condition Hen i Beer Hun to of the a Quot a a. A. Mon of the City. He the , from washing on. Where he con had and that the mini j Praise a Linen a b Ork of Tho National cleaners and dyers feared Wlsh William Gibbs Mcadoo. Time limit of ten Days fixed by it is an agreeable duty to say this it Don t know How to Retreat a in which to Clear the at the grave of the great citizen who or. Keeling is in the Uriel Busi the statement said we have just i it a i i begun to fight. Do you know ? there Are 79.1 g Miles of Gas Mains in i a Crosse mum them Friday urine of its water May be lowered. Continued on Page six Ness

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