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La Crosse Tribune And Leader Press Newspaper Archives Aug 12 1920, Page 3

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La Crosse Tribune and Leader Press (Newspaper) - August 12, 1920, La Crosse, Wisconsin Thursday August 12la Crosse Tribune and Leader press Page three the la Crosse Timme my Leaber press a newspaper for Wmk people a published Crery afternoon and sunday mount no by la pro St a Tribune co at 201-203 so amp the St. La Crosse. Via. A. M. Bratton i us tinker f. H. Bur<1kss, Bux Inesa mans firer Mark jul by lulls Kuna do editor entered a second class matter june 22. I�#4, at the Post office at la Crone was. Under the act of cock my of 1<79 Quot the Tribune and i Fader press is in newspaper Syndicate. Phone a Busine office 323-1. Ment % member of the editorial depart advertising representatives Coo a Woodman inc., a West Adame St. Chicago 225 fifth Are Nae new York. Victor building Kansas City. To. Member of the ars hated press the associated press in exclusively entitled to the one for republication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in tills paper and also the local news published therein. Inherit the kingdom Tien shall the Kin say unto them on his right hand. Rome be blessed of my father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world Matthew 25 34. Leaning Over backward cd Cary state superintendent of schools makes out a fairly Good Case for Wisconsin against tile Russel Sage foundations ranking of its schools in its comparative analysis of the nation s educational system by states. Widely quoted As placing Wisconsin schools in thir to sith place or. Cary shows that tile report Pincos Wisconsin thirty sixth Only in the item of fierce Tage of attendance in Public schools compared to total school population. In other items considered such As the number of school Days in the year the average salary of teachers average expenditure for equipment etc., Wisconsin is ranked anywhere from eighth to thirty first in tile nation. Tile average of Wisconsin s standing in All the items considered by the Sage foundation report works out at 22.4. Twenty second is somewhat better than thirty sixth. Rut superintendent Caryl a report is not entirely comforting. His reasoning that Wisconsin shows up badly because it is compared with other states which a for some reason or other have found it necessary or desirable to spend Large sums of Money is Good Only As far As it goes. Hie increases in population which made it necessary for some state s to expend unusual sums in i917-18, As pointed out by or. Cary were not entirely absent from Wisconsin. Perhaps Liere Are no Wisconsin communities which have shown such spectacular growth As for instance Detroit or some of the other cities that have double d their population in the last ten years hut Wisconsin has had a Normal growth. We too could have found a some reason or other to spend Large sums of Money had we been sufficiently interested in education. In any event the figures in the Ayers report Are percentages work cd out for each state not Flat comparisons of the actual numbers of school chill run or expenditures. If the report bid declared Wisconsin thirty first in its total expenditure for school purposes the answer that we Are a smaller state might lie satisfactory. Rut it does not altogether satisfy questions As to Why Wisconsin should be thirty first in average expenditure per child of school age. Wisconsin should spend As much per child As any other state on the average. Otherwise we Are rot doing our full duty by the children in the matter of piddle education. Or. Gary s statement is exact and reassuring on the question of efficiency of our existing school Plant which file Sage report does not question. It is farther satisfying in that it declares the coming Yea will show Wisconsin Well he toward the top in the rate of increase in teachers salaries. Hut its emphasis upon the High Quality of Wisconsin teachers As to training Ami supervision arouses Only apprehension Lur the future when one considers tile damning fact that teachers in 1917-18 were paid less in Wisconsin than in Twenty nine of the other forty seven states in the Union. Wisconsin will need to have a place near the top of the percent egr of increase in salary column for years to conic if tho Well trained teachers and supervisors of whom or. Cary boasts Are to remain in Hie state of not the Twenty nine states that pay More for Tea Diers will lure them away and Hie state s investment in University and Normal school training for them will be a dead loss. Or. Ary has been of service to the state in pointing out the gaps in the Sage foundation rom it. And in correcting impressions drawn from its Wisconsin figures that the state s Edu fax ional system is worse than it really is. Hut insofar As his statement May have the Eft cot of Hilling to sleep a realization of the need for in prove nent which undoubtedly exists and Winch brought out pointedly by the report his Loyal Zeal May have untoward effect. Wiscons a s a not among the thirteen worst school sys Hnis in the country As some have concluded Felt it a the Sage foundation report hut the fact h it it in t docs not mean that we can rest Oil our oars. Alt it Ough or. Cary naturally feels ulat such a mistaken belief in the Public mind reflects upon his administration of the states educational system and is therefore understandably hot under the Collar about it it is open to doubt whether Liis reply does full Justice to the seriousness of the situation. A Good scare is sometimes a salutary lesson. States As Well As i individuals need to be taken Down a Peg occasionally to keep them on their toes. As in a dream Byky ski it Kri a Khaut Good advertising tho knowledge brought oui a a great wonder and no terror that his Broth or James had died four years ago Given his life for another a in a racing fire Iii some Little town til the South and he know that he had been dreaming. Ile started and the movement a to be him. His dream left him. Two White hands were on his shredders and a pleading voice spoke in his earn Ethel voice to Marianas. A a in Nile Darling a in be asked Edgar to come up tonight and see you. Please done to say not please Uncle the Bishop sat up. His voice was the boy and girl Corner the Bishop crossed his neatly altered legs on the Low hassock and san. Hrs shoulders deeper into the luxurious padding in the Back of his easy heir. A la Toi Farvo a a i the room was drowsy. Sleep stole papers reporting the arrival not my Bim Albi Eye to de and hi8 head very gentle. There of the first air mail devoted am of 7 Erable space to the attentions Blower on Thelt a flyers in i a Crosse. The fivers themselves talking to his brother James. Thou ii yes. Talked about it. And said Nice thefts about this a ,s2_� so amp a. Town and the interest it displayed. J i a or seven years ago still. If James advertising front Page advertising Miike Quot Quot can to be bought totality. Under certain conditions. If he such advertising helps to make this City a a Quot Quot it a now he known As a Center of interest and assistance in a Why have you Rome Back a he All matters that pertain to aviation. Every l no my he Ottier of it drives a Peg in la crosses position As a main station on the Aerial traffic routes now be two hours later Marian said to Edgar a a in a afraid that uncles mind wanders a Little. When he kissed me Ira he called me Ethel instead of Marian. Wasny to that a strange a if it is about Marian sop her. �?o4th. I know she can to in you cannot census Washington aug. 12.�?census Miami ariz., 0,689 incorporated 1914. Dinuba Calif. 3.400 increase 2,-430. Or 250.5 per cent. Centralia. 111., 12.491 increase 2,-811. Or 29.0 per cent. Marion county. Ind. Containing in be 84,000. A.j., ,. I a i know she can to see me. Of j Marion county. Ind., cont my established which Wall be the permanent Aires but i did want to talk to von Dian Polis. .348.061 increase highways of the future. There could no More i Lyt Enn and hat to Unior ppr cent Iii a. R a j a Onondaga county x. Y., valuable assistance in securing to i a Crosse the i he Bishop hardened. 1 lip Syracuse. 241.465 Iner recognition it seeks As a port of Call for roof for that sternly. Sea lie Grace has been under last time by a when you went away i contain increase 41,-107. Or 20.0 per cent. Salt Lake county t Ash. Containing Salt Lake City. 159.282 increase 27,856, or 21.2 per cent. The clan of North America the i 4rdiak of the flock Flora Merrill a on the Hills of Scotland you will and in sheep dog faithfully tending our flocks. We scotch collies find this our True environment and prefer it to a More highly civilized life. We exhibit splendid generalship in keeping our flocks together and take Pride in being of real service to our masters. Signal Dav Francis Holt Wheeler again thursday had come round with its regular Community action and the campers wondered what would be the plan for the Day. All gathered in front of the Assembly Hall. Piles of flags mirrors and instruments of All kinds were there. The director looked at his watch. A weight of clock a he said. A each member of the Council has been appointed one assist amp no the rest of the names Are to be drawn by lot. This will make six parties. These parties will Start oat at nine of clock. At ten of clock i will give a Long written message to either the Council member or his assistant. At six of clock this even ing these messages Are to be Given to me by some other member of the Signaller s party. The message which has been sent the greatest distance containing the greatest number of words accurately repeated will win. A any kind of signalling whatever is permitted. The Only conditions Are j those of distance number of words j and accuracy. Each party must pro vide for making a definite Mark or sign As its farthest Point so that the i often one dog will do work that would distance can be accurately measured otherwise necessitate two men. We the party winning shall be appointed Are Quick Strong of medium size and sign Alers to the Camp. A now draw your names get in touch with your Leader make All your plans toward the sheep we guard and our Alt quite aside from its it Erie Raj publicity value. If it Navy to advertise the 1x10111 a inserts ii afr it into he Marian guardian and ii Pas to advertise As me axiom asserts have Itri Veo to do my Doty toward it pays la Crosse to he interested and eager to a a a a i saw it to give her Nome of assist in aviation affairs because that interest j is i m from Lier father. I Lane a was first published in 1763 and give and attention procures publicity of a sort which d Kuperw Naioti of her com Union to be a genealogical particulars concerning ail is literally without Price. J Par the duties of j the soverign houses of Europe the a almanac de Gotha this is a French almanac whirl. Few regiments of Sailor friends. A Telescope has been invented that is a Quarter of a million times More powerful than Aud you Andt know that she love the human eve. Then High prices May be ,/,l?, that j011 Avo rivet. J i i Ner All the love Aud care that i might biter All. I have Given her. You eau understand 1 m j Fiat Lier happiness is my Foremost Roosevelt says he will get action out of Theca it Ler tip it ii when a j i he other winced Senate of elected. Possibly wit i the help of of a you need t have said that no one is j a a nows it bettor than in now. Kilt time and things have changed with me. I # i have other hit Ereat than my form does Mitch Palmer really think indicting or Rottenerg and i assure you that the former Mil strikers will hurry Coal slip Hiasw i Mariaa a Itofe ments or redux food prices in a doa Uible. That is wily i have c the Back tonight to talk to you about be tear Steve Sim then1 is nothing you can Tell inc my a Ieese a to i do not choose that Mediati Zed families of Jermany and ,0i i fat Kee Many of the european princely and a a 4. I it Law repeated lame a a in be Ducal houses not of Sovereign rank. A it a Reb is her since in be watched Ber i it also contains valuable information regarding officers of administration and statistics of the principal pol tical divisions of the world. Greatest Power there is something greater on Earth than arbitrary Power. The Thunder the lightning and the earthquake Are terrific but the judgment of the people is Webster. Before nine of clock and that minute Yon must be off. All distances must be made on a Babel of voices followed with a machine gun tire discussion of the various types and styles of signalling. At nine Sharp the various parties left for the great signal contest. Tomorrow caught in a Bear trap. _ resin gives twice As Mach heat As Wood weight for weight. Masters we show loyalty and affection. A there Are several kinds of collies the most popular being the Oid fashioned Black and White dog. Next comes the smooth coated Collie. He is of value in the snowy regions because the Snow cannot cling to his hair and weight him Down thus hindering his Speed. The Sable and White Collie is More often seen in this country and occasionally you will find one of us who is Snow White. These Are not the workers but Are show dogs and pets. A How our name originated is not really known. Some think it came from the old English word a col a meaning Black. A we have unusual intelligence for Mere dogs. While primarily a work Jing dog we Are peculiarly versatile j our noses Are so keen that in some a instances we have been trained to Hunt. Many authorities consider us the Superior of All War dogs but we Are Best known As shepherds. A you will find the scotch Collie to Many countries but few people know us intimately. We Are customarily thought of As pretty dogs but too Large and troublesome to tend. Is it not a shame that a dog who would so willingly and skilfully serve you. Is frequently made to live a useless and hampered life a tomorrow How i got into big baseball George Elsler. Will some one kindly inform the Butcher that the wholesale Price of beef has been going Jabout Edgar a to a it it non i tin not Ainoi Down for some time now i / to a Man save a Cable. V i a a a a a wife him a Man of ills French railroads need american experts i Type Bas a certain Power of attraction then they Are in tile same boatis1., or a a a Ami i have fir. Bidden the Intercourse. That i final Quot As american railroads. James stood for a moment in Sil -1-�? once. Then he cleared i Throat Ami when the Chaplin divorce suit is tried the ski Bailiff had better Searchi the witnesses for Cus Jont a one the two Ard pies. I fowl a amp a Ufa pm tit Ai if loj for highest possible a unlit fit lowest possible Price a lie in the game of Golf is defined As the position of the Ball when ready to play. Not Al was. Love Marion Moat you owe it to your-1 self and to her to Raton to what a say. Do your number her Mother a a it i hardly Good taste James for you to recall the name of that Saint i you. Who broke Ber heart so that she died grieving for the Bishops this fall the kids Are trifling with death if i a -bu7"henv�?Tm/ni i her Mother they steal any apples from the Man with a thirst. Etc a a a brother you Are wrong a a a you remember my marriage you according to the Price of paper the Ameri a and Ethel carried. Ii i n a. Her Tiff mar perhaps i did. Can Dollar bul is Worth the paper it is printed on., von Are convinced that Edgar Stev a Jenson is doing the same thing for american league pitchers have decided that my Rian you an wrong. Stevenson j Lias wild tendencies. I will admit but j his love for Marian i the one thing needful to snatch that Brand from tho burning. Step Between them and j of will break him you will make of him what i was at bus Marian and he belong to each other Lier love can save him has already saved him. It is the Rook in which he clings. You shall not destroy his Hope a a a James a the Bishop started to his feet then he reseated himself. A i will he went on. With bitter irony a that 5011 of All people Are Best qualified to judge a Man s character when that Man is what Edgar Stevenson is but i will not tolerate your interference in tin affairs of my Niece when 5011 have Given up ail rights which you might once have claimed As her a brother those rights which i have renounced i have in some sort regained. I wish to Tell you that of you do not allow Marian to marry Crigar Stevenson you will set in motion a train of ruin and despair that will carr5 on past the uttermost Lim babe Ruth is old enough to walk now. Everyone seems to he willing to forgive Francisco Villa including Washington High rents have made Many a Man appreciate his Mother in Law s Home. Even a political machine has a succession of backfires. Warsaw is badly tense ? named. Why the past in be Olden a Clines ten years ago today congressman John j. Each has completed a report to a. G. Valentine commissioner of Indian affairs at Washington. In this report he states that the Winnebago indians Are practically starving and asks that they be Given help As soon As possible. The special committee in charge of the building its4. Ymir imagination. Of the tuberculosis Sanitorium will meet at the court. Jan it Vrr of a a fed her Bouse tomorrow to make arrangements for the build. On a Marian remains As a lug of the institution. I Ltd it waxing a that Union. It is a county treasurer Weimer is enjoying his vacation r a a per Nio int in la Omaha. Nebraska. A a a a a Quot a Quot a a Quot it happiness members of the la Crosse retail grocers Assoria-1ls hot happiness of Sigar Steven Hon have abandoned their annual picnic this year. The grocers had the ill fated Steamer a a a. chartered to take them to their picnic grounds and were unable to make other arrangements. Twenty years ago today or. And mrs. John Hauser and son. Theodore and Peter Kremholz arrived Home yesterday from an extensive trip through Europe. It is now practically certain that la Crosse will have a Gulf club. The lease of the Miller property on is which the grounds Are to be Laid out has been of the a a a islam p Sank Bank into his trained. I chair. And suddenly he knew though George Zeisler. Or. Has gone to West Bend. Xvis-1 a. Cousin to Complete arrangements for having the West Bend Pearl Button company a Stock a moved to this City son. Tho Bishop looked Long and keenly at the face of the Man before Bim. Finally he said in an altered tone a How do 5011 know this a his brother smiled for the first j time that night. A i do know it and of Dol a a a Ethel she is went on the other As though he had not heard a Ethel agrees with me. It is my wish and and Many priests Are passing through the City daily on their Way to Prairie Duchien to attend the Retreat be Jing held there. Thirty years ago today the motor Tine has begun the work of tearing up the track on George Street preparatory to lowering the Grade i accordance with instructions received from the Board of Public works. Workmen Are preparing to Lay pipe to connect the sewer at the Corner of third and Vine streets with the main line. This will give service to hundreds who have been waiting to make their Horner modern. The material for veneering St. James Catholic Church on the North Side has been received. Iron for the draw of the new Bridge has arrived and construction of this portion of the Bridge will be i begun at once. T done to squeeze Black Heads dissolve them squeezing and pinching out blackheads make the pores Large and cause irritation then. Too. After they have become hard you cannot get All of them out. Blackheads Are caused by accumulations of dust and dirt and secretions from the skin and there is Only one Safe and sure Way and one that never fails to get rid of them a simple Way. Too a that is to dissolve them. Just get from any drag store about two ounces of a Alonte powder Sprinkle a Little on a hot. Wet sponge rub Over the blackheads briskly for a few seconds Wash off and you la be surprised to see that every Blackhead has disappeared and the skin will be left soft and the pores in their natural condition a anyone troubled with these unsightly blemish should try this a Itayim method. And a Good footer that a Spur. The kindest gentlest most likable cigarette that Ever was bred from the worlds Best. Blended in a new Way that brings out that Good tobacco taste. Crimped too not pasted a making a slower burning easier drawing cigarette. Everybody wants to move behind a Winner. Spur cigarettes at 20 cents for 20�?colors Brown and Silver Are leaving the Field behind. Smoke a Spur. Say it yourself Soots i a j f r f r win. Liggett in Myers tobacco co

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