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Kokomo Tribune Newspaper Archives Nov 29 1982, Page 1

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Kokomo Tribune (Newspaper) - November 29, 1982, Kokomo, Indiana 132 87 Kokomo 5 sections Tribune guess Only 26 shopping Pavs til Christmas 1982 1982 single code lets see View in labors mind As facility rises by John Stowell Tribune staff writer nonunion labor is building the Tau laboratories Complex on East Morgan but the head of the North Central building trades Council is looking the other Way this we could have put up a sent out pickets and raised some we could have muddied the Union president Dick Klein but we want to help build a Good atmosphere of cooperation be tween labor and when Tau decided it wanted to build a facility in officials spent four Days touring every available manufacturing building in nothing available was right for them so they decided to her Man executive vice president of the chamber of Tau was in a big concerned that Winter would wreak havoc with their construction sched the firm quickly chose three properties and asked the owners to make them an Donald Richard Rayl and William Bassett also were As part of their to line up a general contractor again to save Tau chose Thomas package which recommended construction of fort Wayne be awarded the general construction is the firm that built Howard county equipment which Thomas used to Thomas said he chose be at the no Kokomo firm built the pre engineered steel build ing Tau word soon got out that a noun no local company had been tabbed to build the million a Klein and other members of the building Union tried to react by putting together a Kokomo based construction but by that things had workers Are Busy at the site of the Tau laboratories gone too too Tau was Al ready Klein we were on the outside looking in and Tau want about to Stop everything and take local the Union was faced with two choices get Tough and try to Force an unpleasant confrontation or acquiesce this time and seek assurances it happen despite some Rankan file pres sure to steer the Hartline Klein held out the Olive he views it As an investment in the fun in the Short Klein the local building Union still has a Chance to become involved in the Tau is Only building the superstructure and Kokomo firms should have a Good Chance to gain subcontracts for in Side he Klein noted Tau also will need to secure maintenance and service contracts with local companies which Are represented by the build ing trades in the Long Klein Hopes other companies thinking about moving to Kokomo will look favourably upon the unions restraint in the Tau cooperation like this Between Reagan views Cut in taxes As boost los Angeles a president Reagan said today the tax Cut due next july will give the Economy a dramatic boost but stopped Short of endorsing a plan to make the Cut effective in reagans intentions about the timing of the tax Cut were still in doubt As he concluded a California vacation and prepared to head Back to White House aides said privately last week the president was leaning toward asking Congress to move up the tax Cut to stimulate the Economy despite anticipated Strong opposition on Capitol stopping in los Angeles to address the National league of Reagan said today that next july 10 percent rate the last install ment in the three year will Benefit working men and women More than anyone else and will have the most dramatic Impact on our officials listen in three Kokomo City officials will be listening intently today when president Reagan Renews his Call for tax Breaks and investment incentives to businesses who locate in economically depressed City development director Larry controller Bruce Carter and councilman James Mannion Are attending the annual National league of cities conference this week in los the who was to speak to delegates this was expected to tout his Enterprise zone plan which could have a profound affect on under the Reagan Federal tax Breaks and other incentives would be granted to businesses which chose to locate in cities where the unemployment rate is unusually the economic incentives would encourage business to revitalize aging and abandoned retool because of accelerated depreciation and hire unemployed he is expected to announce his decision on the tax Cut speedup be fore leaving Washington tuesday for a five Day latin american Price drop to offset tax los Angeles a a 5cent a gallon gasoline tax proposed by the Reagan administration to fund Public works and ease unemployment could have less of an Impact on Consumers pocketbooks than is an Oil Industry analyst Dan Lundberg said the which could take effect this Janu initially May make a Dent in Consumers budgets but could be offset by a 5cent drop in gasoline prices by the end of Lundberg also said in his weekly Industry newsletter that the govern ment would make More than it has projected on the proposed tax the Federal gasoline tax is now four cents a by next Lundberg pre the National average Price for All grades of gasoline will be a a Nickel tax increase would boost it to a but Lundberg said a downward trend in prices because of a world wide Oil glut could return the Cost to by december he promised the City officials that the Federal government will not turn its Back on you but insisted that a healthy Economy would be More helpful than Federal Grants in solving their defending his economic Reagan it is time to give up the temporary band aids and placebos Ami get on to the business of a real this tax talk in no pipe he adding that one of the Best ways to stimulate the Economy is to give the american worker a break and Cut his and her tax the president urged the lame Duck congressional which began to take up his Urban Enterprise zone package of tax Breaks and investment incentives to lure new business into depressed Urban Union and management is Klein maybe these other companies will see this As a plus for moving Klein Stine said the chamber of com Merce will never be in the position to dictate incoming firms employ local construction when youre trying to talk a new company into coming to if they say they want your grand Stine but Stine said he and Klein will work to make it easier for new firms to hire Kokomo the two plan to put together a skills Book showing what each local firm Tribune staff photo i can do at the right show it to each prospective new an easy thread condensed pack age showing the available local Job skills should make it easier for Kokomo construction companies to land future Stine Klein said the building trades Union has come to terms with a non Union Job taking place in its Back he the membership will demand a Chance to bid on the next new company that locates weve got an but the first time it goes weve got Klein getting along the one without the has found companionship with the Hen House occupants at the Ralph Yoder 2100 Road 250 according to the feline gets along with the chickens rather Well no fighting at Tribune photo by Greg Pawluk Crank those pedals Indianapolis a motor less vehicles May be roaring around the Indianapolis motor Speedway next powered by humans rather than the finely tuned engines that have led to Indianapolis Nick name As the racing capital of the human powered which have three faintly resemble Skeleton drag racers without the in the first Steps toward an International human powered vehicle association event in Indianapolis sometime next summer were taken last a group of 17 people met to review this years Competition in California and set up an organizational Structure for promo advertising and fund the group is to meet again for the organizers Are looking at the Indianapolis motor Speedway for Speed the major Taylor velodrome for Pursuit events and Indianapolis raceway Park for sprints Road Larry designer of the in Finity recumbent bicycle built in led the group in its first the or will be Good for the but in interested in any vehicle without a Demoss in addition to land de Moss said the association is inter ested in air and water an aquatic human powered vehicle event could be held Here next year by using the sculling course at Eagle Creek that was used for the National sports Demoss and colleagues David Pearson and Dave Davis attended this years spectacle in Early octo Ber in los the whole event was done in a Demoss adding he didst believe that was enough Hes thinking of a three Day event for next but the length and dates have yet to be he also thought the track events at the olympic velodrome were weak because some of the a pcs round its 33degree banked he said the major Taylor velodrome track with its 28degree banking would be easier to handle than the los Angeles it update floods in Western Mexico kill 21 a strange Story raffling services traffic deaths Short of estimates by the associated press traffic fatalities Over the thanksgiving holidays fell far Short of with the number of people killed just half that of the worst during the fou Day Observance that ended at Midnight 379 traffic deaths were substantially fewer than would have been expected during a no Holiday period of the same length at this time of the before the Long weekend began at 6 the National safety Council had estimated that Between 420 and 520 people might be during a fou Day non Holiday 480 deaths could be Council statisticians 17 die in polish mine explosion Poland a an underground explosion killed 17 min ers and Rescue workers today at the Dymitrow Coal Fields near the Southern town of the offi Cial polish news Agency a team of 66 miners and Rescue workers was fighting a fire in a Shaft feet below ground when a pocket of Gas killing 16 the Pap report eleven others were hospitalized with serious Burns and one of them a Coal ministry official it was the fourth reported disaster this year at the Dymitrow Mexico City a driving weekend Rains swept across West Ern Mexico and news reports said As Many As 21 people were killed in floods in the Pacific coast City of the Mexico City newspaper sex which reported the said dozens of people were left homeless by the neither red Cross officials Here nor Manzanillo police and health officials responded to repeated phone Calls sunday by associated press so the casualty toll could not be screw conveyor crushes Mill worker Breaux a a 55yearold sugar Mill worker was crushed to death when he fell into the Shaft of a screw conveyor used to transport processed authorities Wiley of Breaux fell into the conveyor Sun Day at the Breaux Bridge sugar Coop where he said Martinville Parish sheriff Charles another Man who witnessed the Accident went into Shock and had to be Fuselier minister shoots burglar in Church Detroit a a 79yearold minister who came across an in Truder in a dark hallway of his Church shot the Man five kill ing authorities the William pastor of Johns evangelist Temple of said sunday he hated to shoot the but was not going to let anyone come in Here and Hurt Boyd John five times with a pistol Fri Day evening after he found Tookes in a dark rear hallway of the two Story Brick officials Boyd said he turned on the front lights of the Church and was going to Light a Back hallway when he saw a Man carrying i Tell what he had in his he i know he had no business a an unemployed Handyman is Selling raffle tickets for a David is printing tickets offering As a prize his services for one its a silly idea when you think about i but i dont see Why it he said this of the would pay such As ticket printing and banking would go to the raffle today chuckle a Man who thinks he is smarter than his wife has 3 smart weather becoming partly Cloudy and Cool partly sunny and pleasant Page Tribune telephones circulation 4593121 want All other Calls 4593121 new sports weekend 4563821 toll free from top thu 18003820695 winners favorite and the remaining would go into a Bank which would pay me at a rate of a week while i am working for the raffle Stillman said he just Hast been Able to get a Job my Back is Strong but i just a vent been Able to find he you see so Many people out of work its you get to subscribers in Case of nondelivery of your first Call your if further assistance is Call the circulation office at 4593121 Tipton subscribers Call 1800382 0695 before monday through Friday and before 10 saturday and Index classified ads news of people 1416 sports

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