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Kokomo Tribune (Newspaper) - May 27, 1990, Kokomo, Indiana Vol 139 no 261 Kokomo ind sunday May 27 1990 Hoosier lottery Indianapolis a Here Are the winning numbers selected saturday night in the Hoosier lot Terys lotto Cash game 11215273642 Edith Bray a Michigan City woman won the million grand prize saturday on the Hoosier lot Tery television game show selected As contestants for next weeks show Are David Fairweather of Boonville Don Snyder of fort Wayne t Robert Nihart of Elkhart John d Poland of Indianapolis and Marge Richardson of Alexandria indy 500 forecast by the associated press the forecast for sundays 74th running of the Indianapolis 500 Calls for Cloudy skies in the morn ing and partly sunny skies in the afternoon temperatures will be in the Middle to upper 60s at the Start of the race and will warm to the Middle 70s by the end there is less than a 30 percent Chance of rain during the race paper to be closed the Kokomo tribunes business office and newsroom will be closed monday in Observance of memo rial Day regular hours will resume tuesday Yeltsin fails Moscow a Radical reformer Boris n Yeltsin failed saturday to win a majority in balloting for president of Russia the largest soviet Republic but said hell Start a new Campaign monday for another election the Congress of the russian federation will take new nominations then and Yeltsin said he will stick to his platform of Transfer ring economic and political Deci Sion making Power from Central authorities to the Republic despite opposition from soviet president Mikhail s Gorbachev employees fired Long Beach Calif a Mcdonnell Douglas corp fired More than Iso employees who allegedly used interest free com Pany Loans intended for personal computers to buy stereos or big screen televisions or simply for extra Cash the workers received Loans of up to each under the com itys loan program but never get computers company Kesman Don Hanson said Fri a a data processing employee reportedly processed the Loans by printing phony invoices for com Puter sales then took a Kickback loan applicants would then pay Back the loan in inter est free paycheck deductions workers worried Crane ind a workers alarmed by a preliminary study that suggests reducing jobs and transferring employees from Crane naval weapons support Center can rest easy for now a new study on improving efficiency at Crane has been ordered by defense Secretary Dick Cheney it is die in August the original report recommended cutting 700 jobs and transferring workers at the military Complex in Martin county Index classified local news of the the the recognition coming late for korean vets editors note forty years ago in june ground troops were ordered into South Korea what ensued was one of the bloodiest wars in history but the veterans of that War often feel their service in Korea was forgotten Between world War ii and Vietnam some of these veterans served in a combination of those wars their memories of what those wars Cost them and the reaction they received when they returned Home Are featured on pages 2 and 3 Tribune staff writer with nearly 40 years of military service behind him Albert Shockey would reenlist tomorrow if he could the Kokomo native who fought in the South Pacific during world War ii and who As a Marine Reserve was reactivated to serve in Korea is proud of his military background he believes All Young people can Benefit from some time in the service to Ray estimation every kid in this United states if they dont go to College should have to spend two years in the and after completing their education even College graduates should join the service just to learn obedience and How to take care of it makes you grow up in those two Shockey said As a Young Man with his country at War Shockey was anxious to get into action he was 17ms and one Day old when he enlisted in the Marine corps july Shockey said he remembers that Date Well because you had to be military Ca South Korea in the total casualties dead War prisoners wounded or missing 1 1 297 unit states other United nations China total casualties 967 dead or wounded prisoners North Korea 591 17mz to join the service after Boot Camp in san Diego Shockey and members of the first Marine division Island hopped throughout the South Pacific from Guadalcanal to iwo referring to his combat duty in the South Pacific Shockey said dates didst stick in my mind we were just doing what we were supposed to be he confirmed he saw quite a bit of action and received a couple three purple Shockey returned to combat after he recovered from his wounds and served with the first Marine division until the end of world War ii he signed up with the Marine reserves and in August 1950 he was called to serve in Korea initially based in Pusan South Korea Shockey was in charge of a crash Crew with the first Marine air Wing he said crash Crews were called out As planes in distress came Back to their bases sometimes there could be two or three planes that would come Back All shot up that Are land ing on the strip maybe they cant get their Landing gear Down they belly in or something like this and they might have a bomb on the crazy in addition to leading a crash Crew Shockey also served As a demolition Man a Job that entailed disarming bombs on disabled aircraft he said he performed that task because he was in charge of the Crew and it was just another part of his responsibilities Shockey happened to be a member of a crash Crew that helped Rescue Ted Williams after his f9 crashed on an air strip in Korea he said he named his son Theodore William after the Boston red sox Star who fought in world War ii and Korea and was later stationed at Bunker Hill naval air station please see recognition p12 colombian soldiers patrol the streets of Bogota saturday in preparation for today election a photo Colombia an armed Camp on election eve Bogota Colombia a the bloodiest election Campaign in Colombia 180 years of in dependence comes to a close with sundays presidential voting but Many feared that the terror unleashed by drug traffickers would continue officials accused the drug Barons of using violence to keep people away from the polls the army and police mobilized troops for election Day duty and military checkpoints lined major streets and highways some colombians said they planned to vote Early to Cut the time spent standing in line thus reducing the risk of being killed or maimed in an attack government officials have expressed fears that intimidation by traffickers would prevent some people from voting and accused the drug lords of stepping up at tacks to scare people there Are about million eligible voters there Are 12 candidates for president Only four Are consid ered to have nationwide backing the ruling Liberal party candidate Cesar Gaviria is consid ered the leading contender he is the Only candidate who has prom ised to continue Barcos Tough policies against the traffickers including extradition of drug traffickers to the United states Albert Shockey a korean War and world War ii Veter an said korean veterans Are forgotten Tribune photo by Brian Reynolds Johnson answers left questions Pac says by Maureen Groppe Tribune staff writer the president of the Indiana National right to life political action committee says she wants to set the record straight about Why 5th District congressional candidate John Johnson has not been endorsed by the organization before the May primary Johnsons primary oppo nent Republican Daniel Langmesser was endorsed by the prolife Pac but Johnson was not Johnson told the Tribune in an interview before the primary that Langmesser was backed Only because Wirtl Pac endorsed Langmesser in the 1988 primary and because the organization didst receive Johnsons candidate questionnaire on time the organization sends surveys to All candidates president Nadia Shloss said endorsements Are based on the whether the candidates responses Are in accordance with Wirtl policy on abortion abortion funding and other pertinent topics or Langmesser responses were 100 percent in agreement with our Shloss said in a letter sent to the Tribune while it is True that or Johnsons Survey Only arrived in our office a few Days before the primary elections and therefore too late for endorsement purposes he was spoken with personally by several representatives of our organization Well before the endorsement procedure the president said their reactions were considered in the Deci even after receiving Johnsons Survey Shloss said not favor abortion or Federal funding for abortion Johnson said he would hate to see an end to other forms of birth control in those countries Johnson said before the primary that Schloss haunt returned his phone Calls Schloss said she was in Washington at the rally for life when Johnson called the president said she responded in writing to Johnsons concerns and sent him a variety of literature on abortion and on Irtys position but an endorsement of Johnson before the fall election has not been ruled out the organization will keep in touch with Johnson to determine his stand and if we feel after further discussion and study that we can support his candidacy we will do so wholeheartedly endorsements Are not taken lightly by the Wirtl Schloss said they signify our support for a person who will defend the defenceless unborn in Law in funding and in Johnson said thursday he Doest know much about the organization and Doest know what to expect in the Way of an endorsement but Wirtl will be More comfortable with Johnson As a candidate than with incumbent rep Jim Jontz he said Johnson said Jontz was the Only congressional sponsor of a proposed Federal statute on abortion called the Freedom of Choice act the act is neither a proper nor constitutional role of congressional Power Johnson said Jontz said the proposed act would put into statute the supreme courts Roe is Wade decision the legislation which is pending in judiciary committee has his responses left Many questions in particular the a great Deal of support in Congress the incumbent Mac Zinnoh Hie f Alta Tajh organization questioned his response on the Mexico City policy that according to Schloss prohibits taxpayer Money from being Given to organizations that promote lobby for and provide abortion Johnson said thursday that based on what he understands of the policy it concerns Aid for population control in other countries while he does the Republican said he will soon be issuing a statement detailing his position on abortion and pro per governmental involvement in the Issue Johnson said he wont tailor his position to win support from a particular group and thinks his Posi Tion is one both right to life and Freedom of Choice individuals can be comfortable with incumbents have Edge Washington a Politi Cal action committees gave million to congressional candidates in the first 15 months of the 1990 election Cycle targeting nearly 90 percent of the special interest Money to incumbents the million in candidate contributions by pics from january 1989 through March 1990 represented a 13 percent increase Over the comparable period in the 198788 election Cycle on the Light Side Dayton Ohio a a Bear with a chauffeur has been giving away Money in downtown Dayton but authorities dont have any idea As to the benevolent Bruins identity a White 1955 third pulls on main Street in front of courthouse Square a Guy in the Bear suit gets put and he goes around handing out mounted police officer Rick Shiverdecker said Fri Day Hes been doing it most of the Shiverdecker said the Bear has a Driver who tools the thunderbird once around the Block while the currency is be ing distributed then the Bear gets Back in the car and they drive he said Shiverdecker has been unable to determine who the philanthropists Are tip for the Day today is a big Day for the sport of Auto racing and for the state of Indiana at 11 at the Indianapolis motor Speedway 33 cars com Pete for one of ratings richest payoffs in the 74th running of the Indianapolis 500 again this year if you want to watch a live telecast you May have to travel a few Miles to catch a station outside the Indianapolis unless you own or know someone who owns a satellite dish Opta Channel 21 fort Wayne offered on Perus Cardinal communication will show today race live All three Indianapolis stations Wrev Channel 6 wish Channel 8 and Mthr Channel 13 will have one hour wrap ups of race Day at 8 today but even if you dont have Access to a to you can still follow the race live on the Indianapolis motor Speedway radio network and Kokomo stations Winou 1350 am and later the Kokomo Speed Way conducts its weekly Sun Daylight race card the main Gate and pit Gate open at 5 with time trials at 7 and the first race at 8 admission is for adults and for children Ages 6 to 11 information markets for updated information on selected local stocks Gold and Silver prices investments and current business news Call the first affiliate Kokomo Tribune connection at 4570505 to subscribers if you dont receive your Tribune first Call your Carrier if further assistance is needed Call the circulation office at 4563821 Tipton subscribers Call 800 3820695 before 6 monday through Friday and before 10 saturday and sunday addresses mail to the Washington offices of senators should carry the zip code 20510 sen Richard Lugar 306 Hart building 202 2244814 Kokomo Tribune sell items priced under with a classified and 3 lines 3 Days Only Ino loin Mettral Adb please Price of item Muil be included a Sealy extra Tirron clean a Tartu Springs Chest 123 Bun tedi hoc Secretary hoc 0000000 to get your and started Call classified 456 3811

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