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Kokomo Tribune Newspaper Archives May 25 2015, Page 5

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Kokomo Tribune (Newspaper) - May 25, 2015, Kokomo, IndianaAddress items to opinions Kokomo Tribune 300 n. Union st., . Box 9014, Kokomo in 46904 fax 765-854-6733 email letters to the editor opinion a5 Kokomo Tribune monday May 25, 2015 Page designed by Kelly Hawes Public libraries stay open during riots such centers dont Trade goods Only Hope w Hen images of rioters and shattered Glass were filling our to screens i shared a link on social Media. It stated that All of Balti mores Public libraries were remaining open because the Community needs us. This included the Pennsylvania Avenue Branch Library which is directly across the Street from a tvs store footage of which the Media showed repeatedly As it went up in flames serving As a backdrop to rioters. I shared the Baltimore Story because i love Public libraries and Seldom miss an Opportunity to bring attention to the ways in which they step up and make exceptional contributions to their communities. I have thought much More about it if it Hadnot been for the question i received in response Faith would you the meaning was that As the person who leads our Library would i keep our doors open if there was rioting on our doorsteps. Another Friend commented that libraries need to be part of the solution. That Exchange transformed a far away impersonal event into something that hit close to Home. At the time however i was missing critical pieces of the Story. I knew nothing about the Library Branch in ques Tion other than that it was on a Street littered with Glass among businesses that Lay in ruins. It was later that i saw a photo of a Beautiful two Story Glass fronted building. Glass. Enormous plates of Glass. I was unaware that the morning after a violence filled night the night that the National guard entered the City every staff member scheduled to be at the Penn Sylvania Avenue Branch re ported to work Ellen Riordan wrote in the also blog. Each of them chose to believe that the Community needed them. Even without the daunting background information that i would eventually gain the question about what i would do in similar circumstances made me squirm. Would i stick with the Library yes commitment to a Community that did not seem to be living up to its half of the bargain would i ask Library employees to choose courage Over fear would the people i employ understand our Library yes value Well enough to work willingly under extraordinary conditions i answered the question honestly i think i would. I May never need to pass this particular life test if so the answer will remain unknown. We will probably also never know Why certain businesses were targeted for destruction and others were not. I do know that libraries Are not businesses. There is Sel Dom a direct Exchange of Money for goods. Increased usage does not result in higher Revenue. While libraries certainly provide goods and ser vices it does not Stop there. For the unemployed person who uses a Library computer to apply for a Job for the caregiver who comes in for a Brief moment of respite for the student who needs wifi to Complete a project the Library provides something else altogether. I also know that along a Glass strewn Street the win Dows doors and stunning Glass plated front of the Pennsylvania Branch Library remained intact. While i cant know the reason with certainty i believe that its be cause libraries Arentt about exchanging Money for goods but Are in a different Busi Ness. Libraries peddle Hope. Faith Brautigam is director of the Kokomo Howard county Public Library. Fascinating . Senate race is setting up in Indiana t free years after Indiana experienced a $50 million . Senate race that saw the Republican seat of Dick Lugar flip to Democrat Joe Donnelly the 2016 contest is beginning to take shape in both parties with key decisions still to come from three potential candidates. With democrats former congressman Baron Hill said he will run citing Indi Anas languishing wages with per capita income declining by double digits Over the past decade. Until we get that fixed this Economy is not go ing to be All the Way Back Hill told Indiana Public me Dia. Hill unsuccessfully ran against sen. Dan Coats a Quarter Century ago before serving a decade in the House. While the democratic senatorial Campaign com Mittee is praying that Evan Bayh and unprecedented $10 million War Chest enter this race Many democrats Ive talked with doubt this will happen the other Likely entry is state rep. Christina Hale of Indianapolis. On the Republican Side . Rep. Marlin Stutzman and former Indiana Republican party chairman Eric hol comb Are in. State Sens. Jim Merritt of Indianapolis and Mike Delph of Carmel Are gearing up campaigns. And . Rep. Todd Young of Bloomington a snot decided but is preparing for the race. Young is already a giant killer defeating former con Gressman Mike Sodrel in the 2010 primary before upset Ting Hill that november. The congressman is narrowing in on a decision said Young spokesman Trevor Foughty. He wants to ensure there will be responsible leadership in India nays Senate seat. The two critical pieces of the gop race Are Young and Delph. Young is seen As the other Bookend in the fight for the so called Mitch Daniels economic Wing of the party to Holcomb a past lieu tenant to the former Gover nor and sen. Coats. Delph would spar with Stutzman Over the evangelical Funda mentalist Tea party Wing. Merritt Hopes that divisions in the two party wings that were exposed during the re cent religious Freedom restoration act fiasco will give him an Avenue to Victory up the Middle. So when the Young Camp talks about ensuring responsible leadership this is coded reference to the 2012 nominee of Richard Mour Dock who became such a Loose Cannon in the hours after landslide primary Vic tory Over Lugar with a series of nutty quotes. He kept a Low profile throughout the summer did not appear at anything but party events and then destroyed Candi Dacy in an october debate with Donnelly. Stutzman earned a reputation As a House contrarian who alternately broken ranks from House speaker John Boehner while attempt ing to join leadership. In october 2013, the washing ton Post saddled him with worst week in Washington designation after Stutzman attempted to link the ill fated defending of Obama care to a government shutdown that was widely panned. Were not going to be disrespected Stutzman told the washing ton examiner. We have to get something out of this. And i dont know what that even is. Indicators of the hesitancy to embrace the Stutzman Senate candidacy comes from club for growth. In the Flor Ida Senate race to replace presidential candidate and . Sen. Marco Rubio the club for growth quickly endorsed . Rep. Ron Desan tis who like Stutzman a snot hesitated to Buck Boehner. But club for growth was burned in the 2012 Indiana Senate race when it backed Mourdock. While Stutzman a better club score than Young the undisciplined Rhet Oric of the Howe Republican is a concern. Stutzman angered some elements of the party most recently when he hired Campaign staff away from . Rep. Jackie Walorski multiple Republican sources Are telling me. There also been talk that Stutz mans District director state sen. Carlin Yoder might Challenge Walor ski in the primary. With Stutzman Opportunity is Al ways knocking. In Stutz mans Campaign Kickoff in Roanoke earlier this month he touted authorship of the recent conservative budget As Tea party activist and Mourdock Backer Monica Boyer looked on. As he described it balanced in six years without raising taxes. It repealed Obama care. It increased de sense spending to keep America Safe and secure. It secured social Security and medicare for future generations. And it made sure our veterans were Given the proper care they deserve for fighting for our Freedom. But Stutzman lamented when Republican col leagues were Given a Chance to support that budget proposal Only half of them voted for it. Actions speak louder than words folks. The letter after your name on the ballot does not matter if your voting record does not match up to it Stutzman said. Delph a penchant for undisciplined use of social Media with 2014 sweets blasting clergy in District during the constitutional marriage amendment fight that earned him rebukes from Indiana Senate Republican leadership. He Little future in the Indiana Senate and Delph sources Tell me is an evangelical True believer who doubts Stutz mans sincerity so the two Are now Likely to fight for their Wing of the party. The so called establishment Wing of the party is carefully watching Young. Several in formed and reliable gop sources Are telling me they think Youngs entry is better than 50/50 and growing by the Day Given the Way the Field is setting up. Watch for this race to take on further definition in june. The final result in november 2016 could determine which party controls the . Senate. Brian Howey publishes at . Find him on twitter Hwy pol and Howey politics on Facebook. Just out new gift Catalon j ust in time my newest Hammacher Schlemmer Catalon arrived i assume for Christmas 2015. Below Are some actual items for Sale. Instant Pic Leball set this game sets up in the Yard in minutes. It combines the skills required for Badminton table Tennis and regular ten Nis. I think we can All agree that when we want Spur of the moment enjoyment the first thing we think of is com Bining three sports we Are bad at. By the Way the National Pic Leball Champion been accused of deflating the balls in the Competition. In Pic Leball this is just not Kosher. The giant rubber Duckie this 8-foot inflatable Duck for the Pool a pretty Good Chance of turning up in your kids nightmares. Heres what the Catalon says the rubber Duckie a bulbous aquatic form with a bouncing buoyancy that compels wan ton water play. Theress a Nightmare for writing teach ers. The evaporative Cooling hat heres How it works you pour a Little h20 into the head gear and it is absorbed immediately into the fabric in the rim of the hat. Actually this seems stupid to me but for $39.95, its Gonna make a great magic trick. Fish catching re boat the perfect gift for the absolute Laziest person in your life. Its a pint sized boat that fishes for you. Yes it trolls the Lake sets the Hook when the fish strikes and then brings the fish Back to Shore. Its $69.95, but for an extra six Bucks you can get a sign to put on your front door Home fishing. Authentic sleep sound Generator this device produces a whooshing sound that helps Block out distracting sounds like traffic or ticking clocks. The device is on Sale because a lot of people returned it last year complaining they still sleep because they kept hearing this annoying whooshing sound. The smart Brella this is an umbrella that a smart phone attached to the handle. So while walking in the rain you can hit the Button and make a Call. People thought you were crazy talking to yourself with that bluetooth in your ear. Now the whole neighbourhood thinks you Are having a conversation with an inanimate object. Heres my prediction for what people will say about you when they see you using this contraption mostly funny with Only a slight Chance of sane. Only illuminated manicure set this is for women who want to give themselves a pedicure in the dark. In this same brochure you can Pur Chase a lamp to attach to your Grill so you can Barbecue in the evening. Want to read a Book at night ism thinking you can figure that out by yourself. How to write anything . Seldom Sells books but they Are very excited about this publication by noted author and professor Laura Brown. Included Are step by step instructions for How to write re Sumes thank you notes con Dolence letters and More All Good advice so you will never write something like the rubber Duckie a bulbous aquatic form with a bouncing buoyancy that com Pels Wanton water play. Dick Wolfsie is an on air personality at wish to Channel 8 and weekly contributor to the Kokomo Tribune. Contact him at excerpts of recent editorials from Indiana newspapers weekly wrap Obama Library will help South Side t he decision to put the Barack Obama presidential Center on Chi Cagos South Side is great news for that Community and for Northwest Indiana As Well. It Means jobs not just for the construction of the new facility but also for operating it and for serving the tourists and scholars who will visit it. Plans Call for building not Only a presidential Library but also a museum and office space All built by donations and not taxpayer funds. Those attractions will bring additional development to the surrounding area which will be a Boon to the Economy there. It makes sense to locate the Center in Chicago. Of amass political career was shaped and launched on the South Side. He spent 12 years As a constitutional Law professor at the University of Chicago which submitted the winning bid for of amass presidential Library. The Obama maintain a House near Campus too. This will place the presidential Library close enough to Chicago for school Field trips and for easy Access to families and scholars from Northwest Indiana. Say what you will about of amass politics theress no question that history was made during presidency. The University and South Side aldermen have stressed the expectation that hundreds of thousands of visitors would translate into thousands of jobs. In an area beset with crime and High unemployment thatus Welcome news. It will help transform the South Side. The of amass decision with the cooperation of the City and the University of Chicago puts another major attraction in Chicago this one right in our backyard and in a place that desperately cries out for jobs and attention. The times Muster making a Start on sex assault Issue a . Department of Justice report from december 2014 provides some interesting highlights when comparing the rape and sexual assault of female College students and no students from 1995 to 2013. For instance student victims were More Likely than no student Vic Tims to state that the incident was not important enough to report. Fewer than one in five female student and no student victims of rape and sexual assault received assistance from a victim services Agency. Rape and sexual assault of students were More Likely than no student victimization to go unreported to police. No wonder the new film the Hunting ground ignited a dialogue about the topic of sexual assault on College campuses. The film provides dozens of candid interviews with sex assault victims from campuses across the nation including the University of notre Dame and Saint Maryus College. Rape and sexual assault can be one of the most difficult crimes to prove because it typically involves Only two ple and no other witnesses. Add to that in most assaults on College campuses either the victim or suspect or both had been drinking and the Issue becomes even More clouded. But there is proof colleges and universities Are taking measures to address sexual assault. At Purdue University in West Lafayette a group of students is urging school officials to establish a rape crisis Center on Campus so that victims can get help sooner especially after hours. The medical director at Purdue is student health Center told the Lafayette journal & courier that her facility receives 10 to 12 sexual assault cases per year. Considering the do report its Clear that More must be done to educate students when it comes to sexual assault. Sexual assault on College campuses is not a new Issue and Many of the measures being taken now should have been done Long ago. And these Are Only simple initial Steps. South Bend Tribune ? final result could determine which party controls Senate Brian Howey the Howey report Faith Brautigam local columnist Dick Wolfsie funny Bone

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