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Kokomo Tribune (Newspaper) - May 25, 2015, Kokomo, IndianaI hate quotations. Tell me what you know. Ralph Waldo Emerson american essayist and poet 1803-1882 Page designed by Justin Chisham today s quote area Calendar monday May 25, 2015 Hoosier lottery hotline 800-95-lotto Indiana Indianapolis a these Indiana lotteries were drawn saturday. Cash 5 4-16-19-31-39 estimated Jackpot $50,000 daily three midday 3-3-3 daily three evening 6-7-6 daily four midday 7-9-6-9 daily four evening 6-6-5-8 Quick draw 4-8-9-13-18-31-37-39-47 48-50-52-53-54-58-60-62 71-78-80 Hoosier lotto 6-19-22-36-45-48 estimated Hoosier lotto Jackpot $16.6 million Power Ball 9-15-17-31-43 pm 16 up 4 estimated Power Ball Jackpot $154 million estimated Mega millions Jackpot $214 million warrant for parole violation and was also incarcerated in the Miami county jail. The clean team is a recently created task Force with 11 Law enforcement entities that have dedicated resources to fight narcotics in Fulton and Miami main focus of the task Force is narcotics enforcement with an emphasis on methamphetamine related crimes. Continued f rom Page a1 meth lab. Lotteries unique experiences of Veter ans who were taught to live under a military Hierarchy that expects heroism in every behaviour. We bring them Back and expect them to transition Back into Normal society and act like theress nothing wrong Kelley said. After All they ave seen and done thatus not Possi ble and it never will be. Policymakers Are increasingly understanding that too. In mid May the Senate armed services committee passed a measure aimed at improving mental health for service Mem Bers. . Sen. Joe Donnelly a Indiana co sponsored of the bipartisan legislation the ser vice member and Veteran men Tal health care package. Among other things it re quires All defense department physicians and mental health p r o v i d e r s r e c e i v e e v i Dence based training on recognizing and treating patients at risk for suicide. It Calls for training of physician assistants to help meet the demand for mental health services for tens of thousands of veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. And it builds on the Model created in Indiana which is particularly important for National guardsmen who wait even longer for a services than other military members. Civilian Community based therapists and Counselor stand to receive financial incentives to get training in treating service members. The Bill Calls for a regularly up dated online registry for ser vice members and their families As Well. This is another critical step Forward to combat the plague of military suicide Donnelly said. Just last year an Esti mated 470 service members took their lives while fewer than 150 . Troops died in combat. Donnelly has worked to in crease Access to mental health care for military members since meeting with the family of army pc. Jacob Sexton 21, who was on leave from his National guard unit in Afghanistan when he shot him self in the head in a Muncie movie theater in 2009. Legislation pushed by Don Nelly and named in Honor of Sexton requires an annual health assessment of All ser vice members. But that seen As just a first step. The Sexton family encouraged Donnelly to push for More As did Greg Keesling father of army pc. Chancellor Keesling 25, who committed suicide in Baghdad in 2009 during his second tour of duty. Keesling also played a role in convincing president Obama to reverse a Long standing policy in which presi dents did not Send condolence letters to families of service members Whord committed suicide. In changing the policy Obama said the country needs to recognize those a Hove borne the incredible Burden of our wars. Keesling said he Hopes the legislation advanced by Don Nelly and others also increases awareness of Long term effects of trauma on the brain not just for military members but for others. Thatus the gift that my son is a part of said Keesling who spent Friday in Indianapolis at a memorial weekend Day service for military Mem Bers Whord died in War. We keep welcoming new families into this strange club of parents a Hove lost children to War he said. And every year we keep hoping we wont have to Welcome new ones. Maureen Hayden covers the statehouse for in his Indiana newspapers. Reach her at . Follow her on twitter Maureen Hayden. Continued f rom Page a1 suicide. Today memorial Day service 11 ., at civil War Monu ment in Crown Point cemetery speaker mayor Greg goodnight. Howard county Veter ans memorial memorial Day ceremony 2 ., Darrough Chapel Park men of note to per form National Anthem. Memorial Day ride sign in 11 To noon vow Post 1152, 920 n. Washington St., supporting Jackson Street commons. Greentown historical society Tornado exhibit 1 to 4 ., 103 e. Main St., includes information from april 11, 1965, and june 11, 1998, tornadoes free. Tuesday the life and times of the Ford thunderbird exhibit 10 To 4 ., Kokomo automotive museum. Kokomo piece makers quilt Guild meeting 7 Indiana Wesleyan University 1916 e. Markland ave., guest speaker Donna Kooistra quilt artist. Kokomo Art associations annual open Spring show 1 to 4 ., Kokomo Art Center featuring four rooms of 3d and Wall Art free Call 765-457-9480. Music Jam open Mic hosted by the Southern sounds band featuring country Blue grass gospel and More doors open at 4 ., pro Gram 5 to 9 ., Walnut Creek Community Center 4600 Colter dr., free but donations appreciated Call Marie at 765-432-0413. Wednesday tops take off pounds sensibly chapter 1494, 8 45 Weigh in 9 15 Meeting in his image Church 2940 e. 50 North men and women Welcome Call 765-854 0777. Kokomo Art associations annual open Spring show 1 to 4 ., Kokomo Art Center featuring four rooms of 3d and Wall Art free Call 765-457-9480. 20th annual High school exhibition 9 To 6 ., in Kokomo Art gallery free Call 765-455 9523. The life and times of the Ford thunderbird exhibit 10 To 4 ., Kokomo automotive museum. Thursday Kokomo a act Branch 3055, 6 ., Carver Community Center 1030 n. Purdum St. Kokomo Art associations annual open Spring show 1 to 4 ., Kokomo Art Center featuring four rooms of 3d and Wall Art free Call 765-457-9480. But in june 2003, Kevin Hung himself inside his apart ment after an intense struggle with depression. Our sons died fighting Dif Ferent Battles Graham said. The devastating realization that we lost one son was the heaviest Burden imaginable at the time. But to lose both our sons was beyond compre Hension. Graham said he and his wife Carol were stricken with grief and anguish after the deaths. But rather than let the pain destroy their lives the couple channelled their sorrow into a Mission removing the social stigma attached to mental ill Ness and preaching the Dan Ger of untreated depression. Thatus the message Graham brought Friday to the Sec Ond annual veterans mental health Summit. Around 70 therapists psychiatry it mental health workers and others from All Over North Central Indiana at tended the All Day conference held at the Kokomo event Center to learn about military suicide and How to curb the armed forces suicide Epi Demic that claims 22 veterans a Day. This event today embodies whats Good about America helping others Graham told the crowd during his presen tation. Thatus what America does right we help others. Graham said if he and his wife had known the right Way to help their son Kevin when he began showing signs of depression like slipping grades uncharacteristic sadness and comments like my brain does not work they might have been Able to prevent his suicide. But he said they had bought into the stigma sur rounding depression and believe their son re ally had a clinical mental ill Ness. I did not realize you could die from being too sad Gra Ham said. But our ignorance that All you needed to fight clinical depression was a prayer a proper diet exercise and a Good nights sleep kept us from getting Kevin the Best medical care he deserved and needed. Carol Graham said when Kevin told her he had started taking an anti depressant she told him All he really needed was to eat right and get some exercise. I did not want to see it As a medical Issue she said. If Kevin had called and said his heart did not work or his lungs or kidneys did not work i would have been on the first plane Over and pulled out my credit card at the Mayo clinic. I have cared How much it Cost. Graham said the biggest obstacle facing those with a mental illness is the stigma that prevents them from get Ting the help they need. As the stigma disappears the treatment and recovery from illnesses like depression will increase he said. America can do this he said. We can eliminate the stigma surrounding men Tal health care. Americans can do anything if they put their minds to it. There needs to be a new school of thought in town. Its a cultural change thatus about life and death. And its an especially press ing problem for veterans and current service members said Jodi flick an assistant professor at the University of North Carolinas school of social work who spoke Friday. Since 2001, suicide at tempts in the military have increased six times. In 2009, More service members died by suicide than were killed in War. Those statistics Are alarm ing flick said but they line up with research showing veterans and current service members Are More Likely to kill themselves. What does the military do it teaches you How to use a gun and How to use it Well and it puts you in situations where you get used to pain and fear she said. Situations that any Normal sane human being would run away from these folks Are taught to run into. That equips soldiers to get used to the pain and fear that for Many stops them enacting lethal self injury and Violat ing the Basic instinct to stay alive she said. Jeremy Ashcraft executive director of the North Central Indiana area health Educa Tion Center which organized the event said the of the veterans mental health sum Mit was to equip those in at Tendance with the necessary skills to help mentally ill vet Erans contemplating suicide. Its All about providing local clinicians and Community members some additional help and tools for their tool Box when working with those who struggle with a mental illness he said. Teri White the admission coordinator for Genniva hos pice in Rochester said attend ing the conference did just that for her. The War still rages she said. When soldiers come Home the literal War is Over but their Battle with Depres Sion or pts continues until someone helps to Stop it. Events like this give us tools to get people the help they need. Ashcraft said thatus especially important in North Cen trial Indiana where Many counties Are designated As mental health professional shortage areas by the . Department of health and human services. Throughout the Day participants Learned about social in Tensity syndrome the moral and spiritual Impact of War Art therapy the mind body connection and How to Deal with grief. We Hope people Here walk away with a better under standing of military culture and what leads to these kinds of mental health issues he said. If we can continue to offer these types of things we can do some Good and help people who otherwise might not get any help. Carson Gerber can be reached at 765-854-6739, Carson. or on twitter @carsongerber1. Continued f rom Page a1 Summit. Than death he added. Some of those men have lost their limbs or parts of their body and i try to remember them too on this weekend. While the nation takes the Day to pay tribute to those who gave their lives for their country Mullins has dedicated All of his time to telling the stories of other veterans whenever possible. His most recent Book memories and shadows which he co authored with fellow Veteran Jim Green Wald highlights the struggles former soldiers Deal with including Post traumatic stress disorder. Much like his Previ Ous Book pass the Salt Doc an acronym referencing posit puts Many of the pent up feelings and emotions veterans experience into words where they can Best be dealt with. His work ranges from poetry from his first Book Viet Nam in verse poetry for Beer drinkers to his latest project the drifter his first foray into fiction. The common thread in All of it he says is memorial izing veterans through their own experiences. I try to memorialize peo ple through the stories i get to Tell he said. Thatus been a huge part of the Way i want to remember and How i want to celebrate what the people have done. Its been a Honor. I wrote my first Book because people around me kept Tell ing me Mike quite putting All of that stuff away share it. Hers gone on to document a wide Range of Veteran experiences from world War ii prisoners of War to those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mullins love of document ing the stories of veterans traces Back to his family. His father and father in Law served in world War ii while several of his cousins served As commissioned and non commissioned officers. Two of his uncles and a Cousin served also served in Vietnam while his son Michael s. Mullins and Daugh ter in Law Tina Weber Mullins have fought in Afghanistan. There Are Many things Mullins can remember about his time serving with d com Pany 3rd battalion 7th in Fantry 199th Light infantry brigade. Between March 1968 and March 1969, the brigade was responsible for travelling throughout the country from the cambodian Border to the Saigon River. I had several lifers in my family so being close to the army has just been a part of my life since i was a kid he said. In All honestly there Are a lot of things that my Mem Ory has protected me from. I dont remember the name of most of our base Camps. I tend to accentuate the times that we laughed be cause Young men always find a Way to laugh he added. When you dwell on the very negative thing thatus when your demons Are the Stron Gest. One of the greatest difficulties for Mullins came after his service ended when he said he began to suffer from survivor guilt. Thatus something that does not get As much attention As pts but is a big thing veterans go through he said. It took me a Long time to recognize that i had it. I did not understand Why id get mad at some things at the drop of a hat or Why id want to be by myself. Mullins who is now 66, Speaks with great care when describing the Impact verbal izing his own experiences and the experiences of fellow veterans. On a Day like this one those memories surely wont be too far from his mind. Its a time thatus very sol emn he said. How Long does it take to remember an hour i dont think it requires everybody changing what they do just take a minute and remember and say thank you. Martin Slagter can be reached at 765-454-8570, Martin. or on twitter slag term. Continued f rom Page a1 stories. Soaking Rains Wash away Homes kill 2 san Marcos Texas a record rainfall was wreak ing havoc across a Swath of the . Midwest on sunday causing Flash floods in nor Mally riverbeds spawn ing tornadoes and forcing at least 2,000 people to flee. Tornado struck severely damaging an apartment com plex in Houston Texas. A firefighter in Oklahoma was swept to his death while try ing to Rescue 10 people in High water. And the body of a Man was recovered from a flooded area along the Blanco River which Rose 26 feet in just one hour and left piles of wreckage 20 feet High authorities in Texas said. It looks pretty bad out there said Hays county emergency management coordinator Harley Smith de scribing the destruction in Wimberley part of a fast growing corridor be tween Austin and san an Tonio. We do have whole streets with maybe one or two houses left on them and the rest Are just slabs she said. More than 350 Homes in the town of Wimberley were washed away by the Flash floods and several people remained missing. Kenneth Bell the emergency manage ment coordinator in nearby san Marcos said the damage in Hays county alone amounts to millions of Dol Lars. Authorities also warned people to Honor a night time curfew and stay away from damaged areas since More rain was on the Way threat ening More floods with the ground saturated and water ways overflowing. Carter Only iraqis can sustain Victory Washington a the islamic state groups take Over of the provincial capital ramada is Stark evidence that iraqi forces Lack the will to fight defense Secretary Ash Carter said in a to interview that aired sunday. The harsh assessment raised new questions about the Obama administrations strategy to defeat the extremist group that has seized a strategically important Swath of the Middle East. Although iraqi soldiers vastly outnumbered their opposition in the capital of an bar province they quickly withdrew last sunday without putting up much resistance from the City in iraqis sunni heartland Carter said on in nos state of the Union. The interview aired on Sun Day. The iraqis left behind Large numbers of .-supplied vehicles including several tanks now presumed to be in islamic state hands. What apparently happened is the iraqi forces just showed no will to fight Carter said. They were not outnumbered in fact they vastly outnumbered the opposing Force. That says to me and i think to most of us that we have an is sue with the will of the iraqis to fight Isil and defend them selves. Gay couples awake to a new Ireland Dublin a Gay Cou Ples of Ireland woke up Sun Day in what Felt like a nation reborn with dreams of wed Ding plans dancing in their Heads. This new reality was sinking in after the Irish people voted with a surprisingly Strong 62 percent yes to enshrine the right to Gay marriage in the country is conservative 1937 Constitution. Thousands of Rev Elers of All sexual identities celebrated until Dawn after the result was announced Satur Day night. The Justice department con firmed sunday it plans to draft a marriage Bill this week that will permit those taking vows in civil ceremonies to choose either to be husband and wife or spouses of each other. It will ensure that no Church is required to perform a Gay marriage a key demand of the dominant Catholic Church and also the main protestant and Muslim communities in Ireland. Deputy prime minister Joan Burton said she expects the Bill to become Law by Early july. Because existing Law re quires a minimum three month notice for any civil marriages the first Gay wed dings cannot happen until the fall. For sen. Katherine Zappone and Ann Louise Gilligan their Day has nearly come. Since 2003 they have fought for be Gal recognition of their Cana Dian marriage suffering set backs and delays As they sued the state All the Way to the supreme court. Fallen Soldier gets name on memorial Albany . A car Roll Heath did not have it easy growing up in the great de pression. His father a snot around his Mother was a patient in a mental Hospital and he kept largely to himself. Soon after graduating High school he enlisted in the army and wound up in the Philippines where hers believed to have died sometime in 1942. It was a Short life that went largely unnoticed even in pvt. Heaths Western new York Hometown of Gowanda. For 70 years he was the for gotten Soldier his name not listed among the towns War dead not inscribed on a world War ii memorial in the Middle of town. And thatus Likely How things would have remained had it not been for one of heaths High school class mates a now-92-year-old Wii vet who enlisted his son to track Down fading recollections that Heath went off to the Philippines to fight the japanese and never came Back. The Guy had a pretty Tough life Robert Mesches said by phone from his retire ment Home in port St. Lucie Florida. This Man should be remembered. Late last year 66-year-old Alan Mesches who grew up in Gowanda and now lives outside Dallas began trying to find out what happened to Heath. Id like to Complete the Story. Id like to see him get recognition. World briefly

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