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Kokomo Tribune Newspaper Archives Jun 18 2015, Page 4

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Kokomo Tribune (Newspaper) - June 18, 2015, Kokomo, IndianaTo comment on one of our stories visit Kokoom Tribune service efficiency and safety nip scots promotes automated meter technology editorial Board Robyn Mccloskey publisher Jeff Kovaleski managing editor Jill Bond City editor Rob Burgess night editor the opinions expressed daily in the upper left Corner reflect the opinions of the Kokomo tribunes editorial Board. Columns cartoons and letters elsewhere on the opinion Page reflect the opinions of the respective author. Address items to opinions Kokomo Tribune 300 n. Union st., . Box 9014, Kokomo in 46904 fax 765-854-6733 email letters to the editor opinion a4 Kokomo Tribune thursday june 18, 2015 sound off Page designed by Katelyn Miller a crowded Field until the finish for republicans l ots of people seem to think it is inappropriate for unauthorized people to seek the presidency. While they dont seem to agree on who does the authorizing democrats Are convinced that too Many aspirants Are trying to climb aboard what they love to Call the Republican Clown car and nervous republicans Are worried that too Many choices is a bad thing except when shopping at Nordstrom rack. A Brief review of the proceedings of the Republican and democratic National conventions Over the course of a Century reveals that a dozen or so candidates trolling for votes at the convention was the Norm. As late As 1968, eleven candidates received votes on the first ballot at the convention that nominated Richard Nixon. While Only three of them were arguably serious candidates several others believed with Good reason that under Remote but not impossible circumstances they could be nominated. Like so Many traditional practices that have been abandoned in the name of Progress spirited Competition among multiple candidates for a presidential nomination is now deemed unseemly. Why this should be so is not Clear to me but Likely it is be cause the Public suffers from historic memory fatigue and assumes that what they have experienced in recent years is the Way it always has been. It is the right of every per son who believes the presi Dency is within grasp to throw his or her hat in the ring. It is equally the right of every voter to dismiss a declared presidential candidate As a fraud charlatan deluded egotist or Money grubbing misfit. Since no one ought to be under the illusion that politics is a profession for gentle men or ladies the Messy unsavoury process by which egos will be deflated illusions shattered and careers up ended should not turn any stomachs or elicit any retch ing. I am partial to political brawls and the More Brawl ers the better the Brawl. Good government types on the other hand Are offended by the notion that politics is a blood sport. They would pre Fer to select candidates by a display of up twinkles. I dont find the notion of a serious candidate for the presidency useful. I have no doubt for example that sen. Lindsay Graham is credentialed prepared to wage a credible Campaign and convinced that he ought to be president. Notwithstanding his seriousness it is difficult for me to conceive of the circumstances under which he could win the nomination. I have a similar View of the prospects of Huckabee Perry Pataki Kasich and Santorum. Of course i May be wrong headed and one or More of these Fellows might make the Cut. The conventional Wisdom is to dismiss out of hand the three candidates who have never held Public office Ben Carson Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina. The last Nomi Nee of this class was Wendell Willkie the ceo of a Public Utility company who was nominated at the 1940 re publican National convention. With the exception of military heroes Taylor Grant and Eisenhower the Only Success Ful nominee without prior elected experience is Herbert Hoover the Secretary of com Merce in the Harding and Coolidge cabinets. In an age in which race class and gender Are defining characteristics for the chirping sect that drives Public discus Sion the notion that an Afri can american female or billionaire could be a viable re publican candidate is not beyond the Pale. I dismiss Don Ald Trumps prospects out of hand and i am dubious that or. Carson will make it to the Iowa caucus. Carly however i have pegged As a potential breakout candidate if she can make it into the nationally televised a team debate. In the 19th Century the party pros yearned for an available candidate a fellow such As Warren Harding who looked like a president had no enemies never expressed an offensive View adhered to the party orthodoxy and could be relied upon to take care of his friends. The donor class has replaced the party Bosses in the Republican nominating process but it is equally As interested in an available Candi Date As any of the follows in the smoke filled room at the Blackstone hotel who plucked senator Harding from obscurity. This Cycle governor Bush is or. Available. Senator re bios Brush with controversy in the gang of eight Immi Gration fight taints his Avail ability but in a crunch that is unlikely to deter the donor class from rallying to his sup port if Jeb is derailed Early. Governor Walker while doubtless acceptable in a crunch has stirred up too much controversy during his term As governor to fully qualify As available. He is a Strong candidate nonetheless. Senators Cruz and Paul Are Rock the boat candidates who have to be taken seriously but who Are fighting the Odds in a party that is Little inclined Post Reagan to kick up much dust in a political struggle. Each is Likely to hang on past the customary sell by Date but at some Point prior to the convention Rand Paul is go ing to have to pull the plug on his presidential candidacy and devote himself to holding his Senate seat which will be contested in 2016. In the Normal course Only two or three of these Candi dates will still be in the game by the time of the Ohio Flor Ida Missouri and Illinois Pri Maries on March 15. Which of the contenders those will be i a vent the slightest idea. Although not normally inclined to fantasy in my gut i have a sense that this race could be More protracted than we anticipate that it could go All the Way to the convention. I take that to the Bank but the pieces Are in place for a protracted struggle. Tom Charles Huston a.b., j.d., an adjunct scholar of the Indiana policy review residing in Indianapolis served As an officer in the United states army assigned to the defense intelligence Agency and As associate counsel to the president of the United states. The numbers dont add up s something is a Little off about the count yes plan to raise Money to fund jail operations. First off theress the fact that increasing pay rates for jail officers to $15 an hour is Only going to Cost the county $12,000, but the proposal to raise the income tax would Gener ate about $750,000. The sheriff has asked the county Council to approve creation of four new jail officer positions but in a Story we published tuesday Council president Dick Miller said the Council wants to see All the exist ing positions filled before it will authorize any More. When the Council finally gets around to doing that the estimated expense is about $200,000 a year. Our question is whats the other $500,000 for the Council and sheriff Steve Rogers dont seem to know exactly. Howard county auditor mar tha Lake who is also the Republican candidate for mayor of Kokomo is dreaming up ways to spend our Money though. Lake tells us the jail spends a Little More than it brings in and it needs a Reserve fund in Case of an emergency. Wait is Lake saying the Council has been allowing the jail to operate at a deficit and without a Reserve for How Long did not these very same candidates Tell us last year that Howard county government is in a Strong financial position if our finances Are in such tip top shape Why would the county increase taxes without presenting a solid plan for How each and every Dollar of that tax increase is going to be spent Why maximize the jail and juvenile county option income tax when you Only need $12,000? surely the county can find it some where. It managed to find the funding for a new project manager position. The Council will meet at 4 . Tuesday at which time it will take Public comment about the tax increase. If you want to know More about How the county plans to spend your Money we suggest you consider being present. The Issue the Public is invited to voice their opinions on the count yes proposed tax increase. Our View we need More explanation about this tax increase. The numbers dont add up. I n response to concerns raised in a recent opinion letter we would like to share a full explanation of the technology being installed on nips co meters in Hopes of Clearing up confusion. We Are currently in the process of upgrading All nips co meters with Auto mated meter Reading technology. Amr technology Al Low us to gather monthly readings through a receiver mounted in a nips co vehicle instead of entering customers property. This change is intended not Only to improve Cus Tomer service by helping eliminate estimated read Ings but also to improve workplace safety for our employees. By collecting information from a nips co vehicle we Are Able to remove Many of the hazards they face severe weather locked Gates tripping hazards and animal interference. The technology being in stalled across our service area called Itron 100g Dan modules Are programmed to communicate one Way. They transmit Only Energy consumption information no personal account information is collected. The con sumption data is collected Only via a Mobile or hand held collection device that has proprietary software to capture and store the information. Receivers can read this data from an approximately one half mile Dis Tance. Amr technology which has been adopted by Many utilities across the country differs from smart meters which transmit information through a wireless communication network. Smart meters communicate Back and Forth with the Utility in a two Way fashion and can continually transmit meter information. Smart meters Are Able to perform additional functions such As Remote service connect Dis connect interface with other devices such As in Home Dis plays smart thermostats and appliances Home area net works advanced control sys tems and More. Nips co is not currently deploying any meters that have smart meter capabilities. In addition nips co is not installing a fixed net work for Remote data collection but rather will continue to collect the monthly read Ings from its customers As we have done in the past. I trons products Are Strin gently evaluated for radio frequency safety and meet All Federal communication commission and Institute of electrical and electronic engineers standards. We consistently evaluate key factors for exposure risk including the frequency of the trans Mission the Power output and the distance from the Public. Provided by the elec tric Power research Institute Here is a comparison of of Levels from various com Mon sources at 10 feet the Amr meter exposes you to 0.000009 Micro Watts per Square centimetre while a microwave two inches away exposes you to 5 and a cellphone at your ear gives off 1 to 5. We Hope the preceding in formation will help answer questions surrounding our automated meter Reading project. For More information including a list of frequently asked questions please visit . Com Amr. Phil Winter is the director of automated meter Reading for nips co. Phil Winter guest columnist Tom Huston guest columnist nips co is not currently deploying any meters that have smart meter capabilities. In addition nips co is not installing a fixed network for Remote data collection but rather will continue to collect the monthly readings from its customers As we have done in the past. Haendiges family releases statement editors note the follow ing letter was originally sent to the Kokomo Herald on wednesday. We Are re publishing it Here with their permission. With our utmost grief and our profound loss we want to thank our family friends and our Community for the outpouring of love and condolences. Shelly was a True pleasure and the love of our lives. Her generous and Lov ing heart blessed those who knew her. She was truly a Loving thoughtful Beautiful Young lady that had goals and dreams As All of us have. Shelly is in the arms of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ and this is what gives our family great com fort. In the Shadow of Shell yes death we also want to express our support for the Kokomo police department and officer Roy Smith. Mental illness is truly a medical condition and it is in this respect that we want to focus our time and Atten Tion As this is a condition that is under served in most communities. Although Shelly was in the highest level of outpatient psychiatric care offered she succumbed to the devastating destructive Power of major depressive disorder anxiety and reactive attachment Dis order. If we can All come to Gether to work towards addressing mental illness and put this in a Central Posi Tion not to be hidden on the outskirts of society then Shell yes life and death will not be in vain. Please re member also that the police protect our society and each officer is fully trained to make the Best decision in a life or death situation and we understand the decision that officer Roy Smith made. Our Only wish was that Shelly never had put him or the police depart ment in a position to make those decisions. Ultimately it was mental illness that took Shell yes life. Your love and support has been a powerful Force to help us through this horrible time of grief. The family of Shelly Lynn Haendiges Michelle and Teresa Haendiges

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