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Kokomo Tribune Newspaper Archives Jul 11 2015, Page 5

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Kokomo Tribune (Newspaper) - July 11, 2015, Kokomo, IndianaDonation in swifts name spurs giving Phoenix a a can cer stricken Arizona girl who got a hefty contribution posted in Taylor swifts name has received thousands of additional dollars in donations from people wishing her a Swift recovery. A Tofu name fundraising site for 11-year-old Naomi Oakes accumulated More than $73,000 on thursday far sur passing its initial goal of $30,000. The largest contribution was the $50,000 donation posted online a Day earlier in swifts name. Since news of that donation spread the site has gotten More than $6,000. The girls family posted a video on social Media earlier this week of Naomi referring to swifts single bad blood As her theme song As she Battles leukaemia. The family also said in the video that Naomi would have to miss a Swift concert because of her illness. A spokeswoman for Swift said the Singer does not con firm charitable contributions. However Swift has a history of sending Money and gifts to fans. In january she sent a fan a Check to help with her Stu Dent Loans. Ringos help jacket tops Rock auction Boston a the Dap per double breasted jacket that Ringo Starr wore in the 1965 beatles movie help is going on the auction Block. Boston based or auctions says online bidding for the Black Woolen jacket featured in the beatles second film will run july 16 through july 23. The jacket is among nearly 500 items for Sale in a mar vels of modern music auction. Also going up for auction Are a 1971 letter that doors frontman Jim Morrison wrote from Paris to a couple in Bev Erly Hills California and a 1980 custom designed Hamer electric guitar used by Johnny Ramone. If one apology Isnit enough. New York a Ariana Grande has apologized for a second time for Licking dough nuts and saying i hate Amer Ica. The Singer says in the video clip posted late thursday that Sheds disgusted with herself. She adds that she did not clearly convey her True feelings in her first apology a written statement in which she ranted about obesity in America. Grande came under fire this week when Tomz posted a video of her Licking doughnuts and saying i hate americans. I hate America inside a doughnut shop in Southern California. The 22-year-old says see ing a video of yourself behaving poorly that you had no idea was taken is such a rude Awakening. Taylor Swift Ariana Grande names in the news actor Tab Hunter is 84. Singer Jeff Hanna of the nitty Gritty dirt band is 69. Ventriloquist actor Jay Johnson is 66. Singer Bonnie Pointer is 65. Actor Stephen Lang is 63. Actress Sela Ward is 59. Singer Peter Murphy is 58. Singer Suzanne Vega is 56. Guitarist Richie Sambora Bon Jovi is 56. Actress Lisa Rinna is 52. Actor Gred Grunberg is 49. Wildlife expert Jeff Corwin below is 48. Actor Justin Chambers is 45. Actor Michael Rosenbaum Small Ville is 43. Pop Rock Singer Andrew Bird is 42. Rapper Lily Kim is 40. Singer Ben Gibbard of death cab for Cutie is 39. Celebrity birthdays to Days horoscopes you have the willpower and intuition to achieve whatever you desire. Self doubt or Ner Vous tension should not hold you Back. If you Are confident in your abilities others will want to support your efforts. Dont be afraid to make a move that suits your needs. Cancer june 21-july 22 take a stand for something you believe in. Your honest approach will help recruit oth ers to a worthwhile cause. Idle time will Lead to boredom. Do something engaging. Leo july 23-aug. 22 you will be upset about changes going on around you. Take care of your responsibilities and dont be Overly opinionated. Wait for an opportune moment to make a suggestion. Virgo aug. 23-sept. 22 your Quick wit and sense of humor will elicit attention. If you Are single this can be the Day you meet that special some one if not enjoy the one you Are with. Libra sept. 23-oct. 23 dont share your financial Sta Tus with anyone other than a trained adviser. Well meaning friends or relatives will not give you Good advice. Play it Safe and get an expert opinion. Scorpio oct. 24-nov. 22 get out and do something that displays your Talent. Your creativity will astound your friends and your popularity will grow. An elderly relative will need your assistance. Sagittarius nov. 23-dec. 21 strive for rest and reflection. Do some soul searching to determine if you Are heading in a direction that is Good for you. An eve Ning of Romance should be on your Agenda. Capricorn dec. 22-Jan. 19 important new connections can be made through networking at Industry functions. Meeting people with Sim Ilar backgrounds or interests will Lead to opportunities and Long term benefits. Aquarius Jan. 20-feb. 19 your financial status will be compromised if you loan Money to a Friend. Regardless of the guilt or obligation you feel you Are Best off giving advice not your hard earned Cash. Pisces feb. 20-March 20 business talks or seminars will be valuable aids to your Progress. Brainstorm with ple who have successful tips that you can use to ensure the Success of your projects. Aries March 21-april 19 contentious relatives or family members will try your patience. Resist the urge to voice your opinion. Keep the peace and make the Day go by smoother for everyone. Taurus april 20-May 20 you can drum up some impressive support if you let others know what you Are try ing to achieve. You will be amazed at the results that Are possible. Gemini May 21-june 20 uncertainty at Home or work will be confusing. You will end up in a better emotional Posi Tion if you get the facts straight and avoid the current rumours. Page designed by autumn Ricketts Kokomo Tribune saturday july 11, 2015 a5advice & entertainment d ear Abby my husband has stage 4 cancer and is in constant pain. A big worry for him is my being alone in life after his passing. Several months ago when the subject came up i told him that while ism not a Prophet i know ill be of. Ism a social person. I have a Nice support group with various organizations and ism close with family and co workers Etc. Four months ago a High school Friend and i reconnected. We have shared Many conversations and have built a meaningful relationship. The gnawing question is do i share this information with my Hus band now wait until he mentions his leaving me alone again or say nothing there is a Fine line Here Between put Ting my husbands fears to rest and potentially making him feel he will be easily replaced. This is not a topic i feel comfortable sharing with my friends. Ism curious what other women have done in similar situations. Do they explore the new situation have an affair or maintain a celibate relation ship your response will help with some of the stress ism having at this juncture. Not easily replaced dear not easily re placed i know i will hear from my readers once your let ter is published and ism just As certain their responses will indicate that they have done each of the things you mentioned. I agree that there is a Fine line Between putting your Hus bands fears to rest and Mak ing him feel he will be easily replaced. The reality is whether things work out with your old school chum or the budding Romance comes to nothing relationships Are not interchangeable. You have shared history with your Hus band that cant be duplicated. While your husband is a Spe Cial Man whose Only concern is for you in my heart i dont think news of this relationship should be shared with him. I dont know How much More time he has on this Earth but i think you would feel better about yourself if you postponed an affair until after your husband is gone. If this old Friend cares deeply for you he should be willing to wait. Dear Abby my Fiance Jasper says ism weird for talking to my daughter while ism driving to work and 90 percent of the time on my commute Back Home. Sheds a Young Mother with a 1-year old and a 4-year-old. Her Hus band is difficult and there Are also some personal issues but i am proud of How Well Sheds doing. I work full time and she works part time so even though we live in the same town we dont see each other As often As wed like. At 25, she is growing into my Best Friend and i love helping her through decisions Etc. I dont agree that this is weird at All. I believe most mothers and daughters do this. How can i get through to my Fiance that this is Normal even if it we rent it Isnit get Ting in his Way or taking any thing away from him. Dont you agree he should just let it be Good Mother in Massachusetts dear Good Mother yes i do. If your Fiance had said he was concerned that you might get into an Accident be cause your conversations were distracting i would answer differently. However that he would Label your closeness to your daughter weird makes me wonder if he might be Jeal Ous of the Bond you share with her. Are you giving him his fair share of your attention i fees future is a difficult subject for dying husband the Griz Wells dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren also known As Jeanne Phillips and was founded by her Mother Pauline Phillips. Write dear Abby at or . Box 69440, los Angeles Ca 90069. Dear Abby syndicated columnist future of subway Pitchman is foundation unclear after raid Indianapolis a suspended subway Pitchman Jared Fogles foundation which encourages children to avoid the same obesity he experienced in College faces an Uncertain future following a raid at his Home two months after the groups then executive director was arrested on child pornography charges. A phone number to the Jared foundation inc. Was out of service and its website was Down wednesday a Day after Federal and state authorities seized electronics and other items from Fogles suburban Indianapolis Home. Fogle a snot been charged with any crime and his attorney Ron Elberger said the 37-year-old is cooperating with authorities in their investigation of unspecified charges. Following the raid subway suspended its relationship with Fogle who shed 245 pounds More than 15 years ago As an Indiana University College student in part by regularly eating the restau rants sandwiches. The Secretary of states office in Indiana where the group was registered in 2004 As a nonprofit corporation said that it had administratively Dis solved the foundation in february 2012. Valerie Kroeger a spokesman for the state Agency said that action was taken after the foundation failed to pay annual $5 report ing fees the two previous years despite being notified multiple times by the office. That Means they re no Lon Ger registered with the state to do business she said. Despite the states action the foundation retains its tax exempt status with the inter Nal Revenue service allowing it to receive tax deductible contributions. According to the foundations annual filing with the irs in 2013, the most recent one available the groups revenues were about $127,000 and expenses topped $148,000. That form also showed that its program service expenses were about $100,000 and that $40,000 in salary was paid that year to Russell Taylor who had been the foundations executive director from May 2008 until shortly after his May arrest on child pornography charges. Fogle severed ties with the 43-year-old Taylor after fed eral investigators said they discovered a Cache of sexually explicit photos and videos Taylor allegedly produced by secretly filming minor Chil Dren at his Home. The associated press under fire subway restaurant spokesman Jared Fogle walks to a waiting car As he leaves his Home tuesday in Zionsville. Fri agents and Indiana state police have removed electronics from the property. Teen apologizes for charging phone on stage new York its nearly every Day that a politician or ceo or government official or celebrity displays contrition for their wrongdoings. On Fri Day it was the turn of a new York teen who bizarrely clambered onto a Broadway stage to try to recharge his phone in a prop outlet. Nick Silvestri of Seaford new York held a press Confer ence Friday outside the Booth theatre where on july 2 he had to be pulled off the stage by Ushers moments before the play hand to god started. He apologized blaming ignorance and alcohol. He said it a snot a stunt even though his buddy took video of the attempt. Silvestri nicknamed the Broadway juice jackal describe it As just bad Deci Sion making. Ultimately before coming to see hand to god a i downed a few drinks and i think that clearly impaired my judg ment said Silvestri 19. Be fore the show started i noticed that my phones Battery was Low and the Only Power outlet i saw was on stage. The attempt to recharge was in the end pointless the onstage outlet was just a prop created by Tony award win Ner Beowulf Britt whose set is a realistic depiction of a Texas Church basement. I did not know the stage is considered off limits Silvestri said adding he now Felt Terri ble for the performers. The Nassau Community College student vowed never to get onstage again unless i decide to be an actor. The act was at least in keep ing with the anarchic nature of the show. Playwright Rob Ert Askins bracing comedy mixes violence swearing Bru Tal honesty parental failure Church hypocrisy and plenty of sex of both human and puppet varieties. Silvestri who caught the show from the orchestra with family members did want to impart a lesson from the whole experience if i want to give one message to folks out there its that you should give your Complete attention to the actors on stage he said. Ism sorry for my actions and i Hope that i can become an example of a great theater goer in the future. His theatrical Faux Pas has been part of a month of bad behaviour on Broadway. On wednesday the beloved Patti Lupone endured the Buzz of hearing aids improperly turned up and several ringing phones during the matinee of shows for Days at Lincoln Center. That evening she caught someone texting Dur ing the play and swiped the phone out of the patrons hand. Mark Kennedy a drama writer the associated press bad Call Nick Silvestri of Seaford n.y., press conference on Friday outside the Booth theatre in new York where on july 2 he had to be pulled off the stage by Ushers moments before the play hand to god started. He said it a snot a stunt even though his buddy took video of the attempt. He called it just bad decision making

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