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Kokomo Tribune Newspaper Archives Dec 12 1999, Page 4

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Kokomo Tribune (Newspaper) - December 12, 1999, Kokomo, Indiana Kokomo Tribune 2000 utilities ready and waiting workers will be on hand if there Are but the y2k Bug by Abby Johnsom Tribune staff writer some people Are planning to party on new years but others will be working into the Early morning to make sure that the transition into a new millennium goes Energy will have nearly people on duty from 10 to 2 staffing major Emer gency Load generators and other vital Points throughout its cover age which includes tip ton and Miami Normal overnight staffing is closer to there Are always problems any and theres just As Good a Chance this weekend As any said Rob i Hope people dont automatically jump to the conclusion that an outage is a y2k Cin Ergy has stocked up on Coal in Case shipments Are if nor Mal communications lines Are All staff at critical Points will carry Bat Ter operated handheld Treyve gone through rehearsals we Are prepared for anything we can logically Norris other utilities have been Busy preparing As weve tested All our equipment and either replaced it or done software said Dave Fox of Kokomo Gas and the company put in a new y2kcom Paible computer system in 1996 so there wont be any glitches in for the most Kokomo Gas and fuel Doest depend on computers to deliver natural Gas to Homes and Busi the company has a Supply of natural Gas on tap that will last the Kokomo area Between eight and 12 Days depending on How cold it but this would Only be used if Normal Gas transports Are Fox also plans to have 15 employees on duty and others on Call on the night of 31 normally theres Only one per son Eric vice president of Indian american water said theres no need to worry about the water we Are fully confident that we were prepared in he in Case of a Power the com Pany does have a Generator at the it photo by Sarah Steffo ready to Roll Energy repair trucks will be lined up and prepared to go new years eve in the event that emergencies treatment Plant in Kokomo that can handle extended Power but were also fully confident in the Power facilities in terms of their Thornburg were anxious to get it y2k behind if youre worried about phone lines going Amer tech spokesman Dave Pacholczyk said he Doest Antici Pate any its no different than if Colts Post season tickets went on Sale if the circuits Are just try again Pacholczyk on the heaviest calling Day of the year so far the monday after thanksgiving Amer tech processed 262 million Calls in the five state area it covers Wisconsin and a statement from the company discourages customers from picking up a phone simply to Check for a dial tone or calling 911 to make sure its work if you want to make a make a Pacholczyk to Amer tech has spent nearly million on y2k the company has hired Fulland Par time employees specifically to prepare for the turn of the millennia Pacholczyk were ready and we have been for he weve taken every precaution and done everything humanly possible All to be everyone on Call 31 City prepares for year 2000 by Scon Smith Tribune staff writer when a Tornado hit Howard county in june the areas emergency management team Only had time to react the damage was done within a few As dec 31 Rolls the Prepa ration time for any y2k problems is going to be considerably Down in the Howard county Kokomo Emer gency management Agency Bunker on North Union an emergency control committee will be listening to a steady Stream of y2k Matt Mckillip handling the cites y2k efforts emergency begin Ning around anything that happening in Australia and other Eastern countries will largely determine whether the team stays in the City command or goes Home to stay on if theres any Ema would decide what action to based on the contingency plans weve already said Matt whose consulting momentum has led the City through the y2k planning those plans will probably Mirror what the City and county already do when Dis Aster there Are shelters to be police to be called out and Road Crews to the committee members will include Kokomo mayor Jim Trobaugh and several City department the mayor and other City leaders will be on Call in Case anything Hap Mckillip said he is person ally not particularly worried that there will be any major breakdown in the cites Infra at the same Mckillip is worried that bad news from the far East might pro Voke some unrest some countries just Arent As like for people might think similar things might happen so just in the Kokomo police and fire departments will have extra members on duty and on at the same the City will be Mckillip it is a real proc Tor Gamble didst spend million fixing a problem that Doest he referring to his former employers preparation millennium Bug causing empty seats i it photo by Sarah Steffo watching the skies Craig an air traffic controller at gris from air Reserve keeps track of civilian and military planes that Fly Over the the base will be working with the Federal aviation administration to ensure no accidents happen new years by Abby Johnson i Tribune staff writer i j its a Uncein lifetime expert at Midnight on the world will celebrate the arrival of a hew a new Century and a new where will you be 1 while there will be people ring no in the new year at hot spots Ike Las vegas and new Nany americans will either be wording or 1 think that a lot of people Are Hill but a lot of airlines have cancelled said Jen lifer Ross of aaa travel Joe Media relations manager for United con armed the bookings Over he year holidays ire not real Strong at this Hopkins sees a couple reasons or the lower travel rates Over jew years a lot of peole Are going to be working the 1st and will need to stay close by he he also said that Many people i Are travelling will Likely travel which is the end of a three weekend for some Hopkins said that those who do travel worry about any compute related United airlines has been working More than three years to make sure that All computers will function properly and All flights will operate at Grissom air Reserve base and other military bases across the air traffic controllers will be working throughout the night to assist the Federal Avia Tion administration in the event of an you have any trouble Landing or Tak ing said Paul a civil Ian air traffic he said that the radar equipment located at the base much like radar equipment at commercial airports will work with or without com Puter and generators will ensure that the operations will go airlines Arent the Only Industry seeing lower travel numbers this were anticipating much lighter travel into the new millennium than in years past most people Are staying said John director of Media relations at is your pc ready for y2k three areas need to be checked to make sure your personal computer is y2k Hal Durre every pc has an internal clock and a Basic or which relays information from the internal clock to the most computers made since 1998 will not have hardware action Check with the you May need to get a software update or manually reset the so Turre operating systems and All Dat intensive applications such As banking and spreadsheet programs need to be action Check with the software in most cases free upgrades or software fixes Are Ortr even if your computer hardware and software Are y2k bad data can cause action scan data files for two digit this can be done manually or with the help of a commercial y2k for More information free testing programs and links to y2k information Sites of hardware database of y2k information from software and other source compiled from a wire reports warning system error on the Federal Trade commissions consumer information web placed prominently at the Are the year 2000 its closer than you Mike Miller can attest to that As a systems integrator for Miller and Miller information management systems in he said business has been picking up As 1999 winds Down in preparation for the new the Etc web site cautions that most computers will need Small or for the most part every computer is going to need some he even items that Are supposedly y2k compliant such As Microsoft win Dows 95 and will need Small but his Best advice is probably the our recommendation is not to have their computers on at Midnight Miller and Back things up id do that a irs Veteran agents tax professionals never Matt with the irs Settle for pennies on the Dollar guarantied results what Toto Row Ink Vij y2ri81r in the year has spawned 8w8f8l of Tell Luvito we Kuhr in Maga iln66 and ifs enriched computer pro0rartirtief add fld via department estimates Fiat Gas verment and businesses will have spent More than billion by 2001 in the United states so what exactly is and what should you do about it heres a Basic guide about y2k stands Tor year 2000 and commonly refers to computer problems that might arise from a programming practice of using Only two digits to represent a programmers adopted the technique decades ago to save which was expensive at the at the end of this 99 will Roll Over to much like a car odometer that has reached its if left computers might misread 00 for 1900 in the new disrupting systems that run Power traffic lights and perform other key what is being done about it Over several programmers have exam ined trillions of lines of computer looking for Date references and fixing the coding when Neces despite All the time and y2k experts do not expect to finish the for Les critical sys governments and businesses have come up with alternative ways to do the same they Are planning for the unix in Case some Date references were Over with such contingencies in wide spread disruptions Are although sporadic outages Are i dont even use a so i have nothing to worry right v older video Cas Sette recorders might not record your favorite Home burglar alarms might cease to some Coffee makers and microwave ovens have chips in although those appliances tend to care less what year it at any Check with manufacturers for even if All of your appliances Are you could be susceptible to problems beyond your for an errant computer else where might Send you a Bill for All charges in the 20th thinking your last payment was in utile credit phones and air planes All depend heavily on compute where can i get More information president Clinton advisory group has an internet site at and a toll free number 1898usa the american red Cross has information at both groups offer As do Many other private organizations and govern ment for More specific regional and local Check with your local utilities and tax Pettit Nunt analytic confidential interview in our local offal 8009259609 few insider Riporti How to end irs problems fort Tri 8888077464 24 hour recorded Mange nations most successful tax Resolution Wujok Harrit it compan Kokomo go of Bradford White water Heaters Hydro Jet performance water Heater Sale Kings a 1946 4676664 116 Vale hours monday Friday 86 saturday 812 for the romantically challenged husband com us for a Christ Nyu morning to to same Man jul i Many 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