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Kittanning Leader Times Newspaper Archives May 31 1986, Page 1

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Kittanning Leader Times (Newspaper) - May 31, 1986, Kittanning, Pennsylvania Ltd can steel companies survive Page 2 pirate Home woes continue Page 6 nuclear waste disposal problem Page 4 Leader times Armstrong a Only daily vol. 98, no. 128 saturday May 31, 1986 Kittanning. A. 30 cents rain Complete forecast p. 13 briefly no problems the emergency operating enter and Rainbow control said there have been no reports of flooding in the county a spokesman for the National weather service said Friday s thunderstorms were entered just North of Pittsburgh and affected Only the Southern tip of Armstrong county. Clarion. Indiana and Butler controls also reported no flooding the National weather service said the worst of the thunderstorms Are Over although showers Are predicted for this afternoon tonight and tomorrow top secrets Washington up 4 the White House Friday softened its Tough stand against reporters w to air intelligence secrets with a spokesman urging them to use a their own responsibility As americans to protect National Security. At the same time Deputy press Secretary Edward Djerejian said Cia director William Casey used the wrong word when he told news organizations wednesday they should not engage in a speculation Quot about the substance of what accused spy Ronald Pelton sold the soviet Union alleges blackmail Rome up Yelena Bonner wife of soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov accused Moscow Friday of a blackmail Quot in circulating a report that her conduct in the West had jeopardized Sakharov a chances of Freedom from internal exile Bonner made the charge in London and then went to Italy for her last Stop on her w a Home to the soviet Union ending a six month visit to the West including medical treatment in the United states pleads guilty Washington 4 postal service vice chairman Peter Voss has pleaded guilty to taking payoffs and cheating on his expenses and lawmakers say they want to reorganize the largest us Agency Voss resigned Friday alter entering his guilty pleas to three felonies in District court espionage ring Washington 4 an israeli air Force officer is expected to be charged along with accused spy Jonathan Pollard and his wife with taking part in an israeli espionage ring inside the pm Ted states govern ment sources say the sources said the Justice department officials were broadening the Case beyond Pollard. Drug bust Atlanta 4 three a Kingpins Quot and 38 other people accused of running a billion Dollar drug ring were indicted in a drug bust that enforcement officials said could temporarily slow the cocaine Trade in this country. The indictments announced Friday climaxed a nine month Federal investigation. Stocks lower new York 4 Stock prices finished lower Friday As investors took profits and ended a five Day winning Streak trading was Active. The Dow Jones Industrial average fell 5.84 Points from the record High set thursday and closed at 1876 71 for the week. The Blu Chip barometer gained 53.42 Points inside business. .2 Hospital. 3 classified. 12 13 life style. 5 comics. To sports. A 7 editorial 4 Heaters. La extra sections foodland.6 pages shop n save.12 pages Thrift drug.6 pages riverside.6 pages deaths p. 3 Theodore Stinchomb formerly of kills 4 Pittsburgh up 4 at least four people were dead and to were missing today after Thunder storms caused Flash flooding and mudslides in suburban Pittsburgh officials said some three inches of rain fell in one hour Friday night in Shaler township just North of Pittsburgh causing landslides Power outages downed Trees and Telephone lines and a number of evacuations Deputy Allegheny county Coroner Robert keys said four men were killed in the flooding a More Are missing approximately to right now Quot keys said a i believe tomorrow they will find More when there is Daylight Quot keys identified one of the dead As tim Kanen ind. 28, of Millvale the other three victims remained unidentified All were found around 9 pm Friday he said flooding along the Pine Creek a tributary to the Allegheny River caused hundreds of people to by driven from their Homes in Allegheny county in the southwestern part of the state More than a dozen people were rescued by boat from a restaurant surrounded by flood Waters the communities of Sharpsburg Shaler Etna and Hampton were particularly hard hit the place is a said a red Cross official a there was lots of rain in those communities lots of mud Quot the red Cross set up shelters in Etna Hampton and Whitehall and county authorities were warning people to boil their drinking water a it happened in five Dave Horton told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette a my Cadillac is sitting in the front Yard with a Telephone pole on it a a firefighters said several houses suffered extensive damage from fire caused by lightening and there were several medical emergencies in the area Rescue Crews had trouble reaching Many victims because of High water and downed Power line other communities in the county were untouched by flooding weather in downtown Pittsburgh was relatively Calm and a pirates game was played after a one hour delay due to rain the disaster came one Day Short of the year anniversary when killer tornadoes touched Down in North Western Pennsylvania killing 65 people bus plows into River shrouded the fog Laid thick near the Kittanning state police Barracks this morning casting an eerie nuance Over this Odd looking tree. The weather in t expect to improve much Over the weekend As forecasters Are calling for periods of rain. Sharon Ebner staff Bridgeport Calif id f skid Marks on a twisting Mountain Road and eyewitnesses indicate a charter bus carrying senior citizens May have been going too fast when it hurtled into an icy Whitewater River killing 18 the bus returning from a gambling Outing in Reno Nev. To Southern California skidded out of control on a curve Friday and plunged if feet Down an embankment into the Runoff swollen Walker River Northeast of Yosemite National Park eight bodies were recovered from the battered starline Tours bus to bodies were pulled from the surging River f three of them 15 Miles downstream and 24 people were injured including the Driver officials said Quot it looked like a Battlefield said Irv Pigovat Redding Calif. A w . A the by a Dies were entangled there was a lot of blood and a lot of people in a it was a said Judy sowl of Van Guys. Cali whose Motorc Cie touring group had been passed by the bus a Short time before a it was sickening Quot officer Mike Slappey of the California Highway patrol said there was evidence the bus was travelling too fast for twisting two Lane Highway 345. Al it out 20 Miles Southwest of the Nevada Border a so far we feel Speed was the cause Quot he said a there were Quot kid Marks All Over the Highway Quot the bus left a 2io-foot-Long skid Mark on the curve and another 215 foot Mark after it bounced off a Cha in-1 Ink Fence before hurtling Down the embankment he said a the bus was going too said Sobel whose motorcycle group was on a i our ride to Nevada from South pm California she said the Tiu had passed the group at a Speed of 55 to 60 Miles an hour a Short time before Sobel and her companions pulled several people to safety from the smashed bus which fell onto its Side and came to rest propped on a Rock the front of the bus was submerged in water while water Rose to the window Sills in other parts the scene at Liard the wrecked bus was one of terror and chaos for to group from the Santa Monica Christ Lan towers senior citizen residence in Santa Monica Calif. In route Home from an annual trip to casinos Iii Reno a my husband was thrown out the window Quot said Valerie Webb what was hurled into the aisle As in wines fell on top of her a i thought he floating Down the River it was Tern Hie not knowing where he was Lier husband was later found by rescuers skin cancer near epidemic proportions in United states by Liz \ Issei Washington Bureau Washington older americans who often spend their Days in the Sun and who have absorbed Large doses of ultraviolet rays Over their lifetimes run a High risk of contract my skin cancer a congressional committee Learned earlier this month the disease has reached epidemic proportions in the United states with As Many As 500,000 new cases reported each year said rep Edward Roybal a Calif chairman of the House select committee on aging a cancer and skin experts told the panel that one in seven americans will suffer from some form of skin cancer in their lifetime and while those Over 50 Are at highest risk. The number of Young people with skin cancer is a growing concern to doctors and researchers the disease received Public Atten Hon when it was revealed that vice president George Bush had a Small skin cancer removed from his Cheek president and mrs Reagan each have had similar minor surgeries doctors from the National cancer Institute the american cancer society and the american Academy of dermatology told lawmakers that the disease is almost always curable if it is detected Early enough it also can be prevented simply by reducing time in the Sun. Especially during Peak hours Between to a in and 2 p in wednesday s hearing was called to focus attention on the growing inn Donee of skin cancer and to coincide with Quot older americans Melanoma skin cancer detection and proven turn week Quot May 26 to june i among the witnesses at the hearing was Conrad Bain the actor who plays Phillip Drummond on the television comedy a a diff int strokes while Iii his fifties Bain was successfully treated for skin cancer Quot for some time i had been aware of a spot on my forehead which did not Tan Quot Bain told the committee Quot then a Little raised bump appeared there something like a pimple but it did no to concern me while appearing in a play Bain noticed that the spot had a tendency to bleed Quot it persisted so Lucky tor me i decided to see my dermatologist Bain s skin doctor diagnosed the bump As basal cell carcinoma he most common form of skin cancer it was surgically removed and Bain has been healthy Ever since he said in his testimony the american Academy of dermatology says malignant or cancerous Melanomas begin As a mottled Light Brown to Black Flat blemish with irregular Borders these lesions May turn shades of red Blue and White and May bleed they often develop in existing moles on tin upper Back Torso lower legs head and neck most susceptible Are people with fair skin who sunburn easily. Those with Blond red or Light Brown Hail and Blue Green or Gray eyes Are especially vulnerable the Aai says outdoor workers and people living in the South or Southwest also increase their chances of developing skin cancer once the cancer exists it is treat Able 40 percent of the time Aai says it can Fie removed surgically or it can in destroyed by an electric current passed through a Needle with applications of very Low temperature he did nitrogen or High Energy x rays or with topical creams and ointments but most important the experts agree is to see a doctor at the fir-1 sign of trouble engine failure forces destruction of rocket Kourou French Guiana up 4 a european Anane rocket and its $55 million satellite a Load were blown up by Mission control 50 Miles above the Earth because the rockets third stage failed to fire sending another Shock wave through the commercial rocket Industry the failure Friday night minutes after Blastoff dealt a blow to the West a last major satellite launcher and came after three dramatic american failures this year including the loss of the space shuttle challenger Jan 28 that killed seven people. European space Agency officials said they would study computer data collected during the ill fated flight to determine Why the failure occurred the ariane rocket is the shuttles major Competition in the West and a european space Agency spokesman said the programs next launch May be grounded during an investigation to fid out what went wrong that would leave the soviet Union As the Only nation with rockets carrying heavy payloads to orbit. The unmanned French built ariane 2 rocket had to be destroyed nine minutes after Blastoff at 9 53 p m. Because of the failure of its third stage engine it was a third stage failure that led to the last ariane failure on sept 9, 1485, when two satellites were destroyed Quot the whole Mission has been lost Quot said Frederic d Ali est chairman of Arian space the French led International consortium that markets builds and launches the ariane abandoning treaty would threaten talks the strut Why did the Guinea hens Cross the Road. These two were enjoying a warm thursday afternoon by taking a leisurely stroll on fort run Road in Pattonville. Sharon Ebner staff Geneva up 4 soviet negotiators have warned that the Geneva arms talks As Well As any new Summit will be jeopardized if the Reagan administration Abandons compliance with the Salt ii treaty on limiting strategic nuclear weapons official soviet sources Friday said the danger of repercussions will be made Clear to the Side in Geneva secrecy rules agreed to when the arms talks began in March 1985, prevented soviet chief Delegate Viktor Karpov and his aides from commenting publicly but they made sure the soviet position was outlined via diplomatic sources those sources said Karpov would be warning . Delegation Leader Max m Kampelman and other american negotiators that any breakthrough at the stalled talks would be All but impossible if Washington renounces Salt ii soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev would have problems with a this own Pentagon and generals Quot about continuing the talks if cruise missiles Are deployed on . B-52 bombers in september As planned one of the sources said Gorbachev also May find it impossible to justify a trip to the United states for another Summit he said. A what would be the to flt Quot he said. Soviets hold chernobyl Aid Moscow up 4 More than 25,0 k people ranging from Well dressed Middle aged bureaucrats to teenagers in tattered jeans packed a Moscow stadium for a soviet style Rock a Roll fund Raiser for the victims of the chernobyl nuclear Accident organizers said they hoped fridays concert would raise nearly $1 4 million dollars. A a a today a concert is unusual Money is Money but we Are Here to give you our hearts Quot said Alia Pugacheva the flashy Veteran Singer who emceed the Benefit Quot this is for government account no 904, remember that number 904 All the people from chernobyl will Benefit from this the performers were As diverse As the crowd and included a Veteran heart throb a fledgling new wave group and a Rock band that played for the live Aid concert to Aid the ethiopian famine More than 25,000 soviets from Well dressed Middle aged bureaucrats to teenagers in frayed jeans attended Friday s concert in the olympic sports stadium w Hile others stood outside in Hopes of getting Las minute tickets although self styled impresario and Rock critic Art Troitsky said the concert would raise about $140,000 Pugacheva said the Sale of tapes and records eventually could up the proceeds to More than $1 4 million in another development the French embassy said a Sample of veal bought in Moscow s Central Market and tested in Paris showed More than six times the level of radiation allowed for adults in West pm Europe an embassy official said diplomats had been advised not to eat either veal or pork. A Leader times super special local students Tell their vacation plans Page 4

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