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Kingston Gleaner Newspaper Archives Nov 29 1982, Page 1

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Kingston Gleaner {Newspaper} - 1982-11-29,Kingston, Kingston 50 cents vol.cxlviii.no.a77 Esta bushed 1834 Kingston Jamaica monday november 29, 1982 eighteen pages rum amp a ism Miebs Mam. Vaz predicts 3% growth in manufacturing sector Industry and Commerce minister the Hon Douglas Vaz on saturday night challenged manufacturers to help the government transform the Economy As he predicted that growth in the manufacturing sector this year will be close to 3%. Or. Vaz speak my at relic Jamaica manufacturers associations to Porr awards function it the Jamaica Pegasus hotel reviewed the perform Mcc of set ors within his portfolio response bitty and gave a preview of How the new Trade Board will operate starting in . Or Vaz challenged rat 0 8% growth Prid Tuon but Jam president thunk Williams tie Jam president nude ins prediction in his address to the Saint function tit minister said i will Tony Williams that his 0-8% will be a Pale comparison Etta use i now forecast that it will be far closer to a growth in manufacturing than 0 8%. Rha is a Challenge i Lay out night and t know i am night a mrva said however that he noted that the i manufacturer i had Ertain con terns which had been Given very wide pith Tity whith at times made it seem on the surface that the a narc sector w 1. In combat Voth he government said that tie had taken note of the concerns about Theno Ruments Polny of deregulation and the structural and Usten of the to Onomy and the fears that de regulation Niilre Silt in the milling of the private Sci i or and that the private sector was not capable of Lom Pering locally with foreign made goods which can be prod Tod much cheaper because of to ethnological advances. M those Toun Mes he said that he had taken note of the j tall for the slowing Down of the removal of quantitative restrict Lions and he was pleased that the association Fia it indicated that in wih produce a Poncy paper St Mcturnal adjustment and its possible effects on the a Lonois in. Or Vaz said thai since the government could not Issue of minded licences that have no foreign Exchange backing. It was import tent that foreign Exchange be earned and be on hand m order for the licences to be granted or va7 said that the manufacturers want to know that foreign Exchange is available m whatever amounts the need Quot it does not seem to matter that for the first six months of this year Bauxite mining fell to 4.5 million tons a decline of 26.7% it docs not in Aiter a or seems to matter very Little that though the country mined 11.6 million tons of Bauxite last year this year it is expected to mine Only 8 8 nillion tons it does not matter to the average manufacturer and now i speak to their leadership that the fall in Bauxite production a due to no fault of this government but because of world recession in the Industry will Cost the country u s s60 million. He said that the fall in Price alone will Cost the country u.s.s15 million so in All the country will be losing some u s s7j million and it will have to be realised that a fall of this magnitude must be reflected in the amounts of foreign Exchange available for the Man Ufa Runng sector or Vaz said that it was the responsibility of the leadership and the leadership of the entire private sector to educate their members about these facts and not to give the impression that the difficulties in getting licences arc due entirely to bad Faith or any declining Imp Nance attached to the private sector turning to the subject of the Trade Board said that the Board will come into effect in january 1983, an apr ornate staff will be recruited including Sou a who �4iave displayed re Sponski bitty dedication and probity in carrying responsibilities in the existing department. He said that the main function of the Trade Board will be to Monitor the administration of imports and exports to ensure that the policies and targets for economic development set by government Are effectively carried out. As Well As to Monitor that the resources available to the country for imports Are allocated in accordance with the Contd on Page 14 col. 1 Export Champion the minister of Industry and Commerce the Hon. Douglas Vaz presenting the Jamaica manufacturers associations Champion exporter award to or. Charite Baboolal Centre and Chambers managing director and financial controller respectively of inc Winner of to a a. Champion exporter Competition the awards banquet at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel on saturday to import raw materials Jar members the government has decided 40 enfranchise the Small business association to be the importer of raw materials and other products for the associations members provided those members have registered with the excise department prime minister Edward Seaga said Friday night. Speaking at the sea i business associations first annual Small business awards function at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel or. Seaga said a the government has decided that we will enfranchise the Small business association to be the importer of raw Marenas and cipher products for the Small business associations members provided these Mem Bers where applicable have registered with the excise Seaga said that this would allow the sea to fulfil the role which it had yearned to do or which it had asked to Sec some other organization do in order to provide its members with duty free raw materials. The prime minister said that the government had also decided that in the forthcoming budget ail Catkin for 1983 of foreign Exchange a sum would be involved representing the total which would be made available to the Small business senior and the sea would be allowed to represent not Only the interest of the Small business sector but also its members m terms of such allocations. He said Steps were also being taken to ensure that where bulk buying was being done by other agencies such As the Jamaica commodity trading Contd on Page 14 col. 6 shortages threaten construction Industry the chairman of the hardware merchants association or. Peter Moss Solomon has warned that the a a prevail ing shortage of Cement steel and lumber which is driving up building costs and making it diff cult for Many hardware distributors to remain in business also threatens to stymie the growth of the jamaican construction Industry. According to or. Moss Solomon hardware Dis to tutors have been unable since january to secure adequate quantities of Cement which is produced by the government owned can bean Cement company steel which is produced by the Caribbean steel company and lumber which is imposed by rhe Jamaica commodity trading company or. Moss Solomon was speaking at the 26th annual general meeting of the hardware merchants association held on thursday at the Terra Nova hotel Kingston a faced with responsibility for prepayment and Quot prolonged deliveries of both Cement and steel that sometimes Nin into months a or Moss Solomon said rhat�?ounles5 both the can bean steel and Cement companies improve their efficiency and offer a prompt delivery sen ice we Wilt have to take the stand where goods will not be paid for until they Are delivered hardware merchants were finding it increase mgr difficult to pre pay for these Matenas and meet Over draft interest payments without having Cement and steel to sell and bring in Invonne or. Moss Solomon re marked. According to him the shortage of Cement which is fuelling the development of a Lacoc Market and the unavailability of steel panic Larrv 5/8 and 3/4 Inch steel is so grave that Ham numbers a re a finding it increasingly difficult to remain m Einess a shortages prevail inspire of the to that a a comprehensive list of All building Matenas required for the building Industry Dunn 19s2�?� was prepared for government by the hardware merchants association Rhc master builders association and other affiliated associations m Early 1982, the chairman said. Or. Moss Solomon said that his Assoc anon realized at that time that can steel would not be Able to produce the 20,000 tons of steel required by the local constr action Industry and that can bean Cement Contd on Page 14 col. 3 . Urges Good use for $7.5-m Christmas work allocation prime minister Edward Seaga on thursday urged both sides of the House of representatives to put a total of $?,550,000 allocated in the tary estimates for Christmas work Prog teunies this year to meaning Fia and productive use. Speaking in the debate on the first supplementary estimates 1982/83 which approved rhe sending of an additional s147 million by rhe government said that $5,050,000 of the amount would be spent by the ministry of local government on a special work programme for Christmas while another s2.5 million would be spent by the ministry of construction works on a productive employ Merit programme also for can Somas. The prime minister called on the members of parliament to see that the sum is distributed in a meaningful and productive Way. He said controlled by that ministry As part of rhe s30 i know the Pele will be looking Forward to it in million Road improvement programme a anticipation of Torgl t i l f members Ryhti selves Wal have Rhc Opportunity to the Vanois sectors of the estimates or a a Quot a. J Seaga said that it had become necessary for him to Sci a. Of not la 1 r i Jam president Calls for private sector support members Hiir Neives will have rat Opportunity to dist but these funds in a meaningful and productive Way and not just to scatter them. Speak to both sides of the House in that respect the funds be put into meaningful production so that they can be utilities de for the Benefit of the or. Seaga also pointed out that sl8 million in the supplementary estimates would be for the Relief employment programme which had been suspended earlier this year and $1.1 million to cover payment made on an Independence week special work pro gramme. An additional $8 5 million have also been made available to the ministry of 1 ocal gov eminent to a a j jul ilk Lii in out the reason Why $20 million were saved from the Basic needs Basket which provides subsidy for certain foodstuffs. The prime minister said that the total amount set aside for subsidies in the Basket was $25 million however because the prices on a wide Range of items such As wheat com soya bean soya Oil skimmed milk powder butter milk butter Oil and counter flour have remained stable there has been no need to provide subsidies. Consequently of the j25 million $20 million cd it nth a on Page 9 co. 1 the president of the Jamaica Man Uniac Turcus Jamor. R. Anthony Wili warns has cached for Public support for the private sector in generating the foreign Exchange earnings required for economic recovery. Speaking at rhe Sexton awards function at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel saturday night or Williams said that now More than Ever manufacturers and exporters need Public Suppon which will decide How they Challenge rhe future overcome the obstacles and pave the Way for a new Boyani Jamaica or Wiliiams said that the foreign Exchange put aside for exp Uncas if properly used was enough to finance completely the raw materials requirements of All nor Trade Titial exporters but because of difficult to it i a Ceib to the expo development fund it was not being fully utilised. He said that Access to the u s s70 million in the fund for exporters was affected by the need fora 100% Bank guarantee. For Over one and a half years the association has been trying to get the conditions changed so As to provide greater Access to it by manufacturers but representations so far have not brought the required changes or Williams said that utilization of the of had been falling. For rhe it eat ending december 31, 1981, final commitments of def were u s Sloo million and for the ten months to october 30, 1982, final commitments were u.s.$j2 million with a recapture repayment this year to october 30 being u s.$42 million. He said that the . Pro acted that for november and december this year usage of the fund will see additional final commitments of no More than u.s.$i8 million making final commitments of s70 million for the year which will mean 30% less usage in 1982 compared to 1981. The . Also projects he said that if the terms of the def Are not changed usage will be even lower in 1983. He said that another obstacle to Export growth was High Cost of inputs some of which Are locally available. Or Wlliams said that despite the problems manufacturers performed Well in 1982, for not Only did they increase experts but the , now projects that the manufacture my sector will show a Gap growth at constant prices of 0.8% Over 1981. Speaking on structural adjustment the . President said that while the Home Market was being eroded by imports the manufacturers were being asked to improve their perform dance. He said that the manufacturers must have a Home Market before they can play a meaningful role in exports the top award at the function. The prime ministers cup for the Champion exposer m 1982 was won by Richardson Vicks inter Mencas in who were winning the prize for the third time having won in 1972 and 1974. Runners up were Nicholas products limited Gillette Caribbean parfume Jamaica Fleetwood Jamaica and Weist indies synthetics Ltd the prize for rhe most improved exporter went went to Nicholas products with Richardson Vicks second and Hughes manufacturing third. Cifuentes y Cia won the Best approved expo manufacturer award Highgate food products was adjudged Best agro Industry horticultural exposer and Ltd., the Best trader exposer. Product group winners were India steal products automotive Naco can bean bedding building and Metal product Richardson Vicks chemical cosmetics and pharmaceuticals Hughes electrical and electronics Highgate foods food and agr Indus to Gator Ltd footwear Crimson Dawn garment Fleetwood Jamaica miscellaneous and jewellery West indies synthetics plastic products and acco Jamaica inn tag and packaging. Chairman of the function was or. Paul Thomas Vaz wife of the minister of Industry and comme Rucj Hon Douglas Vaz who was the guest speaker made some of the presentations As did the minister of state m the ministry senator Anthony Johnson the Hon Carlton Alexander or. C. Henderson Davis and others. The vote of thanks was moved by miss Marguerite Orance world music festival ends in dramatic style gleaner Western Bureau the three Day world music festival which Ocean thursday might at the Montero free on ended m Ura manc style yesterday Rooming. Attracting thousands of people from All Over the world rhe musical extravaganza w As like a unifying Force the scene at the Bob Marley entertain nent Centre yesterday morning was that of a Farewell Pany. As the Cunlain came Down on the Mammoth show old friends and those who became fiends Dunn the three Day festival hugged kissed and partied together. For nost of the campers their bags Wetr Alt adv packed and Over 800 colourful tents which covered the show and so a Quot a Quot the Bob Marley Centre was opened ust a few Days ago but news of this Complex has already hit the International scene. 1. Musical feast some of the world s most celebrated entertain in made their appearance at the Centre. And Thoa Sauk of their fans journeyed from Many parts of the world to the North coast City for rhe affair. Aretha Franklyn Gladys Knight and the pips Jimmy Cliff Rita Marley and the i threes Beach boys Black Uhuru Skeeter Davis Toots and the Maytas the b-52 and Joe Jackson were among rhe top entertainers who rocked the music festival. Each Nigier the crowd grew bigger reaching its Peak ust before Midnight saturday. At 730 . Saturday Bobby and the it unites Rook the St signalling the Stair of the foot i it i of the to musical the group made Thor fipe Aranar Wotli a Burnt of Energy and provided Lon it top hits a i cutting the Pace for the Njg nth to act Vitie. Joe Jackson followed and made an uni Prewit onion Button. Jamaica female music idol Rita Maricz Toia the stage Blaw of glory lome three hours after the Start of the show it was at the crowd wat starving for her music and when she poured it out Thev Oer Talv Annm Barri a thank you Jahu a who feels it Quot a no woman no cry left the crowd screaming. Rita was joined by the Melody makers a her children a and together the it opened up the reservoirs of music. Despite a Long act the crowd shouted for More when Rita left the St she obliged and returned for an encore. Rick James the celebrated am can fort Singer Gor i fixed tract ans Dunn his 0-Minuic stay at one a age the crowd virtually bed him to leave the stage of a owning next to rhe Heel of Rick were the with set Ine or their Latew a fent and the Classi re a groups kept the Cowd dancing and is Outin Perer to two who came in stage to a or Mondou Welcome rocked the crowd a me it i t a Shmu a the curtain began o lower on Rhea rival. You Are an an can a hot shot. A Rasta land and Quot a naw give in up Quot were Amoin wac of the Favourite a Penang Hite outfit to it Jyh also had some words a fad motion Tor the crowd in the Early sunday morning. His final piece a done after 8 of a kick. Fien Alline no amp Wuitch Jiw Wrisk

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