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Kingston Gleaner Newspaper Archives May 25 1990, Page 4

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Gleaner, The (Newspaper) - May 25, 1990, Kingston, KingstonPage 2a sound education important Simpson the daily gleaner Friday May 25, 1990 the importance of a sound Educa Tion was underscored by miss por Tia Simpson. Minister of labour welfare and sport As she addressed students of the Yallas Pri Mary school in St. Thomas miss Simpson who was Declar ing open the school s annual sports Day on tuesday emphasized that no matter How fast an athlete May be Able to run or How Good he May be at any particular sporting activity he will need education to go through i reiterating government s commitment to the development of sport the minister said this would continue with Strong support of the private sector. We have a combination of a government and private sector sup port for dynamic teams a matter which makes it possible for Many Young jamaicans to realize their athletic the minister said at the same time you cannot neglect your work in the class she advised the Stu dents in attendance. The labour minister noted that teachers had an important part to play she said it was through their guidance and encouragement that the potential of students would be developed alongside their athletic performance she said that despite the Joys of being victorious in sport it was their classroom education which would build for them the stage they would occupy in tomorrow s world miss Simpson said it was not impossible that out of the games she was declaring open would emerge some world Champion she said it was her Hope and she expected the competitors to Bear that in mind As they sought to realize their goals and fulfil their ambitions the minister was introduced by or r. M Mcdonald principal of the school among those in attendance were mrs. Pernel Grossman president of the St Thomas Branch of the Jamaica teachers association and or. Errol Anderson my for the area who praised St. Thomas Tea Chers for their dedication and hard work. Weather Wilkinson photo m. . Leslie president of the Jamaica civil service association ecsa making a presentation yesterday to miss Jacqueline Beckford of the ministry of construction works for outstanding service to the ecsa. The presentation took place at Jaci Sera Park Wolynes Road Kingston at the annual general meeting of the association. Today s forecast do associates limited. 7 38 Tom Ovett in Nornia and again at. in thi j and at. Mary St. Andrew St. By but thana will occur mainly in Over Southern could in exc i. Of in Marine forecast offshore Elt 20-30 its. Yeai 3-7 it. When Seaga was left in the dark opposition Leader Edward Seaga sweating yesterday from the heat of a Power Cut at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel new Kingston which delayed his news briefing by an hour blamed the parlous state of the electricity serv ices on the current government s indecision. International weather brio Xiong us los moelc6, Usa Miami Usa Tomim. Tow Usa Philadelphia Usa ton of Spain Toa Ohto Ca Wash Wicht Usa weather Publ. Showers p. Cloudy sunny Shower sunny p. Cloudy Shower sunny today s Low 72 22 c 48 56 75 39 53 52 71 46 56 9 c 13 c 24 c 4 c 12 c 11 c 22 c 8 c 13 c today b 88 59 73 84 58 69 75 88 64 75 High 31 c 15 c 23 c 29 c 14 c 21 c 24 c 31 c 18 c 24 c _ _ weather broadcast coast guard.2182 Cloudy possible available. Khz or Channel 16 Marine vhf Outlook for the week the fact of the matter is that these dark Days ahead gleaner May very Well be dark months ahead or dark years ahead depending on what has been done in rela Tion to ordering the generating capacity to meet the need for 172 megawatts of additional generation which is going to be required Over the next 3 to 5 or. Seaga said the news briefing was scheduled to Start at 11 a m. At the hotel but the Power Cut threw things into disarray and the stand by Power at the hotel was insufficient to meet the needs of the ballroom the venue of the briefing a rotary club luncheon next door was held in candlelight borrowed the Jamaica Public service co. Promised a return of Power in 30 minutes but up to noon electricity had not returned and the Jap executives borrowed a Generator from the mature alternative last a Nite spot in Kingston where grown ups can go out to play. To party. To enjoy jazz. Revues. Showtime. Off off Broadway productions. Sports on the big screen and to meet other grown ups at Happy hour on a Friday afternoon. See you at the Jonk Anoo the the mature alternative May Well be dark months ahead9 appliance traders Ltd which arrived shortly after and allowed the briefing to get underway the briefing was conducted in a lit but hot ballroom or. Seaga took off his jacket As did several of his party s executives Many of those presenta were Happy to leave the room when the briefing ended just i Over an hour later during the Seaga said that from the expansion of the Seq Onomy started in the latter half of the 1980s, systems of evaluation i had been put in place to determine the additional generating capacity needed and what form of Genera Tion was required the Pool of research was put together by a committee formed to determine what course should be taken in the future and a report was made on april 29 1988 the project was fitted into the Macro framework of the medium term economic programme and a decision taken As to How it would be financed m August 1988 the decision was to proceed with arrangements for two 20-megawatt slow Speed diesel generators from Japan similar to that on the Power Barge As recommended by the committee the committee also said that immediately following those acquisitions and their instal lation there would be need for two 66-megawatt generators Mission although Hurricane Gilberts truck in september 1988. In octo Ber the ministry of finance contacted the japanese government through Washington and asked for a Mission to be sent Here the Mission came and As a result in january 1989, representatives of the japanese government came for negotiations on an entire economic co operation programme for the next three years including upgrading the electricity service what has happened since then of course we Are not in position to More troops Libreville May 24, Router France rushed extra troops to Gabon on thursday after anti government riots in which a French Diplomat and nine foreign Oil work ers were held hostage for several hours president Omar Bongo moved troops and tanks around his Palace in the capital Libreville to keep out demonstrators demanding his Resig nation say except to say that there was apparently one further meeting with the or. Seaga said we Are not in a position to say Why the government has not continued these negotiations which undoubtedly if they had we be looking at a reasonable Tim Eta ble for the delivery of these units certainly in next year and any Short term Gap that had to be closed by the Purchase of Gas tur Bines As in fact has been the decision taken by government would indeed be Short term we Are in the dark so to speak literally but particularly because i do not believe that the country knows where we Are with ordering base Load turbines Are not base Load equipment they Are stand by equipment. They can not be put in service for a Long time efficiently. We do not know what is the position with regards to ordering whether it be the 40 megawatts of slow Speed diesel from the Japa Nese or indeed whether a decision has been taken to go to hold for the remaining 132 megawatts which would be urgently needed right after or what other Type of equip ment will be required. Negril Craft vendors association lauded Western Bureau the Negril Craft vendors association a predominantly female organization was yesterday afternoon lauded for its contribution to the Island s tourist Industry in a message from or Vin Law rence executive Carman of the Urban development corporation which was read by mrs Lorene v Holness at the official opening ceremony or Lawrence pointed to the fact that the important Force in Neinl s Success Story was women referring to the Negril carnival. Now in its fifth year As a unique tourism or Lawrence said the jamaican women Are per haps the most development oriented and positively aggressive women this part of the hemisphere their contribution to the Island s tourist Industry was indispensable he said or Lawrence noted that starting from a one Day cultural extravaganza in 1985 to a four Day event in 1990. The Negril carnival had not Only grown beyond the expectations of the organizers but had now extended far beyond the boundaries of Negril or Kent Lacroix assistant to the director of tourism in his Mes Sage read by or Volney Williams Negril s regional manager of Jamaica tourist Board the Jtb s firm commitment and unwavering support to such endeavours which Benefit the Community and also serve to promote Jamaica As a Premier tourist the Hon Jim Thompson Gustos of Westmoreland noted that the carnival was significant in relation to the rapid growth and expansion of the area As it was out of the sweat of the Small Man coming together to make it happen presentations of plaques were made to two hotels. Mariner s inn and Chare la inn and four individuals mrs l Holness of the Udo Brian Breeze Howard Dougherty for sports development and Leroy Dawes for culture for outstanding services to the growth and promo Tion of the carnival the Dorothy Brown memorial award plus for the most artistic and original Craft went to Carmen Watson for her White knitted swimsuit second was Annette Spence for her knitted two piece Pink dress and third to Checri Crooks for his carving of a ram s head. The late miss Brown is credited with the idea from which the Carni Val came. Jean Brown with two very outstanding pieces. Was the featured performer of the ceremony. The mini triathlon won by Gary Chai Onn. A float Parade lunch hour concert special featuring some traditional groups and a marching band display preceded the opening what we do know is that the ceremony. Cost of All this in today s value is somewhere in the Vicinity of million the financing of which probably has something to do with the recent increase in the rates however there were complaints from some quarters that the pack age could have been tighter. The carnival under the theme fun in Sunset closes on saturday evening with a Best of carnival show Kingston a Trammel Crow hotel 77 Bou Levans k Ingmon 5 Jamaica w i Tel Ilsoo panel discussion As part of the Celebration of Trade Union week a panel discussion will be held from 5 30 this evening on Trade unions and the press part ners in democracy and development at the joint Trade Union research and development Centre. 1a Hope Boulevard Kingston 6 pan lists will be professor Carl Stone or Lloyd Goodleigh or Dwight Nelson or George Philip Jef and or Michael Sharpe of the press association of Jamaica under the get there is provision for some areas of Relief for the taxpayer and the consumer. Zero rating whenever an item is Zero rated it Means that the get charged on that item throughout its manufacture and distribution is Zero per cent. It also Means that no get will be paid by the con Sumer on that item. Government is presently considering this As one of the ways to provide Relief for lower income groups. Exemptions government is also considering the possibility of Mak ing certain goods and services exempt from the get. That is no get will be charged on these goods or services when they Are being offered for Sale to the consumer. Zero rating is exemptions the use of the Zero rating and the exemption methods will result in the consumer not paying any tax on the final or services which fall into these Cate Gories. However in the Case of businesses which provide the goods and services there is a difference. With Zero rated goods businesses can recover All the taxes which they might have paid in the manufacture and distribution of those goods or the provision of those services. With exempt goods or services businesses will not be Able to recover the get which they might have paid in producing those goods or services and the final product sold to the consumer May have an element of tax included in them. We encourage you to Cut this column from the news paper and keep it for further reference. Send in your questions and suggestions to the get office 11th floor air Jamaica building 72 Harbour Street Ken. Tel 92-21047 general tax the get helping to make taxation simpler for you and newspaper

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