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Kingston Gleaner Newspaper Archives May 10 1986, Page 1

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Kingston Gleaner {Newspaper} - 1986-05-10,Kingston, Kingston Vol Cui no. Ill -. A a. Quot we established 1834 Kingston Jamaica saturday May,10,1986jy one Dollar Twenty six pages police called in after teacher suffers a a a feat school the police had to be called into the Central Branch All age school in Kingston on wed Day after a female teacher was attacked by a relative of one of the students armed with a Kitchen knife a All parents and the police were summoned to an Emet Gnoy meeting at the school on Slipe pen Road yesterday morning where the incident was discussed. At the meeting it was disclosed Thig this was not the i hit time that teachers and even students were being attacked by relatives at the school and students Are being Given knives and ocher weapons and acid to take to school. A letter has been sent to the minister Gilmour the Situa to advise of education or. Mails asking her Tia take note of ion at the inst Tirion and the school of what to do. A the problems Are greater than what we have expect red there Are a lot of a hings facing us Here at Central Branch All age a the . A in explaining the incident which sparked the attack on the female teacher the in tuesday a dispute developed Between two students and on wednesday when the dispute heightened one of the students went Home for a re a Tive. A Coral pal the ing to the schools Princi relative who was the sister of the student took the child from the class without the teachers permission went to the class of the other set Dent who bras involved in the dispute and boxed a him up. Declaring that she was a going for the teacher Quot the relative went to rhe classroom and a a pushed the child Back in the class and the teacher objected stating that she would not allow the child to return to class because she had left without her permission the teacher was a a pushed by the relative and a fight ensued. The relative Drew a knife from her Waist and stabbed at the teacher but the teacher managed to. Disarm her of the knife. The teacher Anict the relative struggled in the floor and students and. Other teachers came to the teach Era a Rescue. A if it was not for the strength of god we a dead teacher on the corridor on wednesday Quot the principal said. During the meeting the principal read a menage Ftp the Rel Ariye which said in part Quot next time alien i. Come up there it is going to be worse Quot. According to the schools principal an increasing number of Stu dents were Lamg knives and icepick to school. Several knives taken Ferotti students were displayed at the meeting. A it was also disclosed that the incidence of Pat tits coming to the school and hurling abuse at teachers on the increase. The meeting was told that some paints Vivere giving students either acid and Pepper mixed with vinegar to throw on other students and the principal urged Pak its to desist from doing so declaring that Quot children live what they the schools principal i minded parents of the rules Laid Down by the institution. Oise of the rules stated that any child taken from a class without the teachers permission would be suspended from school indefinitely. She said that Many students at the a school were. Disrespectful to Tea Cheis a and this is so because they do not have any to aspect for Yogi parents or chairman of the school Board. The Rev. Or. Clinton Mcm Heel wanted that if incidents of this. Nature occurred again the school. Would be closed for a Day. He so said the student involved in the Curre if dispute would be suspended from school ind finitely until the Mother came Foh Vard and apologised to both the principal Afi d teacher. The parents at the meeting Ulanimo Iisley supported the boards decision. Inspector Harold Cotterell of the Admiral town police station said that the matter was being investigated and the police were now collecting statement bread Ilour Cornmeal tinned milk sardines or he Price of bread flour Cornmeal con Al denied milk and sardines is being reduced this weekend in accordance with Price orders issued by the minister of Industry and Commerce. Some of the decreased prices will take effect today and the others sunday. The reductions arc in keeping with the announcement by prime minister Edward Seaga in his budget presentation last week thursday night that the Price of several food items animal feed and Cement would be rolled Back. The Price of Cement has already been reduced by s2.0,l and rhe Price of Sal fish went Down on thursday. Those prices logo Down Loday Are bread baking flour and counter flour. Hard dough in and will sell for $ .70 for la boat or s3 40 for the njord popular 2-lb Lois. Ii own from s3.85 a 2-lb loaf. The Price of no sliced and sliced White bread and Brown bread also go Down today. Baking Floii distributed in 100-lb bags now has an sex factory Price of $64.59, and a maximum wholesale once of s78.86. Counter flour goes Down from sl.16 a la to 82 cents. Maximum cd factory Price is s24.23 per 50-lb bag and Jiaxi inuit wholesale selfing Price is s28.97 per bag. On sunday another set of reduced in pcs comes into effect. The a a Bettye Brand of condensed milk goes Down from s2.50 a tin to s2.9 and a nest let Brand Down from $2.70 to s2.60. The Case of 4s ins of the a Nestle Quot Brand Viust now wholesale at a maximum $120.19 and the a Bettye Brand at $1a the Price of the Iti �7/. Tin of sardines has gone Down., to from $2.27. The maximum wholesale Selling Price is $70 for a Case of 50. A the Price of Cornmeal also goes Down Toni Orrow from 82 cents a Pound to 65 cent Quot. The maximum wholesale Price of the 50-lb bag is s28-97. Other items which Are to be rolled Back in prices incl Ide broiler Contd on. Page 3 codfish scarce codfish the once of which was reduced by ,70 on thursday is scarce. In most super markets checked yesterday a lined amount or none at All was available Soine operators claimed that the Scarcity was due to a limited Supply from the fish distributors for several months now. Sources told the gleaner however that Many supermarket operators had since last week Friday been reluctant to buy the commodity As they would suffer a loss when the announced reduction came into effect. A. minister Edward Seaga an flounced in his budget speech presentation last week thursday that rhe once of codfish would be rolled Back by $1,71, Down from 57,00 per Pound to s5.29. The Price Roll Back came on thursday a Check at several retail outlets in the corporate area yesterday revealed that there has been a limited Supply in some supermarkets or none at All. However the gleaner has been informed that a shipment is due to arrive in the Island on or about May 25. Consumers however unable to get the Staple have expressed Digap. A ointment. Sortie said they thought the supermarket operators were hoarding Sal fish so As not to suffer losses. Limited amount of Sal fish had been available at the Lane supermarket Bur when the gleaner checked there it was sold but. Or. Andrew Bogle manager of. Lane supermarket which had sold out a limited Supply said that the Supply had been inadequate for months. A at another up Tovi a supermarket a spokesman said that that supermarket had been getting in adequate Supply but for the past two months they have not been Able to get the required amount. The. Spokesman said a number of supermarket operators and. Wholesalers Cut Back on their orders since last week As they a would Juffer the bulk of the loss when the new reduced Price came into effect. Senator Harding Senate a . Reid senators clash Over use of words the Senate broke for lunch on a 5<jiir note Vest Day after ,0_ Sittin m i Rny e is Aiice it Ster. Of a govern Hisni i4�sineffi, inc icon. Oswald Harding class id Over the use of certain words. Senator Harding first Rose and objected. To senator . Reid Independent opposition referring to the prime ministers task Force in the new Tenary Educa Cion fees As a a very info Lunate task Force which had been set and a emasculated on the Day it was set up a a senator Hardit a said that if a task Force had been set up it was. Improper to make those allegations. Senator Reid said that no disrespect had been Trie ant or uttered with regard to the members of the cask Force but its terms of reference were so limited that it could Only Deal with some of the problems with which the Senate was dealing. Senator Harding asked that the word a . Be with drawn by Sefi Ator Reid because he was saying to the people on the committee that they should not be sitting on it. Senator Hardin a i think that that is going a Little too far and i would like us to keep the debate to the Point. Madam president i have allowed this debate on a very narrow opposition members shouted out against senator Harding a remark that he had a a allowed the debate. Senator Harding a yes i have allowed because it might very Well be questionable whether we should be debating this matter while a committee is senator Reid a what a senator Harding a if you Are going to move the argument in that direction we on this Side Are not going to continue with this Debat e. Senator Emil a wage of pm sisal 1 Rise to make Tefer ence i Ltd he honourable a min ister so reference that he has permitted the debate on a particular subject i do not sit Here by a leave of anybody to debate what he permits. The honourable minister must be careful with the words he uses. He does not Perr Mit a debate. He must withdraw that statement. It is not by his leave that we debate. Senator. Harding a the Hon. Member Well understands that there is discretion in these mar ters. It is not a question of per mitting ithe Senate to debate but certain things May not be taken at certain times if there Are Good and just re awns for riot doing so. All i was saying to this House is that 1 had a very great responsibility allowing this debate now at a time when there is a committee sitting on the Natter that Sall in a saying. Senator Charles Sinclair opposition asked that the minister put the statement in the proper. time by then had passed the regi Ilar one of clock Linch break the president the Hon. Jeanette giant Woodham ruled a lunch break be taken. A. However after lunch senator Harding clarified his re Narks noting that he did not mean to use the word a allowed Quot in respect to the debate. Senator Reid said he was deeply grateful for the ministers observations and very pleased with his explanation. Senator Reid said he had in no Way wanted to attack the integrity of the members of the task Force As he had hoped that they would have been Given wider limits with. In which to function. A s. Africa death toll Over 1,500 in 20 months to sport blues plague blood Bank the blood Bank is faced with a chronic transportation problem which has been hampering its collection drive. It is also experiencing a drugs crisis because of the delay of the part of the government to provide funds for the present financial year to the inst tuition the Bank has also run out of supplies of regents used to test blood. Donations for hepatitis and syphilis. If supplies of reagents Ai not. Received soot to Lood collected could be useless As it. Could not be tested a spokesman for the Bank on Slipe Road k Ingston said. A source at the blood Bank said there was absolutely no vehicle to transport donors a and we have to be asking people for help and use taxis irom time to time a the Bank has Beeri experiencing a transportation problems on and off for several years now. The ministry of health was aware of this problem a and they have always been interested to give us a have been interested for years but we never get one a the spokesman said adding a a Transcona tin is our Fri apr problem and it appears As of they Bave divested the look Bant we Are badly in need of Mobile a according to the spokesman because of the transport problem blood collection centres had to be established in Montero Bay Mande vile St. Annas Bay Spanish town port Antonio and at the University Hospital the Bank has to distribute blood ail Oyer the Island and the spokesman pointed out that More than one a minibus Type vehicle was needed. It was also said that the Bank was a always Short of blood but that the Stonage at this stage was not critical. There is however a shortage of group cry negative. A total of 6,000 units of blood were collected during the first four months of this a year and More donors were needed the spokesman said. The source said the blood Bank was a very expensive to run noting that it costs Over us$5,000 i per month to test donors for the aids Viras and Over us$3,000 per month to test them for hepatitis. The source also said that the bags which Are used to score blood were very expensive. What went wrong a look at Jamaica s Economy a in tomorrows sunday gleaner inside today Rural news pages 4-5 entertainment.�?z.�?z.6 Caribbean news.7 radio and to editorials.8 foreign news. Financial. Death notices sports. By gilding s Kiat. Classified ads. Farm news ��.�.4444�� 144��4 ,9 10 11 lft444��44��4< 13-14 15-17 �0 .21-22 23-24 Johannesburg May 9 a the death toll in 20 months of daily anti apart head unrest has soared far above 1,500, with ,143 people killed in political violence in april a of monitoring group said today. A a meanwhile in Cape Tow i the government introduced a Bill Cany ing put a pledge to scrap the pass jaws that restrict the right of Blacks to live and work where they choose. The White led government also proposed new tighter controls on squatters with increased penalties for land Ownen to permit unauthorized squatting in their property. The South african Institute of. Race relations a private non profit group said the death toll stood at 1,55 at the end of april the third most violent month since september 1984, when the daily rioting began. The Institute Basing its tally on police reports and ? newspaper accounts said Only March when 171-people were killed and last August in which 163 people died were bloodier than april. By comparison the list Lour months of 1984 when the noting began a Quot provoking worldwide headlines or saw a total of 149 people killed j compared with 531 killed ill the first four months of this Yean there were 879 political deaths last year. A the Institute to a ibo i did not give a Breakf of flow Many Jeonte by police and Low Many were slain by Civilia is. Past reports have said More than half the victims have been killed by in of lice and the rest either by anti apart Heid activists a Tackit suspected a a collaborators or by alleged right Wing vigilante bus eliminating Tail it it Black activists in Pretoria said they were suspending indefinitely a consumer Boycott of White owned stores even thou most demands were not met. Organizers. Said the Boycott was sus Pended to allow people to buy Winter clothes. One Leader who asked nor to be identified acknowledged while Small stores had suffered larger retailers and chains yith the Power to in Uerice government opinion had escaped heavy Loes. He said the organizers wer reas Sessing whether a local consumer Boycott was the Best Way to Force coi Cessions from the government or whether other tactics should be adopted. Consumer Boycotts have Beeti tried around the country sometimes with Strong local Success but Little Impact in other areas. Concerning the pass Laws Petesi Dent . Botha announced last month that 34 Law it i control Lii Black movement would be repealed and thu Renric tiers on movement would not by based on Nice. First step with in a shoe from lord amp lady a fantastic styles a top of Texe line Quality a great variety Hippopotamus. Candies cities Cincin amp Plaza constant Spring Road Tel 92-65691 Many ways. Any Way. Pound for Pound. The Best meat buy the Best dressed Chicken r to

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