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Gleaner, The (Newspaper) - March 27, 1958, Kingston, KingstonPage Adams tub daily Bur spat March 27. 1958. Federal winners Victory from Page one Trinidad and with 32 seats of the 45 member they captured j3 seats Only. Out of the 13 allocated among the other 7 territories they 12. On the other hand sir Bustamante s democratic labour party won 18 of its 19 seats Between Jamaica and Trini dad o2 in Jamaica and 6 in Tri and did not contest Barba Dos at All. Only one seat was secured by the. From among 6 contested in the smaller territories. Voting throughout the shows ragged pattern on the first some territories like Dominica which voted 90 per cent and St. Kilts which voted so per cent showed High averages. There were Low averages however in and in and in most of the other territories. The teemed to be that in most of the smaller territories More enthusiasm for federation than there was in the bigger territories. With the elections the future of the West indies government depends on whether or not sir Grantley Adams will continue in his decision to form the Federal and on his selection of successful candidates As ministers. It is confidently expected that there will be Early meetings of the chief ministers of Trinidad any Jamaica and Premier of bar Bados and Between sir Alexander Bustamante and members of his democratic labour party in Trinidad. Gleaner Barbados correspondent March the Barbados labour party won four seats and the Barbados National party won the the results Adams Ward Rocheford Vaughn the other seat was won by mrs. Daysh of the bar Bados National party. She gained votes. Ernest Wakeland county of Cornwall sir Grantley Adams Barbados Edward Leblanc statement by pop head from Page one labour party indies Federal party has won tin Federal As i always Felt sure would this that for the five years the Federal government will be managed by that party and All the Basic policies upon which the whole of Edera Tiaa depends and in regard which Jamaica a vital and interest will decided by that party. Opposition the democratic labour party will be the opposition party in Federal parliament. As such some influence but in no Way will it be decisive influence on the policies of the West indies Federal labour party. I am Prond of that the West Badiei Federal labour has won the election but i bound to express my great thai Jamaica. Having re Gard her the the federation is not now be adequately represented to the Federal govern ment during those first Fiva total years. Pole Barbados polling in the Federal elections resulted in. Another four seats for the West indies Feder Al labour party. The other seat Trent to mrs. Florence j member of the legislative Cotmil. Sleaner Barbados correspondent mrs. Phyllis Shand Allfrey Dominica William h. Bramble Montserrat David s. Lloyd St. Kilts Ana Nevis labour St. Kills Trinidad gets Shock from Page one democratic Camp through or. Al Bert Gomes. The entire Eastern counties from the Northern tip of too to the Southern tip of Rio Claro were for the democrats. The big sugar producing county of Caroni and the sugar producing j 1s a member. Govt. Will not quit from Page one a severe increase in the Burden of taxation. I have made further reference to these matters in a separate statement which i am making As president of the West indies fed eral labour party which is the party that has won the Federal election and is the party of which the people s National party arc surrounding san Fernando remained firmly anti Williams As they did the last general election. And the. Oilfield constituency of St. Patrick fell to the democratic party mainly through the split in votes Between Uriah Butler and the . S Martin . 70 percent went to the poll for the chief the Hon. Or. Eric the Flection of or. Albert or. Roy Joseph and or. Victor All ministers in the 1950 56 wan most bitter Pill. He campaigned hard and personally against and their Triumph is a severe blow to his the . Showed itself us in port of but the i note that the Leader the opposition is already making the obvious noise Abbot re sign Iner. This is a Federal election not a jamaican election and the election has been won by the Federal party of people s National which the party is a on the other hand the total votes cast for the candidates of the pop were considerably less than the votes cast for them in 1955 and the evidence is that a. Vast number of our voters stayed at Home simply because they were not interested in federation or were worried or anxious about it. In fact who voted in 1955 have not voted this and if i the percentage of votes cast this time was As High As the percent age cast in 1955 Over 100.000 More votes would have been cast. One Day the future will show who will get those votes. When our own general election takes place we will see what will be done by the others who stayed member. It is my that j at Home on March has won the Federal election not his party. Third american satellite up from Page one jets a second launching attempt is a very Good thing for us that 1 on March 5 failed when the fourth Jamaica continue to be stage rockets did not function and tar Ito rare for4 41ta Al it Riun seeing that the results of this f. Election have deprived our team i. In the West indies Federal la Bour party of the. Weight they should have in the councils of the first Federal government it j represented by the party which in affiliated to the party which the in in Federal they cannot be beaten by i the . J the government s taxation pol icy and the firmly United front presented by the democrats played More of a major part in their Victory than any Federal Issue. One survives plane crash Miami. March 26 a Man who had tried in vain to save his baby daughter from drowning was the Only i government. I am Here to help federation succeed not to destroy the satellite was orbit. Thrown into i shall see what we shall see but i am not in airy Way worried about that. I merely Call Atten tion to the fact that the figures show that the total number of people who voted for the labour party in this election is Only a very Little More than the vote they got in 1955 and All the Evi Dence i have shows that their survivor among six people in voters turned out in full private rented plane which crashed off the Florida coast last the coastguard Here said today. The survivor is Floyd and the dead include his wife White Frost covered the icy sur face of its liquid oxygen tanks is the 70-foot rocket blasted off at 1238 Black stripes the with Black when the time comes for the to help in photographic i Jamaica general election we studies Rose straight and sure. The figures and 18-months-old daughter de Borah. Scites who was brought to the coastguard station by g fishing said the party was flying Back from a one Day shopping expedition in Nassau. He said that after the crash All the party to a Wing until the plane Sank. He said he to hold up the baby but let go through to h Tio More benefits March 25 president Eisenhower sent a proposal 50 per number today for a cent increase in the of weeks unemployed climbing steadily on its course. It reached Orbital Velo City or tightly More than 18.000 Miles an hour seven and a half minutes after it left the ground. Explorer iii was fired while the two other american satellites were some distance away in their or bits so that there would be no radio interference. One of the two russian sput Niks is also still orbiting the Earth. This is sputnik ii. Launched last november with the dog aboard. Sputnik 1 launched a month has since disintegrated. San California. March 26 a san Diego electronics firm workers May draw jobless be be j said today it had picked up signals from the explorer iii in orbit at fits. The White House estimated that j . Standard the a Federal aug i Walter j. Zable cubic mentation of existing state. Bene corp. Said signals from fit would Cost 120 j the newest satellite were picked to 200 million pounds. It would be effective april 1959. I up about two minutes. He said until i the firm has attempted to tape re Cord the signals. 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Belin Fante won by 274 votes on the preliminary count. The final figures should begin to become available today and should be All completed by to Morrow. The three county were All won by the Jap and the absence of final Fig this gave the Jap a majority of Odd votes Over the pop in these three constituencies covering the entire Island. The plurality in the parishes cannot be ascertained until the final prelim Inary or the final figures arc available. Other preliminary which were not available tuesday St. M. A. Hector Leacroft Robinson han0xtbb Stone Mchayle 4.054 Murray 779 Swaby Thompson St. Densham Russell Delapenha 13.93s Bailey it Haney Webb Fountain Afflick Wright Cargile Cameron St. Ricketts Lambie both the anti federation Candi the Rev. L. F. Fountain in Clarendon and the pm Candi or. Lascelles in lost their deposits. Jas branches in Hanover plan training Days gleaner Western Bureau Montero training Days for secretaries and reporters and other officers of . Branches in marketing and selection of pro As Well As the cattle insurance Are scheduled for Hanover. First of these will be held at i am sure that if the voters of Jamaica had understood the poli tics of indies and How Likely it was that the West indie Federal labour party was going to win we would have had a larger turn out of voters who support the pop but ignored these elections. I am sure that they would have realised that it important from every Point View that the Jamaica team in the governing Federal party should is As Strong both in num Bers and in personnel. However Jamaica must take the situation As we have made it. The West indies Federal Bour party has a sound and constr notice programme which is unfortunately not receiving the publicity it deserves. If programme is carried and i have no doubt h will be ear ried ont with Vigour and de termination we should no have anything to worry Abou unduly in Jamaica the Public will soon discover for itself that federation is no going to cause an increase o taxes in is not going to interfere with the vast majority of the matters which our own government controls and look after and is slowly but surely go ing to build up a worthwhile nation. Under the leadership of the West indies Federal labour party i am confident that within five or less the West indies achieve Independence As a Dom Inion of the British common wealth of the voting went Barbados polling adds 4 More for wilp total Garrott 5.322. Henry 975. Richards Henry May March. Independent Labourie Frank who was tipped to carry i of one of the seats lost by 382 Twenty five Point 98 per cent f the electorate went to or electors went 6 the polls on which was declared a Public Holiday. The foil results Are As Fol sir Grantley or. Deighton or. Gumore Roche or. Victor mrs. Florence Daysh. Barbados National or. Frank Wal Cotti or. . Or. Errol democratic labour party i Barbados. Or. Cameron or. J. S. B. Or. A. S. 1xljp. Or. C. E. Talma. . Biggest poll sir Grantley Adams won the biggest poll in St. Michael with votes where the voting Den sity is approximately 35 per cent of the electorate. He topped the poll in eight districts. Approximately eighty per cent of the electorate went to the i polls. St. Final count today i gleaner St. Lucia correspondent Castries. March in spite of seven hours of court ing today and an expected to. It is not Likely that 35 per cent voted in Antigua gleaner Antigua correspondent final count in St. John s. March 26 elections will be know. A Bare 35 per cent of the re before tomorrow. Gisterek voters of Antigua went judging irom present err to the polls Here on tuesday to is unlikely that any change select two members to serve in experienced for the West fest. There was much unconcern Here Anri production in St. Lucia s about the Federal elections among the people generally. And legislator. 41-yes old nightclub proprietor. Jorr final results of the count Fol continue a heavy in the preliminary count. The Barbados labour polled heavily in the labour areas of. St. St St St. St. George and St. James. With these in it seemed the Barbados labour party would carry All five but in Large District of St. Mrs. Florence the Only woman candidate in her Home polled beating or. Walcott by and sir Grantley by this boosted her to be a threat to the position in the line which she improved upon by winning the second largest num Ber in Christ Only 50 votes less than sir Grantley in this Parish. In St. Philip the blk rivals picked Only an average of 250. Apart from sir Grant lev. With 3.499 in. St. Mrs. Daysh clinched the. Fifth position. The . Candidates were never a threat. Of the elected Townsend together again March 26 a i excess Margaret talked for Shrpe hours in he London Home tonight Wilh Captain Peter r love she renounced 29 months ago because i party had Heen divorced. Excited crowds waited outside the Cream painted Clarc ence House during this reunion of the couple whose love today s reunion was the fir time that the air Ace had mat Story Nant before on october 31. 1955 the group slim and i thrilled the world in 1955. Decision or. Handsome at 43. Arrived at Clar ence House in a chauffeur driven Green car a few hours after Fly ing in from Brussels after a world i tour. I he had Tea with the 27-year i old Petite Princess and the Queen Mother in their a few Hundred Yards from Buck Ingham Palace. Gomes wants Williams quit from Page one a change and the sooner the better. _ am naturally Only too apr a Rne War who divorced his at the Prospect of being wife in obtaining custody of re to play my part during their. His two1 entered Clarence Fant life of federation and in House practically but Early life of new nation. It the news soon spread and a very exciting future we hav a flurry of romantic excitement before us because As Supply throughout London. The Sun will Rise Dom crowd gathers a crowd quickly gathered nut or. Ashford Sinanan said the Side Clarence House reinforced by intend to fulfil West indies 234 Lor 7 from Page one have been no Idle Weekes and Walcott came together and led the West indies to recovery. Weekes half Century was full of Quality and bore the aggressive character which has earned him the reputation of a a Atman. Weekes caught but when it appeared that he was All set to end his test career with a he was caught at the wicket after lunch for 51 made in 80 minutes with nine fours. Walcott was out for 47 after be ing Given a at seven. After the w s went Collie Smith took Over and played a very sober innings by his stand Ard a he. And his Captain took the score from 141 to 219 at which Claire two wickets Atkinson following Smith in the same Over. Dropped at. Alexander made no further mistake and at close of play was there defending stub Secretary of the Barbados labour was never a member of. The legis lature. Or. Ward and mrs. Daysh were members of the legislative Council. Or. Vaughn has been a member of tha As Sembly for years. At the close of the proceedings regrets were expressed that there was not a bigger poll but the considered View is that the results would have been substantially the same 4 1. The results necessitate by Elee tons in St. Joseph j Hemmingway love Story fare St. John and two Well to members on the Council to re place or. And mrs. Daysh. Dozens 6f photographers and re for federation so necessary for porters. Extra police arrived to making the. New nation an our help the sentries patrol the two standing Success in International entrances to the Royal residence. I affairs. After meeting the Princess the group Captain drove to an Apac men t Block in the end. Later tonight. Group Captain Townsend sent this message to the. West waiting am staying in Whitehall court am not going out again tonight. I the democrats into the government or have no further statement tonight the Princess attended the film premiere of the Ernest voted in Clarendon gleaner Southern Bureau May March the Jap s or. Frederick. Do Haney beat the pop s or. Danny Webb by votes in yester Day s Federal election in Claren Don. The Federal county the Princess looked is apr by Happy As she stepped from her car outside the Cinema watched by about in Opp. The Queen knows All about it the marry Queen Elizabeth s ii press Sec candidate std icon l. That s cav3 assured that we will everything in our. Power to Kumade the colonial office that arc entitled at the earliest pos sible moment in the Grant Dominion status status will not Only us he Richl of representation the. Dorm re status a hich not Only the right to on of hut statics --1. us to the Pilling strip by Wii i ily i of Onenson Ford on Ortun y of j inc Orp american so-1 j for the of r evil Ppd countries of k r i r i i 1 a r p f n 5 p n r. It. Any comr Ruri on the election a James by 13.664 votes. So the final count at Burnly. The West indies did Well to the saturday. On Princess Margaret. Muir is no said Corn mopping up operations today by returning officer i Mander Richard Coli Ile. A. L. Byles revealed. Counting j the Queen knows about it. By was started eight o clock and that i mean she Alread was finished by five . The figures Are Duhaney _ _. Fountain rejected total i the Palace where Queen Medan area Toriaz Medan Radi knew . March 2b of. Jakarta forces Contr. Colville gave his statement to. Used. Mopping up rebel troops of Webb i the associated press at w. F. Nain Raoland in that they would be meeting finish the Day with what must be regarded in the Light of the Liveli of the As a fairly respectable score. Had Pakistan accepted All the catches that were the West indies would have been in of trouble for a accurate and penetrative pakis Tani had the West indies batsmen groping in the dark. Ive ekes and Smith got the attack was never mastered. Bowled Well both Fazal mahr Nood and Khan Mohammed bowled Well and in to singly for Long Long est being 90 minutes before when the West indies scored 76 for 3. By they had lost two. More wickets for 161 and in 90 minutes after two More wickets for 73 runs. eight overs have been bowled with the new Ball and with the spacemen fresh in the they May clip the. West indies Tail without very much resistance from the a Small crowd of watched the Day s play. Among the subjects to be Dis cussed Are and functions of Extension the place of the Jas in the common relationship of the Jas to marketing or. Other coordinated pro. Fred Branch gramme planning and techniques or. Aston senior Branch in Branch administration. Organiser and head of the Divi principal speakers will be or. Signal Extension services. 1c. V. Atkinson. Acting Secretary or. S. A. Chairman of of the or. A. L. The Hanover branches acting chief organising and Welcome the speakers and the marketing or. C. H. Farmers ballots counted Lennon Dalton James rejected total bal lots counted roughly of those eligible to vote cast their ballots. Accord ing to the recount persons voted for the Parish candidates and for the county candidates. 90 per cent voted in Dominica gleaner Dominica correspondent March Complete results of the voting at 128 polling stations show Over whelming Victory for the labour party. Mrs. Phyllis. Allfrey Leblanc votes Dominica United people s Lockhart Ferdinand Royer in dependent s Lestrade Bellot in the majority of Al most 90 per cent of the people went to. Vote. This is considered an All time record. For candidates to get a refund of their de they must get not less than one eight of the total votes cast at an election 80 per cent voted i Stkitts gleaner St. Kitts correspondent March the preliminary final figures in the Federal polls in St. Kitts Nevis Anguilla became known to Day. They Are As Lloyd Hodge Samuels Elizabeth and Prince Philip Are staying tonight. The Queen and her husband Are on a state visit to . Commander Colville is a me m v Jer of the Queen s official a sri. Brought he too is staying at the also p master Max Ltd. 44 Barrs Street _ Sugg for better values hard ceiling Board Waterproof ply Board 8 x 4 x i i Low Down Lav. Basins x 16 1 Richards whiter glazed tiles enamelled sinks Gal. Chain link fencing claimer. The broadcast said 26 of the rebel Maior said Usman Balia tion at ban Ria it their arms. They of their comrades we perspiration odour ruins Romance Don t take chances with your personal freshness. Protect yourself against underarm odour with mum Cream. 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