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Kingston Gleaner Newspaper Archives Dec 9 1999, Page 2

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Gleaner, The (Newspaper) - December 9, 1999, Kingston, KingstonDecember 1999 of i Vasectomy not the answer to rape the senator Vasectomy is not the answer to rape. In the first All a Vasectomy does is make a Man incapable of impregnating a woman. The operation is called a Vasectomy because it consists of cutting and tying off the tube known As the Vas which carries the sperm from the testicle to the and thus outside the body. It does not affect the sex drive. In the second place and to the Point rape is by no Means a sexual act. It is an act of trying to exert one s Power Over is really an to of Gross Vio in or the Penis becomes a weapon. Even if performed with a minimum or the absence is still a violent since it Vio lates the recipient s very being. It amounts to breaking and entering not Only the woman s but her very spirit. Senator while your revulsion against the act is your Sugges Tion for a response is Way off the Mark. For an appropriate we have to understand Why men and that originates not in the but in the Organ situated at the top of the spinal column. I am Keeble h. Mcfarlane 121 Chapel Park Square Ontario Canada via go Jamaica family of Frederick Tlewin Hartley the i am a Man in search of his family. When i was i was sent away and never knew my True roots and family until just two years ago. I discovered i had seven other siblings surviving with at least our Mother in common. Just recently i began to track Down my father s blood line and discovered that i May have yet three others that share my paternal blood. My father s name was Frederick Llewlyn Hartley and the last known address i have for him is 879 Panton Road. St. Catherine. It would make my holidays if i could find any or All that would like to meet me and in turn the other Brothers and Sis ters we share. If anyone has information that could shed some Light on this subject it would be much appreciated. I am of Fly Anthony Hartley Powell 2801 Grandview in Usa 62002 via go Jamaica s a group decries staff cuts the the biggest local government Union in South the South african municipal workers which Organ ised fire fighters across the coun would like to express support for the jamaican fire fight ers from Jago and Lawu who have been on strike. It is a feature of globalisation that essential services like fire fighting Are having their budgets flashed across the developing world. This places fire fighters in impossible position to deliver a Quality service to the communities a which they Loo Are pan of staff cuts mean that a few fire fighters Are forced to and this places their lives in to Only this but it will affect the markers ability to effectively Deal Faith fires Samu would like to urge the jamaican government to put ple before and choose anal it Public services instead of if and world Bank structural adjustment budget cuts i am Anna Media Offtor Cape South Africa via go Jamaica 19h or hmm Rizw fwd a p air excellent condition. Ganja or the this letter is a response to the commentary by distressed in tuesday s publication. I appreciate the Effort at trying to be As fair As possible under such subjective circumstances. The Bias is salient. Distressed has preconceived notions about Ganja that causes him to come to prejudge mental conclusions. I will not take Issue with his suppositions. I want to Point out my concern in respect of How Ganja use is treated. It is deemed a crime yet other sub stances and even those considered have similar and even worse effect on people s yet their use does not result in criminal fictions. Recently i Learnt i was Dairy intolerant. The discovery was made after my liver began to act up seriously. I was literally dying. After the doctors were convinced that i do not and have never used drugs by the process of elimination it was discovered that milk was killing me. An enzyme which should have a Normal count of 40 was Reading 800 in my blood. Now Why Don t i hear Postula tons of die dangers of milk on some people and therefore Why its use should be declared Ille if my Friend Cooks fish in her her 16-year-old son s life becomes endangered. How about those who die if they eat drinking Coffee negatively affects the health of All who drink not just some of those who drink it and How about the use of Why then the differential treat ment of those who use is the essential concern in All of this. I do not use so i have no self serving interest in any of this. Neither do i advocate that people go out and use or abuse it i firmly believe it is unfair and even wrong for the Powers that be to continue treating those who choose to use As criminals. Unless they were prepared to treat me likewise for using Dairy products and the same for those who drink eat nuts or take alcohol. I am Alicia r. Allen Canada via go Jamaica a Wake up Cau the editor in the december Issue of the gleaner the article in Middle ground of y2k impacted me the following quotation was an port officials exude Confidence about their nearly two years of y2k preparations. There s much at stake for a country that imports most of its food could this be a Wake up Call for Why does Jamaica has to import most of its our country is blessed with natural resources and Good weather. There is no reason Why we should be faced with such a predicament. Let us adopt the auction Means a country that refuses to produce will be forever locked to Pov erty. We should eradicate the myth that farming is degrading. As we move into the new millennium May we endeavour to produce More and strive to be self sufficient. Let us reverse the statement to read not much at stake for a country that exports most of its let that country be Jamaica. Sources of crime Claudia Burnett by via go Jamaica thanks commendations staff of the University Hospital the we the parents of Alexandria Rennis would like to say thanks to All those very hard working doctors and nurses of Ward 16 Ward at the who with limited have contributed to the speedy recovery of our child. Thanks for your love and patience and May god continue to guide you in your daily task. We Are Andren and Howard Rennis. Duhaney Park Kingston 20 notice will miss Clyde Hypha Dwyer whose last known address was new Market sayanna4a-mar or anyone knowing her please Contact the adoption Board 24 King Oceana Kingston. Notice will miss Shana Palmer whose lost known address Wos or anyone knowing her please Contact in adaption Board 2-4 Khz Oceana Tell dog Kingston. I Jour jewellers 7 drive. Tel will or. Courtney whose last known address was 4 Cresta Kingston 10 anyone knowing his kindly Contact the family 74b King Kingston. Protect your or teem or parting Tot acre pavement sealer extb0s or of surface . 968-9528 the my betters and elders at tried to Nail Down the cause of Jamaica s escalating crime rate. As a Lover of Jamaica and a student of per Mit me the space to make a few harmless observations. This is my two cents Worth. The crime problem has led to a crisis. Various sectors have Given different reasons. The people in the ghettos blame the the politicians blame the the businessmen blame the politicians. The Cycle continues. Citizens for civil society has Laid the blame squarely at the feet of . Omar Davies and Edward Seaga. I find it also strange that the persons claiming to speak for the Are Mem Bers of the Middle class. Maybe a relationship of in the 1930s England s unemployment rate was twice As High As yet the crime rate was astonishingly lower. Guyana s Cost of living is a Satel Lite in Jamaica s sky. Their crime rate is considerably lower. Pockets of jamaicans feel poor. In could have been worse off. They see a group of say the Jones living a better life dem get grudge Ful and to live that they turn to illicit Means. Their social education and Job determines the kind of crimes they be it Multi million Dollar fraud and embezzlement or Petty robberies. This theory is one of relative poverty or deprivation. To blame the government is useless. Do not seek to seek to build. Stop searching for the Panacea for our societal each one of us should seek to desist from our various acts of from dumping a Sweet wrapper to mismanaging funds. I am Gavin Myers Belfield . St. Mary United estates limited will be purchasing oranges from december at a delivered Price of per in. Solid. Only fully mature oranges will be purchased. This Price is subject to review As changes occur in world Market prices. For further please 7084155-60. To tank Weld metals now in barbed wire galvanized in 402 metre role razor wire 5 a 500mm it 700mm diameters concertina galvanized galvanized Fence tubes Hainlink fittings Barb tension Brace tension Loop dome rail tie nuts it Etc. We also manufacture Cham my fencing from 3 to 12 Heights in galvanized and Green pc 11 tank Weld metals i z7 Seaward . Box Kingston 11 923-4717 923-0317 i Catherine hotels and Villas for the finest Quality Best prices on Luggage Wicks Contact your hotel specialist Grace Russell

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