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Kingston Gleaner Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1990, Page 5

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Gleaner, The (Newspaper) - April 10, 1990, Kingston, KingstonThe daily gleaner tuesday april 10, 1990 , Athens Victory Greece s conservative party one seat Short of an absolute majority in parliament after sunday s election won the support of a single centrist Deputy yesterday and can now form its first government since 1981 Leader of the centrist Diana party Costis Stefanopoulo said he would support the conservative new democracy party in parliament after meeting its Leader Constantine miso takes. Jerusalem prospects Israel s labour party Leader Shimon Peres has lured political defectors to his Side and has solidified his prospects of heading the next parties which had sworn loyalty to the rightist liked party of caretaker prime minister Yitzhak Shamir began softening their tone towards Peres who is trying to break a 60-60 deadlock in the 120-seat parliament. Cairo _ bomb. Threats Anonymous bomb threats yesterday forced the evacuation of hundreds of children from the British International school in Cairo the headmaster Harry Carson of Lisburn Ireland said some 470 mainly foreign children were evacuated after he received three bomb threats by Anonymous caller speaking in. Accented English warned him at 9.00 . 0700 get that a bomb would go off in 30 minutes he said. Belfast guerrilla attack four British soldiers were killed yesterday when an Ira mine blew their heavily armoured land Rover off a country Lane in the bloodiest guerrilla attack of the year in Northern blast hurled the patrol vehicle into the air tossed it Over a hedge and 30 Yards metres into a Field. The four men in the locally recruited Ulster defence regiment died trapped inside the mangled wreckage which was crushed like a sardine an army spokesman said. Belfast explosion a bomb exploded on a Road in Northern Ireland yesterday and first reports indicated there May have been several casualties police bomb went off near Downpatrick in county Down and a police spokesman said we Are quite sure whether it was aimed at an army patrol or the locally recruited Ulster defence regiment. We have no further details for the moment Baghdad expulsion Iraq said yesterday it was expelling a . Diplomat in retaliation for Washington s expulsion of an iraqi Diplomat based at the United nations the official iraqi news Agency Ina Saldona quoted a foreign ministry spokesman As saying the decision was taken on a reciprocal basis and he denied american accusations that the iraqi Diplomat was involved in an alleged plot to murder two opponents of the Baghdad government. Ljubljana free elections an opposition coalition looked set to sweep away 45 years of communist Rule in free elections in the yugoslav Republic of Slovenia according to partial unofficial results seven party coalition the democratic United opposition of Slovenia notched up almost 50 per cent of sunday s vote to the regional parliament with seven per cent of ballot papers counted Slovenia s election commission said. Tbilisi Sov if Union mourning Georgia mourned 20 martyrs for Independence anniversary of their massacre by soviet sol Diers with red carnations candles and a Blaze of nationalist men women and children thronged Candle lit rus Tavelli Boulevard in the heart of Tbilisi under the Claret Black and White Flag of their Short lived is a great Day for Zurich Appeal the family of former philippine president Ferdinand Marcos has asked Switzerland s highest court to Block Zurich authorities from returning to the Philippines millions of dollars seized from Marcos prosecutor s office in the Canton of Zurich said yesterday that the president s widow Imelda his heirs and Liechtenstein based trusts that administered the. Funds were cent Sung its decision to hand Over More than 240 million dollars. London ferry fire a fire broke out aboard a passenger ferry off the British coast yesterday but there were no reports of fatalities among the 219 passengers and 78 Crew the British press association said two injured people including a pregnant Wom an were plucked by helicopter from the b i ferry Zoronna and the Blaze was brought under fire broke out in the accommodation areas beneath the car deck when the ship was eight Miles from port in South Wales Enro Ute to Ireland. Nairobi special visit French president Francois Mitterrand will pay a 24-hour visit to the Comoro islands a former French Colony on june 13, comoria officials said president said Mohamed Djohar told reporters in Nairobi that Mitterrand would visit the Comoros As part of an Indian Ocean tour of the Seychelles. Madagascar and Mauritius. Moscow pressure soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev s presidential Council announced plans yesterday to step up pressure on rebel Lithuania to withdraw its March 11 declaration of statement released by the official news Agency Tass rejected apparent signs of Compromise offered by Lithuania s leaders this week and accused them of leading the Republic into a dead end. Bonn ministerial meeting West German foreign minister Hans Dietrich Genscher wants the first two plus four ministerial meeting in German Unity to take place this month accruing to Bonn government said he would try to persuade the foreign ministers of East Germany and the world War two allies the United states soviet Union. Britain and France join him in a meeting in Bonn on april 26-27. Bonn Accord Moscow and its reformist allies in a move unthinkable Only months ago have accepted an International Accord committing them to Back private property free Enterprise and Multi party democracy delegates to an East West economic conference said pledges were contained in a draft final document agreed by 35 nations attending a conference on economic cooperation in Europe which has been meeting Here since March. Manila Security Hunt philippine Security forces mounted a Large scale Hunt for an escaped coup Leader yesterday but even As the search was going on the military said a second rebel officer had slipped out of custody by tricking his Hunt for retired lieutenant colonel Billy Bible was launched when Black hooded rebel troops spirited him out of Manila s main jail on sunday while his guards were on a drinking spree that investigators said Bluit himself had paid for. Kim ii Sung 78 today president in h Sung of the demo cratic people s Republic of Korea dark celebrates his 78th birthday today. He is regarded by his country men As the father of the dark and a Liberator especially his de lat of the japanese in 1945, bringing to an end 20 years of fighting. The transformation of the dark into a fairly self supporting co inv try receiving Little or no foreign Page five georgians join the quest for Independence user dubbed prison of nations Tbilisi soviet Union april 9, Reuter More than georgians called for Independence at a mass rally yesterday while thousands More marched to the Republic s military Headquarters to press demands to secede from Moscow. Lures nationalist leaders at the rally part of commemorations for 20 pro Independence demonstrators killed by the soviet army a year ago called for a Republic wide Boycott of military service and urged georgian Unity in the drive for Independence. It is impossible to achieve Independence unless we unify. We All believe in the same femur Kobidze of the georgian Helsinki Union said to loud applause from the rally in a football stadium in the georgian capital of Tbilisi. He urged the dozens of competing georgian nationalist parties to set aside their differences. Irakli Terete i of the National Independence party called at the rally for an immediate Boycott of mandatory military service. We should declare political War on those families who Send their Chil Dren to the soviet he said. In symbolic vote the crowd then raised its hands and rated its approval. A Banner declaring the so Viet Union the prison of nations waved overhead. Mar 29 90 choking demand for drugs London april 9, Cana Reuter More than 100 countries at an anti drugs meeting Start ing yesterday Are Likely to agree on a global strategy aimed at choking off demand for narcotics As Well As com bating production. A draft declaration presented to the three Day meeting organised by the United nations and Britain rejects legalisation of drugs As a Way of solving the crisis. It Calls for Erat Lon against drug producers. But it also concentrates on reducing the world s illicit narcotics markets Worth 500 billion dollars a year and Sec Ond in size Only to International arms dealing. The declaration expected to be adopted on wednesday Calls for More resources to into education Media campaigns and information on the dangers of drug abuse. President Virgilio Barco of Colombia whose government is waging a bloody War with traffickers told the Confer ence i would like to make an Earnest plea to drug Consumers to Realise that their habit is bringing our countries to the Brink of disaster that their addiction is verifying violence crime and corrupt Baro s relentless Pursuit of cocaine cartels has put him in the front line of the drugs War and police marksmen watched from the top of the conference Hall while jeeps patrolled streets around the building. British prime minister Margaret Thatcher pledged i am to take urgent action against what she said were acute problems created by the drug Barons. She highlighted he need to halt consumption among Rich and poor nations alike. Barco praised Thatcher s vision for the meeting. The fight against drugs will Only be won when we have succeeded in penetrating the hearts and minds and habits of those Consumers of cocaine opium heroine and other lethal he told the meeting. At riot torn jail prison officers try to regain control London april 9, Reuter British prison officers staged a show of Force yesterday to regain control of a riot torn jail where rampaging inmates staged a rooftop protest. Specially trained squads moved into Horfield jail in the Western City of Bristol to dislodge More than 450 inmates who seized control of part of the prison on sunday night. At least 14 prisons up and Down Britain have been hit by a wave of unrest sparked by a nine Day old siege at Strangeways prison in the Northern City of Manchester where about 20 inmates Are still defying police and warders. Disturbance Bristol governor Roy Smith said that although 13 inmates and 12 warders were Hurt in the disturbance at his jail there was no confrontation when prison officers moved in. It was really a show of strength that enabled us to get he said. Some of those involved in the Bristol riot played a part in an earlier disturbance at the notorious dartmoor prison where one Man died when a cell was set on fire during a rampage of More than 100 inmates. At dartmoor yesterday a Lone prisoner was still defiant on the roof demanding to be transferred to another jail nearer Home. But at Young offenders Centre at Stoke Heath in citral England a Small group of prisoners ended their overnight rooftop protest Home office said. As the occupation continued at Strangeways following some of Brit Ain s worst Ever prison rioting nine Days ago pressure grew for Force to be used to bring the wrecked jail Back under control. Warfare but the Home office said the present tactics combining negotiation and psychological warfare would continue. There have been two deaths associated with the violence at Strangeways but As yet no official confirmation of persistent Grue some tales of murder and mutilation. The wave of prison unrest sweeping Britain has brought the creaking victorian penal system to the Brink of collapse according to reformers and prison officers. Hungarian party Aims for social Market Economy Aid is credited to the Jumche idea developed by Kim 11 Sung. The contribution the president has made to his country has earned him the title great arid he is held in reverence and Awe by his countrymen. His son. Kim ii Jung will be his successor whenever he demits of fice. The country of Korea was divided in two. North and South after the korean War. Budapest april 9, Reuter the hungarian democratic forum Clear Winner of Hungary s first National Multi party elections after four decades of communism is aiming for a social Market econ omy and membership of the euro Pean Community. The forum founded in 1987, first flirted with the idea of finding a third Way Between capitalism and communism. But it now defines itself As a synthesis of Christian democracy traditional hungarian liberalism and agrarian patriotism dating Back to the 1930s. The forum s backers include West Germany s ruling Christian democratic Union and the . Re publican party. Forum president Jozsef Antall virtually certain to becom the coun try s next prime minister said yesterday he wanted Hungary to join the european Community As soon As possible and be part of a new Security system of Atlantic integral the party opposes unlimited eco nomic liberalism and wants instead to. Create a social Market econ following in the Ludwig Erhard architect of West Germany s postwar economic Mira Cle i the forum does want for eign investors to buy More than 25 per cent of Hungary s assets Al though it considers foreign capital will be vital in raising the country s technical and management Stan Dards. Tell me Why by Arkady Leokum what is the fruit Fly win an illustrated Tell he Why Book with hundreds of questions answered. Semly oar questions name age and address to Tell he Why in care of this newspaper. In Cate of duplicate questions the author will decide the Winner. Today s Winner Deborah Young Syracuse . You be probably noticed that when fruit is left to stand a few Days so that it starts to decay Little flies often appear As if from nowhere. Where do they come from and what kind of flies Are they there Are actually two differ ent kinds of fruit the Mediterranean fruit Fly looks somewhat like a housefly with Orange and Black markings. It is one of the most destructive pests we have. Millions of dollars have been spent trying to keep this Fly out of our country. The female of this Fly lays her eggs in unripe fruit and vegetables. As the Young Are born they eat into the pulp i this Way whole crops often Are destroyed. The tiny fruit Fly we see Hov ering Over decaying fruit in our Home is called the and it is harmless. The females of this species Fly about through tie air looking for decaying fruit. They Lay their eggs Only in fruit that has begun to rot or decay. When the Young Are Bora they feed on the fermentation that the decaying fruit produces. The Drosophila or tiny fruit Fly happens to be one of the most useful insects known to science because it is used in the study of heredity which Means the passing on of characteristics from parents to offspring. If we went to study certain problems in heredity using people we have to wait a Long time for each generation to develop. For in stance to study 30 human generations would take 500 years or More. But by using the fruit Fly we can study 30 generations in a single year. The flies Are raised in a Laboratory i about nine Days a fruit july is hatched and becomes an adult. By about the tenth Day it is ready to mate and produce new fruit flies. Junior crossword hours Only the Puzzle Box there is a clock that strikes the hours Only. How Many strikes does it sound in one Day altogether see tomorrow s paper for the answer. Answer to yesterday s world Puzzle late mate male mile mild. Copyright 1990 Universal press Syndicate clues across 3, grown up 6, owl s cry 7, heavenly messenger 8, Church service 10, thick Woollen cloth 14, uncommon 15, political organisation 16, calf meat 17, school subject i Short clues Down 1, digit of the hand 2, Damp 4, Ballerina for example 5. Untruths 9, Sample of material 11, antiquated 12. Greeting 13. In formation yesterday s solution across 3. Fable 6. Aerial 7, Clown 8, Clumsy 12, Amazon 13. Maori 14. Clinic 15, Lithe Down 1, Larch 2, Trout 3, facsimile 4 ally 5. Lawn 9. Ozone 10, snack 11. Taxi 12, Arch. _ fun thib the chuckle Box she if you Don t Stop playing that saxophone i la go out of my mind. He to s too late. I stopped playing an hour ago. Waiter. Do you want your eggs turned Over customer yes. To the museum of natural history n e w a paper

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