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Kingston Gleaner Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1990, Page 3

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Gleaner, The (Newspaper) - April 10, 1990, Kingston, KingstonPrices minister without portfolio or. Kenneth Mcneill yesterday called for larger markets and better prices for the produce of Small Farmers and entrepreneurs of. Latin America and the Caribbean As part of efforts to combat the drug Trade. Or. Mcneill who is chairman of the inter ministerial committee on drug issues and Leader of the House of representatives was giving a keynote address in London at the world ministerial Summit to reduce the demand for drug and to combat the cocaine threat. Workshop British lecturer or. Howard Pearson will Lead a three Day workshop on waste oxidation stabilization Ponds to be put on by the National water commission in association with the pan Ameri can world health Organiza tion starting today at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel. Or. Pearson currently a senior lecturer in the environmental department of genetics and microbiology University of holds a . From the University of London. The workshop on waste oxidation stabilization Ponds will feature lectures by or. Pearson on a number of related topics including mod Ern design theory of Pond systems Pond maintenance monitoring and performance evaluation and future re search and development in waste stabilization Ponds. Relieved the policemen involved in saturday s fatal shooting of Glenroy Dacosta nicknamed stammer of Kencot Kings ton have been relieved of their duties on the order of commissioner of police her Man Ricketts according to the police information Centre the policemen s fire arms have been withdrawn and Are now undergoing ballistics tests. Commissioner Ricketts who said that this action is in keeping with the policy of the police Force has ordered full investigation of the matter under the supervision of det. Senior supt. Don Ald Knight of the criminal investigation Branch lib Headquarters East Queen Street statements will be sent to the director of Public prosecutions for his ruling. Wondrous world the daily gleaner tuesday april 10, 1990 Page three a roman province for a period of 365 years England was a province of the great roman Empire. The emperor Julius Caeser who won Fame in the gallic wars tried in vain to invade Britain in the years 55 and 54 by but it was the emperor Clau Dius who succeeded in doing so some 89 years later in the year 43 and. Later deter mined procurators succeeded in conquering the Southern part of England and Wales. The famous and impressive Hadrian s Wall 120 Kilometres in length and stretching from East to. West defined the Boarder to the North and acted As a Barri Cade to Ward off the wild scots. Even though the romans came to Britain As conquerors Britain enjoyed the benefits of the new civilization organization town planning sewage systems Good roads and last but not least Trade and currency a great Many remains and object from this 400 year period of occupation have been excavated. Dabdoub tells of taping plot a spying scandal allegedly conceived in the leadership of the Jamaica labour party is sending Ripples through its membership. At the Eye of storm is former Jap senator Abe Dabdoub at Torney at Law who along with some top brass of the party have been accused of conspiracy to remove former prime min ister Edward Seaga As Leader of the Jap. Or. Dabdoub makes no secret of the fact that he is not in favour of or. Seaga s leadership. He said he or. Dabdoub was targeted by a recovering addict who was allegedly Given a tape recorder to eavesdrop on certain discussions. Or. Dabdoub said that on Friday March 30, the recovering addict and his sponsor were at the Man s Home when they called him or. Dabdoub to come up and talk with him. He said he went and was told that or. Seaga was resigning and All those against or. Seaga were being invited to a party saturday night at his the Man s House so he could Tell them of or. Seaga s plan. I told them i did t know who is against Seaga but 1 would come to the or. Dabdoub said. He said the Man again Tele phoned saying he had telephoned messes. Pearnel Charles and Karl Samuda but he had no Telephone numbers for de Bartlett and Doug Las Vaz. Or. Dabdoub said he told him he could not help. The Man said he also wanted columnist Dawn Ritch to come to the party. Or Dabdoub said he remembered the Man As having been a party functionary during the 1970s. I was immediately put on my or. Dabdoub said and i tried to Contact As Many people As i could to Tell them to be careful of him. Dawn Ritch s response was i can t stay away this is a big or. Daboub said he did not go to the party. However he received an other Call from the Man saying he had been to see the Boss personally i told him i could t come then but would see him on or. Dabdoub said. Or. Dabdoub said that in a sub sequent meeting he thought he saw a Box of cigarettes in the Man s trousers pocket but when he or. Dabdoub asked for a cigarette the Man took it from his shirt pocket. I knew then i had to be or. Dabdoub said. According to or. Dabdoub he decided to be mischievous and gave the Man an earful. The Man began to talk about his escapades Between 1976 and 1980 and a lot of non sense was or. Dabdoub said he left and went to the country and when he returned on monday the Man kept calling to see him. He saw the Man on tuesday morning. By then i had got fed up and asked him what he had done with the tapes he taped of broke Down or. Dabdoub said the Man then broke Down and took the tape re Corder out of his right hand shirt pocket and handed it to him saying this is the tape dem give me to tape i took the tape at that Point and told him to Tell whoever gave him the tape that i have it. He then told me the whole Story of what Tran or Dabdoub said. He said miss came to his Home and had a discussion. She gave him food and filled up his Larder. He said that on March 29, at about 10.30 . He was taken in a Convoy to the towers in new Kings ton to offices. Where he gave a statement. This was recorded by a Man and he signed the following Day Man with the tape recorder got Gro Ceries. Or. Dabdoub said the was asked for a shopping list to help him pick up the pieces of his life since he was recovering from substance abuse. The Man said he was Given and that he asked for three return tickets to Miami spending Money in Miami financing to set up a lady Friend in business employment three Days a week and to been rolled in a proper rehabilitation Ceriter in Miami. T3the following Day he was Given the tape recorder. Or. Dabdoub said that code names had been worked out for future Telephone conversations weasel and Moses were some of the names chosen. His Telephone had been tapped to Monitor his Calls and this was done by a private company. Or. Dabdoub said that after he played the tape recorder he called the Man and asked him who he was speaking to about hitting and hit or. Daboub said he was waiting for someone in the Jap to Contact him but no one did so on Friday april 6, he wrote to the Jap. The time has come when Politi Cal leadership in this country must conduct itself with a High sense of principle and or. Dab Doub said. Suzette Mclennon sgt cd Beckford Vincent Scott no to abolishing death penalty most jamaicans interviewed yesterday gave a decisive no to the question of abolishing the death penalty. I see no sense in hanging a Man who is the father of six children for killing another Man who had five said one interviewee. It would be better for the murderer to be. Made to labour under supervision to support his victim s Chil Dren As Well As his own children instead of leaving 11 fatherless children who might have to join up with criminal elements because of being in need and being he added. Following Are the views of some of those interviewed mrs. R. Roberts self employed i feel that if hanging is abolished it would be like giving licence to gun men knife men and Machete Wield ers to kill. Once some people realize that they will Only get a prison term for murder they will kill at the winking of an Eye. I also feel that those who have been found guilty of certain Murries should be hanged instead of being fattened to be released and prey on the society miss Melissa Webb schoolgirl i do not think that the death penalty should be abolished altogether except for certain types of murders. The penalty should remain for those involved in Wanton and senseless killings. I also feel that depending on the types of murders committed by those on death Row some offenders should be hanged and some put to work in the Rural areas to help boost Jamaica s production drive., lbs Suzette Mclennon Secretary i do not think that Jamaica is mature enough to entertain the abolition of capital punishment. I believe that if it should be abolished at this time then the Inci Dence of murder will increase greatly. For those on death their Legal machinery should Speed up appeals both locally and at the privy Council for a final decision on their Fate. Sgt. C. C. Beckford if the death sentence is abolished it is highly Likely that Jungle Justice will increase to unmanageable pro portions with brother seeking to avenge the death of brother friends seeking to avenge friends deaths Etc. And that will go on and on forever. To abolish it would be like shopping a problem with which we can live for one that is More dam aging. As for those on death Row. The proper channels should be Pur sued and a decision taken either to hang or release them As the Case maybe. Or. L. Salesman Abo Lishing the death penalty will not solve the problem of murder in the society but rather cause it to Esca late. It seems that we have a far Way to go before we can think about abolishing it. If it is done prematurely then it is quite Likely Many would go on a murder spree even without provocation. In rela tion to murder convicts on death Row i believe that the process of Appeal in the local courts of appeals and at the privy Council should be seeded up. Or. Vincent Scott steel worker i believe that for certain kinds of murders offenders should be Given a Chance or the Benefit of the lesser charge of manslaughter. But for such killings like those in sea View gardens hanging should not be abolished me murder for which some people should be Given a Chance include unintentional kill arising from a fight Between two persons. I also feel that the authorities should Speed up what Ever is to be done about those on death Row and either hang them or release them. Junior Dowie Fioto holy week open air service Observance of holy week in downtown Kingston began yester Day with the annual holy week open air service conducted in the Western Corner of St. William Grant Park at the Parade by the downtown ministers fraternal. Overhead the Shade of the spreading Banyan tree provided a natural setting for the service at which the read. Rupert Evans pastor of the Lyndhurst methodist Church Kingston delivered a Short Sermon. The Small congregation was enlarged by passers by in the Park in this unusually slow and quiet Section of downtown Kingston on a monday morning. The Sermon was based on the topic a Call to and the read. Or. Evans said there were various opinions and values among the crowd. Some had come to Praise the lord and some had joined to participate in whatever excitement May be happening. Similarly division existed among the people during the trial and crucifixion of Christ he said and he called on the crowd to be committed to Christ and not be just followers of excitement. A Welcome to the annual holy week open air service was extended by the read. Edmund Davis president of the Down town ministers fraternal. Choral singing was offered by Captain Byron Maxam and prayers by mrs. Captain c. Allen both of the salvation army. Members of the clergy in the photograph above Are left the read. Or. Davis the read. Or. Evans and capt. Maxam. A Section of the congregation is seen at left. Fao Grant for 4-h clubs a Grant of is being made to Jamaica 4-h clubs by the food and agriculture organization an Agency of the United nations. Or. Allan Furman the local representative of the Fao made this announcement yesterday at the three Day International conference on youth hosted by the local 4-h clubs at the Jamaica conference Centre Ocean Boulevard Down town Kingston As part of their 50th anniversary celebrations. The Grant to be made available in june will be used in training programmes at the Community level and in the establishment of Community based projects. The services of a consultant from the Fao will also be made available to the 4-h clubs. The International conference with the theme building today s youth for tomorrow s is being attended by about 100 youths from 18 regional 4-h clubs. During the three Days they will look at topics such As youth in a Chang ing youth the crusader in the fight against drug abuse and preparing youth for employ or. Fenton Ferguson chairman of the Jamaica 4-h Board of management told the gleaner the con Ference would be a springboard to explore the possibility of establish ing a regional Council of 4-h club bites and to share scarce resources. Or. Douglas Manley minister of youth and Community development was the guest speaker at the opening ceremony of the con Ference. He paid tribute to the staff of the 4-h clubs and to the Volun tary leaders who have Given Unstine tingly of their time and talents to the movement. Human resource and youth re source development is everybody s business and is one of the pillars on which a country s economic growth he said. Or. Manley said that Jamaica was formulating a youth policy under which programmes for youth development would find greater focus and emphasis. The conference is sponsored by the . Kellogg foundation and is represented there by or. Tyrone Balnes. J can enterprises at Black expo w by c. Roy Reynolds new York april 9 air Jamaica and several other jamaican owned enterprises were among More than 300 exhibitors in the Black expo 90" Trade fair held in Manhattan new York last weekend. Intended to showcase the productive and service capability of Black owned businesses the show featured Many aspects of Light manufacturing Art Craft and communication enterprises. Also participating were . Public sector agencies of City state and the fed eral government. In a statement Jerry Roebuck chairman and founder of the exposition said the Black segment of the american population spend some billion lion annually 90 per cent of which went to non Black owned businesses. The exposition he said aimed to substantially address this in balance within a decade. We at Black expo Usa believe that through employing the Basic principle of networking the Shar ing of relevant information the result will be a better and More vital economic picture which will ultimately Benefit the entire Black he said. The general consensus was that this year s event attracted consider ably More participation both in terms of number and Range of exhibitors As Well As support from the general Public. Thousands flocked to the exhibition site on the waterfront of lower Manhattan Dur ing the two Day event forcing the organizers to halt admission temporarily on several occasions. By sunday afternoon the crowd of people wishing to View the exhibition stretched More than five City blocks. Many never made it into the grounds. While some participants concentrated on taking information about their services to the Public others concentrated on booking orders and still others did a brisk on spot trading. Food handling outlets in the area did such brisk business that some ran out of Basic items Long before the dose of the show. News paper

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