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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 30, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county overconfidence results in Acci dents. Kingsport times one phone Circle _ k 6-s121 in sport tenn., thursday sept. 30, 1954 the weather some cloudiness tonight with scattered showers Likely Low in upper 60 s. Friday partly Cloudy and a Little warmer with scattered showers and possible Thunder storms mostly in the afternoon and Early night. Yesterday s High. 90 last night s Low. 61 noon nature 76. No rain. Ministers hopeful million Dollar deficit sovereignty for Germany seen in near future Kimidy London. Sept. 30 in the nine Western Forcin ministers Confer red in an atmosphere of elation mid optimism today As agreement on West German to armament for the defense of the West appeared they Mei for a two hour session this morning and were to resum negotiations after lunch. In the late afternoon Secretary of state Dulles. British foreign Secretary Al Nhonn Eden French Premier Pierre Mendes prance and West Herman Chan Mellor Konrad Adenauer arranged to Confer together on the com Pamon Issue of granting West Ger Many Complete sovereignty Adenauer predicted the delegates would finish their task tonight others. Notably the French thought the details would take somewhat longer to work out. A conference source said the ministers spent most of the morn ins discussing a Compromise proposal submitted by belgian foreign minister Paul Henri speak on the crucial question of the control of German rearming. The plan was reported to Call for sharing control Between the proposed new seven Power euro Pean Alliance and the North at lactic Ticay organization a to i. J successful conclusion of these1 and the companion talks on Ger Man rearmament is expected to bring these results 1. The United slides. Britain and France will announce their intention to end the occupation of West Germany giving the Bonn Republic virtually full control Over both external and internal affairs. 2. The germans then will Issue declaration offering to join a seven nation euro and the 14-nation treaty Organ 3. Under a reported Compromise plan being worked out the euro Senate committee1 members fro Davis and sen. William Power and Light co., left John m. Butler . Estes and committee v . Chairman t proposed new Pean Alliance North Atlantic ration. Organize con on the arms Pean Alliance will tools to be placed is and armaments of member nations France. Italy. West Ger Many Belgium the Netherlands and Luxembourg. 4. The administration of these controls primarily designed to prevent any runaway German re armament would be in the hands of nato. Negroe of Ranj is push Junction by the associated press a move by a group of Ohio negroes to bring about an immedi ate end to Public school segregation has been blocked by the Rul ing of a Federal judge while the governor of Delaware pondered ways to ease tense integration problems in that Border state be tween the North and South. Negro leaders said at Columbus. Gop candidates i leading Nixon by the associated press vice president Nixon says look 10 Senate races has con Vinced him republicans hold the Lead in 9 while facing an Phil Battle to retain control of t h House. Nixon told newsmen at Albany n. A. Yesterday he thinks gop candidates Are in the Lead in con tests for Senate seats in Ohio Illinois Michigan Massachusetts Kansas. Nebraska and new Hamp Shire. Two seats a re up in each Ohio today they planned to carry their fight to the . Supreme court if necessary. The immediate situation in Ohio centers at Hills Boro. The National. Assn. For the advancement of coloured people is the fight _ Mil Ujj let can of the latter two states. Nixon was not optimistic about Minnesota. And his appraisal did not in clude Kentucky generally regarded As one of the key states in the Battle for Senate control. Former vice president Alben w. Barkley opens there tonight his formal Campaign to try to unseat gop sen. John Sherman Cooper. Most of the Campaign oratory from National figures yesterday came from republicans with Nix on in Massachusetts and n e w York. Gop National chair Man Chattanooga sept. 30 w. Hall in Iowa and court order thousands of do Everett Dirksen Ulaj in Massa Lars Worth of confiscated pistol today were Given a watery Buria in Chickamauga Lake. The 385 pistols seized from Loca pawnshops last november wer thrown into the Lake from a Speed judge Rogan probes Greene co. Deputies by Ellis writer Greeneville sept. 29 judge Thomai Rogart emphatically declared today that politics had nothing to do with his current investigation of a request for salaried deputies m Greene county. F sheriff r. L. Seavers had requested judge Rogan to a move his retaining two salaried deputies a Jailer arid rep cutoff Hull bookkeeper the same staff he has had for the past two years. John Armstrong attorney for seavers. Said the line of question a used by judge Rogan was us it is not judge Rogan declared from the Bench. I am lot interested in the political Angle this Case in any Armstrong made his remarks to pistols Are ordered Crown info Lake Chusett. Nixon came in for renewed criticism from chairman Stephen a. Mitchell of the democratic National committee who accused him of playing a dishonest game of words to give a false impress a spokesman said Mitchell was standing behind his statement Al ing Cruiser under instructions o criminal judge Raulston school As John Taylor special county homicide investigator. Scattered Alai iut Yemna is statement Al though it was disclosed that the i deep Waer he k top accompanying new spa i an attorney who boat that i feel like away Schoolfield issued an order Seiz t in c the pistols from 1j Pawn Brok Ohio president of the in a 18 after uie Hamilton county Ohio conference of the a act Lon s a. That the Eisenhower i grand jury returned original in branches. Said he was shocked administration kicked the do cements chair he them with a . Judge John h. communists out of government not Hepting pistols in pair the judge refusal of act now on a request i d he hundreds but by the thou retired the cases upon Palm but of to halt enforced segregation in sends school. In turning Down plea for an associated press had the vice president titular Exchange with Mitchell. The a had quoted Nixon the court during the questioning of Henry Bell chief Deputy sheriff. Judge Rogan asked Bell if he said that unless a Tennessee High Way patrolman was trans ferry from Greene county and the Chi of police of Greeneville was fire the sheriff s department would a the elks and Moose clubs in 11 City. Bell denied making such a stat ment. Saying i Don t think so in answer to another question b the court he said there had Bee no talk of the patrolman Bein transferred. He also asked Bell if at a Inee ing he had not declared that he o the sheriff s department a shown special consideration to Sev eral prominent Greeneville citizen in Drunken driving cases. Bell answered no the question was repeated twice an each time the answer was the same. Judge Rogan asked him Severa lines if he had used the Wor at a meeting an each time Bell denied saying it. Finally judge Rogan refreshes jell s memory and he admitted i did t mean it that Way and might have used the the questioning was in line Wilhie court s attempt to determine the salaried staff was necessary he questioned the sheriff and 3ell us French plan billion Dollar Indochina Aid Washington Al the United states and France evidently will put into immediate action a new billion Dollar program to bolster free Indochina against communism. The approval of congressional leaders however will be sought for some expenditures. Agreement on the program was announced last night in a comm i que issued after three Days talks Between top French and american officials. The communique gave Only be eral statements of determinate to support the Complete ind Epen. Ence of Cambodia Laos and i but it marked the first time sine the shooting War ended on july 2 that the United Stales and franc have actually had a common action program. In this sense it prob ably Means a new Era of cooperation in the struggle to save indo China. Aside from the communique i was Learned from official source thai the main provisions of the program Are 1. France s 10-Divisiun Force in Viet Nam will be reduced. The aim is to get Al Highway funds listed Short by Ellis Binkley court costs by the defendants. Lives alone in Penn. Luke be Ciarea on of the supremo court. Zimmat tender age of 72 s5 injunction the Jurist said that any decision Siven at this Lime might be contrary to the pattern of in tem action yet to be decided on by the great length about recon file an Appeal in the sixth circuit court of appeals in Cincinnati to de to Reading and Studvins. A of l Irv of Doefen 1 father was in which allowed Only n Coio still in Vear old dutch the plates for eight years having in dents to attend previously cd girl ays she tired on a first . Onue classes brought about t h because his services were a act drive. Patent boredom ant lonely urgently by an Ameri in Delaware. Gov. .1 Caleb according to Henry books sought ways to bring place Man coun by i cling District director of being boycotted at Milford and Ivins Theta to for registration of 2.07 Torday for Classe aids conducted by the Highway Atrol and the City police. Both county officers testified icy had not received complaints n the places raided about two weeks ago by the patrol. They lid they had heard rumours the laces were bootlegging. But both admitted the places had been aided previously by the patrol iring seavers previous adminis action. Questioned both of i raids the sheriff s de against the Moose and elks clubs in Green Phillp saturday night. United bo111 said to nov received com i plaints about the places within the City limits Durier the Posi . Or three before that they had heard rumours about the places they said. Under the state Law a sheriff can collect All the fees of his Fields cleared in Allen death Sullivan county Deputy sheriff John t. Fields was cleared at a preliminary hearing in Stessl Btij court thursday of a charge of murder in the fatal shooting of Melvin Allen on september 18. If a Man who has been drink ing and who has already shot one Man pulls a pistol and threatens o blow your brains out you Don Lave to wait and see if he Means judge.6. G. Gilbreath or. Said when he dismissed the charge a about . The judge said there was ample evidence Fields acted in self defense and that he committed no crime. Fields on the witness stand Aid he Drew his pistol from his Holster and shot Allen after the 24-year-old Long Island Man raised a gun at him and said ill blow your brains the Deputy said he had already been talking to Allen and a younger brother. Dave for three or four minutes after spotting them in Long Island. Fields and two other deputies had earlier made an unsuccessful search for Melvin Al in for shooting and wounding Woodrow Baker. Fields said when he ran into he Allen Brothers on his second rip to Long Island he was alone my noted Melvin was armed. The Deputy said he first attempted to rest the two Brothers and Mel Rin refused to come along and French forces out of Viet Nam by March 1956, Aboul four months prior to elections on whether the whole of Viet Nam will go communist or not. 2. The withdrawal will be geared .0 a relatively slow schedule so that no Power vacuum will be Cre ated. Time will be permitted for the training of larger native forces which eventually will assume responsibility for the country s Security. Native forces will be trained also in Laos and Cambodia. Quantised of military equipment supplied by the United states to the French for fighting the communists in Indochina will a turned Over to the native rooms. The Geneva peace Settle ment forbids shipping in addition Al new arms but the United states stands ready to provide replace ment arms which the peace set Lement permits. 4. The United states tentatively s committee to give financial Aid to the Paris government for sup port of its shrinking forces in Indochina. France wants this Aid at the rate of 400 million dollars a Vishinsky May unveil red plan on atomic Pool United nations n.y., sept 30 spread today tha Andrei Vishinsky might unveil new soviet atomic proposals to the . General Assembly this after noon. Observers predicted that if forthcoming they would Boll Down o another demand for a ban on nuclear weapons. The chief russian Delegate was scheduled to take the Assembly Loor shortly after the opening of Oday s plenary session to give a Evlewt of soviet policy As his contribution to the 60-nation group s pening general debate. Ofshinsky s speech on which head been working in seclusion All was expected to set Forth the Pavlet bloc s line on the american Toms for peace proposals and oth r vital East West issues. Latin american Delegate Aid he had reliable word that the usually fiery spokesman Ould Couch his remarks in con Lia tory vein in an Effort to show Ussia is treating the atomic ques on with an open mind. Most members Felt however at Vishinsky would reiterate his government s refusal to go along with the Eisenhower Dulles atomic plan unless it tied in a declaration outlawing nuclear weapons. This stand was made Clear in the recent publication of previously secret notes the United states and Mijc Timea estates and however funds were voted Russia exchanged on president i egress for a fighting War. Benhower s Fri Sinai a. By Congress for a fighting War not for holding the line in peace and Eisenhower administration officials plan to seek approval from congressional leaders before Mak ing the commitment firm. 5. The United states will give direct financial support to Viet Nam. Cambodia and Laos at the rate of about 385 million dollars a year for the of this year. The rate May increase next year As their military forces grow. The program developed the Fields hoping to avoid bloodshed old them to just go on. The Deputy said m e 1 v i n raised the gun Oulen t go and t him. The younger brother Nave testified to a conflicting version f the shooting. He said f the shooting. He said he and Felvin a d started off after hiking to Fields when Melvin conference led by . Undersecretary of state Walter Bedell Smith France s minister for indo Hina Guy Lachambre and French finance minister Edgar Faure is a renewal of the French american cooperation which has been in a stale of collapse since the indo China War ended. In essence French and native troops were doing the fighting with american equipment american dollars were bolstering the French government. When peace came Many . Officials feared the French were so sick of the fight that they would out at once or else would fail to strengthen the native Stales. Meanwhile the . Government had a billion dollars or More Avail heeled and called to his brother c Mon. The Deputy shot m. The younger Allen denied Var seeing a gun in his brother s and or Ever hearing him threat Fields. Level cd 100 000 new York 000 020 Benhower s original proposal to the . Last december for a peaceful atomic Pool. Secretary of state Dulles rejected the soviet condition As a ruse to disarm the free nations while Russia continued to Bol Ster her arsenals. Local Man sentenced for Check forgery Greeneville sept. 29--ran som Robinson of Kingsport today entered a plea of guilty on a for Gery charge and was sentenced to one year and a Day in the state prison. Earlier in the term of criminal ourt which concluded Here wednesday Robinson entered a Pica of not guilty to the charge. After a jury had found him guilty and recommended a three year prison term judge Thomas Rogan granted a new trial due to an error in tha record. Robinson explained to the Ible for expenditures in Indochina through the end of 1955. The Only hitch is that funds were earmarked by Congress for an aggressive Campaign to rid Indochina of communism. Proposing instead to spend it on holding the line officials told the French they worm have to get further agreement be fore making a firm commitment. They appeared confident congressional leaders would consent. That he could not make Bond am rather than slay m jail four month awaiting a new trial he would rather take a year and a Day in Thi state prison. Judge Rogan Impan eled a Jurj of six and after explaining the circumstances directed it to return a verdict of guilty and recommend the year and a Day sentence. Immediately following the jury s verdict of guilty and the recommendation for the Send enc Robin son was sentenced by judge Rogan. I b us. Part find even without the knowl de. An has add in me Xei Terianos Lor a students m a visit More than a month ago and i yes found himself barred by i Migra in it. Nov. Marvin Arvn Griffin accepted the fur Mai demo a Raicic nomination is governor with n renewal of his pledge that Dur ing the time i am governor there will he no mixed schools or col 1 blonde Blue eyed Inez had gone to Camp for the summer. Since then with mrs. Agnes Al Len the hotel manager keeping a the nomination is As election in Georgia a. Macon a private institution for Ine has made us ill inc fill finn no a . Extension of the first preference classification was rejected Mulle continued because the con Cern advised us it was no longer interested in his service. The director saw de Koning could return to this country under a first preference classification if another american concern filed petition for reentry. First 50 on school sep refutation and Fald he court sought to set it self up As a super school friends in them office and appoint salaried deputies subject to the approval of the criminal court judge. Judge to can told reporters following the hearing. Sheriff seavers was seeking approval of his previous staff and judge Rogan was questioning him about the need since recent raids had been staged by the Highway patrol he was also interested in the remarks Bell was reported to have made which explained the reason for his line of questioning. Sheriff seavers explained that in addition to the two salaried deputies he also had several work ing on fees alone. The sheriff said the Highway patrol raids were without army adding guided missiles increasing number of divisions re v i. By Elton c. Fay Washington sept. 30 n would by he regular quota system this knowledge but Mong wrote his daughter Jet. Army is adding a new Long guided missile to its Arsenal in creasing the number of its com Bat equipped divisions and buying Nore tanks. Liis stepped up army Tempo was disclosed in a series of announce ments Here Day after a conference in Colorado Imong president Eisenhower Secretary of the army Robert t. Ste Vens and Gen. Matthew b. Bldg Way the army s chief of staff i. The army has gone into what it Calls at least Pilot line or limited production of a new guided missile called Redstone. The weapon is presumably capable like others of its Type of carrying an atomic warhead. Details of Redstone s capability ment weapon for War the army said it awarded Devo american devotes Many hours his readmission. That he was trying through judge Pogan dutch and american officials in ing until 7 . Hear october 1 in the criminal court room Here. Are still kept secret but there is speculation its Range May be tip to More than army s Corporal missile Al soft surface to surface a o Chrysler corp. Last week an 000 contract As the final touch needed to Start limited production of Redstone. This brings the total for the Redstone project so far to More than 22 million dollars. 2 in a move which will add to its organizational numbers although not to its total manpower the army announced a program to Oost the number of divisions Des gated As combat outfits to 24 in he next two years. This will be done by giving to five of the present six training divisions designations As combat divisions equip Ling them with arms for Battle Isle fighting and organizing them along combat lines. But the manpower size of the divisions apparently will remain. Aside from giving the army the framework for a Quick expansion of the five divisions into full fight ing strength the program also makes possible another program announced new system of rotating forces stationed this will involve return regiments or overseas by units of similar com position. The current plan of rotating individual pliers while still keeping the units on station will be superseded. Each unit will serve 33 months overseas stay 31 months at Home. 3. A contract for Worth of m48 medium tanks was placed with Chrysler corp. This in Tjui. W in i cumin at least for some time at about the level of a training which is Only Between 10 and 15 per cent of the Man a length of a . Combat division. Actually is a renewal of an earlier order for m48s. The initial allot nent of which Chrysler completed year ago the new production like Rayond Skinner. Tea president and William r. Ponder executive Secretary explained in an accompanying letter that the audit was request d by s. Glen Wells who became superintendent of roads sell. I. He was elected in the August election. The report was directed to Wells s. W. Doty county judge and members of county court. The conditions revealed Are of disturbing nature. It is apparent that for a number of years the annual Road expenditures and Obi Gallons have substantially exceeded the budget adopted by tha quarterly county court. Moreover the budget actually adopted from year to year Seema to have enforced Little if any restraint on the actual spending. Apparently it has Little relationship to the Money actually available for Road purposes from the state gasoline tax and the county tax the letter pointed out. The report shows the deficit has been building up since 1951. But does not indicate any illegal use of the funds. The whole tone of Tho audit is poor management and disregard for the the report declares that Only s842.09 was in the Highway fund when Wells took office sept. 1. Against this balance there existed debts totalling at least 052.25. The Road funds were in the red on sept. 1, not less than 5481.210.16. The report shows. Nothing Short of a financial transfusion can bring renewed life and usefulness of these the auditor says. The debts consisted of floating warrants drawn against non exist ent funds in the amount of 259.60 open accounts charged against the department amounting to. According to the last figures s79.897.65 notes payable to three Banks in the county in the amount of s123.500 and accrued interest on the notes amounting to 81 395 the audit shows. The report expresses doubt that the Road superintendent or the county judge has authority to pay interest on warrants cashed by local Banks and held purely As a Mailer of accommodation. These warrants were issued with reckless disregard of the fact there was no Money in the trustee s office to pay them or Little Likely Lood of there being any available n the foreseeable the re port said. The county Road budget for 1954 s s295.000. During the period from january 1 to August 31, Road War ants were written totalling the report in commenting on its spending in 1954, said it was evidently with the desire in mind to use Apall the current Road budget before the newly elected Road superintendent took this left Only to operate the roads to pay salaries and All expenses for the remaining four months of the. The report observes. On proportionate basis it would seem that one third of the budget about s98.333.33. Should have been kept on hand for use during the remaining four the re port declared. The report declared in summing up the deficit regardless of the reasons the county Road funds Are probably in the worst condition of any county in the state. Yet Greene county is outstanding in its wealth and the intelligence of its people. The magnitude of ils needs de serves a sound administration of to services As Well As other departments in the county. It seems generally agreed that he Only Way to get Back into a solvent condition is to sell Bonds in the amount of ind s500.000 will be the report makes the following recommendations funding the floating Road debt f nearly half a million adopting an emergency Road budget for the sept., 1954 to june 0. Tightening up of purchasing practices and the use or Purchase orders establishing a county fiscal year beginning july adoption and enforcement of a realistic annual the abolition of three Road com Businesslike methods in spend ing county funds improving and modernizing pay Roll install a modern accounting sys necessary slate legislation should be sought promptly the county should consider Gong on a Cash a Nils. The report caused much com the mint among county officials Here non inn. Miu j me Nikii kiiiu1ib county Ohio Las acc cart pm Olla it and the Sun Leinan ring in an editorial that a rated tank factory at investigation is launched

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