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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 30, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee14 tuesday sept. 30, 1952 Jean Peters turns Down sexy build up by Bob Thomas Hollywood kidding Boss this Gal Jean Peters actual 3y turned Down a buildup As a sexy dish. What s More she added that sex has been overdone in Hollywood. How do you figure a Gal like that Boss she s trying to go against the trend. Let me Tell you How it All happened. This Gal Peters was assigned to do the role of a brainless a girl in of that s the role Shelley Winters could t do on account of she was preg Nant and Betty Grable would t do on account of she wants to remain the happiness girl in films Grable got a suspension. Well this Guy guided me across the movie lot to see Jean Peters. This Guy i think he was from the publicity department spoke hopefully that the role was changing the whole course of Jean s career. From now on she was going to be a Slinky sexy Siren. She looked the part being decked out in a Low Cut form fitting dress. I be got news for in formed the one time Ohio state coed. As soon As this picture is Over i m going right Back to Blue this Guy i m pretty sure he was from publicity looked crushed. Jean tried to soothe his feelings by explaining she said so i m doing a role of a sexy dish. That does not mean i have to assume the part in real life. I m not the Type. I Don t go in for tight skirts i like sport clothes and suits. And i Don t think i should be expected to change my life just because i m playing a role. An actress should t be expected charged in bombing plot Mexico City mexican Kingsport times l to participate in program a hymn the divine written especially for the Bible Observance in which Kingsport will join other cities throughout the United states tuesday evening will be Fea tured on the program to be presented at the civic auditorium Charles in Nderwood area students Jake degrees three area students were among 104 new graduates at the University of Tennessee medical units commencement exercises in Memphis monday night. They were mrs. Bettyjo arabic of 1501 Kings Road Kingsport Charles t. R. Underwood 231 East Charlemont St., and mrs. Belle Johnson of Elizabethton. Mrs. Arabie. The daughter of mrs. L. L. Thomason of 1501 Kings Road received a certificate in anaesthesia. She is a graduate of Dobyns Bennett High school and received her nurses training a St. Mary s memorial Hospital Knoxville in 1949. Mrs. Arabie will locate at Holston Valley Community Hospital beginning october 6. Underwood son of or. And mrs. S. Underwood of 231 e. Charlemont St., received a de Gree in doctor of Medicine. He is a graduate of science Hill at Johnson City. His pre medical High school he received training in 1947-1949 at East Tennessee state College. He will intern for one year at City hos Pital in Mobile ala., beginning october 6. He is a member of Phi Chi medical fraternity. Mrs. Johnson daughter of mrs. Officials said today they Are Rhoda Range Watauga re paring charges against five per lived a certificate of graduate sons in connection with the nursing. She graduate of bombing of a passenger plane to collect life insurance. The bomb hidden in a suit Case was placed aboard the Happy Valley High school at Johnson City. Mrs. Johnson will intern for the present at Ken Nedy veterans administration Oaxaca bound plane of ital in Memphis beginning Pania Mexicana de aviation 14 pan american world airways affiliate last wednesday. I the explosion shortly after the j Takeoff blew a Hole in the fuse i Lage injured two american tourists of the 20 persons and wrecked navigation Instru-1 ments. The Pilot made an Emer i gency Landing at a military air port. Police said their investigation revealed that seven of the Pas i sengers had been hired for fic i United nations n y Vitious jobs in Oaxaca. Their i Secretary of state bean ache tickets were bought for before the United and. Life insurance policies total nations general Assembly ing two million pesos s230.000 it convenes Here next Acheson Likely to present new proposals to in at 8 . The hymn secured by the hymn society of America through a nationwide Competition was written by miss Sarah e. Taylor of Central Falls r. I., and is Sung to the tune of ancient the massed choirs of the churches of the Community will Lead the singing of this and other great hymns and a con Cert band from Dobyns Bennett High school under the direction Barclay remains As head of Polk county s league Benton Tenn. R. E. Barclay is going to remain chairman of the Polk county Good government league until after the november elections and May stay on permanently. Barclay who recently resigned As Leader of the gel told about 400 members of the party last night at a reorganization meet ing Here that he would not Sec the gel go under even if i have of Paul Oxley the songs. Or. Dwight Greenville s. C., will bring the message using the theme of the Observance the word of life will accompany Chalmers of to stay the gel was organized in 1946. Since that time it has waged a bloody political feud with Polk county s democrats and four deaths have been attributed to violence connected communist coup which seized in living As the basis of his talk. Presentation copies of the new with the dispute. When Barclay announced his resignation he said it was be cause of the increasing amount of time necessary for his Job with the Tennessee Copper co. Last night he urged that an executive committee be selected with a chairman and a Secretary to direct the gel. In other action at the meeting Bible will be Given to several persons representative of significant Community interests. The american legion boy and girl scouts Public school Bible Stu dents and other groups will join in the colourful Celebration. Madame Chiang improves Little san Francisco in mme. Chiang Kai Shek in Franklin Hospital Here for treatment of a skin disorder is showing Little improvement. Mme. Chiang has been in the Hospital since aug. 16. K. W. You her spokesman said yesterday she had a bad reaction from dosages of act a Miracle when she first was hospitalized. Since then her doctors have been slowly withdrawing the drug. Recommends Coffee Elizabeth n. J. Up i drink plenty of Coffee if you want to live to be 100. Lature and Ernest Guffey for state senator. Lowery is an inde pendent and Guffey a Republican. Lowery is running for Flot Erial representative from Polk and Bradley counties. He was elected to the Post in the last election Only to be unseated after a legislative charges. Probe of vote fraud rent controls off on again Allentown a. Off went rent controls in this East Efcic Pennsylvania City yesterday. Back they came again just two hours later. For months the City Council gathered data Ori the question of keeping rent controls. After Many hearings and debates the Council voted unanimously yesterday to lift them. This was done under a 1952 Federal Law which leaves the question to to High ranking czech to say in free u. S. United nations n. Y. Up Ivan Kerno of czech Oslo Val a who quit last week As United nations Secretary general for Legal affairs turned his Back on his communist ruled Home land today to remain in this great and free country of the United diplomatic observers considered Kerno s decision As the most important defection among High ranking Iron curtain Diplo Mats in recent years. Kerno an intimate of Jan Masaryk and undersecretary of state in the government of Eduard Benes announced his decision in a denunciation of the mrs. Angelina Pasco celebrated her monday attributed her Long life to keeping Active and drinking plenty of Coffee. Her oldest daughter is a Mere 82. Cal governments. Who about two hours later 104th birthday Karl c. King a a was Noti Luric Czechoslovakia from the Benes regime in 1948. In he said monday night on a radio and television of the u. Correspondents association panel show United or i had to conform to the u. Staff regulations and to re serve my opinion. Now i am free to speak especially concerning relations Between Czechoslovakia and the soviet Kerno who is 61, said he planned to remain with the . Even though he voluntarily relinquished his Post As assistant to Secretary general Trygve lie on sept. 26. He expects to work for u. International Law commission on problems of Refu gees and stateless persons. I have always worked in coun tries where International questions Are of Paramount import he said. After six years with the u. N., i plan to remain Here in this great and free coun u. Continue to work on International Actu would ban liquor drug ads St. Louis woman s Christian Temperance Union convention has approved a legislative program calling for a ban on interstate advertising of alcoholic beverages Laws forbid Ding Sale and consumption of such drinks on trains or air planes and state Laws restrict fied that Federal authorities had classified the City As a critical defense rent controls were to be restored. Taken out on them. Month to Lay Down new Western yesterday Emilio Arellano proposal5 aimed at breaking the Achet Elige 48-year-old business a Eacock the korean Situa. Man named by the seven As their Tion employer surrendered to police. He was the beneficiary of one of sources said ache the policies police said. Appearance would be judicial agents also arrested to seize the initiative popular Singer Paco Sierra Hus band of the owner of a leading in the Assembly s debate on Korea and Spike the guns of the communists. J this report came on the heels rest a third was reported imminent. Long heralded red peace Meef in piping Sef capital variety theater. Federal atty. Gen. Francisco Gonzalez announced that the an announcement in Moscow six policies had named friends of j that soviet foreign minister an Sierra As beneficiaries. Two of Drei y. Vishinsky will head a these were arrested and the delegation to the Assembly session possibly to launch a new peace for propaganda purposes. Criminals slow red Oil output Moscow top communist official in soviet Azerbaijan has reported the Oil Industry in Tokyo up the piping his area failed to meet its pro communist radio has announced eviction quota during the past that the Long heralded asian eight months largely because and Pacific nations peace con Ference will Convene in piping this thursday. The broadcast said representatives from 29 countries including 13 from Japan will take part in the sessions. The conference originally scheduled to Start last Friday was delayed for a week presumably in order to allow the Dele Gates More time for travelling. Another reason probably was to have the conference coincide i police said today Daniel Chal the communist Celebration font 29, admitted making it easy criminal elements infiltrated into the big Southern Baku Oil Fields. In a report to the Azerbaijan party Congress first Secretary m. D. Bagirov said the criminal elements had been cleaned out now and the Oil Fields would be Able to catch up in time to meet the full year s quota. Anything to help it. Clemens Mich. Up of their National Day which be gins oct. 1 and usually lasts Sev eral Days. Many of the delegates especially those from the West had to leave their countries secretly to attend. A number of nations such is Tolfe United states Japan and Australia announced they would not Issue visas for anyone going to piping. Patrolman robbed san Francisco patrolman John h. Monson hopped into his patrol car Mon Day to Chase traffic violators he discovered his Book of traffic tags a City Street map a Flash Light and a night stick had been stolen. Devoe paint to beats Johnson lumber company in elders supplies 411 w. Sall Tui Street for them when he took a Check from a mail Box endorsed it with the Payee s name but absent mind edly wrote his own address. Top Dollar Loans a Motif fail a of old Homes c. A co. 332 e. Market pm. Nursery landscaping Backer Bros. Phone z2m enrol now uni in of in women s App in Almini in Olibe a Ufheil roved Romard beat Waves cold 12.50 up s4.m of fear hrs Beauty 8uhuol mrm Paw its Well take you to the world series ing the Sale and use of Barbi acid drugs and sleeping pills. Air Force general has easy plan and Pilot to free sure a distinctive photograph by by Richard Applegate up staff correspondent somewhere in Korea up far nothing has come of it and possibly Washington is still mulling Over the matter but an air Force general in Korea has come up with a plan to capture some of the famous Mig-15 Jet fighters. The plan is simplicity in itself. It would deliver an undamaged russian built Jet fighter to the United nations Dong with the Pilot. All we would have to said the general who asked that his name be would be to let the red pilots know that we Are offering them Asylum in the United states plus say tax free. We Don t know How much a Mig costs to build. A Sabre costs about a million so an undamaged Mig should be Worth 000. And think of the Book rights when the Guy got to the states and wrote his memoirs on Why he chose to desert the communists. Why even Hollywood would probably make him an How would the word get to the communist pilots that s the general said. You could drop leaflets from High up Over North Korea where we go practically every Day any Way when the wind is blowing toward Untung the red Jet base in Manchuria just across the out of prison As Kiwan Hutchinson Kan. Inmate of the state reformatory joined the kiwanis club yesterday just Long enough to escape. Supt. Roy m. Frost said this is How it happened. About 225 delegates to the state kiwanis convention were taken on a tour through the reformatory. Mack m. Stipp 23, serving a term for forgery swiped some civilian clothes from the Laun dry donned them and walked out the Gate with the Kiwan ians. Yalu River. Thousands of them would land where the pilots could pick i them up. We would t have to specify what kind of a Pilot either he could be a russian a pole a chinese or a North korean. All he would have to do is to bring a Jet driven Mig to an Allied air base in South Korea and All his troubles would be How would the Mig Pilot men age to get to an Allied Airfield without being shot Down by . Planes or ground guns alter he had been picked up on a radar screen the leaflets themselves would Tell the surrendering Pilot the route to follow so that he could be identified. He would probably come in Over the sea wag his wings in a certain Way or do any of a Hundred things. As soon As our radar picked him up we d know he was t one of ours and we could track him carefully to see if he was following phone of my St. Taxi Omni phone 970 Gilliam cabs h. G. Gillum. Owner and night service. Safe and car team service phone 970 East Sullivan Beck of Colon by terminal fall seeding

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