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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 28, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeI a tymm wednesday september 21, about All doctors Cansay Lothat w causes coronary throb Job by Belman Mokin new York sept. 71 a heart attack science knows the mechanical facts. It knows that in a coronary Type of attack tha president Eisenhower Hud las1 blood clot forms and eventually plugs an artery. It one of the channels that feeds an area of the heart Wall but what caused form what the while a doctor was working Over me on the incredible morning when i was hit i asked a million questions. I wanted to know every thing. Finally i asked the important one Well what caused he looked at me quietly and replied As Good an answer As any. This is about All that science can say with any certainty today. Heart disease Cut Down nearly americans last year More than bait of All who died in 1954. Cancer and automobiles Are pea nuts compared to heart ailments. Moreover a great majority of those who died of heart disease were in the highly productive years of life 40 to 65. So today some of the Best scientific brains in the nation Are trying to Trade Down the Funda mental cause of the cardio vascular diseases arteries the circulatory system High blood pressure and so on. They Are asking these questions 1. Is it the american Pace of living very few nations have As High a death rate As the United states among men aged 40 to 65. Is that because the american drives him self so hard lives it Burns the Candle at both reports from West Germany indicate that recently the death rate from heart attacks has been rising there. Doctors wonder whether the in driving so hard for recovery from the War Are not duplicating the american experience. However or. Albert s. Hyman made a of heart disease in the Jungles of the South Pacific he wrote of the surprisingly High incidence of cardiovascular disease of All found among these primitive not much ten lion there presumably. 2. Is it the condition of being grossly overweight life insurance statisticians frequently attach considerable importance to this. Figures seem to Indi Cate a higher incidence of death from heart disease among people seriously Over the Normal weight Levels. Other researchers disagree. They Point out that an athlete in the Pink of condition May be Over weight but that he is not fat simple statistics about weight Are Only part of the Story. 3. It heredity Many difficulties confront the he is muscular. So they feel that researcher in this Field. You a or May not know if you Are asked whether your Grandfather died of heart disease. The Defini tons of diseases in his Day were lets precise. Heart disease often e heart Wall assumes some other form the clot to later in this series some Long deep Basic term experiments will be described that May throw Light on the heredity Factor. 4. Is it something related to hormones women Are far far less susceptible to heart attacks than men. Only after the Middle years does the incidence appear to Rise substantially. Why what is it in the Emale system that seems to fend off hardening of the arteries or roughening of the arteries or clotting this is another area of intense research. 6. Is cholesterol the villain this is a fat soluble waxy sub Tance found Only in the blood of Man and the animals. Or. Ancyl yes heading a great research project at the University of Minne Sota has said of it if cholesterol is not the cause of the most serious arteriosclerosis it is definitely involved some How. Over extreme ranges at least there is no doubt there is a rela Tion Between the concentration of cholesterol in the blood and the appearance of deposits in the Walls of the Man s legs Cut off so body would fit in shallow grave Louisa by. 42-year-old housewife accused of severing her crippled husband s legs to make his body fit in a basement rave after she shot and beat him death was indicted on a murder charge yesterday. No trial Date has been set for mrs. Garnet Stucker who was quoted by officials As saying her i arthritis crippled husband beat her with his Crutch after he came Home drunk. The state charges 59-year-old Estell Stucker was shot and beaten with a Gas pipe Early last june 39 while asleep in his basement room. The legless body was found n a shallow grave in an earthen Section of the basement the follow no Day. Mrs. Tucker has been held in wrench county jail without Ond. Martin and Lewis made up some of others never do by Bob Thomas Hollywood when a comedy team goes sour in the Case of Martin and Lewis it turned out All they reconciled before millions of to View ers embracing each other and singing a sentimental Side by chances Are they la be bet Ter than Ever. They exhibited a warmth toward each other that had been lacking in recent years. Another to team broke up with a big scone but their differences could not be resolved. They were Joan Caulfield and Barry Nelson. Both Are going their separate ways. Things went wrong on my Pavo rate husband last season. I guess the same thing has Hap end with every team except Ami v Joan explained. In my favorite the arose because of the girl. Barry thought More of the show in wed Mother slated for hearing in baby s death Manchester by. In wed Mother of four children was scheduled for a Clay county court Learng today in the Poison death of her 12-Day-old baby. Coroner Marion Hensley said the infant s death monday night was due to poisoning. When questioned yesterday after county judge Charles h. White is sued a warrant for her arrest miss Cecil Wlong of Fogertown old authorises one of her other Alldren have Given the Laby a poisonous cleaning Solu Ion. However the children denied his Hensley said. The infant s body was sent to Louisville for an autopsy Hensley Aid adding the nature of the Poison has not been determined. Should be directed at him. He routed. To keep him Happy they aimed a show at him. Then i d be just As miserable As he the show was further dampened by an interview in which Nelson Aid he was fed up and had handed n his notice. But Here s the switch Nelson is pack doing the show and Joan in t. She s Active in films again. Toy wanted trip Kenedy Tex. Chancy. Watched a touring revival truck icing loaded and after awhile he is appeared. An hour and 30 minutes later Motorist noticed a boy hanging underneath the fast moving revival Ruck just inches above the pave ment. T just wanted to go along for he he said when he was a turned to his father. Due to said the poor health woman was Hensley released when she promised to appear for Oday s hearing. No formal charge ins been placed against miss Bowling who lives with her Moth. Or about 15 Miles from Man. Chester. Beaded in cd test Portland Ore. Block area including Portland s downtown business District was evacuated in 34 minutes in tues Day s civil defense test. The Speed of the evacuation exercise was credited by civil defense o Al class to the fact that the area was not nearly so crowded As usual and to a traffic control system that turned All traffic lights Green along he exit routes and eliminated Cross traffic. Hal Boyle s column Hab Boyle we port Conn. There Are Many unusual characters in this Community of artists and intellectuals. Jut or. The Only one in the neighbourhood who in a dutch oven is perhaps the most unusual. In an area teeming with watch dogs Smedley has the distinction of being the Only he is a pet ocelot a kind of tropical Wildcat owned by Arthur Kennedy the Well known Broadway and Hollywood actor. Kennedy bought the Wildcat which came from Peru As a 5 week old Kitten on the West Cost while completing a starring role n to a s film ocelot raising has become something of a fad on the West coast where two clubs devoted to the Breed have been organized. The ocelot a tree climbing Cousin of the common cat is known scientifically As fells Pardalis Lour Shes in Central and South America once ranged As far North As Georgia. It is a beautifully spotted and barred animal of a Awny Hue that when full grown is feet Long and weighs 25 to 35 pounds. These Are ominous facts accentuate the front edging and the diagonally placed Slit . 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