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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 28, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeTo King Perl times tuesday september 23, 1s54 Hal Boyle s column by Hal Bolk new York Robert Fabian Britain s most Sherlock Leb rated d u Holmes feels Fabian now in his 50 s Kentucky news teenagers soy k 1 _ self. He knew by 5 of a wanted Murray. By. Sept. 28 Tola enrolment at Murray state College reached 1.643 for the fall term an All tune i year old institution. A mystery Light might be a Good idea to know him some he helped Reform. Maas the display of firearms is to business be mildly if criminal to carry one. Too. Gis who grew up together perished in sea disaster i 7 december soon after he was of 1947. Winchester Ernest Cole a physician Here m9 years before his retirement last it to he said. In 1949 after Fabian risked i a firearm is not an in is49 after fab an risked i it is an antagonizes life of disarm a bomb planted by in his 28-year service with to hellish Extrema is s. Of London Yard Pabian solved a dozen Crooks struck Olf a medal ____1 n Llloyd ill l i s in Natl it la i i hand. February died sunday a 75. _ Lexington. 28 i i lion in his Honor and threw Hirr j a Surprise party. Later he Wai summoned to Buckingham Palace and presented with the King medal for the same Ders helped Send 9 men to the Gallows More than so to prison. I rever carried n Pun he said although twice i had to take guns away from men1, who seemed to want to use Vliem on me. The Only weapon i Perl Here Are a few observations on needed was my Lone by Britain s detective of an expert in Jet Jitsu. Pabian Gan his career As an Ordinary con i i Don t mind an honest to Good stable. He still feels the Best Way i Ess Crook myself. But there i to Cut Down crime is to put More-100 much of Cilmi cops out on beats swinging they Don t look glamorous in a cell. But i Don t go along with this been my experience tint Kun he said. And killers do have Gray eyes not because i m soft either. I people with Brown eyes Are More i m not vicious but i do think warm natured. The pendulum has swung too furl crime really swung your re the wrong Way in our treatment of Whipf does t does t pay a get very much for he steals Only about one criminals. We pamper both Younki Delin j tenth of the wholesale value of the quests and hardened criminals too goods. Criminals who work alone Are Pabian believes Britain made usually the most difficult to catch mistake in doing away with the 11 is generally easier to catch a cat o nine tails in 1948. He is con murderer than a robber Vinceri that 10 lashes on a Cilmi i detective work patience and Nal s Back with the or 20 i attention to detail Are everything strokes with Birch switches on his tile most common mistake of bared Bottom leaches him an unforgettable lesson. The physical punishment criminals is that they Well too often. Go to the is a treat believer in women not As bad As the As detectives. I mean. They Are he snid. When you Birch n Crimi 1 of in better than men in solving nil you treat him like a naughty j he disguises of women criminals. Schoolboy. He never the University of Kentucky re ported a fall enrolment of up 10 per cent Over last fall. Lack of dormitory space kept the school from accepting a Large number of freshmen women students. Louisville. . 28 Hugh m. Milton ii. Assistant Sec i Sand Springs. Okla. Sent spook Bept. 28 flight that has drawn free admin Here Sion crowds numbering As much As 600 persons has been solved. La Iii Ghi ivs expensive Rubio and television equipment was made ready to capture the strange sequence patrolmen found two boys perched Halfway up the Colfi with flashlights and towels. Some 500 persons were present at the scene rotary of the army. Be one of the speakers at today s tul mention session of associated traffic clubs of America. New officers be elected for the or two Miles West of Here. Sent to Japan. John had a brother and a sister j Harry had four Brothers and four Johnny Zerby and Harry Boob grew up together Here in Centre county. A. Sunday they died together thou Sisters Sands of Miles away in a ferry i a letter received from Harry boat capsized by a Savage typhoon Las saturday the boy told his Northern Japan. , he would be Home within 40 Days. He he did t want to ii. Hum Iii Jolgui also wrote his parents Hull Rhee Confer Seoul far East com Mander Gen. Jolt e. Hull left for Tokyo today after a conference with president syn Man Rhee on american military and economic Aid to Korea. Your Chi in a terse report from the army yesterday listing american service men known to have died when the ferryboat overturned were the boys identified by As Eugene Anderson. 19. And Jim my Rose. 17, both of Tulsa freely admitted the licht was their invention. They said they first tried it last wednesday nightly. And repeated pro and and sanitation which seeks to Mote better understanding Sood will Between carriers shippers. Madisonv1lle. By. Sept. 28 milk producers will meet oct 1 to discuss the future of the mad Sony milk shed and the Possi of forming an Independent the area the last five Days. Some j arrived As Early As 4 . In orderly acre pvt. John w. Zerby. 2 so i or. And mrs. Robert h. Zerbe i a i Souier pvt. Harry e. Hoob 22 or. And mrs. Clair e Aaronsburg. . 1. A. Their Homes Are Miles apart. Ii Japan they were stationed close for Many months recently saying lie would be Home very soon. 011 in their Manv letters Nei v. .-1j either mentioned the other As to think that they did t even they were that close and we Lati idea said mrs. Son of Boob. Hundreds of persons had visited Almos neither know. He a to get a Good seat. Relatives mid friends of both returned with her dog and a Stern in March 1953 and went Ove to go to the Arkansas River Down k is hard for one woman to fool the shame of even with woman. Own since retiring from Scotland women detectives times More easily discouraged Yard in 1949. Pabian has turned ill an " in. But they la take More out two Best Selling books on his chances. And better at of a b i n n of the shadowing suspects than men. Against a woman criminal they Are and London after dark. He also writes a weekly column on crime for a British newspaper Chain and recently completed 39 half hour to films based on his i own cases. Known As one thing about Middle age you a a j go tired the Day unorthodox de you Start firm cooperative for the area. The mad Sonville Branch of the Green River milk producers cooperative merged with the Evans Ille milk producers Assn. Harlan ky., sept. M h. I. Bennett 71. President of Pope 2awood lumber Luce 1935, died suu_., ring a heart attack at his Home i los Angeles we one of the i members of Geqrge Geordie Hormel s Trio has testified that the Jyoung millionaire musician paid Seoul of South if01 cigarettes the night korean organized labourers and Dis a tabled War veterans today staged Shevak. String Bass play stories came from All never knew the proximity of the area As residents told of the two friends in their Over ing the strange Blue Green Ball until the Light for a half Century. The mys-1 casualty list came through Tery was further clouded with an Indian legend that a Young Indian Al Tirl had been killed by equipment for a Hometown the cuff and each year shei company. He entered the service was a Gregg twp. Vocation school graduate. He repaired Trio member says of Pope la i 11 i in f had reefers for november 1953. Karry worked on forms near his Home. He entered the service in Beautiful. Custom tailored All plastic seat covers s4s value s35 All work convertible tops As Low Ai installed Hull s trim shop ids Shelby Street Klinsport. Mill 232 w Market Johnson City sjs1 r f 1 f f ioutof3dqesi i v a Tor 1 a menting re Tel Are Olton w i of pin Worms i hot medical edit rat of out of every three per i a act Ifird far Atiim 9 be victims net know it to set rid of f of Tesla must not Only be i lira. Hat i _ billed in the in line it Bare f they live multiply. That s 7 1 pm tablets do 1 f Here s How they do it coating car 1 a Row the a Betta into the Boru 1 for. They dissolve. F Credi ent Row right to i pin Worms jul rely easily. 1 Don t take Chantry with thl. N Fla serous. Highly Contaj Cious run i edition. Get Onofno to adults. Perfected by or i Jayne son Peci Arista in worm f i for 100 years. 1 Money i when you want it see us when you need Nuney for any helpful purpose. I Loti like chill of Low or the in count Vou need and see How Low the pay ments Are. Phone or come in today. Finance corp. Of Tennessee 337 t. Center St. Phone Circle s-3hi5 Bill Vollmer. Mtr demonstrates against withdrawal of troops demonstrations against the withdrawal of . Troops from Korea. Some00 crippled veterans or said that Hormel gave him to buy the cigarettes from a night parking attendant Shevak staged a sit Down strike in front of rave be yesterday the american embassy while an other 100 were anti with draw he slogans at the Gate of the foreign correspondents billets. Veterans leaders said korean War veterans joined labor unionists demonstrating in major South Korea cities today Ipa inst the redeployment of troops. At a preliminary hearing for the attendant Mark Lamb 41, who was held for Superior court action on i a charge of Selling narcotics. I Hormel is free on Bond pending a hearing 8 on a charge of possessing marijuana. Shevak awaits trial the same Day s. On a previous charge of possessing heroin. 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