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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 28, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 1096 42 Kingsport times practice safety wins nobody loses. Everyone vol. Al no. 193 phone Circle 64121 Kingsport term., tuesday sept. 28, 1954 10 pages cents the weather some cloudiness tuesday night with Low in lower 60s wednesday increasing cloudiness continued rather warm but More humid hip a in rhe Middle 80s Chance of How ers wednesday night. Yesterday s High s7 last night s Low. 54 noon temperature so. No rainfall. Miss Virginia state fair is Judy Tritt. L6-year-old Jonesville High school Junior. The slender Honey haired blonde was chosen monday night Over eight other contestants in the Virginia contest. Surplus food placed i under a new system. In censure Case Washington. Sepi. 28 sen. Mccarthy appeared today 10 j face an Uphill fight in fending off a vote of censure when the Senate meets nov. 8 to weigh his conduct. Some of his associates privately conceded As much but they said the Wisconsin Republican will fight j vigorously and that the picture May change before the Senate re-1 turns nearly six weeks hence. Thrown into the balance yester Day was the unanimous report by three Republican and three demo cratic senators recommending that their colleagues officially Cirii a Cize certain of Mccarthy s pas1 actions. The. Six comprise a Specia committee set up to study the is sue. Mccarthy was silent on the course he will pursue and his Chiei Edward Bennett Liams said Mccarthy would have no comment at this time on the committee s report based on nine Days of Public hearings. The Chicago Tribune however quoted Mccarthy As Saemg that if the Senate upholds the accusations against him it will have taken Long stride toward abdication of its constitutional right to investigate wrongdoing in the executive i do not care whether i am censured or the Tribune quoted him hut i will fight against establishing a precedent German armament meet is off to a Good Start the distribution of surplus food3 in the slate of Tennessee i being reorganized. Maj. S. A. Noblitt i commanding officer of the Salva a Tion army in Kingsport said today therefore maj. Noblitt said sur plus food usually distributed on Fri a Day will not be available week but he expects the distribution to resume within a few weeks. In the past surplus food has been Morristown Man attorney general Nashville sept. 28 which will curb investigative Power and assist any administration Power to cover up its Mccarthy under treatment for a sinus ailment was reported in seclusion by Williams and in too Nuch discomfort to do much plan Ning now to meet the censure Nove. One Mccarthy associate declining to be quoted by name said suspects that As now Mccarthy might lose the votes of Many As 15 of the Senate s 48 Republican members on a Cen sure test and that he doubts that try democrats would rally to Mccarthy s cause. He said the Story May be different on the Actu labovites Okay Alt Lee s plan on White pupils stay from. Delaware classes Milford Del. Sepi. 28 Scarborough England sept. J More than two thirds of the pupils 28 labor party today Milford s newly integrated while elementary school reported opened sept. 7 with 13 negroes for classes today. Parents were classes with 157 White approved Clement Melee s Call Nome from Homo in sympathy i if or the second Dav today us the Ford Bov Coti 11 Roo twin i _ i ported to have kept their children the the Mil German rearmament but by Over a Mission of 11 Liny margin of Only votes pupils continued out of cast at the annual or. George r. Miller state Sti part conference Here. Sperin Teudy it of Public instruction. Announced that 509 326 the vote backing continued of per Cem of the enrolled 1.562 in forts to enlist West German troops rolled at the previous All White combined elementary and High classes today. This was an increase of 3 per cent Over monday when 456 pupils a crowd of about 100 persons gathered outside the Lincoln school As classes started but they quickly dispersed. Noting today s attendance in Western defense a the delegates by a similar slim majority then Defeated a motion reported after their schools had backed by left Wing Laberite Lead been closed for a week. Or. Miller said the two factors still dominating the situation Are the fear of violence and intimidation by those opposed to the in he said state officials have Given no thought at present to prose or Aneurin Bevan calling for an absolute ban on German rearmament. In the debate before the vote the 71-year-old former prime min ister had staked his prestige As party Leader on a declaration that opposition to West German re armament would be a sterile ans negative course. Before the debate began Bevan lost his fight to become party treasurer a Post which carries an automatic seat on the policy Mak no executive committee. The fiery welshman bowed to Hugh Gaitskell former Chancellor of the exchequer and a Leader of he moderate Wing. The defeat iad been expected although Bevan parents who deliberately their children Home in Vio Cut inf keep lation of the state compulsory school attendance Law. That stat Ute requires school attendance until the age of 16. Or. Miller said the Law contains clause which allows for three consecutive Days of unexplained absence from classes. Today Marks the second Day of the boy Cott by those opposed to integration. Meanwhile at the nearby town of Lincoln Only 36 of a total enrolment of 140 pupils at Bent into this area for distribution Tennessee supreme court Toda to families by the salvation army named George f. Mccanless of and other family service agencies. Morristown As state attorney Gen to succeed the late Roy h. Whites. M Ichen under the new ruling in Iii came from the Tennessee depart Beeler. Anont of agriculture. Division of Al showdown in november How his assured seat i Ever after the congressional elec on the executive to Campaign for tons and after Mccarthy has office i tried his defense. He will step Down from the exec c a a 11% c a malt a Williams said yesterday that de Justive at the end of this conference. In Pullin 1111111111 sense will be lengthy and vigor Jlong rebellious. Bevan gave evidence of being pleased at Thel too few senators were willing j Prospect of severing one More Tutei to to on Public record at this Point with the party s official leadership to permit any accurate forecast of apparently he prefers to make his the showdown lineup. An associated press Survey of senators who could be reached yesterday and last night showed this division 14 senators apparently inclined to vote to censure Mccarthy but not committed to do so. Students. County Board superintendent number j. Straight said the students subset Quemoy attending classes dwindled to about half that number. And yesterday about 16 people warned the principal and teachers of the elementary school there Milford or. Miller said he had would be trouble if they entered been hopeful would report thai but More pupils the school. Principal Lloyd h. Be he expressed Curro and the five teachers went ome satisfaction Over the increase Home and the school was closed. From monday. Last night pro segregation eight of the 11 negro pupils a forces in the Milford school Dis Rived again for classes in private cars and two other boys came on a school bus with 21 White pupils. Or. Miller said school officials Are checking a report that the Lith negro Pupil has quit the Milford school school to attend in Dover. All negro said there was no official confirmation of the report. Maj. Fred Lamb of the state police said or. Raymon c. Cobb superintendent of Milford schools was not at Schuol today because his wife had suffered a mild heart attack and had been taken to a Wilmington Hospital. Meanwhile in Marion county West Virginia the county Board of education announced last night that it would seek Relief in the courts against persons protesting integration in the Small Coal min ing Community. Strict at their third meeting in three Days stepped up their drum fire for a Boycott of the school at a mass meeting in nearby Lincoln. State police said a conservative estimate of the crowd was 750. The Rev. Manaen Warrington newly elected president of the Delaware chapter of the National Assn. For the Advance of White people urged the parents to keep their children Home in opposition to integration until the negroes get out of our he said anti Integrationist would continue their attack no matter if it Means bloodshed no mat Ter what the Bryant Bowles National presi Dent of the a Yawp. Urged those in the crowd from towns near Mil Ford Southeastern Delaware to hold a show these Community of sympathy strike to the Annabelle elementary schoo parents we re behind chief Justice a. B. Neil commodity distributing at Nash bounced the selection shortly he 5 senators apparently inclined to an oppose censure but also not fully Ville. The distribution of food to families will be under the super vision of the county judge. In Sullivan county judge Howard Poston has named the Salva army in Kingsport and Bristol the agencies which will handle this food just As they have in the past. Fore noon after the court members made the Choice in conference. J Mccanless will take the Post made vacant with the death last night of heeler who had aia Tion of a the Job for nearly Century. A Quarter Mccanless 50-Ynar-Oid attorney. 37 senators noncommittal. However the Dean of the Senate democratic sen. George of geor Gia predicted the vote will be to censure Mccarthy. George declined to say How he personally will vote. The georgian s judgment is respected by Many of his col served As commissioner of finance leagues in both parties. Fight to supplant Attlee As Oue of the rant and file. Warn pier talks on Coal crisis by Ralph Rasnick to staff correspondent Haysi va., sept. Man w. C. Bill Wampler Republican representative of the ninth j District seeking re election kicked red hot political Campaign judge Poston says there will Bejin the administration of former what plans Mccarthy May no change in the distribution of the gov. Prentice Cooper in the late to Rev up the operations of his nere tonight by making the first food except in one instance i1930s and has been a prac Ting at Senate investigations sub commit Jmajor speech of the present can by direction of the state welfare Al pain in Nickenson county. Department no person who is re i ceh in direct state assistance will to eligible in the future to Liberal surplus food. J degrees. He was graduated at Vanderbilt Ity. Where he received both arts and his Law announced he was declining a vast number of invitations to de liver Campaign speeches for re publican congressional candidates because he Felt he could do the it was explained by the welfare Mccanless is a former City at Igop More Good by probing wrong department that this food would j Torney at Morristown serving from doings. Have to be counted As income i january 1933. To january 1937. J the committee s findings do not 1 to would have an effect the he also was chairman of the City affect his right to conduct hear n mount of Money received by needy families from this department. The welfare department works out with each family a budget for Complete needs which in Lulies food and other necessities. Board of education at Morristown Ings nor would a censure by the the new attorney general served Senate. Censure is an official rep As Chancellor of the 13th division Rimand. But it carries with it no from Jan 12, 1937, to August of the following year. He was gov. Hill in the change Over new l. Appointed Mcalister by former to succeed sanctions such As loss of com Mittee chairmanships or seniority. The special six Man committee headed by sen. Wat Kins a Utah be necessary before the distribution will be resumed. This Drinnon who died infused such words As those to de office. Mccanless was not a candidate for reelection however. Means each Case other than state in Morristown Mccanless said welfare cases will be reviewed and i feel deeply Humble As a result new records set up maj. Noblitt i of my appointment by the supreme explained. I court to succeed my dear Friend scribe its conclusions about Mccarthy s conduct unworthy inexcusable reprehensible unanimously its members agreed that Mccarthy deserved the the work on the new records heeler. General Beeler was truly a reprimand on these three counts great Man and i realize the re-1 1. That he was contemptuous a possibility which rests on me . Denun Chatory to attempting to fill the office which Ward a 1951-52 Senate elections subcommittee which had questioned some of his financial Deal Ings and by Extension contempt i tort immediately he paid. Both judge Poston and maj. 3stobliti declared that with the exception of the state welfare cases h7 Honor they could see Little difference in the distribution of surplus food to those who Are eligible. Says israeli ship fired on transport Cairo. A capt. Sept. 28 minister maj. Salah Salem today israeli trans Peri ship Kirori Nunn egyptian Post South of and a number of egyptians were i Salem said the incident was the most serious ism Al i Daggres since the end of the 1948 Palestine a Suez is at the Southern end of the Suez canal. The Arab Boycott of Israel has included harassing of ships sus peeled of bearing cargoes for is Rael through the canal which links and the Meditch to the state for so Many Justice Neil said in a statement that the court acted promptly on a successor to Breler because of Ous of the Senate itself. That he used language in bad Many important mutters which taste and unworthy of a member require immediate consideration. This body in denouncing sen after due consideration of who served on the sub com members of the bar available for Mittee. The office we agreed upon 3. That he was guilty of inn George i-1. Mccanless of Morris Jcu s a b 1 a and reprehensible town. He is a lawyer of the highest abuse of Brig. Gen. Ralph w. Integrity and known Zwicker. Divers Start removing bodies from wreckage Hakodate. Japan. Sepi. 23 1.341 passengers and Crew. A simpler told estimate 350 people jammed in and around the town Hall Here that this is the most crucial non presidential election of our and asked the people to give president Eisen Hower a Republican Congress to insure the carrying out of the pro Kram of the present administration. Speaking of the Coal crisis the congressman said he had studied h and had found the crisis started in 1951 and has grown progressively worse since. Mechanization of the Coal Industry. Wampler said has led to some of the unemployment in the Coal Fields. As much Coal As Ever is being mined in this county but it is being done with less he said. Wampler gave other reasons for the ills of the Coal Industry. Large numbers of people Are switching to electricity Gas and Oil for Domestic use. He said and perhaps More important is the residual Oil which is being shipped in from other countries. He said in murder trial he was still which would working on a Bill restrict importation of the Oil. Residual Oil is that heavy to. Lasses like Oil that is left Over after All Petroleum has been removed the congressman said and would Miami sept. 28 Florida state attorney who or dered the arrest of James t. Rob erts on charges of kidnapping and killing his seven year old Daugh Ter said today he would seek an Early trial for the Baltimore at Torney. State atty. George a Brauti Gam returned to Miami from Baltimore by plane. Roberts is making the trip by Auto in the custody of two Deputy sheriffs. They expect to arrive with the suspect Friday. Roberts left Baltimore after his arrest monday strongly protest ing his innocence of the july 1 abduction and strangulation of his frail daughter Judith Ann. The child was visiting her maternal grandparents in Miami when she was plucked from a Couch while the rest of the fam ily slept. Her battered nearly nude body was found several hours later in a Palmetto Thicket on the shores of Biscayne Bay. Roberts claims he was making the rounds of various Miami and Miami Beach bars while the abduction took place. His Story is borne out by a 21-year-old divorce seeker who accompanied the Burly suspect. Brautigam paid no heed to criticism levelled at him from various circles for waiting until monday to make an arrest when the indictment was issued Fri Day. He explained that Roberts was not arrested sooner after the grand jury action because it was thought that two other suspects might be apprehended at the same time. Brautigam said he probe in Baltimore is continuing in Hopes that an alleged accomplice or accomplices might be found in the Maryland City. Mrs. Roberts will come to Miami immediately and stay with her parents or. Acid mrs. Harry Rosenberg at the Home where the abduction occurred. Childbirth is topic for new health forum the Miracle of childbirth of childbirth will be drs. Be the subject of Kingsport s Sec Jond health forum on october 7. The forum will be held in the civic auditorium at 8 . The series of health forums is being sponsored by radio station weft and the Kingsport times news in cooperation with the Johnson Sullivan county medical the first forum on killer Drew a record breaking crowd of area residents. I appreciate getting the Chance to ask a medical question in my own one Man among i Ance by readers of the times news. No matter How Embarrass ing some of the questions May be o the some of them Are uncensored and an swered without hesitancy. Fred g. Mcconnell. L. C. Cox. M. D. Massengill a. K. Husband and Lyle Smith. Readers Are urged to submit their questions Early. Navy patrol plane crashes near Manila Manila sept. 28 u. S. Navy amphibious patrol plane crashed at Langley Point near Manila tonight and a Navy spokesman said ten crewmen were killed and two missing. The spokesman said ten bodies were recovered shortly after the last week s audience remarked but i especially appreciate get Ting my question answered in Lan Guage i doctors selected by their at find a a Cal society to participate in on for two men missing. Forums Are cautioned against using the plane was Al twin engine latin or other complicated medical Martin bomber. P.5m. Terms i it exploded about 85 feet above questions Are submitted in and the water just after taking off chairman sets Parley timetable London. Sept. 28 the nine Power conference on Gem in re armament pot off to what Dole Gates termed Good Art at a 90-minute session this it started very Well but it is too Early yet to predict any re belgian foreign minister Paul Henri Spaak told newsmen As the nine foreign ministers and their. Aides left the music room of stately Lancaster House for the luncheon recess. Echoing Spaak. Canadian for eign Secretary Pearson said the talks Are off to a very Good British foreign Secretary an Thony Eden was elected chairman of the Parley attended by . Secretary of state Dulles Spaak Pearson French Premier Mendes France West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer Gaetano mar Tino of Italy Johan Beyens of the Netherlands and Premier Joseph Bech of Luxembourg. Promising new trouble for them was a last minute Flench move to ring the troublesome Saar Issue into the talks on West German sovereignty and rearmament. Immediately after his designation As chairman. Eden proposed a streamlined timetable designed to win agreement within Days freeing West Germany from the Allied occupation and enlisting her troops in the defense of West Europe. Eden suggested the occupying Powers France Britain and the United states draw up a plan for returning sovereignty to the Bonn Republic. The full nine coun try conference meanwhile would Deal with rearmament. Eden set mid november with in 50 Days As a target for com plete and final agreement except for the necessary parliamentary Iti fictions. The current conference is expected to last four to 10 Days. The British foreign Secretary proposed that it try to reach Only general agreement and that experts then be instructed to work out details for approval by a second nine Power Parley to be held within a month. I following this second meeting the nine ministers would report jointly to a special meeting of the nato Council to be held not later than mid november. Council would then admit the West Ger Man Republic As the 15th member of the North Atlantic Alliance. From Manila Bay and crashed on the ground at Langley Point. There were four officers and men aboard the eight enlisted plane. Identification was withheld Pend appearing on the forum for the ing notification of next of Kin. Your health forum Kingsport times news Kingsport Tennessee dear doctor my question on the Miracle of childbirth is this mail now sign if you wish the red sea Salem said an armed egyptian ship captured the israeli transport and towed it to where officials Are conducting an investigation. Salem said the ship flying the israeli Flap was called the Abag Hali. It was sailing to Massaua in Eritrea. Divers today began re moving the first of hundreds of bodies in the sunken Hull of the ferry Toya Marti which capsized sunday in a typhoon with the loss of lives. Three divers recovered the bodies of 20 japanese from the wreckage on the floor of Hakodate Harbor. They located the bodies of about 40 of the 60 americans who perished. National Rural police estimated the Overall typhoon death toll at most of whom died in North hundreds More died in wide spread Marine accidents land slides and other mishaps from the typhoon which veered across Northern Japan with winds of 100 Miles an hour. Four other ferries also went Down with the loss of More than 200 lives. The americans who died on the Toya Maru were mainly service men most from the 99th Field artillery battalion and their de Pendents. Several missionaries also were aboard including one who survived. Salem said news of the Japan. I the ferry had anchored in the Camp from a Small egyptian divers reported 43 rail cars Tore Harbor when a sudden Strong gust Post South of Loose from their moorings on the of wind and mountainous Waves officials there informed s deck when it capsized flipped it Over 15g Yards from authorities that a Israel crush my bulkheads i Iii pent and Shore. Transport ship opened fire from human beings in Japan s worst some survivors wore bitterly Rrl-1 Small automatic weapons injuring Innel Linic disaster. Tical of crewmen whom they said Ninny j Only 352 bodies have been them from leaving the a Norm said the ship is now under covered. The Japan National rail ferry by assuring them there was heavy guard in Suez Bay. Ways listed 173 survivors out of no danger. Lie congressman said and would i Only Burn if exposed to very High i ii a a was his conditions Are worse than. Pictured by Ike says Al that the Coal Industry was not dead but it will come Back to the place of leadership it has held in Southwest Virginia. This area has a great natural attraction in the Breaks and other natural scenery Wampler said and we have been asleep at the in Rottelo Here in Southwest Virginia to the tourist Wampler said the dams which were surveyed in 1938 were still being1 studied is part of the flood control of the Ohio River area. To said they were never constructed because the value received from them would not justify their being built. Lemon is. Maglie new York. Sept. 28 Bob and Sal Marlie were named today to pitch for Cleve land and the new York giants respectively in t o m o r r o w s world series opener at the Polo grounds. The selections were announced by managers Al and o Durocher following workouts to Day. Neither Choice was unexpected. By Norman los . Walker sept. 28 the Al says economic conditions Are worse than the Eisenhower administration admits but Good enough to warrant substantial Wane bring. For the annual Al convention ended on that note yesterday after 10 Days of sessions. Delegates approved a series of new blasts against the Republican administration and voted a Politi Cal Siai Fiucci ii. Saying the Outlook or electing labor endorsed Candi dates to Congress appeared better than in any election since 1948." saying that few unions Are negotiating new contracts without wage boosts despite the economic with a relatively stable Cost of lev the convention said wage increases Are warranted to improve worker living standards and to keep Pace with the Economy s constantly rising level of product another convention Resolution quarrelled with Secretary of labor James p. Mitchell for a speech during the convention saying that the nation is experiencing the oldest contraction we have Ever had in Uny the convention said that the present recession is worse in Many respects than the 1949 econ Omic downturn. Mitchell s labor department was condemned for not having a single Trade Union federation of labor who proposed the Mccarthy Resolution told Dele Gates the senator is the Republican party s no. 1 problem child and said he is More interested in headlines than in eliminating breadline that cultivate communists. Despite convention addresses from Eisenhower and reveral of his administration leaders one of the final resolutions summed up the Al stand this Way the a in has. Specifically expressed its disappointment in administration opposition to raising the minimum wage in granting special tax concessions to business interests in the tragic bungling of our foreign affairs in he reckless action of our armed forces. In the strangling of Public hous gets . Asylum Washington. Sept. 28 High Security official of Poland s communist government has fled his country and been granted Asylum in the United states. This was disclosed today by atty. Gen. Brownell who announced that at the request of the state department he has granted temporary entry into the United states of Josef Swiatlo 39. Swiatlo is former Deputy chief of department 10 of the polish ministry of Public Security in War saw. The Justice department said that no. 10 is responsible for the Protection of the polish communist party and regime against internal political subversives. Brownell s announcement said Swiatlo took Refuge in the Ameri can sector of Berlin 10 months ago. The Only previous hints that the polish official might have defected to the West came in radio Broad casts from behind the Iron cur Tain which made value references to Swiatlo s disappearance from Warsaw. American authorities indicated today that Alliey believed these broadcasts were in the nature of feelers to draw out in formation irom the West. The Justice department said that last. Tvr 1 us Tatlo and Security chief were in route to East Berlin for conferences with the chief of the East German intelligence service when Swiatlo slipped away. He turned up on dec. 5 in the French sector of Berlin made his Way to the american zone Ond turned himself Over to u. S. Mili tary police. The announcement said hat Swiatlo. Born at Mayna Poland is married and has two children. His family was last reported As still living in Warsaw. Swiatlo. Who Speaks and German in addition to his native Tongue was in the polish army for a Long period beginning in 1938. He fought on various fronts in world War ii and be came a second lieutenant in 1d43. Assigned to political duties. In ims. He became an official of the provincial Security police situation the convention cautioned 1st" among its top officials and for our Al unions against being deterioration and in Contri Cei Ved by employers in a sound financial position who another Resolution condemned in failure to take any positive served As Deputy commandant tempt to Man Euver unions Mccarthy in Wisi Asun Steps to meet the nation s health in Warsaw Olsztyn and Krakow abandoning Wago of the american in refusal to eliminate any after winning a promotion to can on grounds of the general for reckless disregard the unfair provisions of the talk Tain. At the time of his defection 1c even in depressed and undemocratic Hartley Law and in the apparent he had Wilh the my Man of. Kenneth j. Kelly Secretary with stabilization of Public Security in Warsaw since certain economic atmosphere Nindl treasurer of the Economy at present Low 1948

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