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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 25, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies . Moonrise . Last Quarter sept 31 prominent beam Aldebaran rises . The plus Lades. Between Al Debaran and the Moon. Visible planets Jupiter tilts . Venus Liei Mart rises am All Tolmei Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 192 Kingsport tenn., Friday sept. 25, 1953 10 pages five cents the a Saffier Cloudy and Cool with Light rain tonight and saturday with High temperature near 70. Rainfall .12 Inch at noon. Yesterday s High 78, last night s Low 54, noon Reading 60. Legionnaire proposes flying mothers of 23 prisoners to Korea from press dispatches a communist broadcaster in piping read 23 names and broke the hearts of a handful of stunned american families. Angry disbelief was the most common reaction of the families of the american prisoners of War the reds identified As the men who came into Panmunjom wednesday singing the internationale and refusing repatriation. But some sorrowing parents accepted the unconfirmed communist identification As True although they Clung stubbornly to the Hope that the men would change their minds. In los Angeles n Legionnaire said the government should Fly to Korea the mothers of the american prisoners. Harry Myers director of Spe Cial events for the los Angeles county Council of the Ameri can legion said last night he was urging National commander Art Connell in Indianapolis to put the matter before the government. It would be a tremendous psychological Victory for us Over the reds if the mothers were Able to talk their sons into re turning to Myers said. Mrs. Portia Howe of Alden minn., Mother of pfc. Richard r. Tenneson 20, said she has contacted american authorities about the possibility of sending the pos tape recording plead ing that be reject communism. I cannot believe my son has been converted to said mrs. Bessie c. Dickenson of near big Stone Gap va., when she Learned Cpl. Edward s. Dick Enson was one of those listed by the reds. Her husband Buren Dickenson said they were sure de will want to come Home if they talk to at Panmunjom the korean repatriation commission today proposed a five Day delay before the communists and allies try to coax Home prisoners refusing repatriation apparently be cause of disagreement Over rules. The in command promptly agreed to postpone the Start of prisoner interviews a phase of the truce which an Allied spokesman called the psycho logical Battle of our but it insisted that the five Days be deducted from the 90-Day inter View period fixed by the korean armistice and which starts sept. 25. There was no immediate red reply. During the 90-Day interview period former prisoners of the in and 359 prisoners Cap tured by the 23 to be questioned by their original Side. The five nation Neutral com Mission composed of India Sweden Switzerland Czechoslovakia and Poland said the de Lay was necessary because arrangements and facilities for the Intel lews had not been completed. The commission reportedly has been trying to reconcile widely different recommendations submitted by the allies and reds on rules to govern the operation. There Are these main Points of conflict Between the Allied and communist views 1. The communists insist on interviews with individual prisoners the allies demand groups of 25. 2. The in command wants the prisoner to have the right to refuse to listen to the explanations the communists de Mand that All prisoners listen. Meanwhile defense Secretary Charles e. Wilson has ruled that american War prisoners May face disciplinary action if sym pathetic investigation shows they made false confessions or informed on their buddies too readily. Wilson order cd a Middle course Between the army s lenient and the marines Tough policy toward pos who succumbed to communist pressures. Although americans have sympathy for those who suffered at the hands of the communists the Secretary said we do not As a general principle condone those who confessed falsely or added to the misery of their fellow prisoners. Such cases will be carefully and sympathetically examined by the services he declared to ascertain whether in any of them there has been an unreasonable failure to Meas ure up to the Standard of individual wrong Apple Trees located on Skyline drive just off Highway 11-w have their seasons mixed As the above photo snapped yesterday proves. At a time when they should be bearing mature fruit these nonconformists Are risking fragrant blossoms to approaching frosts. Times news photographer Frank Creasy can Point them out to any doubters. Severe Hurricane heading for Gulf coast report 140-mile winds at Center hoist warnings from Mobile to St. Marks two defuse big Bomba City s cringe Nuernberg Germany germans disregarded the possibility of death today and new Orleans be defused a two ton unexploded a Congress checks new tax system Reed group receives numerous complaints Washington con v w . 11 i. Vij j. U vere Hurricane with winds the Center of this silent Gressional watchdog committee called top officials for question i ing today about the Way the gov creased to 140 Miles per hour roared toward the u. S. Gulf coast today gripping one disabled trawler in its outer gales and heaving at least two ships battered in its Wake. The new Orleans cringed in cellars. Demolition experts Erich Friedeman and Richard Hesse deliberately gambled their lives As they squirmed into a narrow j opening to unscrew three fuses from the biggest unexploded bomb in postwar Germany. The wailing of the wartime sirens sent residents of the endangered area scurrying for shelter with vivid memories of the destruction caused by explosion of a much smaller bomb in 1951. In the weird silence that Fol Lowed the experts took the three hour Gamble and won. They reported their Progress Over an army Field Telephone. At a. A. M., est they said they had re Ter with Gale Force winds sex moved the last fuse and every senators differ on tax needs of our Bombera opposing views Given against backdrop of secret . Huddle Washington Republican and a democratic senator today voiced diametrically opposed views on whether taxes can be Cut without impairing America s defense against Awe some new weapons. This is no time to drop our said sen. Hunt d a member of the Senate armed services committee. He pictured the Eisenhower administration As pinched Between Golden Campaign promises to reduce taxes and its responsibility to keep the nation secure. But sen. Williams a member of the tax writing sen ate finance committee said he believes that barring an unforeseen emergency taxes can be lowered and the budget balanced without endangering National defense. They expressed their views in separate interviews against the of i Thrupp 1 Clark tells communists they re lying on missing Allied prisoners probe of meal prices hinted by congressmen touring House farm group hears gripes on Price differential Gainesville Fla. House farm leaders said today Congress probably will investigate meat prices unless the administration wins Quick concerted action by the Industry. National Security Council. The weather Bureau ordered Hurricane warn Ings from Mobile ala., to St. Marks Fla. Northeast storm warnings West of Mobile to grand Isle la., and Southeast storm warnings South of St. Marks to Tampa Bay area. The Hurricane was entered at 10 . Near lat. 25.7 n. And Long. 88 w. Or about 340 Miles South of Mobile ala., and mov ing northward about 18 Miles per hour the Bureau said. Highest winds were estimated at 140 Miles per hour near Cen tending two Miles Northeast and 100 Miles South and West of Cen Ter. Indications were for North Ward movement at about the same rate with a tendency to curve North Northeast within the next 6 to 12 hours. Winds of Hurricane Force in area of Hurricane display were predicted tonight and tides will be dangerously High from to bile to Cedar Fla. Small Craft from Lake Charles la., to key West Fla., should remain in port. This is a severe Hurricane and All interests in display area should take proper precaution for Protection of life and prop the Bureau said. The u. S. Coast guard said see Hurricane Page 3 new yorkers freeze Inch bomb test new York York ers took cover today in a test of How civil defense would try to combat the grisly horror of a the City stood still for 15 min utes. Traffic froze. Millions took shelter As the 604 sirens sounded the grim warble signalling the red Alert. It was a practice Drill by residents and visitors for the Day when a sneak enemy air attack might hit them. The Drill was the Climax of the country s biggest civil defense exercise a three Day affair in which civil defense and other emergency units presented paper solutions to the theoretical falling on new York of two atom bombs. One left the cellars. All communications with this historic City were Cut when Tel Ephone operators sought Shel Ter. Typhoons hit Japan Indochina Many dead Tokyo Tess ripped across Japan today bringing death to at least 19 persons but swerved at a late hour so that the storm Center missed heavily populated Tokyo. Japanese police reported 19 killed 80 injured and 26 miss ing As the disastrous storm split into two sections with centers missing Tokyo by about 50 Miles. Nevertheless winds up to 63 Miles per hour ripped into the capital crumpling houses and tearing Down signs. American soldiers sailors and marines were ordered off to Kyo s streets before the storm struck. The armed forces radio service sounded a Condi Tion one Alert which ordered All military personnel to return to their billets and take shelter. In Saigon Indochina several Hundred indochinese were believed dead and several Hundred thousand homeless in a typhoon today which struck a 90-mile stretch of the Central Indochina coast. The destruction was entered on the ancient Annamire Capi Tal of Hue 325 Miles North of Saigon. The american economic Mission estimated that 90 per cent of the population of Hue a town of and the sur rounding area were homeless. Top strategy group without Dis closing any decisions discussed defense plans in the Light of Russia s recent claim of Mastery Over the dread Hydrogen bomb. While no information about the meeting was released it be came known that the once widely considered technically impossible May be so cheap and simple that any nation could quickly produce an Arsenal of them. Until recently the supposition has been that no Hydrogen bomb could be set off without the unearthly heat of an atomic bomb to it. But american bomb see a bomb taxes Page 3 Lection system. The Senate House committee i on internal Revenue taxation.1 headed by rep. Daniel a. Reed has received numerous complaints about the sweeping reorganization of the internal Revenue service carried out by commissioner t. Coleman an Drews. The committee told Andrews and Treasury Secretary George m. Humphrey to be prepared to defend the reorganization pro Gram at a closed meeting. Andrews also faced question ing about the House to House canvass which the Bureau has undertaken in some areas to Check up on persons who do not file tax returns or file them improperly. It was understood that there France offers United nations n. Y. France today offered to negotiate with the communists for peace in embattled Indochina and suggested that the projected korean political conference be broadened to take on the task. Deputy foreign minister Mau Rice Schumann also told the have been some complaints u. A s 60-nation general As chiefly by tax lawyers that too Many of the functions of the internal Revenue service Are be ing transferred to regional offices by Andrews. Some employees also have complained that they have been demoted or transferred without justification. The internal Revenue service was reorganized from top to Bottom by former president Truman s administration after congressional investigators turned up a series of scandals in the Agency. Andrews has been making further changes since he took Over. Sembly that France would do All in its Power to have the con Ference invite India to join in its work. Schuman said that if the korean conference did t get around to the Indochina prob Lem it might be taken up on a diplomatic level afterwards. Such a negotiated peace be tween French Union forces in Indochina and the communist backed rebels would make it possible to look Forward to the return of More Normal conditions of International relations in he said. Have heard during their current Southern tour repeated com plaints about the spread be tween the Price of livestock and retail meat especially in the lower grades. Committee members said these complaints have been coupled frequently with criticism of Secretary of agriculture Ezra t. Benson for not doing about the economic troubles of Farmers. The lawmakers were ending their investigation of farm conditions in the South with morn ing visits to experimental farms Here afternoon visits with farm ers at Palatka and a visit to night at a big cattle ranch at St. Augustine Fla. Although there is Little Benson can do officially about the spread in meat prices the lawmakers said he could restore the Faith of his critics by calling on Lead ers of the meat Industry for voluntary action. Tenn. Will enforce gasoline tank limit Nashville w state tax commissioner z. D. Atkins said today his department plans to begin enforcement of a Law which prohibits any vehicle from entering Tennessee with More than 18 Gallons of gasoline in its tank. No Effort has been made to enforce this Law since it was enacted in Atkins said and i believe the state is losing a considerable amount in gasoline tax the commissioner said he had not yet worked out details for enforcement of the act but Gal Longe checks probably will be made at Check Points which the state plans to set up at the Border on All major roads Lead ing into the state. New far East commander with John e. Hull new far East commander who will replace Gen. Mark Clark talks with president Eisenhower in the executive of fice in the White House after a breakfast engagement with the president. A wire photo in hears pleas foreast West peace United nations n. Y. Pleas for a High level meeting of j the West and Russia in an Effort reds Korea plan would pull troops in nation neutralized to ease world tensions mounted today As the u. N. General As Sembly moved toward the wind up of member nations Broad policy statements. Such pleas Are not new in the u. N. Where Little nations in the past have begged the big four to get together. What is new is that the pleas this year have come so Early and so the opening sessions. France last of the Western big three to speak in the policy debates was on today s speak ing list along with Middle East countries which have been loud est in the attacks on French policy in North Africa. With less than 20 countries left to speak u. N. Officials hoped to get the formal statements out of the Way by monday then Start the political committees to work on such issues As Korea Palestine disarmament and Morocco Tunisia. Big four meetings to seek agreements on Germany aus Tria Korea and other issues disturbing the world have been urged by delegates from coun tries with wide political and Geo graphical distribution. Kingsport will Honor pcs saturday Kingi port s returning sgt. Curl Bishop and sgt. Eld rage Tient will be honoured sat urday in a gala Celebration which will include a Parade through City streets and Wel coming addresses by the mayor and leaders of veterans organizations Here. Joining in the ceremony also will be kiwanis whose kid s Day Falls on saturday. Children Bear ing placards welcoming the two sex War prisoners will March in the Parade. The Parade will Start at 1 . At the Broad Street Circle and will wind its Way through Sulli Cherokee Center and main streets disbanding at the intersection of Clay and main streets. Parade marshals will be Mac Gibson and James Toohey and All units will form at the Circle at . Veterans groups from the up per East Tennessee area youth organizations High school bands and Reserve and National guard troops will All participate in the Parade. A reviewing stand will be erected on the Island in front of the Railroad depot to accommodate mayor John Wimberly american legion commander William Todd vow commander Ken Wright and the master of ceremonies Martin Karant. Pro Gram director of radio station wept. An added feature of the Day will be a Fly Over by planes of the 516th air defense group from Mcgee Tyson Field at Maryville. Meanwhile big Stone Gap va., was looking Forward to its pow Celebration to be held a week from saturday on october 3. Mayor John Wimberly in an official proclamation set aside saturday As a Day of Welcome for sgt. Carl Bishop and sgt. Eldrage Trent Kingsport s re turned pos. It seems fitting and proper that the Community As a whole should assemble itself to Gether and pay tribute to these who have Given so much for their Community and their coun a third returning prisoner of War slipped in quietly thursday afternoon to a Happy reunion with his family and friends Here. Cpl. Charles r. Rines left the West coast at 10 . Wednes Day and arrived at Tri City air port at 1 pin. Thursday. There he was met by members of his family. He arrived at his Home Here about . A Stream of Happy relatives and friends milled in and out of the Rines Home thursday eve Ning to Greet the returning hero. The living room and dining room were filled with Flowers for the occasion. A n even bigger Welcome from the whole town is in store for Rines and two other freed pos october 3 when the Community clubs will sponsor a Parade band concert reception and speeches. The others to be honoured it. James r. Kiser and pfc. Ray Thompson already Are at Home. Lieutenant Kiser arrived just a Day ahead of Rines. Cpl. Rines is the last to arrive of the big Stone Gap pos see Honor fwd Page 3 new York United states is preparing to offer to withdraw her troops from Korea if Russia and communist China join in an International agreement to unify and neutralize the embattled nation the new York times said today. The times in a dispatch from United nations Headquarters Here said u. S. Policy toward the korean peace problem was taking shape As an offer to the j communists of a Choice Between two Basic courses of action. If the reds continue to Block the unification of Korea the states will maintain a Large military Force in South Korea As Long As there is any danger of new aggression by North Korea the times said. The alternative would be the creation of a United Korea guaranteed neutrality in an in International agreement. A for eign military forces would be withdrawn. According to the times Dis Patch the plan has not devel oped As fixed United states pol but american diplomats have sounded out at least two of the United nations members with troops in Korea about their views on it. The proposal would be handed the communists at the korean peace conference scheduled to be called before oct. 28 under terms of the armistice agreement. The times said the proposed policy reflects the belief in the state department that it offers the Only Hope that a Perma nent settlement of the korean question can be reached in the foreseeable deathless Days on highways City county 728 37 do you Stop driving when you become sleepy Gen. Demands return of pos or explanation Tough new message sent rejecting first reply As unacceptable Panmunjom Korea up Gen. Mark w. Clark told the communists today they lied when they denied knowledge of the Fate of missing Allied War prisoners including 058 americans. Clark dispatched a new note to the reds demanding in the straightforward language of a Tough Soldier the return of the missing men or a satisfactory explanation of what happened to them. The United nations far East Ern commander called the red know nothing reply to his first demand As wholly Unac communist spokesmen had admitted the reds were holding american fliers charged with be ing shot Down Over Neutral Manchuria but tried to dismiss the list of missing men produced by the u. N. As crudely manufactured Clark s new note emphasized the list had been documented from letters written by prisoners broadcasts made by the missing men names broadcast by the reds and eyewitness reports by captives returning to Freedom in operation big dark made it Clear that the United nations insists upon the return of the fliers alleged to have been shot Down Over Man Churia the attack proof Sanctuary of communist pilots. Wilfrid Burchett communist see Clark Page 3 indonesian troops forced to shoot mob Jakarta Indonesia reports received Here today said indonesian troops were forced to mow Down hundreds of men women and children of the fanatical Darrel islam sect who made a frenzied attempt to set up a separate moslem state in North Sumatra. Army spokesmen said the moslem rebels attacked troops with swords and daggers screaming Battle cries As they advanced. In addition to hundreds killed troops were said to have Cap tured More than 500 of the fanatics in breaking the Back of the uprising. Government troops were re ported today to have uneasy control of the Northern third of Sumatra but scattered acts of violence were said to be continuing. 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