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Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Sep 24 1954, Page 4

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 24, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 Kingsport times september 24, 1954 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c p or pull sati my Ben Haden ars Tant to Rifae publisher and aul Gen mar w j Uchau Rufe editor eur Bickley cd Itoi 220-33 k Turket Street inf upon Tea letters to editor Ooola except surd to sunday the associated Prew u to Chr 01 Publ Littlon of All credited to it of Al credited to thu purer also Hie local published herein catered at Post a Kluk Pori As Arcond Trail matter Holober 77 1344 the Art of Herr i ins National adre ruins Shannon it a Loretta inc with in York Chicago Detroit Atlanta is Louis Kansas City Lou Ane Elei and 8ai or Anyiwo subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year. J13 00 by Carrier daily and sunday one week. 40c. Today s Bible thought did i fear a great multitude or did the con tempt of families terrify me that i kept silence and went not out of the the times daily tonic Good men have the fewest fears. He has but one Ireat fear who fears in do wrong he has a thousand who has overcome brawls Adlai Stevenson s Wisecrack that the Republican party was a Brawl caught the commentators eyes in a Way that must have been Gratifying to the candidate lie maintains his deft touch with the quotable quip. What with Mccarthy driving other republicans crazy and Knowland trying to Tell the president what to do Eisenhower does seem to be having his troubles like the old lady who lived in a shoe. But it is interesting to note that just about the time Adlai was getting off that nifty about a Brawl there was a state ment from democratic Headquarters that Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota and John Battle of Virginia had been named to a committee to work out a ways and Means to prevent convention trouble Over the so called loyalty oath. That sort of recalls a picture that causes All Good democrats to squirm. A Brawl is some thing the democrats have had some experience with. Furthermore there is no Assurance that it is not something they Are not go ing to have More experience with. The democratic leaders have done a Fine Job of Patching things up after the Battle of Chicago in 1952 left them groggy but the Northern democrats Are going to have to treat their Southern Brethren carefully if it is not to happen All Over again. There Are Basic differences of philosophy be tween people of the very new Cealish North and the conservative South. The party stands on two legs which do not match. There is a wide Gulf Between Humphrey and Battle. In the last election the conservative South proved that it was not kidding in asserting its Independence. Having shown what it could do and forced the new dealers to take a beating there is going to be a Brawl again at the next convention unless the Humphreys leh mans and Roosevelt Are kept bottled up. It is True that the Republican party is having its difficulties but some of them May Point at the democrats and say look who s talking european Unity it is a Job for what used to be called a Philadelphia lawyer to explain All the Fine Points of the various programs which Are being put Forward to fill the vacuum caused by the withdrawal of Edc. As we understand it there Are four plans. Mendes France has a plan Ade Nauer has a plan Anthony Eden has a plan and our fast moving or. Dulles has a plan. But even before the big boys can sit Down formally to a conference it is made Clear that the germans will not accept the French plan nor for that matter will the British. The French will not accept the German plan. As for what or. Eden and or. Dulles propose there is so much vagueness that not even the Wisest commentators try to Analyse them. It boils Down to this. It is impossible to have any plan work unless it includes both Germany and France. It is impossible to do anything with either one out. So those who say impatiently let s Tell France where to go and make a Deal with Germany Are not speaking realistically. On the other hand it is almost impossible to think of a Way that will satisfy great Britain France and Germany. We say almost because if it really proves impossible we have lost the game and rus Sia has won. If there is really no Way to make Europe present a United front to Russia we arc wasting our time and our substance Over there. The Hope is that when the result of disunity becomes apparent the states men of Europe will see the handwriting on the Wall in time to prevent the alter native. Those statesmen know that the future is tied up with the United states. They know that if we do pull out they will be in a bad Way and they know that it is quite possible for the isolationist senti ment in this country to get Strong enough to make us do that if the Ameri can people get the idea that the euro peans Are not willing to make sacrifices by Drew Pearson Pat Mccarran. The Ven Erable Republic rat from Nevada is one of the most Blase men in the Senate. He also likes to see politics operate on a self financing basis. To accomplish this he has a Happy faculty for put Ting state politicians on the Federal payroll even though they Are doing almost nothing for Uncle Sam just As Long As they Are doing for him in Nevada. Take the Case of gov. Charles h. Russell of Nevada now running for re election. Probably few nevadans know it but Mccarran kept rus sell on the Federal payroll while he was running for governor last time and right up until after he was nominated. What happened was that Mccarran at first encouraged Vail put Mai to run for governor then double crossed him and backed Russell. He followed this up by putting Russell on the Senate Eca watchdog committee which just happens to be the Only committee whose vouchers Are not audited by the general account ing office a Little loophole arranged by sen. Styles Bridges of new Hanf Shire when be was chairman of the committee during the 80ih con Gress. The loophole incidentally permitted Bridges to Send sex sen. Worth Clark of Idaho on a trip to the Orient to report on Aid for Chiang Kai Shek without an of from either Congress or the state department. In any Case. Mccarran happily took advantage of the loophole and paid Russell s860.85 per month a so called committee consultant during the same time he was running for governor. Russell remained there until june 30, 1950, though nominated for governor on june 1, 1950. On dec. 13. After Russell s election was still drawing expenses though the vouchers claimed these expenses covered his earlier service with the committee. Since the Gen eral accounting office could not audit the vouch ers taxpayers will have to take Mccarran s word for it. He signed the vouchers. Junket to Switzerland the vouchers themselves show up a couple of interesting items. For example. Russell took a junket it committee expense to Switzerland Dur ing the tourist season at the Alpine resorts. This might have been considered committee business except that the Only purpose of the committee was to oversee the Marshall plan. And Switzer land was the Only country in Western Europe that flatly refused to participate in the Marshall plan. Another interesting item on Russell s expense account is air transportation to Reno and rental of an automobile during the March 21-april 24, 1950, period. This happens to be about the same time Russell was campaigning for gubernatorial nomination. During this period. Russell collected his full Senate salary plus an additional for 35 clays o personal expenses plus s150 for renting an automobile for official plus the air transportation Home. And it seems highly doubt Ful that there was much Eca business in Reno during the primary Campaign. Washington pipeline Dave Beck head of the teamsters paid an interesting Call on president Eisenhower after he got Back from his recent trip to Europe. He told Ike he had discussed the red China trip of Brit ish labor leaders with Herbert Morrison and asked whether the labovites were now cooperating with the Churchill conservatives to promote far East Trade. Morrison denied this said the timing of the trip was unfortunate. Beck also told Ike that British atomic Energy for peacetime uses was far ahead of the United states that in a Short time they would have an atomic Power Plant in actual paid tribute to the work of free Trade unions in stopping communism abroad. When the venerable much loved Cap Harding Democrat died the other Day. The Man who sent the biggest Wreath to his funeral was his political opponent gop con Gressman Dick Simpson of Pennsylvania. Each was in charge of re electing congressmen of opposing political parties but sincerely respected the other. Harding will be sorely missed on Capi Tol Hill. Governor Dewey s labor adviser Merlyn Pitzele. Has advised Dewey that senator Ives will get heavy a. P. Of l. Support in the new York race for governor. Other labor leaders claim that Ives could have Defeated the Tafi Hart Ley Bill had he thrown his weight against it. Mar Ginal senators followed Ives Lead however and voted for his amendment. The depression so bad in the Coal mining areas of Pennsylvania West Virginia and Kentucky that unemployed miners Are being invited to hire out to hospitals for s2.50 a Day plus food to serve As Normal this does t mean they undergo experimental surgery but eat the same food As sick people and live under the same conditions. Correction former vice president Henry Wallace is prob ably still puzzling Over last tuesday s column probably readers Are puzzled too. The column which referred to Eisenhower s efforts to study the problem of Oakes arkies and migrant work ers contained this sentence Wallace was one of the few government officials who Ever tried to Migrate across the u. frankly. I was thunderstruck when i saw this line in print. So probably was the Wallace family the sex vice president sex Secretary of agriculture did move from Des Moines Iowa to Washington to join the Roosevelt Cabinet and now lives on a farm North of new York City. But he certainly did not Migrate across the United states in the usual sense of the word and he certainly was no migrant farm hand. So i looked up the column As i originally wrote it. It read Wallace was one of the few government officials who Ever tried to do much about the Oakes. Arkies and itinerant farm hands who Migrate across the u. what happened was that the teletype operator skipped one line. My apologies. However considering All the copy they have to transmit its a wonder teletype operators Don t make More mistakes. Two strange friends one of the strangest friendships to develop on Capitol Hill during the last session of Congress was Between elder statesman Walter George of Georgia conservative Democrat and younger hard hitting sen. Wayne Morse Oregon Independent. George is now the oldest member of the Senate in Point of service is one of its most loved and respected members and in the past has followed a conservative policy on Power questions has generally voted for tax concessions helping big business. This session however he blasted the new tax Bill for its loopholes favouring business and has voted against the Eisenhower atomic Energy Bill because of what he considered giveaways to private Industry. On both these subjects Morse and George were on the same Side. You have done it greater Job in protecting lie Public on Power than George Norris George told the Oregon Independent. Norris Only talked about muscle Shoals hut the Battle you have put up deals with control of the future source of Energy in this this country today is relatively weaker relatively is the important the Mili tary might of soviet Russia than it has Ever Bern against any possible enemy in the history of our Stuart Symington cd to i for their Mutual Benefit. But for the United states to pull out is not just a matter of letting Europe sink or swim on its own. Pulling out Means for us seeing the russians get so Strong that in a future struggle it would have All the strength of Europe. It would mean that we would have to be Content to stay in the Western hemisphere and be Lucky if we did not see communism take Over the Southern half of that. It is not just for Europe s Sake that we must pull out All the stops to bring the nations of Europe into Harmony and Unity. Editor times the Kingsport Parent teacher Council would like to remind you that on september 25 the citizens of Kingsport will have Opportunity to vote on an ss25.ggo Bond Issue for the building of a new Junior High As Voi know. Has Only one Junior High school and it must House the Twenty six sections classes of grades seven and eight. The school was built to House Only Twenty four sections classes so improvisations have been made. Thus the band room was pressed into service As a homeroom the study Hall now a Home room the science room was partitioned into two rooms uie auditorium now serves As a study Hall Etc. To do away with these undesirable conditions the Kingsport Board of education proposes that the City build h second Junior school which by the would House tirades seven ii it and nine instead of grades seven and Emht Only. All students would enter Dobyns Bennett High school it the beginning of the tenth Grade in Stead of the beginning of the ninth Grade i the Council strongly urges the voting citizens of Kingsport to to the polls on september 25 and vote for the Bond Issue us i first step in relieving the crowded conditions in Junior High school. Very truly yours mrs. Carl Swann publicity chairman Kin sport Pat Council editor times i think i May be Able to shed some Light As to whom some of the initials on Chimney top Rock be in the letter m sunday s times news written by messes. O Steen and Williams. I was born in fall Branch no vember 8, 1881. And know Many in this Vicinity. The . Likely was Amos Rogan Moulton whether or. Or or. I cannot say As there were two a. R. Moulton. A. R. Or. Was the father of Walter Moulton of Kingsport. A. R. Or. Was the father of mrs. Bessie Devault of fall Branch. The writers of the article were so right about the View from the top. It is wonderful. The . Was Likely to have been some of the Vincent family who were a prominent family having a Lovely old farm House at the base of the Mountain surrounded by acres of Fertile farm j. Rol Ler i Don t recall. M. Fox was Mil ton Fox who lived at the foot of the Mountain when a Young Man. But later moved to Jonesboro where he died several years ago. Robert Hall was my brother in Law who was reared on a farm near the Home of Esq. E. E. Hall. He mar ried Millie i of in the 1890 s moved to Lothrop mo., where he died several years ago. V. M. Keene was Van Keene whom 1 knew Only from having heard people speak of him. I think he died on the West coast. J. B. Dykes was probably Jasper Dykes a civil War Soldier who died i believe about 1880. His old Home still islands West of fall Branch and is now owned by g. K. Moody. Likely the 79 was the year 1879. . I Don t recall. The the . probably Newton Compton of Kingsport who was reared near Chimney top. I Don t suppose Kilroy survived the climb up the Mountain. If he did he was too tired to carve his name for that is some climb. A Man living near fodder stack to the South of Chimney top a few years ago estimated that he had five Hundred goats roaming Over Chimney top and fodder stack mountains. The goats were Likely some of this Man s flock. Uncle Dave Fincher. A civil War Veteran and a Friend of his. John Hall made a pact when they were Young men to go to the rocks As they were known locally every easter As Long As they should live. Later both fought in the civil War. Hall died before the War was Over but As Long As Uncle Dave lived no matter Snow rain or sleet he trudged up the Mountain every faster sunday until a very few years before he died in his eighties when he became too feeble to make the trip. He d Al ways say i promised John i d go and As Long As i ran. I m a very pathetic figure he made As he climbed feebly up the Ridge. Yours truly Adda Hill there was no panic. There was Only Ernest Bettman survivor of Kim Constellation crash off Shannon Ireland. I shall not under any Circum stances be a candidate for any pub Lic office this Thomas e. Dewey of new York. Perpetual motion Washington. Calling the new internal Security Divi Sion of the department of Justice is just beginning to get organized under the newest of eight assistant Nti Orneys general. He is William f. Tompkins 41, former dope ring and Racket busting u. S. District attorney for new Jersey. Among other things his Job will be to administer the nine new communist control or Antis Over Sive Laws passed by Congress in its closing Days. They cover such things As increased penalties for so they say the Manila pact which i refer to As the eight Power treaty has built the situation much More solidly in Southeast Secre tary of state Dulles. This Way please. Alight Here stewardess Helga Loewen Stein aiding Kim crash victims As she died at her Post in mired plane off Shannon Ireland. Live in a time when free men have never been so in need of divine guidance. New legion com Mander Seaborn p. Collins. If the weaknesses resulting from these defense program economies invite an attack in Indochina or Korea our savings would be paid for Many times Over. Sen. John Kennedy we Don t have segregation Wor Ries because there s nobody to Seg regate. E. A. Green mayor of All negro Mound Bayou miss. As Long As our Navy controls the seas it will stand As p. Bastion against invasion or occupation of the United Navy secy. Charles Thomas. We must not regard our ability to retaliate with atomic bombs As a substitute for a balanced Mili tary Force. Senator Lehman d we know How much we value Freedom even if the country is at times torn by doubts and even if our National attention is diverted by unworthy scenes in our National president Eisenhower. We shall persist in our efforts to negotiate with Russia in relation to Germany Austria Korea indo China and atomic Energy. Secre tary of state Dulles. We i supreme court conclude that in the Field of Public education the doctrine of separate but equal has no chief jus Tice Earl Warren. Bail jumping harbouring of Fugi Tives espionage and sabotage. They include the new communist infiltrated organization Law forfeiture of citizenship the Grant ing of immunity to government witnesses the printing press Bill which makes subversive organizations Register All their printing machinery and the so called Al Ger Hiss Bill which will deny u. S. Pensions to sex government employees convicted of a crime. In addition to All this new Busi Ness the new internal Security division inherits All the old cases in this Field formerly handled by the criminal division. This work includes All the Smith act cases against communist conspiracies subversive activities control Board cases espionage treason sedition perjury contempt of Congress and atomic Energy Security cases. Also included Are the old big name Dexter White Owen Lattimore Harry Bridges and the like. His aim is to get the department of Justice docket of internal Security cases on a much More cur rent basis. Or. Tompkins won something of a reputation for get Ting the new Jersey Federal court docket brought up to Date. That helped bound e him into his present Job. His principal activity now is recruiting a new staff of about 40 attorneys competent to handle internal Security cases. Some 60 lawyers were transferred Over from the old internal Security Sec Tion in the criminal division. But to handle the new internal Security work Load will require a staff of 100 and an expenditure of nearly a million dollars a year. Few people realize the volume of internal Security cases which flow into the department of jus Tice. There is a Holdover backlog of some cases. About 15.000 new cases were reported in the fiscal year ending last june 30. These figures seem somewhat preposterous on first impression. There just Aren t that Many subversives in the country. Fri director j. Edgar Hoover has put the number of u. S. Communists at around but with this figure must be considered the fact that every party member May have from one to 200 fellow travellers to do his bid Ding. And for every commie put in jail there always seems to be another ready to step into his shoes. What the backlog of 45.000 internal Security cases and the Load of new cases a year represent Are the numbers of first re by Peter Edson ports on alleged subversive activities in the u. S. Each of them must be investigated even though most of them do not result in prosecutions. The cases do not mean that the department of Justice is embarking on a Witch Hunt or on thought control. I am extremely sensitive about protecting Peoples says or. Tompkins but we also have to protect the government s rights. This Job of cleaning out subversives can however be done by right he Means through admissible evidence in regular court trials and not by smear Rumor or slander. As an example he cites a Rorant paper Back Book on Mccarthy ism which he picked up while waiting for Congress to act on one of his new Bills. In a chapter on Owen Lattimore it was mentioned that 14 witnesses had identified him As a communist. Tompkins checked up and found that 13 re ported it on hearsay. A lot of people would like to have me denounce Mccarthy for things like says Tompkins but i won t do he has met the senator Only once briefly Matij the downtown club in Newark. 7 to to adm. Lewis l. Strauss chair Man of the atomic Energy com Mission gives this realistic picture of the destructive Force of Thermo nuclear weapons if you can imagine a whole Fleet of ships tied Stem to Stern and reaching for 20 Miles All loaded with , you have a rough idea of the explosive Power of one Hydrogen bomb of one megaton or one million tons of int equiv re re some department of defense officials keep nibbling Nway at the presidential order which eliminated the restricted classification on official papers in the Hope of getting More information passed on to the general Public. Latest Effort of this kind comes in a set of regulations from the of fice of Navy Secretary Charles s. Thomas creating a new unofficial classification of for official use the general purpose seems to be to keep any information so labelled Frum being Given to the press. 1 greatest political Riddle in Washington is to find some Republican congressional candidate who has t been Given clearance for a photo graph with president Eisenhower. Or who has been turned Down on a request for a White House endorsement. So far none has been turned up. Mac s window by j. Mvauliffe a fellow suggests that the presi Dent should Call a meeting of All the experts and specialists in for eign affairs and yet their advice to formulate a foreign policy that the country could understand and stick 10. Boy. Would that be reproducing Tower of baby to v. The first expert would say that the russians Are feverishly pre paring to attack us and the Only Safe thins is to keep on building bigger and bigger armies and navies no matter what it Cost so Aslo keep the russians discouraged. The second expert would say nonsense the russians know to could lick pm and they Are too smart to Start a War. So we should devote ourselves to peace. Then the third Export would with the first but say that since Russia was coins to jump on us As soon As she got Good i int ready the thing to do was to get the jump on her and hit first be fore she was ready. Expert 4 would throw in the idea that we Are foolish 10 worry about Europe when we ought to be concentrating All our strength in Asia. The thing to do is Start All out War with China throw them out of Korea and then set Chiang Back in piping. But expert 5 says thai is foolish. That would bring the rus sians in. Expert 6 says we should play up to the chinese reds so As to cause a split Between them and the rus sians. Since Chiang is a dead Duck Why not make a Deal with the win Ner expert 7 says that All of this arms business is a waste. The thing we should do is spend All our Money on economic help and prove to the world that we Are a peace Loving people. And expert 8 says thai we should Stop being Santa Glaus and come Home and let Europe and Asia Stew in their own juice. The trouble with the experts is that the Only thing they can agree on is that everybody else is wrong. said she wanted one of them there Fine globes for her Liberty but she did t want just a Little one. But a life sized one. Studying the ads. One gathers the impression that a lady has reached the goal when she feels like she has no underclothes on looks like she has no underclothes on. But really has underclothes on. While the democratic Donkey is braying about the Victory in Maine there is a Rumor that they would be very glad to Swap the newly won governorship for one congressman. Or. Muskie is a very handsome Chap. Probably with that name he would not have been elected with out television. While there is no doubt a lot of interest among people in the com ing november elections if you ask the average american the ques Tion. Who do you think is going to win this fall he is Likely to say Well. I Don t know. Them giants have Willie Mays and other slug Gers but them Cleveland pitchers Are the world series and the Early football games interfere with poli tics a great Deal. Or perhaps they help people to stand the politics. In Short people Are More inter ested in the series questions than in the serious questions. One of the Yankees is a philosopher. Of. Well says he i always did want to see what a world series game looked like from the grand stand and it had begun to look like i never would. Air conditioning the new est Boon to a people fighting the inconveniences of nature the next step is a portable air conditioning unit. One that can be designed As a hat and worn outdoors and create a space six feet around the wearer with just the sort of temperature he desired. Side glances doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . They certainly Don t see much of a pop Corn or a soft drink every 10 minutes and waking me each year several people who Are either afflicted themselves shingles or have friends or rela Tives who Are write and ask for a discussion of this strange disease. First. I should say that shingles or herpes zoster As it is known medically in All probability results from a virus infection. For some Peculiar reason this virus attacks the nerve roots of the nerves of feeling. It also for some unknown reason is almost always on one Side of the body Only. The first sign of the disease is generally pain or a burning Sensa Tion on one Side of lie body. Ting Ling or other Peculiar sensations Are frequent. It is common around the Chest the hips the Abdomen and the face. Serious complications occur if it effects the eyes. Herpes May come with or immediately alter acute infections like pneumonia or meningitis it ran come in epidemics or without any cause which can be identified. There seems to be some relation Between herpes and Chicken pox. Small epidemics of herpes have Arisen at the same time As epidemics of Chicken pox. Occasionally a person will develop. Chicken pox from Contact with a patient with shingles. This is a most unusual relationship. Many different kinds of treat ments have been used for shingles. Soothing lotions or other preparations help a Little. A rays have been used with variable Success. Antibiotics also May have some value. Anything which improves the Gen considered desirable. But there is no truly specific Rem Edy. In elderly people or those who have been weakened by illness poor diet or the like herpes is often a particularly serious thing because it. Hangs on so Long. When nothing else seems to work Cut Ting the nerve by surgery or other procedures on the nerves May have to be considered. Older people with nerve pain Fol lowing shingles deserve our deep est sympathy. Eventually even in these discouraging situations re covery is Likely to come. Ouf our Way look he soles i Monte us Matheu them chips in me sock feet Sou Eow pies. Our leather Bel Tiki of 1em l pour Hull nei6hboehoop 5kiwpim of Tri Emery wheel look at the surplus do them Borm thirty too soom

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