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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 22, 1955, Kingsport, Tennessee1-0 thursday. September 22. Runs or sin vict a Quilep 12345 my it Enklat h 17 to in of Ftp w t duty Twne. Fri will Lor in Irma i if 26. Or in 35 Mcclim j m Matt Fri War w in it Mart r to it inc. It drilling Eom Bim 5 a torn of Lite duly and ready Reuner 4 Mofit Tii training it not colled of Tody Kwh rat. Drill required How Reserve act Chart above summarizes. In simple teen the working of the Mew Reserve forces act effective october 1. The new act which affects virtually every Man of military 1" to at least five years of Active duty compulsory drilling in the reserves. There Are two main eaten orig of ready Reserve and the standby re serve. Ready Reserve is an organized trained ready military Force. This Force plus men on Active duty would called up in police action standby nerve men would be called or Active duty Only after declaration of War or National pm Erncr by data from nation big brains of politics have task of setting up 56 campaigns for to by Don Whitehead Washington we the big brains in politics have a worrisome problem coming up because of television. Its use is going to turn the 19s6 president no Campaign into one of the most widely viewed dramas Ever played on the american scene. The problem is ills 1. What is the Best Way to present the candidate on the to screens in millions of Homes in n Folksy seemingly unrehearsed manner 2. And How can these appear ances be carefully staged and rehearsed to capture All the drama of the moment without the production appearing too Slick contrived it s 8 real problem. A candidate in these Days must be n better than fair of actor. The most popular political productions seem to be those with the intimate Homespun overlaid with such obvious sincerity that no one can Overlook it or fall to be impressed. Even if n candidate is naturally Homespun and sincere it does l always a Gelsler before a camera. And to make it Register requires Home acting ability. The truth is that presidential candid notes and candidates for Congress have television App Cal in the new scheme of things. This Means developing n Knack for acting before n Cam Era. During the 1952 Campaign there was a Good Deal of talk that the had a Penn to Unkn Over in Selling a political candid note to the people. The democrats Purtic Ulf Triy levelled the charge no inst the Eisenhower com Nign. But there Are to inks to even i Trade and the politicians of both parties have had to turn to the merchandising experts for priv if end direction in putting their bpm to foot Forward. The Agency which represented the Republic inns in 1952 was but ten. Barton. Durstyne and Osborne of new York. The democrats de Pended on the Joseph Katz Agency of Baltimore. Both parties again will have merchandising sex Perls behind the scenes in the next Campaign. Ii appears they have come to the political platform to Sony. It might to argued with some Validity that television in Holmi have twice the Impact in politics that it. Had in 1h52 because More than double the number of voters will be watching to screens. No one yet knows just How Greal an in incl to has in the Success or failure of n political candidate. Hut neither party can take chances by not putting its Best to fool Forward. Both president Eisenhower and vice president Nixon have developed a relaxed informal Man Ner before the television cameras. And Adlai slave non the 1052 democratic nominee while not so Folksy is Eisenhower and Nixon is an Able to performer. Sonic Usu Miligi Iling unit the 1050 Campaign should hi1 re ported by the drama critics rather than poll Lenl reporters. And 11 could be. Smells fresher. Nashville Tiv one of the few pieces of furniture mrs. Thomas Mckeithan left her husband Bhe went Home to Mother three Ive eks ago apparently set off n pcs explosion yesterday that Burn a him critically. It was a television a Flat. William Breed Lnor of the suburban pm wont Kun fire Ric said the floors win Dows of the Nii carte Block House locked and a line tic was Turners on Irwin in cide. He said the pcs Appu cantly i piled by the set. And the resulting pm pension blasted the rear bedroom Wail of he build shattered windou.-. In the House and set fire to curtains and Woodwork. Mckeithan. 34. Conscious near the Back Rinor. He u As with third Ritter Burns Over his ensue body. To you if any other spread tastes fresher no other spread eels to your or mrs. The expensive spread. If you Don t agree her Margarine is , Send but Mil sin Oiher panel from Canon. 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Axel left and Santa will drive the radar controlled motorcycle in the annual display of the training and efficiency of Berlin s Law forces. Degrees Ness of Afes cov1noton, sept. 21 i a former off Clyl of Covington Bop test Church testified today the Rev. Barney focus scr admitted falsely claiming three College degrees. And Enol her witness described the 53-year-old Minster As n Dic Tator who kept a tight hand on the affairs of the Church. The additional testimony was Ivan in the continuation of n Hoar ing in Alleghany county circuit court on a petition by 225 persons seeking to ii Thoyl u.-, pastor. The 225 claim to be Mem Bers of the in urn and say for Easler Lias disregarded n Vole calling for his ouster. Today s hearing also produced a new accusation against that he had falsely claimed ii Luik served in the medical corps of the Navy during world War ii. James e. Sieger col Nylon Pirug Glosl and former chairman of the Board of deacons said an investigating committee had checked and found for Eusler had not served in the Navy during world War ii. He said the group found the min ister served a four year hitch be tween 1d23 and 1927, but not in the medical corps. Sieger a member of the slate Board of pharmacy told the court he had refused to bal love the charges that for Easler misrepresented ills education when he accepted the Call to the Covington Church three years ago. Lint he changed his mind lie said when he saw hitlers from three colleges saying Frea slav had never received degrees from them. Or. Thomas m. Slim n physician who was the Day s other witness said Greasler once asked him Wlms he thought was wrong with the Church. I told him it was t democratic he mild. I told or. Freasier he was a do Clealor. I told him a couple of slim said he remembered n re Mark of freasier when the min ister made his first visit to Covington. The conversation had turned to n medical matter and j finest Stew meat loaf of pot roast he i jointed for Easler As saying Jan in the lower graded meat. Beef Well we know All about these marked u. S. Good or u. S. Coin things we re i Morcall will not be As tender and Thor upon Winn related he Juicy .1.1 a comparable Cut graded tinned to persons at Hie local hos the Board of deacons Robert Mccaleb knew of the false Back ground claims nil the time. To Caleb denied any such knowledge during testimony last week. Freasier has been fighting the ouster move since it began. He contends the group seeking to re move him has withdrawn from Covington Baptist Church and has no Power to take part in Church affairs. At the be ginning of the court hearings last Upp Nunu of freasier denied hey had Ever left the Church. Food stores have Good buys in beef chickens this week by Tiik associated press Good buys in beef and chickens Imit n tendency toward lower Price s for other meats is the news from urn Netlon r food stores for wre cml shoppers. In the beef line you la find worthwhile buys in Chuck roast it Cusk and Here ind there prime smoked links will be featured rather widely. Other pork items mentioned by it number of stores include loins of pork smoked picnics fresh hams and pork Butts. Where pork chop prices lire climbed from n week ago lower prices . Some Nie it specialists Sny you Niny see lower prices on most Mesils next week by cause pork beef mid Iamb nil came Down at wholesale this week. U. S. Department of Agri culture offers these tips on beef lower Ryndes Are truly budget savers. Bonk slow cooking and n Al nor with reasoning will make the Pital the new minister was a u. A. Choice of prime but it is every bit As nutritious. The top Sclan too. Grades Are the Best buy when you Sieger. In his testimony Sald want steaks and oven several Pel nuns at the Church hat require Shorter cooking a boil idlers showing freasier did not have the degrees he claimed but they had decided against Ink no any action until after easter of 11154. The former Deacon said he asked i easier to come to his store so the iwo of them could discuss the problem. During the discussion said Sieger for Easler admitted he had not earned the College degrees i cd Ald. According to Sieger s testimony the pastor later made the same admission to the entire Board of deacons and agreed to Tell the whole Story to the Church congregation. Fri Asir did Mako a statement to tin entire congregation on april service 1 pm. Said Sieger bin the slate wednesday Mienl. Was not As Complete is Siisi Cincil was uni is Complete As the deacons had expected. Sieger id in the statement. For Eusler one blk Chain is hiking egg prices from two to seven cents a dozen on top Grade a Whites. 1 on toys. Small size onions and cd a Plant Are rated As the out still Dong buys vegetables. 1 Draff four local men four Kin sport men went monday for induction in to the aimed forces Ilic Locell be boned announced claimed at least one. Member of they were Jaek Viiu Glin. Thomas and Lynn Taylor or. Bubby Dan Coates Tirl James Henry huddle. Earl Miller or. Was transferred to local Board 127 at Norton a. I you All Don t miss our big mad Maytag Marathon Day and night thru sat

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