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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 22, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeI a Tinct . September 22. Man How russians picked him As american prisoner editor s note soviet Nui Hori Les recently turned Over to u. Officials in East Berlin three identified is americans who been imprisoned in Russia. Two were american soldiers the third mystery Man identified Charles Frederick hop Kins. Questioning by u. S. Offi established the fact that the really h Gernian who hoodwinked the russians to rain i Freedom. In the following article Hopkins real name Klaus in Germany when in 1948 the soviet Eimler Intel Antwi licence Many. Barracks in gel Captain who was in charge of my As chief interpreter Lor the Case one Day suddenly shouted at e we finally found out who you arc. You Are Charles Frederick Royal army ordnance corps. I acted As a sort of Liaison officer Between British army Headquarters and polish displaced persons hit. Jiuu hit v1ir1 1cs 1 Tutt i. N i i Hopkins an american born in who worked for the British army Frederick the full Story of his experiences As he 1921 in Jersey cily. New i was of stunned to even ser. I he produced supposedly proving i was tin american uni. Espi Onaya but i m Ian my is Klaus Frederick a five my identity Glai Iblis. You papers Jilson told it to u. S. Officials by Charles Frederick Hopkins written expressly for v International news service Ibitz. But you Are really i Ameri Berlin. Sept. 21 seven can spy Cloi Nii dirty work against i successfully pretended to be. The red army and the soviet in in american until finally the so Hon. Released me to american Jii thormities. T and the russians themselves the water 11ns was made it All possible. Cabinet about the size of an army few of my close friends i Wall locker. All my clothes were on july 13. 1947. A Man who i an knew n Frenchman named Pierre Zoppik. Invited me to go o from Hamburg for the in Lubock which is it a r a tier of he soviet Lynnr. We the pm ring drink Iii. Pie must have put Somp think in my drink when i woke up i was in a soviet military prison in Wismar. Hom to Lubeck. Poppic must have been a soviet the russians wanted to know what t had been doing in the so Viet zone the year before. 1 told them i had qua medical school i kept refusing so the ordered the guards to nut me Mojon Al nip Dica Eam the typhus epidemic. The was normans had paid Cood who were prisoners knew i was actually a German citizen. My prison papers said i was Charles Frederick Hopkins an taken Oil. The sides of the closet pressed against Ine and the top touched my head forcing me to Bend my neck Down. Every three or four hours the american. Every time i went to new prison or labor Camp the guard would toss a pail of ice calling the Roll would Over the top. The water out i poured through holes and came All Charles Frederick me. An electric fan kept blowing rold air Over me. Then he would give me my Camp after three of the water number which nil prisoners had to i was half crazy. I had Wear. Already been in the prison for i had Learned English in h Ger More than a year. Constantly Man army language school during questioned beaten and tortured. The War. To carry out my net. T argued violently with the political offi cers in the various when my nerves were gone. I finally gave in. I m Hopkins an american born in 1921." i gasped the Captain nearly danced with one would attack the United state would argue with him accusing j0y. Within a Short time t was him of lying. Tried by a soviet military court since i had never Bren to Amer Jan Schwerin Charles Frederick Tea it was difficult for me to play Hopkins., american spy. This role. They sentenced me to death. But fortunately. T read much but a new soviet Law changed the fcb out America and seen american sentence to 25 years Henrri labor in movies before t was Kirin Ped. The soviet Union. The russians had not. All they t now believe soviet Captain could do was repeat their inc tilt a the while Hui a Bull Money for the work so t stayed there from August till december 1946. But the russian intelligence offi cers refused to believe me. They accused me of spying for the americans luring that time. They said mint i Only wore British uniform to hide my real secret Job. Taif a in used hip of work ii for the British Only to recruit polish displaced Lor the Arnorf Chi intelligence to do work Gal not the soviet. Union. For nearly a year they kept this up and i kept Irving to Tell them they were Wronn. Finally the Captain made up his Story about my being an american named Hopkins and my Masquer Ade begin. When 1 was in the soviet consulate in Berlin last week waiting for the american authorities to pick me up 7 was terrible frightened that something would go wrong. I had not pvn told either one of the two american soldiers who were Rol Unsod with me. That 1 was not really an american. I was one of them might make h slip and i would not get out of russian hands. I made Many friends j to this Day. I have no idea whore did t lose the prisoners including he rot the name Hopkins or the my nov o Typl Frol. Several russian prisoners birth Ristp of 1r2i and Hirth plur a 111" Stu Iva vim no car Tilan prisoners were ready to re in America. Turn to Germany i took five of however the names com Rorsi k n n 7 my friends and asked Frederick an t. My a hid Hec in to Tell the american army thai name Karl Frederick. He prob Jim seven a prs i american Charles Frederick j ably just turned my on Man a amp Hopkins was held prisoner in the into what sounded like it Iti Erik soviet Union. Hish. Time group of prisoners once i had agr Ppd to Piny is r0mg to make Japan s first about to be sent Hack Home i game pretending to be Souriv of City noises. Smog ask a few to get word to the t i could never ii Nin Tell Nind whirr contain Nalion. Going to officials about me. Russians hint i was n Grid non he Kiclty thorough about it Loo. It did this with about six groups Dur named won t step with fnctorle.-. In inns top 1953-54. When 1 was kidnapped in july Pic. When it comes was t my idea to pretend to i was working us a to Check up on Nisos it s even go i be an american in hip first pm acc. Inifi Pratt a who Zitin bin Iii to look in on Pechinko pin x had imprisoned a year ish army uniform and living in a Pillors. Lynnda. J spoke out openly against communism believing this is How an american would act. Because of open Defiance to the soviet me being an Ani Rinn born Jersey City new Jersey in 1921. T think he did it to show his superiors what a Grout spy Nutcher he was and to gel n promotion. Tai in Stihi iks noise Tokyo i the a Elmiire Mlls free free ladies Hose with in Cash Register tapes Iron Dot s com Unity Market shop at Don s conveniently located store at colonial Heights. Save Fine Wear 01 your car traffic jams Money Star Bacon Armour s in. 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