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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 22, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee2p wednesday. September 22 1554 scientists run checks on clocks humans editor s makes some answers mar or 10 open their shells at Illarion which mum await he m Al a findings about Bol Chris cells Labia toy Are trying to clocks. Solve this mystery of time. By Alton Blank Sukk associated press s genre Kep Orler Woods Hole. Serious clocks operating in living things Are a Challenge to some of the at the Marine Bio logical Labo Ralora Here. Certain humans can set mental clocks to Waken at a certain nine morning. How do their clocks work Mam kinds of living things be have though regulated by inner or biological clocks Licking Oil tune with accuracy. Take fiddler crabs the Inch Long ones named because of their fiddle holding shape. They Are being studied by or. Frank a. Broun or. Northwestern univer sity who spends his Summers Here. At Dawn or just before they turn dark in color the belter to run on dark beaches where they live. Ai night they turn Pearly Gray in color. Is it just a response to Sun Light or Lack of it no. Or. Brown finds Tor if the crabs Aie Kepi in a photographic dark room under a steady amount of Light and temperature they will still change color Al Dawn and dusk telling time Well a Man made clock. The crabs respond to tides. Low tides on the beaches where they once lived. They Are perfect. A transp crash near London London sept. 22 wins. Forty five British troops and a Crew of five cheated death today when a Kiang four engine York transport plane crashed and burned during a Takeoff at Stansie Airport is sex county Northeast of London. The military transport had barely cleared the runway when two engines went dead. An Airport official who witnessed the crash said it crashed on Side and immediately burst into flames. Troops jumped out through the main door and emergency one Soldier received slight facial scratches the official added. The troops were in route to the canal zone. A Xii Ous i of Xii Waves happily to an audience which he granted at his summer Retreat at Casie Gondolfo Italy he seemingly has recovered from his latest siege of hiccups. The Pope showed no signs of illness and delivered a 10-minute Lalk la i he Fly i 1, Beck does not expect probe to find error los . Sept. Al i teamsters Union president Dave Beck said Loday in Advance of the opening of a new congressional probe of Rich welfare funds he would be surprised if investigators found Mything Troli 4. Beck a number o whose local Union officials have been summoned As committee witnesses said he would bet no Wron Dohi could be attributed to his Union. Ini investigation was launched i special House subcommittee headed by rep. Samuel k. Mccon-1 Nell or. Chairman of the House labor committee while ihe1 i american federation of labor was1 Holdi in annual convention ses i icons in the same City. I lofty s healings were the start1 of Iwin probes by House and sen i ate committees into the Multi Bil i lion Dollar Union Benefit plans. I prior inv s t i g a t i o n s have i brought out that Union officials have profiled from investing and handling the funds much of the Les Mony be meting around Beck s teamsters Union. Beck however told reporters Hei considered none of the previous investigations have produced Evi Prience of lacked peering on the part Jot teamsters Union officers. I Afi. President George Meany has pledged the Al s full Cooper cation with congressional probes Jand has called for a Union cleanup in the welfare fund Field. Eggs in Battle against rabies delay in Ion seen As Board rejects new bid a possible delay in fluoride anon of pm sport water has developed from the rejection by the Board of mayor and aldermen of a bid for installing new water ment equipment. In addition to equipment for adding fluorides to the water As a Means of reducing tooth decay the installation involves two big new pumps one meter and Oiler equipment most of which already has been Bough by the City. Only one a the Board tuesday night. From an Atlanta firm it asked about 000 More than City officials had expected the work to Cost. In fact the installation costs alone would a hive run higher than engineers i bad estimated for both the Pur Chase of the equipment and . I the Hoard rejected the bid and with the i Hope that one or two Kingsport firms capable of handling such installations May be among the bid Ders next time or thai at least there will be out of town bids from among which to choose j the Board accepted the bid of i Craft motors co. To Supply two notices murder sup in Curtis Allen Washington sept. 22 tin supreme court announced Loda thai it will hear further Argil ments dec. 6 on How to carry out decision against racial1 segregation in Public sch a used at Lederle laboratories Divi Sion. American Cyan amid co. In Pearl River n. A. A substantial part of them to produce l new rabies vaccine which promises to control the disease that recurrently has terrorized All parts of the world Down through recorded history. Here a technician inoculated a tray of ears with rabies virus. After the Cess have nit u bated for a period the Chick embryos Are removed and processed into the new Aviani Zed Type vaccine which tests at a Public health service Laboratory show will sit immunity for at least twice As Ioir As earlier types. A variation of the vaccine used for canines has Hreibi developed for cattle which May also contract the disease from wild animals and Vampire bats. I new patrol cars for the police de i Partheni at a net of 51.215.86 i each Afler allowing Trade if or each of two old cars. I added to the Cost will be a minor extra charge for installing a heavy duty clutch and extra which the City now re quires in police vehicles. Bids from three pm sport retail clothing firms to Supply new police uniforms were opened and referred to a committee for study and a recommendation. Also referred to a committee were bids for three houses the City has for Sale which were acquired along with rights of Way for the proposed four Lane Sale Highway 1-a Extension from Jackson Hill to the Western City limits. Ike Calls for school Sti Denver. Sept a president Eisenhower called today for wide spread and tout cued study of teacher and school shortages and the Power through the president s Call went out 10 the governors of each of the slates and territories. The preside it holed that con Gress at last session passed legislation Mahoi in state and White House Conte Encis at which representative and j Llucas can study then educational problems at All Levels and deter mine what action should be the new Law allocates to the sales to Meel part of the Cost of such meetings. With this Opportunity to know the facts and understand the pro ii lems. I am convinced that tha people of the United Stales will develop programs of effective a the president wrote. A is with this conviction that i you to join with me in bring ing Aboul the thorough wide spread and concerted study that the american people have Ever Marie of their education problems.1 the president said he deeply be Heves the primary responsibility for meeting the problems must a with the Stales and local communities and thai the Federal govern ment should be Siren thened and not interfere with stale administration of resume debate in the Sun Cycle a change for the tide Cycle. In tide they Are obeying a Moon or lunar Cycle. For the Moon a main controller1 Peters funeral services in court s anti segregation murdering her in their Home. By Joe Hall on last May the replies he old. Officers that his wife i Washington if Republican no e Bumerts. I communicates with him in dreams. And democratic Campaign Strate me t jus ice depart of to a left to tel1 who gifts apparently regarded six Mem also a present one Hourd id n. Wagenknecht said. States As crucial battlegrounds in of earthly tides. ,7 t f Imu Jolaura to Ufuti in to their biological clock f a Warf Peers 30 ,1 a sum Cal and seven states the woman buried in the the struggle for control of the sen thing which is built in running at to at 2 e not directly involved cemetery is not his wife late in the 84th Congress constant Speed according y the Marble Point i May decision have notified and he would have the body sex a Check of rival Senate Cin of i Church with the Rev. Wrightly court they wish to appear assumed to prove it. He said Tod Jack Benny pupils switch on to show Avenue and onh Oeutrn Walnut Avenue sg52l.hns a court martial Board re the buyers to removes houses from the o to some other location churned with collaborating with Haj mayor Wimberly was authorised captors Board composed of eight execute leases to Hazel and colonels and three lieutenant Anlo Mabel Bradshaw and or. And mrs Nels. Failed to reach a decision after Lynn d. Minor for two other houses Willey. Clerk announced hearing was set he poll try c s cd action and said the justices had agreed Chai he chilled them Down to near freezing for six hours then warmed them up again. The chill-1 ing stopped their clocks for six i hours. When they were Wanned again they began following the same cycles of regular change but now they were neatly six hours slow that makes it look As though their clocks Are built inside. But vanishing husband tells of kidnapping Maria Tallchief pc Man held in assault of peddle she n the sections nov Maine Zer Las Chauffe a Cpl he s Margaret Chase Smith a republi-1 Money in a Forth. Coming to show can. A second six year term. The present Senate lineup is 48i an but used1 the maximum penalty. If Flem re Talfo to fair ing is convicted on All counts. U place the in. Imprison Mem. The lightest America s favorite miser will he Board agreed the the penalty for r finding would defense lawyers argued that Fleming s policies while he a former Republican who bolted 2i commander of pow Camp 12 in Benny whose Money pinching grand Haiti Dion North Korea saved the lives of antics have made millions howl. I pendent. Special drama to be aired Over lbs nov. 21. Yorkville. Iii., sept. 22 hns1 Jerald Jorstad. 21. Of Joliet during the 1952 presidential prisoners and thai whatever he lid Tion Morse has announced he will in the Way of propaganda he did compared with those released him. The Ballerina of the Ballet de Lelej c Aftel that Jorstad said he hit Lmonte Carlo married Natirboff in on the first Day. The crabs on California. Mexico and Florida be-1 february 19s2. Her first bus both coasts changed colors at sheriff William c. Johnson band was George Ballance aptly the same time according to. Seized him in Kankakee. 111. Mon whom she married in 1846 and of Dawn and dusk and tidal changes Day on a charge of defrauding Rado and Montana while the dem his life inf ,1, of crafts voice High Hopes of unseat a n j ing republicans in Massachusetts s kit Oregon and Idaho potable among his past a com Piegon Llano. Mph sements in this Field Are his portrayal of Charlie s aunt and Kentucky is Alben w. Barkley tinted o get dark or Light almost simultaneously with the in dollars he owes the Milwaukee to has anther adjust their clocks signalling the time of Low tide on their native Beach on Cape cod. I this proved they could still i measure the tide Cycle and 24-hour Sun Cycle accurately even though they had been flown to the West coast and had. By flying changed by three hours in the beginning presbyterians name Moderator at meet couple buries g a May not be son Gan her Law practice some 40 years ago. Middlesboro. By. Sept. 22 Rev. Sam Wiley. Pastor announces Sale Lookout Mountain presbyterian i Church. Chattanooga. Was named i Lenoir City. Tenn., sept. 22 yesterday. Or. Jack carried his Penny pinching mrs. Holloway widow of Sam in new Jersey democrats Are into real life last week when he Holloway. Memphis attorney on a split in Republican appeared before the United states ranks to put Over their Senate tax court in los Angeles to Amie candidate rep. Charles r. Uncle Sam on the amour of the Republican nominee former taxes he owes on the Sale of his rep. Clifford p. Case is opposed to the Columbia broadcasting some gop in the state i system. Democratic Veteran Joseph c j to o Mahoney is trying for a come a e0. Laser a Back in Wyoming. Defeated e. "5 mists the Sale constituted the world series will soon be on to lots of Good football Gomes a value in the Long run tin sept s.i.uii-11. Was named ienn., sept insists the snip Moderator in nomination at of Charles h m Wyo Flig. Defeated Long term Cali Tell Sain meeting of Knoxville presbytery co. And sales Agency Bacon years ago after 19 Vears lne to i yesterday. Jscott co was announced opposed by to upcoming to show in the Rev. Or. Wiley will take by James r cd Cuth a rep Willlam with the govern office at uie Spring meeting of the president of their Olkon j ment. Jack juggles with rack presbytery next february at Kunu republicans say they Are conf helpers Tenn. T changes differences in rav Tatton or insists even differences in cosmic rav amt mrs Al link of radiation to which All living thins Are exposed. Is an an similar kind of somebody had to rhythm opening their shells the show Jean Simmons to try Guys and doll role Hollywood Jean Erica boy , who gained critical a i t t i to claim him and claim for her role of Ophelia to i Ravel sir in to collect the the Bacon company operates in Illinois the Republican can Ganger s London and at Winte for the seat now held by of Jack quipped 1-iouu.on. I. Musu. Sir Laurence Olivier s Hamlet is in Jim. Opening their shells the Mence Cuvier s Hamlet Batty add r most at High tide. New Haven tvs the said they were Noti kor to try her hand at a in Geol ters shipped to i Evanston. Ill Fieri a week ago that the body of a musical. G s opened most for a couple of weeks Serviceman killed in action. Inc has been Casi As n Momeni. just likes at the time of High tide in the in Korea had been identified in new Haven area. Later Thuv Lively their son and was being go is democratic sen. Paul Douglas love Banks and could Joseph t. Meek until his nominator hours to make a Deposit but lion head of the Illinois federation withdrawals Are a chore and a of retail asses. Bore in Ohio Republican rep. George the comedian who will Start his h. Bender is seeking to oust demo own regular to show oct 3 be Tel Mitzi a a i. Homeland Price easy terms slipped out of the new Haven to Home for burial. Dal and became influenced the Mother said by Evanston lunar time. But this Hoy s death was listed some kind of harmonics or Vias july 16. And the last letter the film version of Kington or s old Hen is a Good cratic sen. Thomas a in be who Eshi major asset a a Cost lakes t0 appointed to the Senate in a while. Year after the death of sen. Rob Flint. Kew takers Roone. N. C. Vat it s not rations definitely seem to if Sci from our son Jackie was written to Money. At least that s these biological clocks. Or. Brown july 2fi. Believes. Karlh wonks. Salaman Ders fruit flies and potatoes the conclusion of j. B. The weather pc Lur 66 b5 62 ample shows daily and lunar Livy has oxygen Ron sumption. By till assoc1atfd i kiss when kept under steady tempera Chicago Clear m lure and Light they show on the Cincinnati Clear average a huh Peak of oxygen Cleveland Clouds Consu Nipton at i . And 3 . Act Init. Clouds in the daily Cycle. Is Canara. Clear Breeding cycles dictated by the grand rapids Clear Moon or other influence Are vital Indianapolis Clear or preservation of numerous marry cute. Clouds Lorms 01 Quirine animals whose Memphis Clear males release then sperm and in Milwaukee san Marie Clouds Chr no it traverse cite. Clouds them do this Ai the same time Dir As they do there would be Little Kansas cite Clear Chain that egg would apis is Paul Cleir meet new life Oklahoma cite. Clear rhythms and cycles Are of Omaha Clear served in Many kinds of human so i Nuis behaviour even in economic cycles Momti Clear mental patients Are reported to Boston Cleiv show swings of improvement or Miami Clouds worsening with phases of the Cru York Clear Moon. Is it Sriniv the Moon affect fort Worth Clear my them no the rhythms in Orleans Clear Man live any connection Denver Clear Ith clocks of some1 Helena Clouds kind it so. Hmm do they operate ilm Priis Clouds t Clear the mimics docks m crabs san Clear and other animals can Lead Cloudy she he same who likes to study human Psychol last week with 10 Crisp one Dollar Bills Johnson recently stood on a Street Corner Here and offered Monelo the Rhode Island red got. A a. Taft. They Are competing even one he smiled again yesterday and forgot the right to serve out the last a f who can annul years sex Var of humor Mac with up Heie after Riding 180 Miles from , her Sweet Hill. A. Home on the Bird Axle of Washington s tractor thing suspension approved Tennessee towns 23 pedestrians. Only three people sep .10-Day suspension accepted Dollar Hills. R truth of the matter humans j Don t Trust each other and duly was pkg Johnson observed. Yesterday 57 Washington. 22 Power has directed Gas co. Houston to stip two ply natural Gas to six towns in policemen charged with Illinois and Mississippi was by the City the commission said yesterday observed. For instance i r esterday. The examiner s decision on the Case one woman told him Young Man Roy Hyatt become a final commission it. Davis and Frank Valt . Don t bother me. I m not interested is Frank Eva 4. In your cd of heirs the towns Are Flora. Iii new 45 Sbai ply. Please out of my Way f a Case in which an Hern. Troy. Trimble and Obion. The Experiment led Johnson to1 Tenn and Byhalia miss. The Experiment led Johnson 4j this summation people work 4fi hard for Money. Some steal it. Some try to manufacture it. But it to he officers failed to in victim to a Hospital and to arrest his alleged Assai White Floral 60. Flowers a arrangement Gnara Leei we Ark As near As tour Telephone dial go 5-5174 nights and dial 6-6ce1 39 Law i Lel 3 0" 4n 36 Toi ii . new floor care ends waxing m Norf Olk a. a 48 Lough Gal and she is making things 87 55 Lough in the United states Navy is 54 Lulu the test Barge of tie r3 76. Underwater explosions reset Rich 7n is division. Working from the Gawky 87 5ft Lulu the division has sunk Ibe. M atomic submarine Nautilus raised 77 45. Her and sunk her in 78 42 miniature. Lulu has a reinforced fi2ihull to withstand explosions which in been a in Many in Hie slur Clairc of naval vessels. Groseclose Flowers for All dial Circle 6-6108 All arrange Amrita one of the most difficult jobs of housekeeping is to keep linoleum my Asphalt tile floors waxed and gleaming now. Thanks to Glaxo it is no longer necessary to Wax and scrub All you do is apply with a Brush shout twice a year to maintains a High Lustre non slip coating that seals out dirt Glaxo dries in one hour and is water Clear it s cheaper than Wax in the Long run besides saving n terrific i amount of work plus truly a Beau to Fol floor Glaxo is Svall Able it i w. B. Greene co., inc. Kings Pitt inn Cisco Westinghouse budget Beauty famous designer styled 21" console at a new Low Price exclusive fr-760 Chassis top automatic features built in Antenna. Full Range picture. Mahogany finish. The Langdon Model 838k21. Also in Blond Oak finish the Ramsby Model 839k2i, at slight extra Cost. See Ross Collins Homeland the Home of Westinghouse

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