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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 22, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeRookie Bob grim wins 20th for yanks giants Topi bums tuesdays Box scores chisox9, indians by Ben p1ilegar it preside.-. Uni acc standings minor loops sue majors National league i for radio to invasion wednesday september 22, 1954 Kingsport times 17 i Kobert Cookk i Portsmouth. A. D. Lawrence a minor league club for Nan a charged the major leagues with invading Linin for league territory the Ouirt radio ?.rc t insulation windows siding finer Milass Home insolation Reynolds aluminium resident Pitt Kranjc aluminium storm windows and doors brands Cha to 36 months it ply Home improvement co. Office phone cd 6-8321 145 come mice St. A. I 6-9398 Faul i 5-his 000 och Vilii n 2010 iop totals is u -j7 11 to for Hoskyn d a a Ilkei Pope la Ullh. C Kan Lor Korn in 1th. D lined out or Pori a in Sih i Kaa Lor Grasby in Bui. I to sin out Tor Hooper in sin. Out Lor in fish. 101 104 so can Loo u a u Fox 2. Minoso Rivera 3, Joi Fufil Lra. Pope it St Etc a Vila. Duby Strickland. Graison. Nara Joii. A Wert Hetteman. Grusso 2. Carras Marci Al. Rel Doby 6. Monoso Jok 2. Granau. Marshall 2. J. Welz. Minoso. Toby. Or Dob in Cavarretta Rivera. Do Fox Carrum Juel and Cavar Retla. Left 10. Cleveland 6. By Hottleman 1. Koi Niqui 1. Martin 2. Hooper 3. Pierce so hour Rama 3. Fornieles 3. Mart Pierre i. To Portoles 5 in 5 1-3. Hou 10 i 6 1-3. Martin 1 in 1 to 0 in 1.--3. Moorish 0 in 1-3. Hooper 3 Pierce. _ in l 1-3, Consuegra 0 in 1-3 a or Farn Zelcs 3-2, Houtteman 5-3, m t n 1-1. Host los 0-0, Dorlah 0-0 Hoot 3o, 0-0. Hip a Imarn a air Assoc. p fir A Mariln 7-8i. Shoulter 15 71. L Sun Enrri. Mck Tuley Hur . A-h.683. Botox 4-4, athletics 3-3 Braile. Svatey. Touli i t. 1 2 Rush p 1 0 0 j 0000 37 13 totals 36 id 30 1g a hit into Force play for Taschi in 8lh x one out when it anti in run St. of o tilt cd Ticino Jim tw2 1-1 a upon Schwend Lynst Repulski. Baum 2, Fondy Sauer. A schoendienst. Chi a Finks. Be Pulik Grammas. Cunning Ham. Sauer 2. Baker. 2b Cunningham 2, Jackson. Schoner Feenst. Baker. Or saute. Bij-hepuli5tl. Of Grammas. Do Citrain Tuiai schoendienst. Sarn. Raschi ant Ora Mas Rush. Lister and Pondy years later Joe Nuxhall has made the Grade in the big time Idi Iron Lethander who was the Ycu Nisi player Ever to Wear a Ajeff league uniform and Proba y p wildest has conquered his it two winning his and Cunningham 10. Chi Iceo 6. By has Chi i hush 5. Complete game and Sisley i. So Rathl 5, Rush 3, Staley 2. Isl shutout 5-0 maj Bly problems and has a tidy record for the pice Redlegs. This 12th Victory came yesterday pm was the Best of the dozen. He ave the Milwaukee braves Only pc hits struck out six Nurt walked a a he Goa i .3il .3j5 Horasco 7. Bratte 146 Good an.2h 5 3 j Zernial 11 i i Power i a 5 3 Wilson. 5 0 Lutrell is 1 0 air on. C 3 0 lob wheat p Avalo Dixon. P a firms. U 4 f Jensen if 1 0 Melc. 4 20 . 3b 4 3 0 2 30 White c 3 20 dolling is 4 00 Nixon p 2 00 Hurd. P 0 00 i Hudson p Colson Kem 000 r -000 totals s7 7j27 14 Tuuli 34 13 30 13 it walked Lor wheat in 7th. B struck out for Hurd in 8th. A grounded into double play for Hudson in filth. I none out when winning run scored. 010 001 100 0-3 eos Lou Oil flu Uio 1-4 10 Grinigan. Power. Let leu. Goodman 3 Mele. A a gals. Hallow. Dixon. Rib 1 Ower. Suder. Dolling. Jensen 2. Williams 2b Williams Goodman. Ism on. 3b Power or in War. A Agga la. 3p-Jensen. Us Der. Do Al Olgan Suder and Lummer us Der. Winigan and Lummer Goodman. Roll ing and Agganis Sutler. Luttrell and Lorn Mer Luttrell. Suder and Lummer. Left Philadelphia 9, Boston 8. By Dixon 2, 1. Hudson 1. Kemmerer i. So wheat 2, Dixon 2, Nixon 2. Hurd 2, Hudsin 1. To wheat 7 in 6. Dixon 5 in 3. Mxon g in 62-3. Kurd 1 in 1 1-3 Hudson 0 in Kemmerer 0 in 1. Her wheat Hurd 0-0. Hudson 0-0, Kemmerer 0-0. Hip by wheat idler Sally. By Nixon a Kemmerer 6-91. U Berry Stevens. Napp Umont. Second game Philadelphia 000 101 010 3 8 2 Boston 130 000 i 10 1 Van Brabant a Ricano Burt Schy 7 and Robertson Sullivan Hurd 9 and White. Sullivan. L Van Brabant. Redlegs 5, braves 0 Cincinnati a 1 Adams.3b 511 m Mil 2 0 1 Milwaukee p a a h 0 a 4 Bruton of 30 con 3 in 4 0 10 4 0 pen ton. If 4 0 Logan is 4 5 dlumer.2b 2 Asmal 1 Post i 4 Bjork 4 0 Temple.2b 3 2 2 1 Nuxhall p 3 1 Ial y.1 0 2m t _ by is 1 Nichols p 1 Croach 1 Buhl p o scald one 1 i Jay. P 0 totals 2 1 1 0 0 o 0 0 _ 27 in third his sri shutout Stacey Yin i 3-3. Heh Raseni i-3. Brazie Nuxhall pitched Only one other in 1944 3t was for blaming item. Conan. Gore. Gorman. Ham in the Southern Assn. And it second game even worse five walks and St. Louis 100 000 3 runs. The youngster dropped to Woiton 1 Chi Laud Isalt ignore 4. Enrol today i 1 Rulx ble the 16 major league clubs. J. J Many of these minor league1 already have mailed in their checks to pay the costs of the Lawrence a banker who has i made a Hobby of baseball for unit ears Lawrence said these minor i league clubs Hud been asked to contribute 10 the costs of the pro Nirol at Baltimore Orr not 17-16 is Pokou Suil. If Loi. Minok Chicago t innings darkness Haddix and Rice Sarn Klippstein Davis 71 and Fannie orioles 4, tigers 3 Detroit Baltimore a u 0 a a b 5115 Abrams. It 4 Lei p5 Delsing. If to Otic 3b Abul Larto Dropo. La House. C Garver. P Holt p Boleman be Lola totals 4 Young 2b 0 Coan. If a 1 4 1 or h s 4 3 0 dieling of 4 3 0 Turley p 3 1 33 it 11 u totals 3 t a ran Lor Belardy in blah. A singled for Hoeh in 8th. Crai elem in 9th. .010 000 Lux a bronc 2. Bertol. Coan Courtne Hunter Turley. Hurr 2 a Leld. Rib Kallner. House. A rams Courtney. Doone. 3b-Cotoey. Turey. Coan Belardy. 3b-Abrar so be Ardi Hatfield. Sturley. La Detroit 11. Baltimore g. A Hoeu 1 Turley 4. So Garver 6. Roelf Turley 5 to Carver 6 in 5 1-3. In 2 2-3 re Garver 3-3 Holt 1-1 Turley 3-1 hip by Turley Abelard la. A Turley m4 a Omund. A giants 57 new York l pm 4 Dart is 4 Mueller of 3 Rhodes. I 3 plays of 3 of 1 Elln. If 3 4 Wal is 2b 2 Gard r. 2b 1 Katt. C 4 p 0 6 Reese is Osni Dei of 0 Ocamons h 0 fur to. I 0 Rob son.3b of p la c 2 Podres. P 2 Amoryn , p totals 30 r _ Aero minded into double play for Dittmer in 7th. A grounded out for Melkovitch in 11th a fanned for Nichols in 5th a popped up for Buhl in 8th. Rirl Knitl Wio 011-5 Milwaukee you Sikl a Adams 2. Borkovski. . Nut hah. Elyan. Rib Adams 3, Mcmillan Buhl Temple. 2b-Temple 3b-Adams s Nuxhall. Mcmillan. Of Mcmillan i Mcmillan. Temple and Klusz Ewakd Nuxhall Mcmillan and Kluszewski Adams and Kluszewski o Connell. Logan and o Connell. Left Cincinnati 5. Milwaukee 6. By Nuxhall 2. Nichols Buhl 1 80-n Uxmal i 6. To Nichols 3 in 5 Buhi 3 in 3 Jay 2 in re Nuxhall 0-0 Nichols 3-3. Buhl 1-0. Jay m. Hip by a a him Imit Kovechi. By Jav Semi Nick we Nuxhall. A Nuxhall a no Cal 19-Lii. A Barlick Dixon a Knowski t-2mo. Hearn p 2 1 0 3 totals 31 1 27 totals popped up Lor Odrea in new York Rook Jii. Lola 000-2 a Mueller. Maya. Irvin. Chian. Go Lez Gill Lam. Reese. Lock in Dart. Rbt Hofman 4. Fees. Go ice. 2d-Gilliam. In in dark. Williams and lock if Hearn Lark and Lockman 2. Left of York 5 Rooklyn 6. By Gomez i. Heart. Podres of Lblake 1. So Gomez 1, Todres 2 Abl no 1. 3 in Olleara 2 i porcs 7 in 7. Labia 0 in 2 or Gomez 2-1, Riccini 0-0, was 5-5. Labone 0-0. He by a Lobene. A Gomes flt Bill Podres 11.71. Doeu. Dascoli Secor Warneke yanks 3, senators Washington new a ii o a Levan. 3b 1 1 0 0 Bauer Yost. 3b Terwell Rob 3 1 Runn ls.2b 4 i 4 0 Busby of 4 1 Wright. H 4 0 Lemon of 2 0 Fitzg 3 0 Snyder is 3 Stone p totals Ash in ton 29 5 27 12 Al 010 000-1 001 o Jx-3 York r Lemon Mcgougald it Mantle. E Snyder. Runnels. Mantle. Skowron. 2b-Skowron. Mcdougald Ruputo and Skowron. 4, new York 6. 2. So Stone 4, grim 7. Re ape 3-d grim 1-1. A Oriya 20-61. A Sie o Honochick. Soar Grieve. A-b12. Class d in 1945 Hen quit for a year and went Back to High school. The Road Back has been a ions one Muncie. Tulsa. Columbia s.c., Charleston . Tulsa again and finally Cincinnati in in the past two seasons with the reds he won 10 and lost 15. La Tae american league to stat Day the new York Yankees set record and the Pennant winning Cleveland indians did t. The yanks beat Washington 3-1 of their 101st Victory the most game Ever won by a runner up in Thi Junior circuit. The indians need ing Only one game to tie the All time Mark of 110 victories in the league lost to Chicago 9-7. Bob grim a 24-year-old bar Ender from Brooklyn became the first Yankee Rookie in 34 seasons o win 20 games. He gave up Only four hits All singles in running his record to 20-6. Grim unlike Nuxhall made h n one big jump. He was pitching n the class a Eastern league when he went into the marines free years ago. He caught the Eye of pitching coach Jim Turner during Spring training and stayed Vith the yanks despite his inexperience. He is the club s biggest Winner. In other action yesterday the new York giants continued their winning ways with a 5-2 Triumph at Brooklyn. Chicago took a Dou Ile header from the St. Louis car finals 4-3 in 10 innings and 3-2 in the Boston red sox beat the Philadelphia athletics twice by 4-3 cores. The first game ran 10 in Ings. The double loss and a 4-3 Balti lore Victory Over Detroit con signed the athletics to the amm an league cellar. The Philadelphia Phillies and the Pittsburgh pirates were rained out. Bobby Hofman hit a grand slam Omer in the first inning for the giants and Rubery Gomez and Jim learn Huld the dodgers to five its. Gene Baker singled Home the winning run in the 10th inning of be first game at Chicago and Ralph Kiner and Steve Bilko Hom red in the darkness shortened Nightcap. Jackie Jensen won a popularity contest As the red sox most vol Able player and celebrated by riving in the winning run in the St game and hitting a 3-run i Omer in the second against the athletics. The indians committed five or ors As their 11-Gamo winning reak came to an end. Larry Dohy Rove in six runs but it was not enough to overcome the Leaky dense which allowed three Chicago uns to score on a wild pick off a a wild pitch and a passed 11. Scheduled league can association Columbus 10 Nalii Best of Aevon Lumi Billle i International league All klines Nile sek1ks Houston it Xiii 10, Southern association i 4 Best of seven be Western league at a Nis is 1-oj big league pacesetters is. N. Nation Ai league d club o a r 541 Lia 547 l 1 part ibo .316 bin. In her. N. Y. 598 m non 333 Home runs Kluszewski econ Canna a Mays new York. 41 sneer icel cacti and Hodges Brooklyn 40 run s batted in plus essm a Locatti. 133 Snider Brooklyn and m Jil isl. 125. St. Louis 119 118 Snider new .19 Mays Slyne. 117. Stolen babes Bruton 4 Fondy cd Caroi 20 Moon St. Louis and Temple in. Mells. New York Wilhelm. New York Nuxhall. Cincinnati 12 american league Bat tent player and club o an r Vila. Cie. Monoso Chi. N. Y. Ller Cleveland r Emon Cleveland 2 Lake stages Watauga Lake level saturday. 23.0 feet South Holston. 87.g 11 6-i iry. 2.1 Cherokee. 62.b. Lawrence said he Chr league i clubs collect infill inns of dollars an smally through in ratio Ami television broadcasts and Are trying to put the minor leagues out of commis i big leagues violate the most sacred agreement in All of lie added. That s the respect for territorial rights. The big leagues do worse than invade your territory. They Send it Down by radio and television to the fans of collect vast now Don t get me Wro or. The big leagues should no ahead Anri All of the Money out of radio and television they can but we want them to share it with the minor league Lawrence said he had no idea How much would be involved in the proposed suit but he hinted it would run somewhere around 50 million dollars. The Veteran club owner said that during the past five years 25 leagues in 200 cities have been killed by radio and Lawrence plans to Confer with an attorney identified Only As one of America s most famous attorneys about the suit tomorrow. Whether the suit is filed or not will be predicated on the advice of my attorney who has been making a study of the major minor agree Lawrence said. If he takes the Case Well go to prick said in new York he had not heard of the proposed suit and declined comment. Advised of this Lawrence said Frick does know. He s known How i feel for a Long time. I be told him i thought he ought to resign. He s a commissioner of the new York big league clubs commissioner of Lawrence said he was a Mem her of a nine Man committee set i up to study major minor league relations but prick had ordered pct. The Long haul or Kenaf 111. Ift Theodore drove a heavyweight team o Victory in the annual Cumber and county pair horse pulling contest. With to mighty Effort the team tilled pounds the required feet. None of the five other earns in the heavyweight class approached that distance. Not their Pic jeans Kansas City i policemen Paul Robinson and George Trian tos climbed a fire escape to investigate when they found it lowered. Annoyed by the flashlights a flock of pigeons dived from their roosts. The officers had a hard time keep ing their balance As they retreated. Crazy growled Trian tos. I d rather Deal with Stool i pigeons any those who know Cloose Rusco combination storm windows and screens c. 00 order now window co. 1781 it. Henry or. 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