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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 22, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee10 tuesday sept. 22, 1953 Kingsport times narrow escape a 45-year-old Bristol Man was almost buried alive when one Side of a seven foot ditch caved in on Fai Ridge drive at . Monday. The Arrow Points to the spot where Fred Vanover Lay for about 15 minutes. Witnesses said the Quick work of Kingsport lifesaving Crew and fellow workers possibly saved the life of the Man. Holston Valley Community Hospital attendants reported the Man suffered minor bruises of the forehead and possible injury to the right leg. He was re leased after treatment. Times news photo by Frank Creasy Ike shopping around for two men to fill supreme court labor jobs Washington i his february state of the Union Eisenhower is shopping around message to Congress that there for two men to fill a couple of i was need for the Law changes. Important jobs and if he had to run an and for them might be about it wanted one Man very thick skinned to be Secretary of la Bor salary another sex feelings As the United during his eight months As Durkin worked to find changes which Congress unions pert on injured chief Justice of states salary no clock watchers apply. The new Secretary of labor will have a Busy year ahead of him with Long hours of work and no Assurance that All his efforts won t end in smoke. He s almost sure to be a target for criticism. Long hours go with the Job of chief Justice. After his Day on the Bench in his office in conference with other justices he has to take his work Home with him. The late Justice Vinson was in extraordinarily Well rounded Man with experience in con Gress in the executive Branch and As judge in the u. S. Court of appeals before he took Over the supreme court s top Job. But he had an added virtue which was badly needed when former president Truman picked Riim he was Good at soothing injured feelings. At the time Vinson took Over there were differences among some of the other eight Well As juridical differences. As it was a tribute to his ability As a doctor of personality that no More internal explosions were heard after he moved into the court. The new Man will have that old problem to consider since Vinson probably did t remove the reduced the inflammation. In other years the Job of Secretary of labor was a kind of mild occupation particularly during the War years when Frances Perkins held it. In that period president Franklin d. Roosevelt set up the i labor Board under Wil Liam h. Davis. It controlled wages and labor disputes and thus mrs. Perkins was left on the sidelines. In the last years of the tru Man administration then Secretary of labor Maurice Tobin was overshadowed by John r. Steelman whom Truman brought into the White House As his labor adviser. Tobin made speeches. Steelman pulled the strings. Unless Eisenhower also gets a string pulling labor adviser the new Secretary will have his hands full from the Start. Hell have to work with con Gress unions management and the White House in trying to change the Taft Hartley labor relations act. On that subject he cant please everyone. It is almost certain the new j Secretary won t come from or a Gani Zed labor As did his Prede-1 Cessor Martin p. Durkin presi Dent of the Al plumbers Union. Eisenhower said during the presidential Campaign and in business and the White House would approve. He acted like a Man who thought he was getting some place. Then he quit voicing frustration. The White House he said had broken an agreement reached with him to Back 19 proposed the changes. Go returns Puls out 3-year Light Detroit Light that burned for three years in the window of a Small Frame House in suburban River Rouge was out today. Mrs. Roy Koch put up the Light As a Beacon to guide Home her son Roy or. When he was wounded in Korea. In a letter from a front line Hospital three years ago he asked her to put up the Light and Pray. When i get Home i la put it the Light was placed in a Small Model Church on a table by the window. By the Church she put a toy Soldier labelled with her son s name. Hearing of the display other mothers asked mrs. Koch to put toy soldiers in the window for their sons and Pray for them. Soon there were 45 figures in the window. A but one of the boys the toy soldiers represented had re turned safely by the time Roy got Home sunday to put out the Light. Mrs. Koch still is praying for pfc. Harry Worden a Marine from Winter Park fla., who has been missing since october 1950. Gen. Dean returns to american soil due Home on wed. Honolulu up Gen. Wil Liam f. Dean was Back on Ameri can soil today Lor the first time in nearly six years and he said it was the thrill of my Dean arrived Here monday night aboard a routine military air evacuation plane from to Kyo. Despite his Hope that there be no ceremonies on his arrival 200 Well wishers were on hand and gave him a tumultuous Wel come. A prisoner of the communists for three years Dean last touched american soil 71 months ago when he passed through Hawaii in route to Korea in 1947. He was captured during the Battle for Taejon Korea in the summer of 1950. The two Star general who has been awarded the congressional medal of Honor leaves for Travis air Force base calif., near san Francisco at 4 . He is scheduled to arrive in califor Nia at 2 . Wednesday. On hand to Greet him will be his wife Mildred his Mother and 17 other members of his family. They were All gathered at mrs. Dean s Berkeley Home to count the anxious hours until the general s arrival. When Dean arrived in Hawaii he shouted As he got off the plane this is the thrill of my life i feel like a million Dean spent the night at Pacific army Headquarters As the guest of it. Gen. John w. O Dan Iel Pacific army commander. New local organized Cairo i. New local for Al Iron workers in South Ern Illinois was chartered last night in the Hope of ending a strike by another local of the Union at the 160 million Dollar Power Plant in nearby Joppa. Evan Dale area representative of the general construction la borers conference said Ray e. Armstrong of Dayton Ohio Gen eral organizer of the ironwork ers International will head the new local s organizing drive. Hal Boyle s column new York that Day lost whose Low descending Sun sees no old crusade aban no new crusade be gun. We live in crusading times. No matter what a fellow sets out to do today it ends up As a Cru Sade. Yes whether he s simply seeking world peace merely de manding a return to the Gold Standard just trying to save the whooping Crane or seriously looking for a place to Park his car. That s what is so interesting about sir Alexander h. Max Well s crusade. With typical eng Lish understanding sir Alexan Der chairman of the British travel and holidays association does t even Call his program a crusade at All. But his goal is to do something about English restaurant Cook to millions of world tourists that sounds like one of the most worthwhile crusades of history. Where sir Alexander s Cru Sade Falls Flat is that he does t want to do much about Chang ing English cooking. He just wants it called by its right name. Specifically he wants Britain s restaurant menus printed in English instead of in French. As it is now he hints neither the waiter nor the customer knows what the menu says. One Man s meat often turns out to be another Man s Poison or Ai they say in Paris and far from flattering the French added sir Alexander the menus Are printed in ungrammatical cooking French so atrociously bad As to be an insult to the j he feels the English speaking tourists get an inferiority com plex from the menus and that is very bad for the certainly sir Alexander s in tensions Are kindly patriotic and wholesome. But he is risking the launching of a mighty tempest from a Small Tea pot. A British restaurant menu printed in French lends a Subtle air of mystery to the meal. The average tourist tastes it looks again at the menu and is immediately confused. He does t know whether to file suit against parliament or the French prime minister. He s unsure who is to blame. It int the French terms on the menu card that prove bad for his plate. His stomach objects this in t if All the menu cards in Lon Don were printed in English it might set Back Anglo american relations a generation. Particularly with tourists visiting the City for the first time. The difficulty is that no Amateur student of English cooking can really recognize a dish at first sight and sometimes even advanced students Are fooled. And tasting it Only puzzles you More. The English really know How to Cook with Gas on All four burners but they Don t know How to torn the Gas off. They seem to use it to take the place of Central heating. The first principle of English cooking is to keep the food on the stove until All its identifying characteristics have been removed and the room is warm. Then Drain off the top layer of water and serve. Virginia pow May be Home Chi weekend a Virginia prisoner of War it. James r. Kiser air Force Pilot is expected to arrive at Tri City Airport this week end in route to his big Stone Gap Home. In a Telephone conversation with his father j. Lincoln Kiser the repatriated Filer said he expects to Fly Home from san Francisco by mid week. Lieutenant Kiser arrived in san Francisco sunday on the u. S. Transport general Brewster. He was met there by his wife mrs. Margie Blevins Kiser who left Tri City Airport Friday. The air Force Pilot was taken prisoner in Korea in july 1951. Mrs. Kiser was with her husband in Japan prior to his capture by the reds. She returned to the United states following his capture. The risers have a two year old daughter born in Japan in 1951. Home brings Baltimore up a Balti More businessman has purchased the fashionable Home of mrs. Naomi Ringrose for a Price in excess of mrs. Ringrose was sentenced to five years in prison last May for embezzling from the social Security credit Union where she was manager nearly eight years. Her possessions were sold last week at auction As officials tried to recover As much As possible of the shortage. Turkey Day men Duluth Minnesota us wednesday is Turkey Day at his self styled Turkey capital f the however the main dish on the Celebration s dinner menu will be pancakes officials announced. We nor Erando Voe paint bobert8 Johnson lumber company Baulden supplies w. Sef flu Street 3-k1. Bathroom sit cast Iron tub Coal or Oil venetian bunds Kitchen sinks installed no Money Down 36 to pay Glass electric i furniture co. 1m St. Phone us one of the most worthwhile achievements in life is Home ownership. Through consistent savings plus the addition of extra dollars in Semi Armuay paid earnings you can prepare yourself for it you la find us More than willing to go the entire Way with you from savings to Home ownership. Open your savings account today listen Evory morning monday through Friday . Federal Federal savings and loan association phone 3710 230 Commerce Street lets All buy defense save on Gas and on Upkeep with a Studebaker truck inf s Pool air conditioned rooms puking on premises dining room All utilities moderated Miami Hack Dutrh Kinf us Atlantic Collins it 32nd St payoff of Good foots a Studebaker truck s smoothly Theam Tinct design helps a lot to reduce operating costs. Not just on the outside but All the Way through the whole truck has the right build for real Thrift. Frame Springs axles and engine Block an free from excess weight that would waste Power. An this saves plenty of Studebaker craftsmanship is so Wear resisting the truck Seldom needs a serious repair. Hundreds of thousands of Studebaker trucks Are cutting costs millions of dollars yearly for their owners. Come in right away and get your share of these savings Amos Robinson motor co., inc. 402 e. 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