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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 21, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeKing port times tuesday september 1954 yep-1 metered the j. We Uncle cuke i jest got Back wilted a wow from clabber fails left be his Snuffy v Bod Focious Chicken farm veil be settin on a silk Piller w rest of Vore Borneo Dws now. Sut Namu it Uza false alarm he s alive As a Turkey let me 8e th1 Fust to offer we sympathies but that would t Urnest kovsst.1? and How honest do think Cox is m Craven wll b11 Mack a its Zoub offer o to a broken Down hcu5f he s willing to sell for ves but there Are no buts about it. Alts to keep in Emce we you3 offer hell hold you to it and not Only will you be u1urt, but Beth i voc anger to Craven s mouse be face tomorrow working s Doss. You can intercept cub letter id him1 will f5e Hurt. Too i mai7 a sketch Maper of Sou _. It few Opp in a Beauty Shok Vou How Vou fort Weke a pretty foolish Sal to me Flinty to Tomk Sou couli7 set away with have Vou Sot Ustim Hebe search it must be the Man from the i cleaners Given me xxi pants i m not from the cleaners i m Selling noiseless n give me i Back the r pants i wont give you Back the pants unless you Suva moi9eless legs beater c Dagwood the Man s holding your pants Fop Ransom Weil the Oil that 5 t and he Tad he p Fly strange x Eia to am i51amo South thecrate5 Akes Oue read 50hethws House now i Cam search room for Baldwin s bri6fck6e sinister in 6vekv towns Jay does we Ted we other whew he was look to that talked a lot curious about Movius strolls off the Pirec Tom Okay we re on. Poc.60mething hey by gosh you Weron i kidding about for old cop being in a jv7 we should be on the beam. If All is right top ought be show ins up eretto in a Servic City Hall Shell service is my to of Volar cd the i fifty Bucks for a Jalopy come on he changes his Edthis Deal Busis ass is bum i in usually Couf to on Crebo Pec a Sals we 1m a d whomp no stranger of so did t have thet to Treme Njus giant Helpin a did t help helped a is merely 1514 y ars Ole a is too Young to be int rusted in morning following Joe Paloska def at eb86ts Fiao. Or. Jerry Leemy talks to a couple of pretty Nice of pm con that Fer jo6 on me.an11 Ain t Hoit. Excepting. Why should they of does give them cups an j seem strange i stuff it Lam when i m the on caned pm wit 7 my Poest it a who Ivor stroke an me be out a Wolg team he. Cut like i done i Kin assure a. Its me Poison Al Folle Yin that s fillin this Ball pock not even sign up unless. I git wot Doive r Cannor Isth adv your lec sows and Bounce a Ball Don t often think alike when it comes to buying wedding presents. T v housing shortage Tokyo if nine years after world War ii Japan still is Short 3.125.000 houses says a White paper of the construction ministry. This shortage persists despite uie fact that Japan has rebuilt Homes since the guns ceased firing the ministry reports. One thing that has prevented a better Job of erasing the ravages of War has been that dwell no units were lost to fire flood and old age in that same nine year period. The government plans to build new Homes in the present fiscal year including units or Industrial workers. Polker was the 6uv who discovered the flaw m the Catt ii Branch offices operatk3m 4md wised up Bosso course 1 but some of the other branches Are Mola time the rules and shipping widgets in Brown paper instead of boxes Rule 346 f must always be j shipped in Maroon pm letter to the main Harocop that other branches Are violat1n6 Rule 346 and Are shippini6 a diets a manifolds instead of a boxes a miffed new towels Large size for assorted pastel colors. Surplus Stock from mid Western Mill terrific value you be got to see to believe. Money Back guarantee. Order now. Limit 3 dozen per customer. Send Cash Check or Money order sorry no . S to Towel King Der. 9-36 8415 Euclid Cleveland 3, Ohio screen actress answer to previous Puzzle i putting but i cart Ive got v you n an important a ---------1 uniform football no thanks too rou6m-- liable7 to 6et across 69 dinner 1 screen actress courses Valentina Down 8 she is a 1 Promontory performer z smell 13 adoring 3 decays 14 rear 4 transpose 15 Cookin a utensil 5 consume 16 make Lack 6 trap edging 7 Aleutian 17 ascended Bland in gaelic 8 Combine 20 sounded As 9 Boundary a Bell comb f 32 Pewter Coin 10 garment o Malaya 11 Froster is Mineral Rock 12 Volcano 25 roman bronzes eternity 27 expiate 21 nostrils 30 comparato a 24 Legal Point 27 fills with Blotch 28 weary 50 started 29 auricular 51 30 Emerald me Ruist 32 huge comb form 33 god of suffix 31 above 35 humor 36 withered 38 unclothed 39 Assam silkworm 41 Mona 43 Sun 44 denomination 45 article 48-----Rross 48 East for to obstacle 51 devotee 54 simple 56 festival 60 feminine appellation 62 turkish title 64 ship s record 65 Grork Market place 66 she has played Many ing Rolcik 26 weep 34 depend 37 puff up 40 goddess of infatuation 42 Camel j hair 61 anger cloth 63 qualified 47 unit of energy67 pair m Sapient 53 gait 55 demolish 57 Century Plant 58 learning 59agentj a

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