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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 21, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeA Kingsport time Lucskay Beau Niider 21. Indians will be Choice Over giants when world series opens next week by Tony Galli ins sports writer the Champion new York giants so into baseball s richest world series As underdogs against a mighty Cleveland team packed pitching Power and ready to shatter the All time american league record Lor victories. The giants clinched the Flag last alight with a 1 to 1 Victory Over he defending Champion Brooklyn As one of the most prolific slugging teams in National league history. Sal Maglie s masterful live hit pitching helped make new York and Cleveland world series opponents for the first time. But the Odd makers say Indian Oit Chint will spoil new York s bid for a fifth world championship first since will make the indians Kings for the third time in three series tries. If the indians think they re go ing to have it , however Leo Durocher has other ideas. Loquacious Leo called his team the greater a real championship team last night after winning the Flag. Even the vanquished dodger manager Walter Alston attested to Leo s champions. They were a great club All Alston said in a tumultuous giant dressing room and they were certainly great the Char heaped Praise on his charges saying Maslic wonderful. The team did a great Job All the play ers. They hustled every minute. They played better with their backs to the Wall. Ijohn Nyi Antonelli made a better team and t Willie May was a big difference. The Bench was better. They were but after All the Back slapping and handshaking. Durocher paid tribute to Alston. That Man in the Oiler room or said is a real Nice suy. He did a Fine Job considering All the injuries they had Durocher confided i never was at All year about winning. You could t be with a team like Brooklyn behind you. I was a Little worried when Heap big incl is the Cleveland indians infield has been one of the reasons the new York Yankees did Noi repeat As american league champs. Led to right third baseman Al Rosen shortstop go org Stric , second baseman Bobby Avila and first baseman Vic will be doing the same jobs in the world series against the new York giants. Warren Spahn says standings Williams Homer is Edge tigers 4, orioles 3 a n u o a in in. Mum 1 or. a t j 2 cd i1 0 1 .1 0 1 o n i n 1 s 1 i a Fiflis 3 0 4 Tocoi 2 it n h i 0 in Durham if .1 n k.pntjy.3h 3 0 4 4 0 6 1 1 n o 0 3040 or out in pin 1. A rower to Orav 11 in 1. i in 1. Re Gray fi-4. Omer Ilo. Brewer 2 w i1 g Ray w b i w r r fk91 i Cray a Umont. Corry. T-2 02. A-1.355. Her hurl. Ujj 0 _ Miller n 0 0 0 0 Rolynn 1 for Fox in Pui. Nuh rut for comic in n x it for .11 i Cleveland plans big Celebration for indians today dimag can t find hotel 5 Days Loo late i Fink i new York Cincinnati Louis Llaulle they up a half but when Lel Lovi Uii Vereti that Challenge by ahead again. I knew we had a Champion ship Type of it am. When uie approx Tchad Cloie Sam. Chi a there was no Hwi Thev were u Reul Bunch of Bull played when they did thai. Durocher i id lie nun i much thought la the world series but told newsmen we be Phi Vcci hem so much i hts Uon i need much the have beaten the indians Oil la out of la in exhibition May Fine Pui Hiim and a 1-j. Hit assault a Ami. Dodger Ace Carl Erskine and reliever ended Brooklyn s two year it Nave the Giam. An Able lend with Fia Icv remaining. Cal air Brouk in the fourth nine this and the time in 20 lifetime was his Mth win of the year Ganibi six the pm ii Sun it in the first mums when Lack Man walked Al dark singled. Wil lie Mays milled lock him Imine and Hank Thompson singled dark Home. Mays the league Baum j Lead from hitlers Duke Snider. Snipes and a Roubie in five boosted his average in 3-14. Lost his 15th a Sauvat 17 earlier St. Louis took Over will place from Idle Philadelphia by to Erskine Chioso. 7 top run the tenth to the Iti Hii Iver Paul Minner. Cincinnati clamped a hold on court i plat r by with Milwaukee. Warren Spahn sixth by the of a i in win n i opener in thnh to. I Tor the kcci.-. Pearce Midi i league debit n of i the the Indi Uii -. We i nerd a Victory to tit1 l Tycar old a Aiau huh c no downed , 7 to -5. Bob Fellers win Anam Lar r Doby i. 31st Homer with Twu i n them a Onri 15th. Bob Kremm com a bum Al i or and urn walk in me a i 2 Victory the new Wmk Vankies and win toy foul enl no die it Iti and Johnny Scmitz up a Iomah mini Homer to Hank Bauer Ullh Jim Jed Chr Tinei. In a Victory Over Barimore with doubles a and three runs baited in George Zug Erik hit Lor n Wiomer by Cal Noi Cuicci the win and Joe Coleman Tom Brewer pitched bom on 10 a Long list. A j Triumph Over Phila Delphia. Ted William slapped his oth Homer and Jim Fini Ijan belted one for the a s. I Milwaukee sept. 21 Veteran Pitcher Warren the first Southpaw in league history to win to or More games a year in six seasons said a today that his 20th Victory Camejo five Days too i the 33-year-old oklahoman be in Cleveland sept. The fourth hurler in Lippi teen i3-ll. Firl Salt inn in i t d01 000 cardinals 7, cubs 2 Urt 5230 Raker. 3b 5 1 of 4 2 1 0 Fonray. In it 11 j t n 25anpr. Of 3 t 0 hemus. 3b 1 1 00 . 55 4 1 2 sri d 1 3 4 Kiner. If 311 Moon of 4 1 s 0 Jarkko n.3b 3112 c 5410 u n k s 1 10 2 Morran i poli 4122 m Cul 0 Minnor. P 3 Jeffcoat. P 0 tit Mel. P 0 Anta to t if id h total h4 a struck out for fanning in 9uj. St. i m hid dim Chiraico i l j hot q-2 a Grammas 2. Of Pulsky. Musial. He mus. . Snurr. Jar son. Kb1 Jackson Fianu ii Venn. A by url Inq j. A Loti. Abrnm.-. Ii Linin Kry. Jyh Sci Misc half sold. Is of Iii Ftnat Kralj Pukl 2. Left do trait k Baltimore 12 or Enverl pfc 3. Afr 1. Herbert 1 cold j. Do Pika 2 to Zuverink s in 5 2 batters in Guthi. Afire .1 in 3 far part 2 in Phi. Herbert 1 in . Millir 0 in ?0. Nicman b n 5 is Ray Ofca 1 in i. Fox 1 in 3. A or p Zurp Nurt 1-1. 2-2. Herbert 0-0. Miller Ojo-0. Coleman 4-3. Blyzka 0-ft Fox 0-0 4 hip by Aber ii 5-b. Jill cat 2-2. Try nil 0-0. 2.21 a fanned Lor 3 2 1 0 i 2 Pom. Of Bork ten-.plc.2b 3 1 to 405 0 m this rib 3 2 Crandal c 4 0 Pafko. Of 1 0 pen 2 2 Locan. Is 2 Stii Nis if 4 0 mtg sch in 4 0 Spahn. P i 002 u 5 0 persons will turn out along the Parade route to cheer the indians. Then the business like redskins will get Down to the task of seek ing their 110th Victory when Thev take on the Chicago White sox in n night game. If they make it. They sorts Etta Teto Werff John is traded Yankees. Big league pacesetters National league player Anil club Mays. N. Y. Snider bin. Mueller. N. V. 1 Home nuns Ken 4p Mays new York 40. G a k h j 145 j44 117 187 115 570 116 194 to 7 595 83 210 .338 a Wiki . 41 Hodges Bioko w Poholsky hip by polio sky . I la Ili a Gorman u Aiello. Bolilan orc. A-1.746. Maglie spins clincher a or Cincin idea on for Ati Din new yuck a 0 a a h 4 2 10 n 1 1 dark is k l Mih Mays of the pson.3b Irvin if r l1. To Mimer. Math Tif. Cranfill Pendleton 2. . None Fri Seini Nark 2. Crandall. On. . 2b-Metkovii-l Dall. A Ppd Hirann Lor runs ratted to in rtnnati1. 138 Snider Brooklyn Anil Mut in i5t. Louhi. Runs Musial it. Louis. 110 mrs i new York i. 117 Snider ibo Klym 116 stolen bases Bruin i Milwaukee 34 fondly Ich Draco. 20 Moon St. Rrt to Milic iciiicmttati13. Cnilr-1 Patch inc Cran int Char and muh w tort. I. Dittmer and Metkovich. Left pm Wilhehm new Innanti p. Miu nuke 6. By port icon 3. Nuxhall. Cincinnati 3 0 n 4 2 0 4 0 0 4 1 4 3 1 1 Cam n 1 0 3 . P 2 i Hughes. D 0 0 Iwry. P n 0 1-Lorkman. Dark. Murilli. May i Empson 2. Westrum. Reese. A non. Trip wine 1 1 the in a Mhos them Penn 2. Hot Lars. Irvin 2. Met Virs i i in 111 of total a a stick out for i new York Brooklyn thorn1 rib. A Orkmon. A Sirum. Irvin 2. Workman mavs Westrum. A Mueller. Macello 2 dark rfcs. Gill Lam and Hodges Willia dark and Lockman. Left new York Brooklyn 7. By Maglie 6. 1. So Maglie 5. 4. Cluphf s 1. To Erskine 10 in 7. 3 m 1. Worry t to 1. Re Maple 1-1. Era Kane 5-5, Huehns 2-2. Worry 0-0. A Erskine m7-15l u Warneke. Toetz Dascoll Mccory. T-2-21. A-26.382 senators 3, Yankees 2 Spahn to Pori Alrh. Spahn 5. To in rib inn 5 to 0 it 1-3. Drews 3 in 1-3. 0 in 1-3 Bac 4 7-Ewski 1 in 2. Ker Podbielan o-5. Drews 01-1. Run 0-n. 0-0. Spain 2-2. Spahn 120-121. A Pori Birnn i7-10i u Ballanfant. Barlick. Luxon. T c inc Annali 000 10 2 Milwaukee 000 000 4 0 Pearcy and Seminick Burdette Crone Jolly i7. Jay Gorin and Crandall. American league Lull in Plater club g a r Avila. Cle. 138 b40 103 1 Minoi of. Chi. 149 552 116 1 Noren. N. Y. 123 417 68 1 Home runs Doh Clevelan Ston 23 Mantle Fox 2b 4 Menoto. If .1 l Rivera of 5 1 Kell. Job 40 Cleveland All h o a an h 0 s 2 0 1 Smith if 303 1 3 2 Avila. 2b 4 1 s 1 5 0 Doby. Of 412 2 1 000 1 1 303 0 0 in 4 4 r 0 0 Pollley. Of 4 0 2 6 301 1 0 423 1 0 Feller p 300 4 1 n 0 p 0 o o o 0 o 1vasiunt.ton new York a ii 0 a All h o a i i dirt Rel. 3b i 0 0 0 m 4 2 i 2 total wih 0 n 0 n Rauer of to Etc r.3b 3134 Mantle. C Vernon la 3 n 10 1 if n carry. 0 cok Sicin a h 2 1 us Lett. If 0 d Lei min. Of 4 n r. To syn or. Re 2 2 p 4 n Lotah 7 n Keenn. P i n n t 0 n .0 Sra i n n 0 0 i o 0 1 ii it 31 j lit for Johnson in 4lh. T rut for to 7th. Or Marshall in 6th. in 8th i for in runs batted in Berra 124 Obj 118 Creot. 112. Hun s Mantle Yoi Noso chlcaeo1 us Fox i stolen bases Jensen Rivera am Monoso icel Cal cobs Tohl Ladelphia. 17. It Rhino .750 be won that 2fltti game when the stakes were higher and we had a i Chance to win the i to householders to make rooms a Cool performer who docs not available in private Homes. The j believe in wearing his emotions on chamber said it expected to sleeve the Veteran National bed space for everyone who comes j leaguer turned his sights on win to the three game s scheduled 25 games. He said a baseball player has to have a goal or he won t get anywhere. He must have incentive to improve. I Don t care whether it s an outfielder who wants to to pro Gridiron giants Green Bay wis., sept. 20 the Green Bay packers today announced they had traded tackle John Bauer to the new York giants for an undisclosed draft Choice next Winter. Bauer a 245 Pounder who played at the univer sity of Illinois was obtained by the packers this summer from the Cleveland Browns Parilli Trade. In the babe so lunar tables by John Alden Knight tic Scher Iule of Soi Unar periods As Pron and below been Tat a from John Alder 6 so lunar tables. Plan your Days go that you will be fishing in Good territory or Hunting in Pood cover Der lie these times if you wish to find the Best sport that each Day has to offer. The major periods arc shown in boldface these begin at the times shown and is for an hour and a half or two hours hereafter. The minor periods shown in Gulnor Type Are of somewhat Shorter duration. Use Eastern Standard time . . Minor major mini i sept. Hate Par 21 tuesday 22 23 thursday 24 Fri div 25 saturday 2g 7. Chicago 4. W ayin con 3. New York 1 Detroit 4. Btl Timour 3 tobit probable grimstr7p new a Ionia Boston l Brabant to ii m. Sullivan a is. Kretlow 6-10 13-12 15-11 minor league playoff Columbus at Louisville ppd., rain. Hit .330 or a Pitcher after a Cerl league Tain number of wins. I d like to win 25 some Day and i think i can do Warren came the closest to the 25 figure last season when he 23 and lost 7. He first reached tie 20 figure in 1947 when he won 21 and lost 10 for the old Boston braves. He missed in 1948 but came Back to i Syracuse Montreal Montreal bust Rochester 3. Leads beit o n series. 3-2 toughen the oklahoman predicted that he braves will have a better team next he said we can t help but have a better team in 1955 what with bet for Post 21 victories m 1949 and better hitting and but or in 1950. Spahn won 22 in 1951. Bench strength Spahn now is tied with Mordecai three fingered i Brown former about half the fires which cause Chicago cub great who also turned damage in the United stat in 20 victories six different times. Grover Cleveland Alexander won 20 or More games nine different times and Christy Mathewson of the new York giants did it 12 limes. Spahn s Victory yesterday was he 165th of his major league Ca reer which began in Boston in con Suegen Chira i i n n i n n nun Lake stages a at2uga Lake level saturday. 83.0 feet today s skies i Fox. A san Ryfun 2. Avten. 1 nil in. . Naracon. Fullor 3j h enl warm 2, Smith. _ 3. Naracon. Lullar 2. My non. Rivera. 2h Atli. Riv Vork in Jesby. Sin Omi 110 Impi i Avila and Wem. Lett s. I. Harry. . Shiv tit Barr. Ford. 2n-Plrvri Sih Era or Baurr. Do Vrr Ron. In Cirr Noti or Rorm. Bur Runnels carry. Mcd Mislar Anri skin run 10. Non York in Schultz 2. For i b 1 Ford 22. Ford 3-2. . Ill so u Hono 4 by i 3. Feller 2. I. Nar Lutsi i. Nirh Micir i. So 2. Johnson 1. Con Mieura i Fuller i 1. Carlr i 1. To Kerman 5 in 2. N i 1-3. Johnson i in 1. New in ?-3. Cons Bickra i in .1. Narleski i 2. Dorsh 1 in 2 6-2. 3-1. Johnson 0-0. Piv Hooiser 1-1 c on Sirera to. Nayi ski r-0. Dorl Sli 1-1. Hip of clips ill Nosovi. A Feller . A a rinse. Summers. Mckiniry. Hurley. T 2 3fl a-17.m4. Rowlings wins by to new York sept. 21 hawaiian welterweight Frankie Fernandez suffered the first Kayo of his career last night when the referee stopped his scheduled 10 round bout with Luther Rawlintis of Chicago at of the second round at St. Nicholas Arena. Fuentes Graham sign los Angeles sept. 21 i ins i misuse of electricity 12 prominent stars Llic visible planets Venus Saturn North n South Jutte twins and the Moon. Lall times Eastern Standard set is Mars r. But Wei Fuentes. C a 1 i f o r n i n welterweight has been signed to meet Billy Graham of new York in a 10-round bout at los Angeles oct. 21. Fuentes is rated the no. 3 Chal Lenger to kid Gavilan s welter weight title. Graham who holds a non title win Over Gavilan dropped a decision to Chris Christensen last july 19. Per cent of the nation s dam fires. 1942. He has struck out men. He is the top Active National league Pitcher in the shutout de having whitewashed the opposition 33 times. When asked if he thought he was getting old Spahn replied i Don t think so. A Man of my age 133 is in the prime of life in any other walk of life. My is in Good shape and As Long As it continues that Way there s no reason i could t go on indefinitely. I m not like some pitchers who throw Tricky stuff like a Forknall. Screwball or some kind of a pitch that could Hurt your ." despite his substantial 20 12 record this season. Warren admitted that he would have to lose some he explained after that operation on my knee last Winter i could t get in proper shape and it Hurt me All Warren promised that things would be different next he said he would go to his ranch to . . Am. Sunday twins Rise in Homes. For Safe dependable service Gilliam cabs Circle 5-3171 of onion by Ter Mim colors wine Blui Coral wednesday morning specials plastic jumbo garment bags also shoe bags a. Basement extra size 20x42 Bath towels deep tone colors 69c value extra Large 42 a. 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Hooded scar returns in match wednesday mat bout scheduled at civic auditorium if bad weather hooded scar and Karl Kawalski will team up against Ray Perrit Southern Junior Champion and Johnny James tag team program single match starter with hooded scar is Perrit the matches will be held outside if the weather permits the tag match should provide the most avid wrestling fan with plenty of action. Karl is out to take the title from Perrit and since he was Defeated in his last title match he has to gain a number of wins before he can to considered a challenger again by the slate athletic commission. In the last match that Perrit wrestled Here he opposed Kawalski in one of the roughest matches witnessed hero in come Lime. James has earned a following Here on his own merits having won his last three matches Here. Advance tickets on Sale Ai Palace news

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