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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 21, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 36 alcohol and gasoline do not mix. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 188 phone Clr Cla 6-8121 Kingsport tenn., tuesday sept. 21, 1954 12 pages five cents the weather cloudiness de showers this afternoon and to night Low tonight 60-65. Wednes Day mostly Tali and Cool. High yesterday last night s Low. 62 noon temperature "5 rainfall .51. I flick a evil leu waive Lite Vii i Ulm ,5 i 1hi Mother of four killed in Auto train Accident one person was killed and seven others were admitted to hospitals in this area Mon Day for injuries suffered in four Highway accidents. Mrs. Helen Warf Peters 30, Ruusie 1, Gate Cay. Died about 30 fior Ai Coniti Unity Hospital from injuries received the car in Hych she was Riding was struck a front of mnrvc1 m Quarry about one in lie Ivest of City. Her husband a 35-year-old serv Irr station attendant who and another occupant 01 the car. Mrs. Nude Elvy Miller 23. Were also injured. La Ospitia aueneiani5 Jupo Ripot both w err treated for minor cuts and Bruise and their condition was listed As satisfactory. Peters said he had let their Little girl Linda Gill. 7, out of the car shortly before the Accident to visit a neighbor on the Side Road crosses the appalachian division of the Southern Railroad. He said his car stalled on the track and a diesel pm Vered train of Irre or four cars truck his car and knocked the vehicle Over into a Creek. Scott county sheriff c. Sal vers said Peters body was found 93 feet from the Point of Impact. He said the crash knocked the car 63 feet. The sheriff said he had been unable to talk with the train s Crew because they left before he arrived on the scene. He said the i Hap occurred about . If errs was believed in route to work at Gate City was taking a neighbor mrs. Miller to gain City to the1 Post office. Mrs. Miller was reported to have left the scene of the Accident and j run to her Home about a half mile o Chance clothes before three ambulances took the Trio to the Hospital. I other than the husband. Mrs. Peters is survived by two Daugh ters Linda Gill and Jean Kay Peters two sons Gary Lee and Billy Peters two Sisters mrs. Earl King of England and miss Judy Warf of Appalachia six Brothers John Warf Usan fort Jackson s. C., Ben. S. And Ralph Warf of Appalachia Leek Warf of men Dot a va., and body of Teffen Ohio. Sheriff says dynamite no was murder by Carroll talk Wise va., sept. 21 Sheri Harold Fleming said a Coal Miner near Here this morning evidently beat his wife and daughter to death and killed himself Settino a Dyna mite explosion in the basement of their Home. The murder suicide aspect of the Case was announced officially by the sheriff at his office Here about ., t after his officers probed the ruins n. _. I of the eight room Frame dwelling v i Lama Aptoff i. Democrats ii i i i Hon pm trial i Lulu i Lull Ludl of Soof Idof today Luul the old Community county and searchers looking Over Greece Home in humane funeral Complete. Arrangements Are in two Jackson tenn., men were admitted to the Hospital Here after being treated for injuries suffered in a two car collision West of Ike to make Appeal for prayers from those behind Iron curtain looms on China United nations. N. Y., sept. 21 new fight Over anticipated demands to seat red China threat to it least Usu Ului i ic4.i3iuii3 linemen Ana too olten in inert w of Tlle " nth Iron curtain countries to join produce War lies not in guns and Denver. Sept. 21 ident Eisenhower appealed today Wulc jul. Lne to the people of Russia and other tensions that threaten and too often Tran , i _ cil pie everywhere we in to work unceasingly for a know that the True cure for the just and lasting peace for ail claims atomic scientist Book challenges Oppenheimer Washington sept. 21 dead arc Leslie Lyle Greene 40 his wife. Jane verde Greene 38 and their daughter Peggy 8. Sheriff Fleming quoted talk from another daughter Betty 16. Who told him she was awakened Early ing. She went to the saw her father with a machine Hammer in his hand and she told by the associated Tress the she saw Greene hit her the Campaign for control of con jul scr Gress was temporarily eclipsed to Betty told the sheriff she lied Day by a contest Between Averall trom the House As Greene went Harriman and rep. Franklin the basement where he Roosevelt or. For the democratic known to keep seven or eight j nomination for governor of new cases of dynamite and Caps York said she ran to the Home the Edge appeared to lie in Uncle Cossie Dou on about Harriman. Former foreign Aid Yards from the Greene House Rector and unsuccessful candidate j and heard the explosion about the for the democratic she got sheriff Flem nomination in 1952. But said. Predicted he would win in a very1 our investigation indicates close j Greene beat his wife and daughter ballot Iii at the party s Conven i to death with the Hammer Tion in new York City conies to Liam went Down to the basement night. Set the dynamite expo new York republicans Conven Irlon p Eming said ing at Syracuse were prepared else one Rifle said there were to give their gubernatorial Nom scars on he bodies of the woman nation to . Sen. Irvine m. Daughter which indicated tomorrow in a Day of Russia India and some other prayer for asian countries were expected id True cure Blountville late monday evening. Launch the new struggle to replace Sioris attendants said Alda Payne 72, the chinese nationalists with t 615 Westmoreland drive was piping representatives shortly aft c treated for fractures of both legs or the session s formal lacerations of the Scalp and afternoon. His condition was listed As Good. . Secretary of state Corae Payne 515 Westmoreland was on hand to Lead the Campaign drive was treated for lacerations for keeping up the bars against May the world be rinsed with of the lace and legs. His condition the chinese reds. The United an net of Faith so Strong Aslo was listed As Pood. States backed by Britain planned annihilate the cruel artificial bar o. T. Bowman. 61. Blountville to ask the Assembly to Shelve the Irie is erected by Little men Between bombs Bun the kind. J. Robert Oppenheimer was world peace As the of men. We Are firm in the belief for War Breeding ten a that Faith is the mightiest Force that Man has at his command. September 22nd we rom Contact and communion a join f America the president throughout the unit Pri or 7 Earnest y Hope that to Lvcy Hydrogen bomb gov. Thomas e. Dewey s Choice to succeed him. Dewcy plans to return to private life. Harriman had the backing of tammany Hall and other influential party leaders As Ives no vember opponent. Roosevelt How Ever claimed surprising support from new York City to augment tit lieu had been inflicted before the explosion. There is also some blood on the he added. Greene apparently stood right Over the dynamite when he set it , Fleming said. His Scalp in eluding hair and several other pieces of Greene s body were found upstate strength. In the democratic primary in the ruins. The sheriff related Betty s an j count of being awakened about 3.30 or 4 Today and of of Truman signalled the women. Boys and girls the world will join with Lay in that act of Faith. May Rhode Island yesterday the state i a ticket headed by sen. Theodore Between the Hus than two years after former Francis Green. 86, and gov. Den and the wife. A development program copy Azine Nis j. Roberts had no opposition the sheriff said Greene had for renomination. The state gop previously threatened to blow no primary is scheduled sept. 29. I be House. Fleming said Greene far to the West. President Uvo Brothers Lloyd and Roy whatever our religious affiliation annihilate the cruel artificial bar Blore a atomic Energy arranged to Confer a Small i the Day with chairman Leonard w inane am that a Hall of the Republican that several Ca was treated for minor cuts and re leased. Officers reported the two cars collided on a curve. Vernon Rowland 45, Indian _ British were confident of a clear1 Springs was admitted to the hos pinning majority. To strengthen Pital after being treated for a Case . Delegate Henry question until the end of the year the people who seek peace on Earth the same strategy was used the divine i voice of America transmitters inc began broadcasting Eisenhower s Appeal worldwide at 6 ., est. On shall offer simultaneously to riders erected by Little men Between the almighty our personal prayers the Peoples who seek peace on Lor the Devotion Wisdom and Earth through the divine spirit a i to i i v Sion Lacer panel that he operated a Small mine at Hurt it Bors advised ses of dynamite committee and two of in the House. The Advance of a was used in connection the West coast later this Wlton Leir mining operations the sheriff said. The bodies of mrs. Greene and in year to keep piping out. Both the americans and weekend special emphasis reaching people of the Iron curtain countries. The National Day of Praver for medical association backs health forum lured Skull received in n Lodge or. Collision near Blountville about statement charged the chinese noon monday. His condition was communists with 39 attacks in the. Listed As satisfactory. Past four years on ships or planes peace being observed in the United the Driver of the other car. E. Of Britain. Panama. Denmark states tomorrow was provided for Johnson was uninjured. Norway. France Portugal and the j in a Resolution passed by Congress Keg sports first health forum Douglas Barnes Franklin Tenn United slates. And approved by the president on killer is whole is negro was listed in fair con ii with the seating contest out Eisenhower himself will attend lion at Bristol memorial Hosni Talithea Way. Organization of the services at Lowry air Force late last night from injuries Sut Sembly for business promised to base Here tomorrow morning to feed in a three car collision on be smooth sailing. Prav for peace route 11 w near Blountville about withdrawal of Thailand s prince1 Here is the text of the presi r.15 He was treated for a wan Waiuli Dyakon from the Assem Dent s new plea d rolled Nar it Frac med hip. of the Bly presidency race yesterday left. Arl the Tori Bod and of blood. Field Clear for Elco Klof c p he Paul Steele. Bristol. A. Was i fens. Netherly urls in in common with religious peo Steele Bristol va., was fens. Netherlands minister to por list i m satisfactory condition and the Only other announced monday night re was treated for candidate for the Post in renal . J the Hospital said Junior Iii nine n r route 2. Bristol. Tenn. Was Given j. First Aid and dismissed i westfif1 d x report were that the three Library its Reader piled up on wet pavement in the help it Bor owe Bristol Side of a drive in theater Book each and holding them on route 11-w. Pirt n heatedly supported by the John son Sullivan county medical so Iciey. Heading the forum committee of he society is or. H. Jim Brown. He is responsible for coordinating the efforts of the local medical profession with the sponsors of the health session. Traditionally publicity shy. Local doctors selected by their own society will appear As panellists to Easthampton. Mass. Air laymen s questions and dispel Ward Hatison 77. Stepped from a Many Public misconceptions on repeat perfors Axce a Puc Scop the curb three years ago and fractured1 the dreaded disease. Hin from the same or i. Us is free and everyone the Kingsport times in i Iii c f _ because of threats or i detail of five policemen a Stales District court to -o.on.0 10 enjoin reman Nannc with what Norcro leaders Call Scireca iof the mrs o Williamson for the Al Dii Hillsboro Sion. Test Case earlier m1llford, Del. Sept. 21 to comm mtg s v. O Public schools were closed again today in the face of telephoned threats the bid my of violence if Necro children were while the policemen spread around allowed to attend classes in the the building to keep Witch Drc Cobbs Mier had announced earlier that the Delaware Schook would open As usual at 9.Tion developed yesterday when the school Board officials in the today after being closed school Board closed Ohio Community of Louy or i i schools earning of a insisted there is no Llo Uedoi. I. Cobbs issued a March planned by anti Egre eation ser mention Ami Riv offi Piolo statement shortly alter 8 n m this its Segi Gatton. And City officials said e tement i c "f8 Lucy to "n-1 schools was on a residential member of the lord of Tho of than a racial basis. The re he allowed boning took effect last week. And news. Tomlim Wil Tove last minute Opportunity to ask any question on cancer. They will be Given ques the panel of seven local physicians will first conclude their Brief enjoin remarks on the various portions body affected by cancer a Brief intermission Wil to the la cations collected the doctor does t take enough his opposition to a bomb research after Truman ordered a go-ahead1 on Jan. 31, 1950. Oppenheimer the president returned from a Mountain vacation to his Denver were Nachily mangled and the Headquarters yesterday the la old a ome More on Wal e and did Izui speeches he will make during the coming three Days. While other Republican speakers were plugging for continued gop control of Congress former rep. Fred a. Hartley or. Urged replace ment of Clifford p. Case As the taken to Baker funeral Home Here. The House was completely demolished with debris scattered Over a 200-Yard radius. A state Road which runs three quarters around the House was littered and the area beyond for about 25 Yards in lit i v.1h1u1u us Liik a it Larty s candidate for the Senate strewn with Bedspread ers new Jersey. Case also a for Bushes and Brush blown from the papers in Daylight saving time the doctor explains that if lie Well you can have it Back he could not get around to All sunday since has been barred from a Cess to secret data. The authors say on this Point by mid-1952, the vigorous Pat Tern of activity on the part of j. R. Oppenheimer Over the years re Garding both the Hydrogen bomb and the strategic air concept had aroused the genuine concern of a Small handful of officials in Wash in Princeton. . Oppenheimer Mer House member opposes j Ard. Clothes Hung from Trees had no comment saying he had t democratic rep. Charles r. How Greene was a Veteran of world seen he Book. Jell for the sea being vacated by. War ii. He was the son of mrs the Book soon 10 be published san Hendrickson Canji. Sfrona Greene of the Hurricane a David Mckay co. Inc. Of new Hartley in a television Broad has wife u As the daughter York says there if no evidence Newark said Case had 01 mrs Sherman Yates also of the tint or. Oppenheimer took Nev Deal. Fair Deal. Cio., hair Nynne Community action to persuade scientists at Volans unless the Fleming and his Rieu the government s los Alamos Goi replaces him Hartley begun a probe of the ruins and weapons Labro Alory to must assume responsibility for investigation of the explosion against the president s defeat in the novem 7 am today but that there seems to be by 1 Fleetion no question that opposition vice Nixon told a Par was sufficient to produce a wide to Al Mahil Eisenhower spread reaction has Given them. Tion Builtin guarantees a canst r depression. He said a key Point dog in bomb appear m the communist philosophy is to Unfi-1 Lent Issue of the Magazine . Rely on collapse of the . News world report. Mount system. Gre Neville. Tenn. Sept 21 r. Hopkins Bristol bust incs Sman. Pleaded guilty air i District court today to two counts 0f income tax evasion charges. Judge Robert Taylor referred Hopkins accused of attempting to evade payment of More than s40. 000 in income taxes to the Federal Prohn Tion officer for my estimation. Another Sullivan county Orcsi Sci item to new York next week and there Dent. Robert Lee Dolan was sen of a Tailwind you can to a year s i Robert Dorian Given Daylight saving time slated to end sunday Boston. Sept. 21 Ber that hour of sleep in april when your state went on at noon. Edt and arrive at la and yesterday at no011 of failing to tile an income during the patients Island. New vide the time and the doctors to Lampshire or a few communities questions mailed to the give Complete answers. School. In the interest of the safety Russell of All the children the Board hereby tons on behalf of the National nerves Nolice that the schools Assn. For the advancement of closed until further i coloured people asking the United away i Dayton. Ohm. Board of education to discuss r _ he of negro l. Carter prepared Peti students while at picketing students problem to n Hend. Nearby Seth brought the your health forum Kingsport times news Kingsport Tennessee dear doctor my question on cancer is this mail sign if you wish unless live u. Or if you live in Brattleboro Rutland or Cullow. Alls. It. I All slaying on Daylight Vou save in hour in legislature decided last Spring tha t to the capital which is going Back i Standard time. In Jin Vermont the reason the whatever benefits accrue from having Daylight time from the last i sunday in april to the last sunday in september would be enhanced return for 1950. Dolan is a housing subdivision promoter. Hopkins operator of automotive service and Supply co. At Bristol was charged with evading l on part of income for years however the count was dismissed. I Hopkins according to the indict , the legislature reported his 1347 income As Iii in. Nis wit income As Vamp and land counting considerably if extended to the last Maine does t stay on Zuyin sunday in october. Lime it could be quite a slow Rhode Island and new from Portland to Boston. A Shire followed suit and a Lew Irain takes about two mom towns near Massachusetts Oral ii you left Portland at 5 .i new Hampshire figured it might est. It be 8 . Not Lessen the contusion he doing you got to Boston. I v n. Police is time Daylight to his and he should have paid s4g.or5, the government claimed. I Hood died for Day England. Without the Iid of an Abacus or slide Rule you can see Iacre Are chances Tor some Dandy time saving. For if you take a Plenc from Boston tune but the programs will comic Faund out and asleep at the wheel an hour later if you live where he put his Pencil in his poc the fast time will be held Over of. Well. It will be All Over in november. Look out a Nickel inserted it in the meter and walked Awny. Tim Driver snooze on

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