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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 21, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 monday september 21, 1953 k7ngsport times a Independent democratic newspaper c. T. Cd Nife. Or. Pm Mem j. Win Omni w. J. Ohm Ink Ltd Cuenun s. Us kit Gram. Hollywood the. Amoe atm Frau soap a nip ten amid Tifen us Uii audit Burim k an Utip Imbt Damitto my Ippu Pabl Tab tour bpm in. Axon mid from it u Tor pm Tetra urn tit Pateta Erad Ltd to it or not orb Wulw emitted id my Mai in Otto. Fart offem in Kyj Aovai u Mead thu mail october 31. Imi Imper act d limb t. In. Witie a Urei Tui Fri inc., with Ezfere it Anu. La hew Terk. Comto. Detroit. Cite and flu subscription rate by mall first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier Dally and sunday week today s Bible thought except be turn and become As Little Chil Dren be shall not enter into the kingdom of the times daily tonic behold i stand at the door and Knock. Even a child can say come in. Appeasement the democrats had their night to howl at Chicago and now the republicans Are at it. But what the Public is getting is just a second dose a differently Flavoured dose of the same political bunk. Senator Ferguson s attack on Steven son s speech and his charge that it was a plea for appeasement was not sound. Unless one Calls it sound and fury. Any one who listened to the Stevenson speech must have realized that while it was not free of unfair statements and was laced with politics the statement regarding our attitude toward Russia did not justify the word what did Stevenson say Here is the quote in the past new initiatives have had Little import on the Kremlin. I do not know that they would have any More today. But conditions have changed. The death of Stalin altered the situation in Side Russia. In these circumstances we should press not under an illusion that one grand conference would yield Security but rather that the foun Dation of stability must be Laid Stone by Stone. We owe it to ourselves and our friends to expose communist intentions if we can Confer where we can and re store Hope where we can. The door to the conference room is the door to peace. Let it never be said that America was reluctant to to Call this appeasement is to say in effect that any Hope of peace is vain any Effort toward peace a waste of time or worse. If this country takes the position irrevocably that there is no use in conferences that any gestures in that direction will Only be used by the reds for propaganda purposes that the reds Only use a conference As a sounding Why then the Day of catastrophe is marked. The Only Road is War. Certainly to say that we should not try to reach a peaceful agreement with Russia makes Little sense. Certainly to say that we should keep before the world our willingness to Confer is Good advice. Certainly to say that such an attitude is appeasement is hardly fair. It can Only be explained by pointing out that Sena Tor Ferguson was making a political speech. Or. Stevenson elsewhere in his speech emphasized the need for keeping our guard up. Indeed he criticized the administration for its curtailed defense pro Gram. His argument was in fact reminiscent of the much quoted Teddy Roose velt walk softly and carry a big his accusation was that we refuse to accept the possibility that conference could Lead to peace while at the same time act ing As if was was not inevitable we were burning the Candle at both ends. Of course that this administration is doing this because Adlai Stevenson in a political speech says it is need not be believed. We do not think president Eisen Hower will neglect the Chance for a con Ference if and when there is the slightest Glimmer of Hope for Success. We do not think the president is going to let the defense program be weakened dangerously. But nevertheless the Stevenson advice to keep the door open to conference and not to assume that it would be useless is not appeasement. It is not Egghead philosophy. Senator Ferguson would have done better to argue that this administration is doing what Stevenson recommends. The misfits there is an Odd feeling that neither Dwight Eisenhower nor Adlai Stevenson is completely comfortable breathing political air. Somehow in any crowd of re publicans Eisenhower sort of stands out As not having much of the family re semblance. He looks More like the adopted son. And it is almost As True about Adlai. Only in his Case it looks like a Case of the son who went off to College and came Back not exactly ashamed of his family but with characteristics the family Are not so sure they like. An imaginary conversation Between by Drew Pearson Washington the Commerce depart ment does t like to discuss it but its officials have Given an amazing run around to the cuban government regarding the All important question of helping u. S. Publishers by manufacturing newsprint from sugar Cane. On May 19 the cuban government requested technical Aid from the Eisenhower administration in developing newsprint from bagasse the left Over waste from sugar the sugar is produced. The proposal which had the Blessing of american newspaper publish ers was aimed at breaking the Canadian newsprint monopoly which has pushed pub Lishing costs so High that some newspapers have gone out of business. However the Commerce department after four months delay is still giving the cuban government the run around even though Cuba offered to pay All costs. Background of the cuban move was a re port made by democratic Secretary of com Merce Charles Sawyer on the newsprint sit tation sent to congressman Emanuel Celler of new York chairman of the House judiciary committee oct. 1 last year. The report told How bagasse was one Means of breaking the Canadian newsprint monopoly told How the Bureau of standards had produced paper from bagasse on which the congressional record was printed. It is technically said the Sawyer report to Congress to manufacture from whole bagasse a paper which is satisfactory in All respects and Superior in some for use As newsprint. Total costs of manufacturing newsprint from whole the report continued Are in line with production costs for stand Ard strange delay already the Grace steamship lines have set up a bagasse factory in Peru where the waste from sugar Cane is turned into newsprint. The factory was inspected by or. Milton Eisen Hower brother of the president on his recent trip to South America. This precedent the cuban government wrote the Commerce department via the state department May 19, asking for the loan of Jesse Friedman the Commerce department expert on bagasse. Cuba proposed pair Fig Friedman s expenses and salary for three or four which he would advise them on setting up a newsprint Plant. As the largest sugar producing nation in the world Cuba constantly faces the problem of being a one crop country. If recession comes to the u. S. A., one of the first commodities hit is sugar. For that reason Cuba has been anxious to develop other industries and newsprint from bagasse not Only would be such an Industry but would be beneficial to american publishers. The state department anxious to promote the Good neighbor policy immediately approved the idea. But the Commerce depart ment stalled. Ordinarily the loan of a tech Nical expert to a Friendly neighbor like Cuba would be Mere routine. It would be okayed in a Lew Days. But in this Case two whole months went by before the Commerce department concocted an answer. Finally Craig Sheaffer assistant Secretary of Commerce and manufacturer of the sheaf Fer pen wrote on july 20 that bagasse expert Friedman could not be spared. He was tied up in important work. Other men could be sent Sheaffer said hut not Friedman. This sounded a Little strange to the cuban embassy in Washington because unofficially it was Learned that or. Friedman was being allowed to resign from the government under the new Economy wave. Furthermore he Hap pens to be the one and Only Commerce department expert on bagasse. So the cuban embassy wrote Back August 31, asking How soon or. Friedman could be spared to help them on bagasse and newsprint. Three weeks have passed and As of the writing there s been no reply. Friedman is sit Ting in the Commerce department with no pressing duties. Meanwhile assistant Secre tary Sheaffer writes that he s indispensable. Meanwhile also the Bureau of standards has been instructed to discontinue further work on making newsprint from bagasse. This has aroused cuban suspicions that certain Commerce department officials Are quietly playing the game of the Canadian newsprint monopoly which actually is con trolled in Wall Street. Note assistant Secretary Sheaffer who wrote the run around letter to the cubans is the Man who fired or. Allen Astin As director of the Bureau of standards then was in directly rebuked by Secretary Sinclair weeks when the latter rehired Astin and removed the Bureau from sheaf Fer s jurisdiction. Sheaffer also contributed to senator Mccarthy s last Campaign and to Rab ble rouser Merwyn k. Hart. Merry go round president Eisenhower never signs his full name to his spare time paintings prefers to use the initials a. D. Which he says keeps him in the Amateur or sunday Painter class. When guests visit the new Hampshire farm of Secretary of Commerce Sinclair weeks they Are Given chunks of Maple sugar or Small jars of Maple syrup As souvenirs. Some capital bigwigs wangle their vacation transportation in government planes but weeks and his missus toured upper new York state in their Beac Wagon footing All their own expenses. Former Nebraska sen. Fred Seaton recently named assistant Secretary of defense is still Jock Early known in gop Cir cles As the Catcher on Ike s because he used to throw the Ball Back at democratic orators during the last Campaign. His shrewd analysis of Public relations comes naturally to Seaton a newspaper publisher and friends say he will do an equally Good Job As defense Secretary Charles Wilson s top legislative adviser. New York warnings last week s new York Victory of Bob wag Ner jr., son of the Man who wrote the Wagner labor act the old age pension act and the railway pension act has brought some Hur ried worried consultations among top advisers in the Republican High command. For what the Wagner Victory amounts to is the biggest resurgence of the new Deal since last november s elections. It also is taken As confirmation of what the original Eisenhower republicans have been telling the White House until they Are tired of it. Republicans like senator Ives of new York senator Duff of Pennsylvania and undersecretary of Commerce Walter Williams of Washington state have been warning that Ike was not elected by the reactionary Wing of the Republican party but by a great Many democrats and Liberal republicans. There fore they warned he must not follow the exclusive advice of right Wing advisers. Briefly summarized Here is How the wag Ner primary Victory for mayor of new York is diagnosed by Erskine Johnson behind the screens Guy Madison s career hit the dust four years ago like a Bullet riddled Redskin in a to horse opera but now thanks to to Cowboy stardom he has a con tract at Warner Bros for big screen Mories. But there s nothing in his Flicker contract that says hell hang up his Buckskin for City Slicker clothes. Says Guy who once inspired dream boy publicity and fan Magazine frenzy i be had Guy the Home screen wild Bill gritted his Teeth through attempts of Hollywood to turn him into an indoor hot House Lover but today finds him in full control of things. Out door pictures will be the pattern if i have anything to do with it. For the last three years i be been strictly in charge of my career.4 Why did Guy Flop As a film theater idol they threw me into things too big for me. I be put on 10 years since then. Ten years ago i could t play a leading Man and it was suicide to play Juve Niles. That Bobby sox clamor Al most wrecked things for me. I m glad it s behind Esther Williams swimming really gets Tricky in her next film Leonard Spigelgass script has her playing a health Queen who hates alcohol. But a dream sequence shows her swimming in giant cocktail glasses. Says Leonard for the old fashion cocktail number i m thinking of having her marooned on a Mara Schino things mixed things were getting All balled up during rehearsals of a half hour to dramatic show and the Pace became slower and slower. Finally the red faced director howled this is getting just like the movies. We be spent an hour rehearsing a 10-second the boat Rocker Washington Catling the nation s radio actors voted Richard Widmark and Agnes Moorehead the Golden Mike awards for their perform ances this year on Agnes by the Way won t be do ing scenes from her movies in her coming National tour with Robert Gist in Paul Gregory s production of the fabulous every time i go on she told me people ask me to do the boiler scene from the magnificent Amberson i Tell them i m sorry but that i did t bring my boiler material from James Thurber Guy de Maupassant shake Speare and ring Lardner will fill out her program. Or Atory to one Side both republicans and democrats Are generally agreed on one thing. That is the continuing personal popularity of president Eisenhower. The image is still very much what it was a year ago a Strong and confident Leader who out of his Broad knowledge and experience can resolve the prob lems facing America and end confusion and doubt. This does not mean however that the republicans face the future and the next election with supreme Confidence. Those who try to appraise what is happening realistically and with As Little self delusion As pos sible Are in fact beginning to be troubled. Their concern is above All Over the farm vote in the Midwest. Republican leaders in Minne Sota one of the key farm states which Eisenhower carried last year by to Stevenson s have just taken their not in the script Joan Weld on asked to compare the kissing technique of Ouy Madison and Randolph Scott i m sorry. I can t. It would be like trying to choose Between a double Martini and a fifth of Champagne. They both pack a terrific it it Ginger Rogers Hubby Jacques Bergerac no longer is under contract at Mem. Movie comeback italian newspapers report Garbo will make her film come Back for Vittorio de Sica in a movie titled he and be tween you and me i doubt it. Sidelight to All the water skiing in this is As revealed in the american Maga Zine s Story this month on Ciner Ama s inventor Fred Waller he also invented water skis. It it Donald o Connor s health graph is said to be 100 per cent. So what s the real Story of Why he was replaced by Danny Kaye in Bing Crosby s White Christ was Paramount just too jittery about Don s fever after losing a hunk of Green stuff when Vivien Leigh collapsed Dur ing filming of elephant if it Joe Dimaggio s sex wife Dor Othy Arnold is planning a night club tour. If it it these modern kids note five year old Joannie Borsten was taken to her first dinner show Niter entertainment at Reno. On the third night she found herself at an Ordinary italian restaurant and said to the astonished waitress what time does your floor show go it it Cameron Mitchell plays the dual role of a killer and a Gorilla in Gorilla at Large and he s beaming it should give me a much bet Ter Chance with the critics. If they Don t like me As the human i can still end up with raves As the Mary Sinclair and John Hodiak Are a Blaze. Jack Webb i hear already has Toile no. 2 All picked out. Joan Craw Ford s Niece Joan Lowe is a new chorus Cutie at the desert inn in Las vegas. George Kauf Man is paging Margaret o Brien to play the teen Ager in the solid Gold a fun Pok ing satire on the american Busi Nessman and his family. It a Mildred Searn Ster about a movie doll i just Don t like her and i la find the reason for it own poll of farm voters. The result was a shocker. The Only possible conclusion was that the farm vote in Minnesota was lost and that if something was not done quickly it could not be retrieved by Campaign time a year from now. This defection is indicated less strikingly in the state fair poll taken for Many years by the same organization at the Minnesota state fair. Professional pollsters put great Trust in the tabulation. Between and visitors answered most of the questions. They were divided nearly equally Between City and Rural dwellers. One of the questions was do you believe president Eisenhower is doing a Good a fair or a bad Job of the total who an swered said Good said fair and said bad. But the most startling showing was on the question do you believe the Republican Congress is doing a Good Job of the total replying said yes and 188 said no. Another question was would you vote for president Eisen Hower or governor Stevenson if you were voting today the tally was Eisenhower Stevenson and undecided. They were also asked How they had voted last november and the record was for Eisen Hower for Stevenson and for neither candidate. One question on foreign pol icy brought a reply showing the Eisenhower administration May not gain much political profit from the korean truce. The question was do you believe we will have a True peace in Korea without going to War with Russia the replies were yes 3.804, no Minnesota has of course frequently shown a Maverick tend ency setting it apart from its More conservative neighbors. Some years ago the Farmer la Bor movement in that state took a Radical tack. Senator Hubert Humphrey the democratic incumbent up for re election next year is a prime target of the Republican National committee. Yet if the state fair poll is a representative test Humphrey s position today is Strong. In reply to a question As to whether he should be. Re elected said yes and no. A participant in the demo cratic meeting in Chicago sen Ator Humphrey told a private strategy session of his tour of Minnesota Small towns. He said he found the name of Secretary of agriculture Ezra Taft Benson to be an anathema not Only with banners but with Small town people. Humphrey described visiting Bankers in three towns who railed against Ben son. They blame Eisenhower s Secretary of agriculture for the continuing decline of farm prices. The drop started of course a year and a half ago Long before Benson was in the headlines. But Farmers remember Ike s promises when he spoke at the Minnesota blowing contest. They took out of his speech made at the beginning of the Campaign a Promise that if 90 per cent of parity was not enough then the government would go to 100 per cent. A Straw in the wind in Nesotas is the word being passed out by Republican leaders that representative Walter Judd of Minneapolis had decided not to take on Humphrey next year. Judd with a highly effective oratorical style was considered the likeliest challenger. He is said to have Given Long and careful consideration to the possibility before deciding against it. The most formidable Candi Date in the opinion of Many would be Luther Youngdahl who resigned As governor to take an appointment As fed eral judge in Washington. Humphrey persuaded president Truman to make that appoint ment which came two Days be fore Youngdahl was to preside at a dinner launching Harold Stassen s latest presidential try. At the time Republican leaders were furious. But they now hint that they have sounded Young Dahl out and that he is consid ering making the race. This May be no More than a measure of their deep anxiety. It is one of those times when something must be done and done quickly. Mac s window by w. J. Mea Tufte f proverbs Are Tricky you cannot bring about Prosperity by discouraging but if everybody started Savin their Money instead of spending it the Bottom would drop out of business Ergo depression. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the no but you can remove the fear of the Strong on the part of the it you cannot help Small men by tearing Down big no but misery company. You cannot help the poor by destroying the no but you can make a Man happier by showing him nobody to been Vious of. A fellow says you can judge a nation by its music. That s a slanderous thing to say about the United states. A critic says the actress Mari Lyn Monroe should have bigger parts. F Eavens Sake eating Popcorn at the movies would not be such an annoy Ance if the people on the screen would just not try to talk while people Are doing it. After All the Popcorn is often in Good taste when the Dia Logue in t. In order to hold your breath a Long time it is very helpful to have a Friend apply pressure to your Windpipe. It seems that people who have just eaten onions or had a drink breathe harder than anybody else. The reason is simply the stronger the breath the harder it is to hold. The bravest Man in the world is Anonymous. He does t care whom he insults. If nobody signs a letter no body must have written it arid How can you print a letter that nobody wrote people who do not sign just imagine that they wrote them. If people who write letters arid sign no name Are not Brave. But people who write letters and sign a fake name Are not Brave and not honest. A movie Star s baby is said to have diaper pins studded with diamonds. What Carat once upon a time there a radio fan who said he loved to listen to commercials. He used to dial around till he found a commercial and As soon As it was Over and the crooner was about to burst into song he would dial Over to another Sta Tion and he was the most frustrated Man in the world when there was no commercial on. He wrote commercials for a living. Out in California there is new Breed of Chicken this is from the Wall Street journal so you better believe it so plump that they Are called double breasted. This news comes from Riverside Cal not Hollywood Cal. But you can guess what they will Call this Breed of Chicken. Doctor by Edwin p. Jordan. . Side glances Adlai and Ike in which Ike tells Adlai what he thinks of his family and Adlai tells Ike what he really thinks of his would be something to hear. Of course i did t her with my hands i used psychology Book that says not what can be the cause of a Scalp disorder with big red blotches White flakes and itch ing asks . These go away says but then come Back As bad As before. The most Likely explanation for or. A s by the Way is also often associated with falling Nair is a Condi Tion known As Sebo Rhea. Sebo Rhea is commonly divided into two varieties one dry Sebo Rhea or Dandruff and the other oily Sebo Rhea. Both of these conditions Are More com Mon in the Scalp than elsewhere but May extend Down to the eyebrows face and even other parts of the body. In oily Sebo Rhea the hair and Scalp feel Greasy and Are hard to keep clean because dirt float ing in the air Sticks and the hair follicles tend to clog up with Oil and tiny Scales of skin dirt and the like and this certainly does not make for healthy Scalp or hair. Sometimes a True inflammation of the skin follows or accompanies Sebo Rhea and then the condition is called Derma Titis and this can be painful As Well As annoying. What is responsible for either form of Sebo Rhea has not been determined. No germ has been associated with the condition. However Sebo Rhea of either kind commonly starts after the general health has been lowered by such things As infection or fatigue. Anaemia constipation indigestion Lack of fresh air and exer Cise and the wearing of still and ill ventilated hats Are also said to contribute. No easy cure there is no Quick or easy cure for Sebo Rhea. If some chronic weakening disease is present it should of course be treated. The local treatment of Sebor Rhea involves the removal of the crusts and accumulated fatty material and later the use of stimulating applications. The accumulations Are soaked with an Oil fluid to Aid removal. This is followed by thorough and fre quent washing with soap and water. Out our Way he did t have time his old Garnem amp parts Are Musta went without he s kicked the cog s a ilk. But he Pton t comb up to change

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