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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 21, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeNinth and last of Freedom ships due wednesday in san Francisco san Francisco up the Gen. R. L. Howze ninth and last of the Freedom ships returning liberated american pos to their Homeland docks at port Mason wednesday concluding the greatest emotional Binge the san Francisco seen in years. Waterfront has it started when the transport Gen. Nelson m. Walker sailed through the Golden Gate with 328 repatriates aug. 23. It continued with the Hospital ship Haven the Gen. W. F. Hase the Marine adder the Gen. John Pope the Marine Phoenix the Kingsport Man granted Patent i be 0" lining Board of fits them tomorrow so Happy Affif what to Sav 1, according Toan but Iho Ype All these families by the a s Pat and All these soldiers Don t get Vince. So Happy they forget what Caus-1 the invention pertains to a i de the misery in the first collapsible and foldable you be heard of death Valley. Pro neg Board that May easily i was there. I saw hundreds of transported or stored and men die for Lack of food for also be easily opened uie ii tue Lor Lack 01 Yoou for Lack of any medical care what or extended a stable and Ever. See my nose a chinese sturdy Structure for the ironing smashed it with his Rifle butt and other articles. After they captured Vaich 111c. Gen. William Black i saw them throw hand Gen. A. W. Brewster. In its essentials or. Johnson s Utthi contrivance comprises a Frame grenades at the . I saw or Box like member with a Flat delirious unrestrained Joy has them open the doors of Amu Bottom two upstanding Side been the keynote. Soldiers and fire inside with their Walls and a top element in the Given up for dead Nave stood guns. Form of a Flat rigid surface the rail Yelling laughing and we walked 34 Miles the first which constitutes a fixed por crying at the sight of their loved. Ones on the Dock. Mothers have fainted and fathers have sobbed openly. But maybe it s like capt. James c. Williams said when he left the Brewster yesterday Day. Some of the men had notion of the ironing Board. Boots. We got no water and no food for four Days. You be heard All these stories. They be been told before. It does not mean much to anyone who was t go resentment toward French in Morocco is deep Hin Gedly connected to the end Edge of the top element is an Extension Leaf and included also in the Assembly Are two drawers that Are Salt fable within the two opposite open ends of the Frame. When or. Johnson s arrange ment is to be employed for Iron ing purposes it merely is Nec Essary to poll out one of the drawers so that it May serve As Casablanca we american i s once mild resent ment against the French in Morocco is mushrooming into hatred and contempt and it s worrying some u. S. Air Force leaders. We re trying to head it off before serious trouble said one. But we re getting no help from the French them maj. John Murphy of St. Louis mo., who cockeyed u. S. Cargo planes in the Berlin Airlift said after you re Here a while you got to keep reminding yourself that it s the russians who Are and not the our enemies air Force officers who have served in England France or Germany said the bitterness hit run Driver hunted in injury to route 9 youth search for the hit and run Driver who injured a Lynn View i fran element May be employed _ j new to store the Iron ironing Rorri Nice being rained out saturday night route 4 neighbors Otis Compton Joe Dezarn c. H. Morrison and John Dezarn had q site a bit of fun catching 62 Catfish 4 Bass and 2 Crapple at Douglas Lake. The quartet used beef chunks for bait. Times news photo by Frank Creasy Taylor succeeds Manis As Church Hill principal Church Hill m. Manis principal of Church i Hill High school for the past three years has submitted his resignation effective last Fri to become director of the a support for the Extension Leaf i speech and hearing program in which is swung into its horizontal position of use. This results in a Flat Roning surface of adequate size and dimensions. To restore the contrivance to its setting of non use the Extension Leaf is swung upon its hinges so that it re turns to its Normal position of rest on the top member of the Frame and the open drawer is returned to its closed condition. It should be noted that the other drawer of or. Johnson s Salisbury my. S. L. Taylor will succeed him As principal. A graduate of Milligan lege Manis holds a master of arts degree from Peabody col lege and has done one year of Post graduate work with the hearing and speech clinic of Vanderbilt University. High school student after last Friday night s football game is still in Progress City police re ported Here monday. The student Audley Church 18, route 9, Kingsport was struck by a speeding car on Highway 11-w about eight Miles West of Rogersville police stated. To store the Iron ironing Cord and other accessories As Well As Albert m. Manis Hunt stolen Auto search for a 1949 Model car re ported stolen on main Street Early sunday night continued monday morning the City police t Liviu Nuiry Iii Rume me in his new position he will depart Menf Rpnert Pri work directly under the reported. Sity of Maryland he will Doi the owner of the cared Holli clinical work during the summer Iff old Erwill told officers session at Maryland in or Nara he had parked his car and session at Maryland in preparation for the doctorate. Or. And mrs. Manis and three to support the hot Iron during i daughters presently live at 1614 the pressing Job. Jefferson Avenue Kingsport. Here seems even More intense. In Morocco there Are about airmen n. Comparatively few have their families Here. The United states is building three immense air bases at a Cost of said the car in which close to 300 millions. I Church was returning from Ai the anti French sentiment footba11 same in Jefferson Cit i spiralled last month when stalled and was parked be it i i. I slip Trio in French deposed and exiled sul Tan Sidi Mohammed Ben yous self who sought Independence for Morocco and put another Sultan on the throne. With riot ing sweeping the country France headed off a revolt by breaking out its own military Force and calling in the hard fighting pro French berber tribesmen from the Hills to help them. Some Neutral observers blamed the americans attitude of a traditional favouring of the underdog. Others said it stemmed Side the Highway. The youth was standing beside the car when the speeding vehicle struck him. Although the License number was not obtained the car was thought to be a 1949 or 1950 Chevrolet police said. It was re ported that the car which struck the youth was closely followed by another speeding car. Any information leading of the identification of the Driver should be Given to the Haw Kins county sheriff the ten Nessee Highway patrol or the Kingsport police department. Alley than More Are to be turned Over by wednesday. The allies plan to deliver North koreans tuesday and Between 750 and sick and wounded North korean and chinese prisoners on wednesday the final i Day. The in comand reported that both of Church chinese prisoners who arrangements Are in-1 changed their minds and decide French Complete. The body is at to go Home directly to the from resentment against colonialism. Still others said the americans rebelled what they considered As harsh bullying methods. It goes much Saidi an air Force officer. This thing has been brewing for two George Wallace and mrs. Claude continued from Page 1 furthermore As an advantageous feature provision k is made for a suitable cover which encloses the entire Struc Rogersville Ture and contains handles that i Kins county deputies confiscate facilitate the transportation of de a 60-gallon-capacity still in the Beech Creek Section of the county in a raid sunday after for this Patent noon. The apparatus had recently been in operation according to Deputy Garvie Strong but no one was found in the Vicinity. The officers poured out approximately 120 Gallons of Mash they reported. Taking part in the raid in addition to Strong were deputies Homer Yankee and Orpha Conkin. Had gone to the movies. When he returned the car was gone. Police officers Are investigating the theft. Livestock disease spreads in Virginia Richmond of state veterinarian w. L. Bendix disclosed sunday that another livestock disease is spreading through the state. This disease is vesicular stomatitis in cattle he said. Cases were first on some 30 farms in the Lynchburg area. Now the disease has broken out in Tho Winchester area and spread to Page county where about 70 Lanns Are infected. Or. Bendix said the state department of agriculture in co operation with the u. S. Bureau of animal Industry has set up diagnostic centers with test Ani Mals near Lynchburg and at two Northern Virginia Points to Check for the one in a million Chance of a dreaded first Cousin foot and Mouth disease. Vesicular stomatitis is not new to Virginia but this is the first time since the drought of 1930 that it has been serious enough to take precautionary diagnostic measure. Kingsport monday september 21, 1953 3 Bloodmobile will visit Heza Bethron spa a visit of the red Cross Bloodmobile is slated Here tuesday in order to give Carter count ians an Opportunity to return the favor done them during this year s polio blood chairman Bob Harvey has announced. The Driver is under the sponsorship of Watauga Post no. 49 of the american legion. The Bloodmobile will be stationed at the War memorial building from 11 . Until 6 . Harvey pointed oat that cuter county owes debt of gratitude to the rest of the nation for the inoculations of Gamma globulin they received Surintr the polio outbreak test summer. You can shampoo your fabric awnings by scrubbing them on their frames and rinsing them with a Garden Hose. Dry them before you store them away. One Stop to Pittsburgh other daily service to new York Cleveland Detroit Erie Asheville Hendersonville and Atlanta Call 3110, or your Havel agent Airport to Trenino Ali i was filed on january 12, 1951. Continued from Page 1 Dian troops in the demilitarized zone thursday. At the Indian Village five Miles Southwest of Panmunjom in the Buffer zone the Allied delivery of anti communist prisoners to the Indian custodial Force neared an end. J during the Day the in trans Fer of 500 North koreans and chinese swelled the total delivered so far to fewer monthly pains stopped or amazingly relieved in 3 out of 4 Caw in doctors and weak do Good feelings of menstruation in doctors Torto Lydia Pinkham s compound and Tablet brought Complete or striking Relief from Auch 3 out of 4 cases Toam Ortiz Lydi. E. Pink anti be Diuble compound or nut improved Fela with added Iron. In if it Doeu t Rel foe help you feel better both Durut your period pm Palm my to hath i women huh Are Chan Virji to new Pinkham tablets. Give it Orioli re Lief _ easier to carry and take too Abo wonder Ful for functional Daunai of hot Bathea of change of get a bottle today. Coleman colonel who has been Here for 26 months. The French charged High rents for disreputable Flats. Airmen had to pay otherwise they could t bring families to Morocco. When an airman walked into a shop prices shot up automatically. When a Frenchman followed him in and bought the same thing for less the i got mad. The French rebuffed the americans socially. The language Barrier was an additional Handi Cap. The moroccan government once threatened to close Down Post exchanges and commissar ies. With few exceptions the americans Learned to live among by the French and in turn snubbing the French. That s worrying some far see ing frenchmen. When these americans go one said they Are going to spread a great Deal of ill will in America against the capt. Geoffrey Bones Olden Burgh of Lacrosse wis., commented i Don t condone what the French Are doing but it s no worse than americans did to american airmen in Topeka Kan. I paid exorbitant rent for a Flat there and so did lots of other american air Force per a Jacques Gillot Eaux a French-1 Man employed in the French resident general s office said americans entertain too lavishly for the French. I can t afford to invite them Back and i i d feel uncomfortable accepting their invitations so i Don t the French fear american in fluence in Morocco where their hold is shaky. They say Ameri cans refuse to acknowledge the help the frenchmen gave in lift ing this Barren land to a Boom ing country in 40 years. Americans accuse the French Here of thinking Only about Money. And the French agree. 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