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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 20, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 eng upon a ism j i i i Kings p o it t i m a merry go Rounce Hollywood an Independent democratic newspaper 1 Binkier editor kiss Dan editor 220-23 pc Mark so Cuneo ftsmaum1 Dimart com of of m Aew a. Subscription rate by mall first and second postal zones daily and sunday one Yea 00 by Carrier daily and sunday one week. Today s Bible thought by Faith the harlot Rahab perished with them that believed not. When she had received the spies with the times daily tonic there never was found in any of the world either philosopher or sect or Law or discipline Ulph his on la Frakl. I. Ike and the demos the election Campaign coming up has apparently seen the democrats with divided counsels on the question of whether to attack the president or not a few weeks ago or. Mitchell sounded off on the subject of the Dixon Yates contract and blasted the president personally several prominent democrats recoiled in alarm and it is evident that there was some powwow in party councils. We have the result of that powwow in the statement of sex president Harry tru Man. The line is to be Eisenhower is All right but he needs a democratic con Gress to support him. He s got to be saved from those so we arc not Likely to hear More attacks on the president. The idea is to kill Eisen Hower with kindness. Make him look pleasing in democratic eyes so the re publicans will gel suspicious of him. This is a sort of Divide and conquer routine but it Lias its dangers for the democrats too. After All after 1954 comes 1956. If the democrats go out on the theory now that the president is a Good Man who deserves support and one whose program should be put Over it is going to be a Little inconsistent to say two years hence that Eisenhower should be turned out. Not that such inconsistent conduct is difficult for politicians. The Truman statement also makes item Barr Assing for the individuals who Are running for office. It is one thing to make the general statement that we be Lieve the president needs a democratic Congress to support him it s quite an other for a democratic congressman to Tell his constituents Send me Back to Washington and i la support the Eisen Hower program. It s a Little difficult for instance to imagine Alben Barkley talk ing like that or Paul Douglas. We rather believe that the Truman statement was almost As foolish in its Way As the Mitchell statement was. To attack the president personally is Only going to Boomerang against the attacker. But it in t necessary to go to the other extreme. We rather believe in the Wisdom of another Democrat who said let s pretend that there Ain t no such per son As Eisenhower by Drew Washington despite All the International juror about rearming Germany. Defense Secre tary Wilson has just signed a secret policy order stalling u. S. Arms to Germany for 12 to is months after Secretary of state Dulles gives him the go ahead signal. A Iol of Pentagon plans have been upset by this directive. For three years the pen has been stockpiling guns tanks and jeeps for the proposed new German army. Valued at nearly half a billion dollars these arms would help create a 12-division 400.000-Man army an 80.000-Man air Force and a 20.000-Man coastal Navy. On so Ntembi i 3. Gen. C. Stewart Mili tary Aid director announced that these arms would be Given to Germany immediately after the agreements were signed. Inside n week he told the press trucks jeeps and military hard Ware borrowed from general Gruenther s u s forces in Europe would Roll across the Rhine. Now this us All reversed. And the amazing thing is that it was reversed under pressure from the germans themselves. The Pentagon will with Nold the arms shipments until the germans have trained men to use the arms. What the germans feared was that by Rushing the hardware across the Rhine prior to training a German army the United states would be inviting russian aggression. Also there is a Strong German minority opposed to rearmament and the United states cannot afford to have it claim that Chancellor Adenauer is being pressured by the United states into rearming. Meanwhile the great German wehrmacht now reduced to a 12.000-Man Border patrol is to be built up. This will take two years. So the sending of arms to Germany must be delayed for at least one year. S. Military men complain that the German stockpile ties up a lot of u. S. space in the United states and Europe which the Pentagon needs for its own equipment by octo Ber this storage problem will be critical. Vat the arms can t be shipped. Maine autopsy by Ersk Lve Johnson Hollywood on to the Walt Dis Ney touch made his theater movies world famous and Blue prints for Hie new Abc to Dis Neyland series indicate his Home screen ideas will be just Asen delightfully differ ent. Promised and hoped for Disney ideas on the show debuting. Oct. A screwball symphony called the inspired by a Batch of Daffy doodles on it Tele phone pad film biographies of Mickey mouse and Donald Duck a trip to Mars science fiction Story and the life of Davy Crockett filmed on location in Tennessee. All the tentacles have been a loosened and Dan Duryea is now in san Francisco making h new instalments in his China Smith telefilm series. Dan and producer Bernie Tabakin Are working at top Speed to Complete the first Batch so he can report to Mem for his starring role with Barbara Stan Wyck in the then hell Start another series of 13 Home screen thrillers. A Beverly Hills psychiatrist Leo Guild tells it. Told a famous to comic he was nuts and should be in an institution instead of run Ning around Loose in front of the cameras. The comic s reply i m funnier tin.-, Benny says motion pictures on to Are like Early american or old English. Some of Ike s own personal advisers usually More hard boiled than certain Pollyanna around the Republican National committee have been taking a careful look at the political horizon As a result of the Maine election and what they see does t make them Happy. In the first place they admit thai Rie Spile genial chairman Len Hall s optimistic statement the Maine defeat resulted from much More than a local internal feud. Popular mrs. Smith s margins were the lowest in her career while congressman Bobby Hale whose Uncle was senator before him. And who bears a name As old new England squeaked through by Only a hair breadth. Mrs. Smith re ported privately that it was the toughest race she Ever had. On top of this what worries Ike advisers Are reports from other areas. Usually Rock ribbed South Dakota has every indication of being up m arms Over the farm legislation. The office of senator Case of South Dakota has passed on the word that his colleague. Senator Mundt. Is headed for the stiffest race of his career. Even Nebraska which has t elected a democratic senator for years is experiencing some unrest. Video Alley 1ms been told that Dorothy Lamour her Sarong and her Hubby Are available for Cal adventure series on film. Vaudeville in t dead yet. A sum Mer to Survey revealed that variety song and dance and joke shows Are the nation s favourites. In second and third place dramas and mysteries. Way Down East Washington calling by Peter Edson hush hush on Joe some of Joe Mccarthy s activities Are now getting the hush hush treatment from the press it s a decided contrast to what he used to get. On August 28, for instance. Joe attended a big Sloo a plate Republican dinner in san Diego which netted though the dinner was it. The press associations sent out Brief Dis patches but not much got into print. The dinner was Signil least however because it has been stated at Republican Headquarters that Mccarthy would Campaign Only in states where requested. It has also been stated unofficially by friends of the president that the White House did t want him to Campaign at All. Obviously he must have got clearance from Ike s Senate Leader. Bill Knowland of California to attend such an important political dinner and it s interesting that Mccarthy mentioned know land warmly but ignored the other Republican senator from California Tom Kuchel. From Idaho the realists Send Back word that Glenn Taylor the Cowboy Democrat who once before strummed his Way into the Senate is giving gop senator Dworshak the fight of his life and has a real Chance of winning unless a lot of Money is poured into Idaho in october. Reports from Kansas also indicate that the Farmers hitherto staunchly Republican Are going for the first time the familiar Paramount trademark is popping up on Home screens in several old bulldog Drummond films starring Jolgui Barrymore. But it does t mean wholesale release of Para mount movies to to. Explains the studio which has sold some Short subjects to video the Barrymore Drummond films were made for Paramount release by an Independent pro Ducer and they recently reverted to him. He has the right to sell them to to but legally he does t have the right to the Paramount there was a no about whether there will be Legal fireworks Over use of the Trade Mark on the pictures. Television sets in the u. S. Now add up to with an aver age of two lookers per set it s an audience Hollywood film makers dream of corralling via some kind of Din in the Slot gimmick. Pro golfer Joe Kirkwood told Chet Coleman another old pro that he has plans for a series about a golfer titled my Guy there Are big plans at lbs to for Bob Crosby whose daytime show is clicking with the ladles for the first time in his life it s a new kind of identification away from brother Bing. Preliminary talks on what to do about the French turndown of Edc european defense comm seem headed for private discussions during the opening Days of the United nations general As Sembly. It convenes for its ninth session in new York on sept. 20. Most of the european foreign ministers and u. S. Secretary of state John Foster Dulles will be there at the Kickoff. German Chancellor Konrad Ade Nauer will not be there As his country is not in the in. But be fore the other Western european countries can meet with the Ger mans it is now believed there will have to be some exploration with the u. S. For a new formula. This is indicated by the announce ment by the u. S. High commission for Germany that Secretary Dulles will be at Bonn sept. 16 for urgent talks with West German Chancel Lor Konrad Adenauer on German rearmament and sovereignty. The announcement climaxed six Days of intensive diplomatic activity in Western e u r o p e by British for eign Secretary Anthony Eden and u. S. Undersecretary of state Robert b. Murphy. Chancellor Adenauer has been shying away from any conference with the europeans which will not have Secretary Dulles there to Back him up in the new demands for West German Independence and arms. Grapher Prinz. A few months ago most people were in agreement that Domestic issues would be the Battleground of the election this year. The korean situation was about As Good As anyone could Hope for and at least a contrast to the guns and casualty lists. We had presented a Solil Tri angular front to the russians at Berlin and the Edc was in the ice Box. At Home there was taxes farm prices Oil Tva Taft Hartley recession and a lot of other Points at which to attack. But unless or. Dulles comes up with a fast one very soon it May be that it will be foreign policy which will be the Battleground. There in t any doubt that the situation has degenerated woefully. The Secretary of state is trying to look in two directions at once. What to do about european defense what to do about Formosa and Quemoy the West is staggering from two body blows the defeat of Edc and the defeat in Indochina. Whether the state department could have averted either of those two calamities is doubtful but nevertheless they Are on the wrong Side of the Ledger As far As the administration goes. Now what we do about Quemoy May have far reaching results in the narrow View it will have effect on the election. Meanwhile there is a strange quiet perhaps just the Lull before the on the Domestic front. The democrats saw the recession Issue More or less evaporate and in View of present conditions not Ideal by any the Spring speeches of Humphrey Douglas and Morse sound a Little silly. The Oil Issue and the atomic Power question looked hopeful but they have fizzled out. More lately the farm Price problem was largely spoiled by the Stevenson admission that flexible Price supports were bal ironically was the father of the agricultural adjustment act Back in 1934, which first initiated the principle of farm Price supports so hotly de bated of late. As a result of All this the old citizens commit tee for Eisenhower which did such a Good Money raising Job during the presidential Campaign arid which has always functioned separately from the but it will take a terrific fund raising drive to do it. Arc also counting on some indictments of Truman officials which the Justice department has up its sleeve to help swing the Kirk Douglas nixed a bid to play Host on a big from Hollywood to drama series but it does t mean he s a Home screen holdout. Kirk i can Tell you will Star in of half hour films titled he has been working on the idea for a year. The plots will be Ern life dramatic vignettes based on Bible passages. Kirk s own com Pany will make the films. In the first three scripts he plays a Lumberjack a gangster and a baseball hero. The proposed to version of radio s popular or. President will be a switch from the no camera version. The characters will be in costume with no attempt to keep the president s name a punch line secret. Edward Arnold s idea of Nar rating the show in modern dress with the camera playing the unseen executive to preserve the suspense was shelved. Now Eddy has lost interest. Maine went round believe it or not. But the Passamaquoddy project much maligned new Deal plan for harnessing the giant tides in Passamaquoddy Bay. Has now been revived by the republicans. This May be a key As to How tar Maine veered Over to the democrats and even toward the new dealers. For launched the Passamaquoddy project Chick by because Maine needed an economic shot in the Arm when he entered he White House also be an Abc March will be the circus direct from Madison Square Garden. Claudette Colbert s Abc series hit a Brick refusal it s said to read the commercials. But Loretta Young does t mind. If medics Flash the Green Light Jerry Lewis will do his first com ily hour antics with Dean Martin oct. 3. Fabulous commercial note a one minute Max Factor make up film the Creme puff i m not afraid of snakes. Man is Man s most dangerous author William Faulkner. Formosa is considered a danger by the u. S. And equally by the chinese. I think it would be a Good idea if it were neutralized for a Laberite Clement Attlee. To insure Victory we Republican i must be United. We must put on the same kind of spirited fight ing Campaign that we did in 1952. E Are going to at the present time it can he stated authoritatively that the United slates has no fixed policy to replace Edc. It will take time to develop a substitute. That is Why informal talks on the on the floor of the in Assembly but outside in pro vide the most important news developments of the forthcoming ses Sion. Only one new Issue now seems headed for the in Agenda. This is the Cyprus question. It May cause the american delegation plenty of trouble because it involves two Good friends of the United and Greece. The greeks and the people of greek origin on the Island of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean want Independence from Britain and Union with Greece. The British position is that Cyprus has been one of their Crown colonies since 1878, and that the Island s government is none of the greek s business. The British have offered the cyprians a new Constitution and a measure of Independence and self government in their internal they want it. But that in t what they want. So the Issue goes to the in Debat ing society. Whether the United slates will support the aspirations of the greek people or the British desire to keep Cyprus As an important naval and air base in the Mediterranean is the number one question. Other matters to come before Liis session of the in general Assem Bly Are largely routine unfinished business which can t be wound up because of russian obstruction there will be a report that no satisfactory solution for the korean question could be found at the Geneva conference. There is no plan in sight now for new korean peace negotiations. There will be a report that the disarmament commission which met in London last summer could make no Progress. It will prob ably be instructed to try again perhaps with a new committee. The russians will try their usual moves to unseat the chinese nationalist delegates and to admit red China to membership. That will be opposed by the United states. Admission of other new members will be blocked by the russians or their satellites for an other round in this Long standing stalemate Independence for Morocco and Tunisia will be brought up again. But the French record in North Africa has improved since the last session and there May be less ten Sion now. Thailand has decided not to press for a in observer team to study communist threats against her Borders. The question of chinese nationalist forces within Burma has been eased by moving most of these guerrillas to Formosa. The Netherlands and Indonesia will present an argument Over Western new Guinea each Side accusing the other of not negotiating in Good Faith on the future status the Marshall islanders have a polite protest to make before the trusteeship Council Over u. S. Hydrogen bomb tests in the Pacific. The american government is try ing to work it out quietly. But India and some of the communist coun tries which want the a bomb tests stopped May try to whip this up into a major protest Issue. The u. S. Delegation is expected to present to the in further de tails on president Eisenhower s plan to Pool atomic Energy re sources for peaceful uses. And this May be one of the More constructive things to Home out of the in Assembly this year. Jerry Voorhis. Former California congressman who is now executive director of the cooperative league of the u. S. A., has taken the Lead in a movement to have communist co Ops operating behind the Iron curtain kicked out of the International cooperative Alliance. I. C. A. Now represents 117 million families in 35 countries. At the Paris meeting of the International organization this month one of the principal items of business will be to expel All bul Garian. Czech. Romanian and rus Sian groups that Are not genuine open membership Independent co Ops free from All government controls. The communists have been step Ping up their activities to use All International organizations As platforms for their propaganda. That s Why american and British Coop leaders want them kicked out of the i. C. A. A couple of stories which have but recently leaked out of last summer s in disarmament con Ference in London show How care Ful the anti communist negotiators have to be in dealing with the rus sians. The conference had no More than opened when u. S. General Alfred m. Gruenther. Supreme command Mac s window by w. J. Mcalliffe the troupe with going on a lats Vaca Lior. Is that by the time you set Back its too Chilly to clothes that show off the Beautiful Tan you achieved. Grim inv from earn car rot the Way to make a smile go a Long Way. An actress says she is not inter in headlines. But the Way x. Girl figures its a Case of take cars of the body lines and the headlines wiil take care of themselves. It s an Odd thins. An Accident can overtake a very fast Driver easier than a medium Speed Driver. A fellow says that in not too Many More years the highways will not be too crowded because lots of people will simply travel in their Small personal helicopters which they can fold up like an umbrella when not in use. For that Means look out below instead of just look out. Foresight Means being conscious of a danger so you won t be unconscious from the danger. Arithmetic deals with figures geometry deals with forms algebra deals with unknown it just seems that All maths Marlot have something to do with women. After it s All Over. Man or woman frequently enjoys an unpleasant experience More than pleasant one. Why do people prefer to talk about the bad things that happen to them rather than the Pood things when it comes to having lived thirty years too soon the strongest evidence is that awful of Castor Oil a kid would have to take at the first sign of a Tummy ache. Of me Down through the years a Man can taste it yet. Remembering the treatment that a kid would get. Coaxing commanding then hold if by forcible entry in the darn stuff goes then an Orange or Candy but still the taste remained. Of modern Freedom you have gained a political speaker says the peo ple live on political myths and mists. We Don t believe he said it. In fact we Don t believe anyone could say it out loud. You just try it and see what happens to your denture. Dulles speech revealed troubled period in the headline. He May have revealed it to somebody hut quite a few peo ple already snowed it. Dewey won t run for governor again. And the Republican Candy Date May be senator it would t be too surprising it Ives had the itch to run. Fellow wants to know what s the Best advice parents can give Bride and Groom. The right answer is none. Or of the North Atlantic treaty organization came to London to make . In it he said that it would t be Long before the u. S. Would have atomic weapons in Quantity to Back up nato forces. The russian Delegate Jacob Malik picked this up immediately and used it As evidence that the u. S. Intended to wage atomic bomb warfare. That almost wrecked the conference and it took some time to get the Dis armament train of Tii ought Back on the track. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Side glances be generated if it could be harnessed. After he proposed a Public works project there. Quaddy became a political football was Eric Oriate by gop critics. But in the last session of con Gress sen. Margaret Chase Smith demanded an appropriation for a new Survey of got it through the Senate. To get it. Incidentally she had to pay a High Price namely cast her vote for the St. Lawrence Seaway which hitherto she had opposed. Observers estimate that the republicans spent five times As much Money in the Maine Campaign As the democrats. News coverage was predominantly pro Republic there is no True love outside of relist Billy Graham. to have to say that m. Mendes Francc wanted to destroy the european defense comm German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. Today each american family is poorer because of what has been Given away by an adm Nistra Mon dominated by n concern for big business Jaek Kroll. Director. Cio political action Coin Mill cd or. Mogul no makes propolis which he Well knows can Lead to no practical or Eden. Without question there i.-, n very Delin Ilc unemployment problem which in my personal Opin Ion is a serious recession. Dave Beck Al i eams lers chief. Tar than rigid supports generally speak ing but not right in the november Battle be fought out on foreign soil after that s Muriel again just Tell her Jack s Iio Horn and neither am just talk to me for hours Abu t How she love a to Cook sew and keep with opening of the schools the risk from whooping cough rises rapidly. A single child with whoop ing cough entering school can spread the disease to most of the rest. Children from one to i l years old Are most Likely to be but older children adults and infants under six weeks old can catch it. In infants and old people it is particularly serious. Vomiting often accompanies whooping cough and when tiny children get the Dis ease they May become starved and thin simply because they Are net getting enough food. The time Between exposure and appearance of symptoms varies from four to 20 Days but is usually about 10. At first the symptoms seem like an Ordinary cold with slight fever running nose water ing eyes and slight cough. After a week or ten Days the cough begins to become worse and the typical paroxysms set in. The fit of coughing usually begins with a series of 15 to 20 forced Short coughs without any breaths in be tween. The child May get Blue in the Ana then take a deep breath of air which sounds like a whoop. Several fits of. Coughing May come one after the other until n Smyl amount of Sticky mucus is roughed up which May bring temporary Relief. When vomiting occurs it usually comes at the end of the whoop. Whooping carries some dancer to life particularly in in lanus Ami old people. The cough ing spells place the lungs under Revti a pneumonia can de clop asthma bronchitis Ami other lung complications Are fairly common. The whooping Couch patient should be kept away from others who might become infected. Rest in bed. Good nursing care and Spe Cial attention to the nutrition especially if there is vomiting. Is Neces sary. Most doctors believe that the vaccine against whooping cough will give Active immunity and Protection to children. It is usually Best to begin these injections be fore the child is six months old or at least not later. Those of us who have had whooping cough can usually re member the unpleasant episodes if it occurred quite Early a childhood. Of. He heard its Good Luck am he Well. Wmk Pon t you husks let him put his Little bit in first. Am not put such awful pressure pm him wants some

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