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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 20, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee2 King port monday september 20. 1954 farm Kingsport office of Extension service in chamber of Commerce building dairymen to vote Security to cover Vii veterinarian wednesday on milk form operators workers says brucellosis order proposal be controlled dairymen form Cash receipts drop 8 per cent in Tennessee jul a diurnal earnings total More mor p and s100 from any one employer More Ian two million deduct two per cent of Eich i farm workers will be affected by worker s pay add a i race fris Riou tors in Sec direct ties of a three state area will have j farm operators who make with a list slow inc Ili Ca be there is enough an Opportunity to Vole wednesday much As Smo profit a year and land social Security account a the present time to on a proposed Federal milk order farm employees who earn As of each employee. Back it up in a coi re Ard keep the co unties Are or s. L. Kalison. Pei cent tax once a vol for world s largest peat control company Call Ci-6-9371 i Why Fay More Fok fast dependable 5 11 Row its 25 Greene and Washington in survivors insurance with Iho i income tax return see. And Wise in the new Law. Which goes Imo Jerst payment for farm j Goodu s overseas Market seen in future for farm products employers farm workers desiring More info was done in pre War Davs the be Nashville Tenne ers received about 8 Pei Cash Tor their products in the first own operations Are within any of my Seu Empi Oyea people control Ute to a fund while they Are Worl ing. When earnings Stop because of the death of the worker or be dairymen in those counties belong i of his retire Mcm 65 or purity office. J total receipts for the six Moth Cloher to the Eusel Tennessee or made from the local Post offices can inform in i Back up to now it stands1 period amounted to s166 340 000 of milk producers and has depend quivers on the location of at 2.5 i but this still cause Scarcity of veterinarians it soared i and these associations Are sex Ems or survivors. The tax for employees is two per which was from mar. Betings of livestock and livestock i pc cd to vote As a Block. Ind Epen r. Products and from producers not members of is i " Washington govern of crops in firs is. Moth Nufi either association May vote at the l j Mem officials estimate the u. S. 1953 Eash Recell Lar Ltd j nearest polling place in i can sell More than a billion dollars1 Oon of tins a finn per cent of their earnings. of , cams _. Farmers employing worke offices. Plans Are being made for an estimated loss of Over 10.000. Information about the new Law of yearly. Chedrbrmeanemsoyearm0thneit0 by g pc to county successful and continuous control Worth of surplus american farm and products overseas in the next three years. Agents for use in their work with i rom the places have been announced by Hobart e. Crone u. S. Department of agriculture referee i reducing speared Little likelihood of a second general crop re a dairymen who deliver port As of september 1, Marsh said i Knoxville milk plants almost the entire slate was in critic eligible to vote on i. To Atlanta Federal re will not Bank Spolec Esmill thinks the nations while greatly american surpluses. Two separate Federal programs h a in handled by the foreign operations i Atli nut administration and the agriculture Sale was in Crit Jeli Eible to vote on this Federal a cd portions of depart Mem Rue expected to Ceu of ram Der. Already is a Federal he 1954 agricultural act May have the Way for the billion Dollar pro-1 pastures Are parched and for the Knoxville area Crone benefits on the entire Gram. Has been badly damaged he Economy of the Southeast. Foa is scheduled to buy 350 Mil-1ported in Corn lion dollars Worth of farm goods at bushels Only the open before next As a 8e As the 1953 crop Naid program while and cent of the 1943-52 aver flexible supports May boost Prosperity of entire Region come from a combined Effort National brucellosis commit-1 farm families requesting such in use for coordinating activities the formation. Extension services for educational work and the u. S. Livestock sanitary association the u. E. Do. Apartment of agriculture the state i veterinarian s offices for practical i measures the most important of the team is the Farmer. Without his support nothing can be done. Holston feed store Checkerboard news by Randy Hutson feeding advisor for the foreign agriculture Prog preparing to ship Between 150 and 250 million Dol Lars Worth of same period. Goods during the agriculture is acting under the age. The prospective yield of 22 bushels per acre would be 7.5 bushels under the 1953 state aver age. A Short buy crop also is in pros plans recently approved by con Pecl with tons indicated press authorizing the three fourths of the 1943-51 Sale of Wool up in Tennessee area to sell 700 million dollars Worth a age. Soybeans on the other of surpluses overseas in the next Nanti increased from three years. Meanwhile. Agriculture Secre tary Ezra Taft Benson has lashed out at the that farm prices Are made in Washington saying that this suggestion contains enough truth to sound convincing hut enough untruth to be danger Ous. In a speech prepared for the association of commissioners secretaries and directors of agriculture at Brainerd. Minn., Benson emphasized that prices Are set in the Market place and if they Are not the result will be controls and regulated production distribution and consumption. The Cabinet officer declared there Are undoubtedly times and places when added Price stability is Worth All it could Cost in stiffer controls. But he added i am convinced that to shackle prices altogether permanently and at a High level peacetime More controls than our Farmers bushels produced in 1953 to an estimated this year and september 1 conditions indicated Tennessee Farmers Harvest about the same tobacco poundage As in 1953. Land preparation and fall seed ing have made slow Progress be cause of dry soils. Knoxville Tennessee s 26 co operative Wool sales this year sold a total of pounds of Wool for growers at an average Price of 57.95 cents per Pound Sav ing growers an estimated it marketing specialists report. This was the largest number of growers Selling through the pools in the past 10 years the report shows. Medium one Haft blood Clear and Fine Clear grades totalled 83.6 per cent of the total Wool sold. Medium averaged 58.65 cents per will tolerate and eventually loss of their Freedom the in another farm development Benson appointed Paul m. Roger Veteran agriculture official As Southeast area director for the commodity stabilization service. Atlanta sept. 19 Arthur h. Kanter Analysed the new farm Law from the stand Point of total regional develop ment in an article in the current Issue of the Atlanta Bank s monthly review. The Law which governs Price support operations for next year provides for supports of to 90 per cent of parity for wheat Corn Cotton peanuts and Rice. The sup port Price will depend upon the demand and Supply conditions of and fiber might also Aid re favourable situation for Southeast Ern Kanter continued although they still depend heavily upon the tremendous Market afforded by the densely populated areas of the Northeast and Central parts of the nation they Are placing More and More Reliance upon local Urban markets As an outlet for their products. At the same time they Are becoming less dependent upon markets in foreign Kanter said agricultural adjust ments guided by prices that help equate the Supply and demand Foi Pound one half blood Clear 6l .4oioff it. Alld Fine Clear 61.80 cents. Trie Felting those crops. Kanter Points out that Price flexibility might stimulate adjust ments to meet changed competitive positions. Specifically it might encourage More Farmers to produce food for the needs of Jie growing City population and help step up the productivity per worker both on uie farm and Southeastern Farmers got More in timely estimated saving 740.79 to Wool growers. Florida were the exception two of the 11 states in the nation where farm Cash receipts were higher a first six months of the i year than they were in the corresponding period of 1953. Returns from livestock and its products this year totalled d62.000 that was an increase of from 1953. Crop returns came to a drop of from the first Hall of last year. Ion and conservation committee Roger Nashville tenn., director places Robert s. Reed of coving of the state agricultural stabilize Iton by. Tennessee Farmers Corner by the associated press the new social Security Law recently passed by Congress will affect about three and one half million self employed farm opera tors and Over two million additional farm workers. Here s How the Law works farm operators who make As much As profit a year As Well As farm employees who earn As Dairy Herd improvement Assoc a showing the value of testing Dairy production the specialist compare the difference Between the production of in average cow with the production of the average Tennes see cow under test. The same comparison holds 51s. For nationwide figures. The aver age cow in the United slates pro con will be shown chemical treatment of tobacco Plant Beds for Weed control will be demonstrated on two Sullivan county farms wednesday county agent j. W. Mcclain announces. The morning demonstration will be at the a. N. Hawk farm near Tri City Airport beginning at and the afternoon demonstration at the r. T. Riley and son s farm near Bluff City. There already has been a marked change in the Southeastern Economy in the past two decades with movement of population to the cities with increased income in Urban areas and with agriculture growing or Nailer in numbers of persons involved blot larger As far As productivity is concerned. This he said has created a heeding Resinol pm Vional development by giving some benefits to Consumers and by promoting greater utilization of the labor Force. Pkg cramps Don t suffer monthly cramps even on the first Day in tests Lydi Pinkham s compound or Tab lets stopped or gave amazing Relief of such distress in 3 out of 4 cases Don t suffer needlessly get Lydia e. Pinkham s vegetable compound or convenient new tablets with blood building Iron added. See if you Don t get blessed Relief too also wonderful for relieving hot flashes of change of when colds make him cry does More than work on when a Chest cold makes your child miserable he needs a medication that does More than just work on his Chest. He needs Vicks vap rub because it acts two ways at once 1. Vap rub relieves muscular soreness and tightness stimulates Chest surfaces. 1. At the same Lime vap rub s special medicated Vapours also bring Relief f with every breath. You can t see these Vapours but your child can feel them feel them As they travel deep into the nose Throat and Large bronchial tubes. The congestion starts breaking up. Coughing eases. Soon he enjoys wonderful warming re Lief that lasts for hours. So when colds strike use the Best known Home remedy to relieve such suffering Vicks vap rub. Rub on Relief. Breathe in Relief Wicks v vap rub blueprint for profitable Dairying the Dairyman is entering a critical time. With surplus milk and Price supports what they Are along with higher prices for what he has to buy. It is essential that he does a capable Job of management. After All. The Dairyman is in the Dairy business to make Money. When you consider that the average Dairyman has an investment of around s1300.00 in each cow. It stands to reason that he must see that records Are kept and an outstanding Job be done in getting the amount of Nilk out of each cow that has been bred into her. Purina has evolved through years of study of our own Grade Herd that on a Good sound pro Gram of sound management Good Breeding careful Sanita Tion and Good feeding the Dairy Man can reasonably set a goal of per Day per cow profit Over feed Cost or 530.00 per month per cow profit Over feed Cost. There is no doubt but that the coming year will see the separation of the Dairyman who is doing a Good profitable Job from the Dairyman that is not. You or. Dairyman can in crease your profit per cow on the Purina Dairy profits improvement service program what is the Dpi program let s discuss just what the pro Gram is and How it works. First we ask that you hire us for one year. As anyone who has worked with cows can Tell you it takes time to get results from them. Since you As a Dairyman Are interested in one thing and that is your milk Check and since you have no control Over the first part of the Check which is the amount you get for your milk you Are primarily inter ested in How much of the Check you can keep. The amount you can keep depends on 1. The amount of milk you sell. 2. The roughage Cost. 3. Grain Cost. 4. Other costs such As taxes seed fertilizer maintenance replacements labor and Upkeep. Profits then Are determined by just three things. 1. Amount of milk sold. 2. Price of milk. And 3. Cost to produce. Since the Price of milk is out of our control let s work on the other two profit influencing fac tors i.e., amount of milk sold and the Cost to produce that milk. The amount of milk produced is controlled by four factors 1. Body weight in form of milk making ability. 2. Body Condi Tion carried into lactation. 3. Body condition she keeps thru lactation. The first two factors Are taken care of through proper conditioning of the cow through her dry period which we will take up in our next column. The third Factor is taken care of through a proper Leeding schedule during her milking period. The most important fac Tor that the Dairyman has tha control of is his Cost to produce 100 pounds of milk. This Cost is determined by four fac tors. 1. Cost of Grain Hay. Pas Ture and silage. 2. Ratio of Grain fed to milk produced. 3. Average milk per cow. And 4. Ratio of dry cows to milk info cows. Tie dairymen in this area who Are on our Dpi get a monthly picture of their opera Tion and have direct control Over the four factors listed above. Next crept Bucuss How this goal of a Dollar a Lay per cow profit can be reached. This Rons Tsu of a four Point program. Cow condition Herd replacement program freshening i Roc ram and a culling Pru cram. Visit Slih me next monday and wort Togel Hei to build your Dairy opera Tion into the most profitable one you be been in the business. I am Avail Able to talk with you at any time about your operation and we can show you right Road to profits if you will just hire us and put us to work for you. As latin earn As "b1 vie Uimer Oia ies per much As Cash in a year from ducks about pounds of milk any the Farmer will have old age he average Dhia cow yields and survivors insurance Protection a under the new Law. Under the Law which goes into effect Jan. 1, employees kick in 2 per cent of their pay and this amount is matched by the employer. The tax for the self employed people is 3 per cent of their earnings. Cash that returns returns around pounds. Following these production Fig ures through into the figures show above feed costs Are for the for the Pound producer and for the j producer. X Tennessee s 26 cooperative woo sales this year sold pounds of Wool for growers at an average Price of nearly 58 cents a Pound. It marketing specialists Esti mated the pooled sales saved grow ers during the 36 years such sales have been held in Tennessee a of pounds of Wool to 1 per cent rotenone dust. Do has been sold through local not use Oil Spray solutions on pets i sales for an average Price of 43 87 infested floors Beds and kennels cents a Pound should be sprayed thoroughly with Tennessee had 109 food locker 5 per cent Oil or emulsion solution plants at the beginning of 1954 of did housewives demand for leaner it fleas on your dog or cat or in the Home or Yard All pets except the cat. Can be treated with 10 per cent Dot dust. Dot should not be used on cats. University of Tennessee entomologists say because of their Licking habit. Instead use a 0.5 treat the floors of infested barns and Sheds and infested Yards with a 10 per cent Dot dust or a 2 per cent Spray made by mixing one Pound of 50 per cent Wettable Dot in three Gallons of water. One gallon of Spray or one Pound of dust will treat Square feet. Child in should be kept off treated floors. Control of rats and mice will also Aid in Flea arc. V it the efficient Dairy knows each cow s production and j develops his feeding Breeding and culling program around that knowledge. The it Dairy specialists make this statement in pointing out the advantages of membership in pork coupled with our mounting fats surplus is pushing Swine producers to grow and Market More meat Type of the Sills joists and other Wood in the sub floors of houses without basements can be prevented by a soil cover. Farm chickens sold this summer have been bringing Farmers the lowest prices since 1942. Getting uprights if worried by too frequent burning or Cloudy urine due to common kidney Anri buddy r irritation try Oyster Lor Quick Ratlfy inf. Comforting help. To million ck5tex tablets utes in past 25 Yean prove Lafety and Sucee ii. Ask druggist for Castex under guarantee Bee How much better you ital tomorrow. It s photo copying method for copying letters. Reports cards charts. Etc. One copy made in 50 seconds business services s2 Commerce St. Dial i 5-1371 utilities Home economists help area homemakers miss Nottingham left explains time saving cooking practices during re cent demonstration at Grange Hall school. As a part of the Kingsport utilities round the clock service the company maintains a staff of competent specialists to help its customers to obtain the most practical solutions to their electrical prob lems. Among these special service person Nel Are the Home economists representatives of the Home service department. The utilities Home economists mrs. Rebecca Lee and miss sue Nottingham co operate with area homemakers in Many ways. During the past year for example they presented 169 group demonstrations 27 dealer demonstrations and 5 Home parties to individuals. Their farm and Home electric course reached 4-h club members while 745 scouts were attracted to 33 girl scout cooking classes. About women attended demonstrations sponsored by Home demonstration clubs Pat organizations and other groups. In addition to the numerous demonstrations the Kui Home economists made Home Calls and presented 7 radio programs. They also prepared and circulated Large numbers of fast recipes As mrs. Lee demonstrates an electric clothes dryer. Well As homemaking suggestions. These circulars gave instructions on subjects ranging from the everyday use of simple household appliances to Home lighting and the planning of a modern step saving Kitchen. Through these services utilities Home economists assist Large numbers of housewives and future homemakers to gain an efficient working knowledge of work saving appliances. The services rendered to Kui customers by mrs. Lee and miss Nottingham Are fur ther proof that the utilities service does not end at the meter. Kingsport utilities your Friendly electric service

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