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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 20, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 35 Kingsport times the weather considerable cloudiness and humid tonight with showers and Thun tuesday continued partly Cloudy warm and humid with me Cou wout is a Sale wednesday. Today. 60 turning cooler sunday s High. 95 Low noon temperature 68 mo., was Legal and a majority three could do he said there was no i mandatory requirement for Audi Den to fill two vacancies. 2. Hayden had every right to Al convention keynotes vote los Angeles. Sept. 20 bringing West Germany into the. North Atlantic Alliance american federation of labor again he will be a Tough Man to beat. Tion of the Public. Itself. It sweatts for the government has n Dere foreclosure proceedings on sunday s High temperature of 95 took a nosedive to 66 degrees re corded at noon at the City Filer name himself to the group without submitting his decision to the full j rules committee. on housing projects involving s32. Only 25 self i t using projects involving s3 a people turned out Foi the head of the Dele mortgages. Meens m the chancery c gallon said this series of acts of n j i h have quarters piracy must be viewed us part of indicted and 67 convicted i that group elected fran it still larger j Gardner president of the c received sized labor cannot win the United states Senate but in the november May carry the for a Long period and As Long As satisfactory controls Are put on German rearmament. Two americans held by czechs Heidelberg Germany _ the . Army today idea tried two american soldiers arrested by the czech communists and said he -------.f.-., 6uuu state department is negotiating for Ance " the Council s report said " for labor to make substantial elections House. An Advance report by the Al s executive Council conceded there is Little likelihood of having a Clear pro labor majority in the Senate after this year s but the Al s top governing group highly hopeful of some labor gains in the Senate where Only a third of the members Are up for election and in the House where All members face the voters. There is an exceptionally Good their release. The men were listed As 1st gains in this Section if the workers still larger pattern. He asserted i refer to the chinese c Hist record in Korea the campaigns of extermination the chinese people themselves. I Lori i which millions have lost their lives the boast of the chinese communist leaders that they have the second largest army in the Only to the soviet Union. Here presided Eisen lower. Maintained his usual Public silence on future a plans. Chest but there was some morning Shower a some evidence Bible that the former Illinois governor is i the Dav is role As titular i fel1 of that for most of of an Inch of rain in mishap Pri organization and Lon r. Vice president. Coining to enjoy Hii Kingsport Chest officials of the democratic party the associated press Rynn Rush last april with Hawkins count ians More than he Ever believed he j Middle Tennessee was soak be my Bristol sept. Per toward getting such an Organiza would. Despite the vexations of first general rainfall in several sons were taken to Bristol me Uon activated in their county. Inmost continuous travel in this weeks monday with More to non or Lii this Mornier Fol has confessed Inch of rain reported in bids on the installation of fluoridation equipment will be received was present session. For thursday night s Brembly both today and to fifth v t m us barring the unexpected the As j18 re8ular meeting of the Board of mayor and aldermen tuesday it City manager d. W. Moulton monday. Voted 737 to 545 in a referee talks with party leaders that it is will beat Down All soviet attempts the chinese nationalists and replace them with the ing regime. In i l 737 favor of fluoridation at at 3 . Today Assem Bly president mine v. L. Pandit called the delegates to order for Eeren Dum on May 29, and the City Board gave it final approval Oil july bids will also be received at the meeting on the installation of and her closing statement. Mine. Pandit will yield the chair equipment at the to her to be on the Sale and i e. N. Kleffen dutch Ambas three _ Homes on the steals purse Carlinburg. Tenn. Sept. 20 Edith h. Clark of Oak Ridge reported to great Smoky mountains National Park rangers that a Bear stole her purse and fled into the Woods with it nevertheless it is evident Elev saturday. Jonson feels that if the record of to friends the Job he has under taken of rebuilding the party fascinates him. Stevenson has areas. The weather Bureau said 1.65 maintained Oral fel1 at Nashville by aders that it is and continued Toi lowing a three car Accident route 1i-w near Blountville about . Richard h. Dries and pfc. George Pisk. Their Home addresses we re not immediately available. They were scooped up by czech Border patrol near Eslary. Of the country can be prevailed upon to Register and vote in full strength in what is generally regarded As an off year convention was to hear an on the German czech Border last i address by Al president Friday. Czechoslovakia s red gov Geol be mean a and an afternoon note to the speech by the labor spokesman of the Eisenhower administration. La Bor Secretary James p. Mitchell. A demand for a 35-hour week to replace the present 40-hour week provided in the wage hour Law Ern ment in a protest note . Embassy in Prague admit Ted last night it was holding them and claimed they were arrested on czech territory while photograph ing military installations and trying out lasses. Observations with Field was proposed by the a l Council Hospital authorities said Doug a Barnes Franklin tenn., a ithe first 20 months of the Eisen Sador to the u. his elec of Way. The the the Tion following the on nine of the ?1" c.h.2f5. Of two police cars. Occurred. Or the slope from the Road where totalled 1.24 inches 1.10 inches fell at Oneida 1.04 inches at Clarks a Paul Steele Bristol. Va., route 2, Ville and inches at Gainesboro i was also with the rain was sorely needed by closed Farmers who have reported fall pastures heavily damaged by the drought. The forecast indicated rain and showers would continue throughout the Day. Be Hospital were on West be Tion following the opening of the on we Sci. Ninth Assembly tomorrow at 3 traded in will also i past experience has that Russia rarely leis the Opportunity pass to inject a sour Nole in the closing or opening As Sembly session coupled unfailingly1 with it bitter attack on the United suites. This afternoon. Soviet Delegate Andrei Vishinsky almost certainly will Call for a showdown vote on nullifying the credentials of nationalist China and replacing them with those of the Pei pm resume. No charges filed in fatal shooting " h pcs i be mrs Clark said uniforms along the Highway Chance of winning the two years from now. Only part Superman had stopped dissension which cropped out at to watch rally Here indicated that the Mother Bear and three cubs. Was also admitted with Undis closed injuries. The Hospital said Junior Wilson 26, route 2, Bristol tenn., was riven first Aid treatment and Dis missed. V Barnes was believed the chauffeur of a 1951 Model car involved in the Accident. Tennessee High Way patrolmen investigating the Van county circuit court could not be contacted. When picked up. Gains with part leaders that it is u cont Ueo to cur m an oin Ciai c too Early even to discuss the pres at Wolf Creek Dalr. The rain was injured and what they could see j i Pito Flat talus i Norimi Foit l _ _ identical race two years from now. Although he believes Eisenhower has slipped in popularity he is in Clad to think that no president could maintain the level of the 1952 sweep. To the convention As a Way of the army Previ Nush said work to combat the in men were cruising along the bor.iemp1oyment situation Der in an official capacity to see the also called on the to Sec Auu but that they convention to ask Congress to in Erman territory crease the Law s present 75 cent an hour minimum wage to si.25 to husband is held in our cancer questions answered thursday Birmingham ala., sept 20, 1956 nomination is not going two year old flirting i default if some democrats can Ham boy who suddenly proclaimed i Here were that three he was Superman and leaped out cars up pavement on in Loudon shooting Loudon tenn., sept. 20 -----------------r.t, mrs. Virgie Watts about 30 died Accident were reported in Sulli in a Knoxville Hospital today about fatten worker incomes and aug ment consumer purchasing Power. Man is charged making threats rape out a of a window a was uninjured today Bristol Side of a drive in a Tornito q fill of in theater in ten ufos 11-1v i help it. There now is going on within the party a struggle for be tween the regulars who stood close to the throne when Harry s. Tru Man was president and the late fld suddenly ran to the window despite a fall of 15 feet. Son Katherine Howard said her Ronald awoke from a Napi theater on route 11-w. Steele and Barnes were later reported in serious condition. Steele suffered internal injuries. Questions regarding n a health forum. The health forum is sponsored this is to be the first Cai Toi us in the area. Seven local close relations w doctors will answer write tons from readers and listeners this struggle May Culm. Without using latin medical Termi or the election in the Choi ology. I. Jakin. Uni Comers who Lave found places tried to take a flight without and Barnes suffered Shock Frac the National committee underlie use of wings. Doctors said the lured hip lacerated Side and loss chairman Stephen a. Received Only one scratch. T Stevenson s handpicked Man. Of blood. Three hours after she had been Ralph Barrett 30. Faced three shot in the head at her Home monday in sessions court Here. I after allegedly threatening two Loudon county sheriff Freeman Russell said mrs. Watts husband Cecil is being held for questioning in the shooting. The sheriff said Watts had declined to discuss the youths with a pistol Early monday on Jarrett drive on Long Island. The preliminary hearing on the charges felonious assault carry ing arms and Public drunkenness. Incident. Iwas set for Friday. At Knoxville. Hospital attendants Deputy sheriff John Cox said said a 22-caliber Rifle Bullet was arrested at about rated mrs. Watts head behind monday after one of the left j youths had taken the pistol from participating doctors Are or. No charges had been filed by monday morning against Sullivan county Deputy sheriff j. E. Wept. In cooperation who shot and killed a Long " Edical association Man saturday while trying to arrest him. Witnesses said the slain Man Melvln Curtis Allen. 24. 1774 War Rick drive Drew a gun and told the Deputy. I m going to kill Fields Only statement later was i had to do it to save my the Deputy was seeking to arrest Allen in connection with the wounding of another Long Island Man a Short time earlier. Funeral services for Allen will be held tuesday at 3 p. In. At Ger Man Baptist Church in Hawkins county with burial in Bowser cemetery. The Rev. Orville Dolan will officiate. The body was to be taken to Home. 1774 Warnck drive late monday. As a Public service by the or. James ver successor to Mitchell who has made it Clear he wants Paul but Ler. Indiana National committee port times news and radio cart his successor. or. William Wiley or. Robert arrayed against Butler at this wept. In cooperation with Jones or. W. E. Scribner and or. Time Are Oscar Chapman former sell 20 i Allen Exum. Secretary of the Interior Michael atom Energy commission Chai Disalle. Former Norire Lewis l Strauss is confide cites u. S. Superiority Over Russia in atomic weapons i him. Charles Murray one of the thic Slanc d. Said your health forum Kingsport Kingsport. Tennessee dear doctor my question on cancer is this mail now sign if you wish if Dent v. Disalle former Price adminis gun Trator and James Finnegan of that inc Nas superiority to he did not elaborate As Day m atomic and Hydrogen super-1defense" statement. Patently referring to delivery by bombers As contrasted with talked of intercontinental guided missiles. Philadelphia who is regarded As i somewhat of an Independent. Who will win this test of strength evidently depends largely on How the democrats fare in their Battle i with the republicans for control of Congress. If. Stevenson and Mit can hit that particular Jack pot in november their National committee influence is Likely to be overpowering. Stevenson is not leaving Many unturned stones in that direction. He has a full schedule which Calls for appearances at Bloomington. 111., tomorrow in Evanston 111. Sept. 24 Minneapolis. Sept. 25 Rockford. 111. Oct. I Detroit oct 2 Wichita kan., oct. 7 los an Geles oct 9, on his no weapons. For now and the near it new Iii i Iii near Lut but he warned that the time will Strauss said nothing could pre vent Swift terrible and consign retaliation by the u. S. In Case of an attack. Consign Means deserved come when such superiority will prove relatively less important As other nations develop enough of an atomic age Arsenal to wage full scale War. The dec chairman. In a rare Public interview Over Abc s Tele Strauss said lie based his belief Vised meet the press sunday of u. S. Superiority on the fact night indicated he sees no danger i that this country was first in the of an atomic War. But added the atomic Case of the atomic he happens to Ford of the word. Not be Worth metering. This goal he added is a Long Range propose . He also reported that astonishing results have been obtained from treating various materials especially plastics with radioactivity and he believes that Many new products industries Andu vhf jobs will come from these develop rett had earlier been snapping the pistol at them and making threats other deputies assisting in the arrest were j. S. Fields and John Carroll. A Kingsport. Route 4. Man was bound to grand jury monday morn ing on a charge of driving under the influence of intoxicant. Tjie defendant pleaded not guilty saying he had been drinking but was t drunk. Judge s. G Gil Nannt. Breath or so his Bond at Quici the judge also irn posed a Fine and costs totalling Sim on the Man grim report that there Field and of Ranii methods of delivering the Hydro communist nations. Tense. Bomb for which there is no de a in discussing peacetime uses of atomic Power the commission chairman said he Hopes to live to Nee the Day when electricity from he said however that there is a defense against present meth ods of delivering the a bomb a on a charge of driving without a License. A father and son both of Roule who were in the car at the time of the arrest were fined on other charges. The father received a Fine and costs totalling s20 for pos Sessing whisky and Public drunk enness. The son received a Fine and costs totalling for Public drunkenness. Tennessee Highway patrolmen ii. I. Bargor and Hubert Woliver stopped the car saturday evening on 11-w when it was observed weaving Back and Forth across the Road. Earlier they had had a meeting would be followed by report from Blountville that the ments. Strauss also expressed Hope that i., Sia will Send delegates to an International conference of atomic scientists tentatively planned for Early next year. He said it would has had n healthful indication if so avs table thex Vici representatives participate. The conference he emphasized will Deal with non secret matters and he expressed Hope that co operation by the russians in this

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