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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 19, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee4 Friday sept. 19, 1952 Kingsport times an Independent democratic new temper merry go Rounce Hollywood by Drew Pearson c. P. Or. w. J. Bettor bin Star. Ouw i i Terett Stout. Ete Filart. Tin. Of inn. In Ripon Amoco Muon Tat tin audit of Clr Tuuu an Tadt taut cwt paper Publ had tub tatar Boon us Suader Gnu to to tuft for publication of Mil Mot do Pitchu and Ltd to it or not my Tarlit or Dlud la mud us tto local Pumm i to Wrocla bated poll of Tom la Kataf pork u i Eood Elm mail nuut october 37 sm4, a astr act of March Nati Oul Advt Misiaf Fly Naoa it Velatti. Inc. With off Loti la York. Cd ledge. Detroit Tuuu 8t loud. Kuum atty. Loud to subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought do this now my son and deliver thyself when thou Art come into the hand of thy Friend go Humble thyself and make sure thy the times daily tonic i never heard of an apostle Prophet or pub lie Benefactor resting from their labors they died with harness Campbell. Convention delegates among the votes we cast next novem Ber none will be More important to the people of Tennessee than those we cast for the candidates for Delegate to the constitutional convention. There is no politics involved in this Campaign and candidates will run independently but there is a very important qualification that the elected candidate should have there is one important thing about each candidate the voter should know. That is does he favor Constitution Al change at All is he opposed to change in any of the propositions that the convention will consider the vote in favor of holding a constitutional convention was lopsided. The fact that such a Large majority of those voting voted yes indicates that a Large majority Are in favor of change in at least some of the six Points involved. But make no mistake. There was and is opposition to change and it exists among people who did not choose to openly fight against holding a convention. This opposition is now quietly at work to defeat change by the election of Dele Gates who will work and vote against change. Moreover there Are two ways that change can be prevented. One is by hav ing the convention refuse to propose any change. But if that does not work there is also the technique of overdoing it and getting a recommendation so Radical and far reaching that the people will be sure to vote it Down when it is put up to them. We do not say either of these things will happen but it is up to the people who want change made but not foolish changes to realize what can happen and to make a careful selection of delegates who will not let it happen. It is very important then for the peo ple to know just where the candidate for Delegate stands. It is important that the people know whether the candidate truly favors revision of the constitutional provisions subject to possible Amend ment. Certainly if a Man seeking the Post is not in favor of the Home Rule proposal at All for instance then the peo ple who Are in favor of it should know so that they will not vote for that candidate. The same is True of All six Points. Of course the reverse is also True. Naturally a candidate cannot commit himself to vote for a proposal that has not yet been spelled out but he can sub Mit his attitude toward change. There is no reason Why a candidate should not in asking for the people s vote state fully his position on All six Points. Those who favor and those who Are against have a right to that information. Moreover it is Only on the basis of a candidate s Posi Tion on the six Point program that a voter should judge. How he feels for in stance on a state income tax is irrelevant. Even if every single one of the 132 delegates favored an amendment to make the income tax possible they could not do anything about it because that is outside the poll. If they brought out such a proposal it would be thrown out. Con sequently any candidate who talks about the state income tax is either confused himself or confusing the people. But we repeat we do need to know what the attitude and convictions of Candi dates Are before we vote for them. It would be very foolish to think that All we needed was delegates with a technical knowledge of constitutional Law. That is Good but if that is All the people ask for they May find they have elected delegates who will not do what the people want them to do and we May find we Are right where we started after running around in a Circle. Voting for a Man because he is a Good Man and a smart Man is not enough. If you want constitutional changes you need to elect a Delegate who favors constitutional changes. There u no room for of opinion in both Par Lei. It is not necessary to Hare the views of the candidates on every sen. Joseph Mccarthy we Are in the midst of our four year spasm of electing a president now and you will hear a lot of hooey during that Dent Harry s. Truman. All we ask and expect from the u. 8. Is not to help our rival religious Leader Mullah bayed Kashani. Rumor factory rumours Are like mushrooms. Once they get started they keep on growing. Some time ago the Hollywood reporter re ported that lady Sylvia Ashley sex wife of Douglas Fairbanks and later of Clark Gable had been squared around Nassau by Stuart Symington aide to the shortly thereafter the same report appeared in a new York gossip column. Only this time the item omitted the fact that Stuart Symington was aide to the there happens to be two Stuart Symington one the former director of the rec now running for the sen ate in Missouri the other a britishers and aide to the governor of the Bahamas. His Hap pens to be single. The new York column began talking about an impending divorce in the Stuart Symington Missouri Symington. Symington happens to be one of the most happily married men in Public life but the Rumor kept on spreading. Eventually the Rumor came Back to Symington from a Friend who asked Stuart what s this Story i hear about you and Greta Garbo going around costello Rumor another Rumor erroneously current is that David Charniy crack new York Public relations Man handled publicity for Gangland Leader Frankie costello. I came near falling for this Rumor myself one time. However careful investigation convinces me that Charnay was no such thing. As a newsman he once knew and wrote stories about costello. But they were critical stories. However the Rumor kept cropping up to such an extent that Charnay was Cross examined by the Kefauver crime committee which could find nothing to substantiate the Rumor. Though probed by Kefauver Charnay har bored no grudge had an interesting experience at Chicago when Kefauver was running for president. Charnay was adviser to sen. Dick Russell of Georgia. And after both Russell and Kefauver were Defeated by Stevenson and the top party leaders were sitting in the Little room behind the convention Rostrum trying to decide who should be vice president Char nay who was in the room urged that they bring Kefauver into the conference. The South is going to be terribly important in this Charnay urged. Kefauver has put up a great fight. He ought to be con however Kefauver was neither offered the vice presidency nor even consulted. Both the president and speaker Sam Rayburn were too sore. Behind the colombian riots inside fact about the Savage rioting and pillage in Bogota Colombia was that it was inspired by the colombian government itself. In the end the government plot got hopelessly out of hand and mobs set fire to two news paper plants to Liberal party Headquarters and to the Homes of two prominent Liberal leaders. For three years Colombia has been ruled by a ruthless fascist Type regime under the presidency of the country s conservative party chieftain fanatical Franco admiring Laureano Gomez. He took Over the Post after alleged elections in which the Liberal opposition refused to participate because Tho then controlled by Gomez flagrantly rigged the registration lists. Ever since a bloody undeclared civil War has raged throughout the backhands of that South american Republic. News Agency correspondents in Bogota operating under the most rigid censorship in the Western hemisphere and almost As restricted As foreign reporters in Moscow were generally obliged to accept Low government figures on casualties. However this columnist kept informed by trustworthy reports smuggled out via neigh Bor Jig countries can authoritatively affirm that total deaths in this Long drawn out bit Ter internal strife Are now near the Mark. This Means that one colombian in every 30 has lost his or her life through political War fare since 1949. The world has been reluctant to give credit to such apparently fantastic Fig ures but the explanation lies in the whole Sale Slaughter measures practice by govern ment troops against the entire population of Liberal villages with subsequent retaliatory massacres against conservative settlements. It is this unique political division of the country that has complicated the crisis. In Colombia everybody knows that there Are Many towns where not a single conservative lives others which have riot had a Liberal res ident in 100 years. When killings Start in those places All restraint is off because no one has to trouble about distinguishing Friend from foe. Several months ago Alfonso Lopez sex president of Colombia and one of the country s most respected Public figures personally took Over negotiations with the government on be half of the Liberal party. At first he was confident that he and Laureano Gomez in Man to Man talks could find a peace formula to end the fierce fratricidal struggle. But ailing Strong Man Gomez who took an indefinite leave of absence from the presi Dency last March because of a heart Condi Tion had lost effective control of his party to his son Alvaro. Extremist though the elder Gomez has always been his record looks positively moderate alongside the son s. Young Alvaro Gomez told Alfonso Lopez Victory comes first Only after that can there be talk of burning a newspaper two weeks ago shocked and discouraged Lopez gave up trying to work out a truce be fore leaving for new York on what was to be a Brief business trip he issued a statement placing the blame for the breakdown of negotiations squarely on the government. Al Liberal party Organ and prob ably the Best newspaper still operating under its own management in latin America gave Lopez declaration a heavy play sure that his wide prestige would lend weight to his words regardless of the readers political affiliations. The paper was Reghu so right that Alvaro Gomez decided the time had come to give its publishers a Good scare. Orders went out to conservative henchmen in Bogota to take advantage of a funeral procession for five policemen killed sept. 4 in political skirmishing. The plan was to have the mourners March pastel Tiempo on their Way Back from the cemetery to shout threats and perhaps throw a few stones. But partisan passions in colom Bia today run too High to be controlled. When the funeral procession reached the newspaper building the parades first broke every win Dow with rocks then set the offices afire. From there they stormed five blocks across town and similarly fired Al Tiempo sprint ing Plant. By the time firemen got the blazes under control both edifices were gutted with about Worth of furnishings and equipment destroyed. By Erskine Johnson Hollywood Wood and Grapevine if Mulei can talk so can dogs and horses. A new film entry at Fox is first of co starring a couple of talking horses and narrated by a dog the Only humans in the film play bit roles and their dialog Comet out in unintelligible gibberish. Shed no ears for Johnnie Ray in the financial department. Ray s wails in 1052 will Gross him Over of it hell be Able to keep after expenses and taxes. As a Singer and songwriter in 1949, Ray made if Bette Davis in the flesh musical revue two s is a hit her absence from Holly Wood will be longer than the town suspects. Winding up her role in the she told me i m going to be with the show As Long As anybody wants to see it. If every town in the country wants us i la be the revue is slated to open a tryout in Detroit sept. 27. Is Sterling Hayden s beaming Over his role opposite Bette in what May be her last movie for a Long time. He says it s the first picture i be made in which i could relax and be myself. There was no one asking me to Ham it v it s a Case of mistaken identity in the Dan Dailey Constance Smith Romance reports. The Beauty s name is the same but she s a not the movie enchantress who co stars with Dan in the movie Connie is married to Byron Forbes. Forever amorous Kathleen Winsor who never got around to dedicating a novel to sex Hubby Artie Shaw has dedicated her new one the to her new mate Arnold Krakower. And one line from the dust jacket Blurb of the Book will make movie and writers Blush Only in his primal ruthless Ness could she know the exquisite pain of a love that could never be w Hollywood is glad to hear Gail Russell is on the mend. It to look for Rita Hayworth s next she Ever makes another film be a comedy. Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin Are writing a Nice place to visit with Rita in mind. If the title did t tip you it s about new York w Alan Wilson says he knows a psychiatrist who has a sure cure for inferiority complexes. He sends his to live in Texas for a year. In if a director Eugene Lourlee who directed monster from beneath off see -4nv better i 6amb 4twhkutuo can Vlf i my won t 14x35 Topf o Secl Bbown Cosen t a wife a easier Way to Settle our cutoff your Blakj Opalw Asp Dull he Ratchf Here Pride and prejudice Washington calling aboard Eisenhower Campaign lose or draw in november for the re publican party a subject of unceasing speculation will be that famous breakfast meeting be tween candidate Dwight d. Eisenhower and senator Robert a. Taft who was Defeated for the gop nomination. The consequences both for the Campaign and for the future of the party Aje undoubtedly More far reaching than anyone can now foresee. Not until the two principals get Down to writing their memoirs will we know the whole Story. But Here from the Eisenhower viewpoint is perhaps As much As can be reported about that ses Sion until either one or both of them decide to Tell All. As a Novice in politics which he easily admits he is Eisen Hower was deeply troubled by the Taft tactic. He also was in the Story of a pre Hist Orle lined to feel somewhat resent Brontosaurus that invades new York City received a letter from the museum he did re search. The letter read we wish to Correct a research fact we gave you and Hope that you will Correct your script accordingly. Bronto Sauri did not live years ago but years ago. We Hope you Correct your something for the kids Jan Sterling s still gasping at her personal appearance tour with Tony Curtis to drumbeat it for flesh and they had to Call out the riot squad to handle the Bobby sox ers wherever we says Jan. Tony s studio should give him everything he wants. There s no body in Hollywood who has this thing with the kids the Way he has w w Hollywood s guessing the Iden Tity of the chief character in Robert Garson s forthcoming novel about movie town the magic a Pioneer of the Flicker Industry who was ruined by the Advent of the talkies is their bet. June Haver s on her toes again after her Long illness. She s Back at Fox rehearsing the dance sequences with Dan Dally in the girl next Jean Pierre Aumont has fingers crossed for the of Louis Ful at being put on the spot in such a Public fashion after he had gone so far As to advertise his Hope that Taft would play on the team. It was at the meeting of mid West republicans in Chicago that Ike went All out not Only to Praise his principal pre Conven Tion rival but to offer him some thing like a co equal place in the Campaign. Many in the Chi Cago meeting were not merely Cool but hostile. One reporter present saw two precinct work ers who several times As Elsen Hower was speaking made More or less open gestures of con braille which he s already done on television. V Marilyn Monroe s name is top Ping those of Ginger Rogers Paul Douglas and Fred Allen on theater marquees for we re not Jon Hall s warbling with Frances Langford on their current . Entertain ment tour in Korea could mean a Warmup for a Filmus Cal co starring the pair. Is film Queen to Ruth Hussey about a certain leading Man he s terribly Nice but when Ever he opens his Mouth he shatters the illusion of being he tempt. If he saw these manifestations the ignored them and handled himself with dignity while at the same time affirming his conviction that All elements in the party should unite for Victory. Against this background Eisen Hower resented the More or less Public terms of truce that Taft and his allies insinuated while the senator was still at his sum Mer Home at Murray Bay in Quebec. Yet Eisenhower tried to keep his personal feelings in the background. Since the whole matter had been aired so publicly he Felt there was nothing to do but try to bring the War ring clans together for a com Mon assault on the enemy. He told Taft that he could Only Campaign in his own Way the issues sincerely and earnestly. The slam bang give pm hell technique would be wholly out of character. Any Effort to use that method would put him in a foolish and unnatural Light. At the same time he urged Taft to go out and do everything in his Power to help bring about a Republican Victory. Naturally Taft would follow his own line blasting at personalities notably president Truman Secretary of state Dean Acheson Secretary of agriculture Charles Brannan social Security administrator Oscar Ewing and others in the administration shooting gallery. This will be exactly the kind of Campaign Taft would have waged if he had been the nominee. It will be full of the smell of brim Stone As the tireless Taft goes around the country scorching his enemies with catalogue of their sins As the Ohio senator has compiled it. As for Ike he seems Likely to go on through the crowded weeks up to november 4 putting the main stress on the larger values of peace and Freedom and Amer Ica s religious heritage. This will be varied of course with attacks on corruption in Washington. A vehement speech on this theme is in the works for Kansas City where Eisenhower will remind his audience of the curse of pen Der autism and its Cost in graft and crime. That is of course too Good an Opportunity to pass up. What might be called the typical Eisenhower is the Man who talks in the football stadium at Northfield Minnesota to Stu dents faculty and townspeople from Carleton and St. Olaf col Leges. In the Bright Sun with the cheerleaders and the brilliantly dressed student bands before him Ike talks about the Independence and the Freedom that the Small College inculcates. Some of the politicians particularly in Taft territory complain that he fails to Rouse his audiences. For the most part they Lis ten in respectful silence. At the end they cheer and applaud again. What they take away what their impression of the hero is it is impossible to say. One possibility has occurred to the Eisenhower strategists and it is giving them some concern. That is that when Taft begins to blast the National attention May be drawn from the Eisenhower Type of Campaign to the louder and angrier spectacle of Taft doing what he promised1 All along in the months leading up to the Chicago convention. In that event there could be some con fusion in the Public mind As to just who is running for presi Dent. Rarely does anyone in the heat and temper of a Campaign think about what will happen after election Day. But with an Elsen Hower Victory under the Circum stances outlined above it might be a question As to whose Vic tory it was and who would there after have the right to determine policy. Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe the meanest trick you cart play on a three year old boy is to give him an unbreakable toy. He s bound to become frustrated. Walter Wanger the movie pro Ducer who went to jail for shoot ing his wife s gentleman Friend says he plans to produce a movie based on his prison experience. That is what you Call dangling Good out of misfortune. It seems that when Eisenhower and Taft failed to get together that proved to Stevenson that the. Republicans were hopelessly split. When they did get together that proved to Adlai that the republicans were hop Leuly United. A movie Man corrects someone for referring to Frances As a jackass. Frances he says is a mule not a jackass. That what makes it unusual to hear him talk. Definitions train what a Bride wears on her wedding dress the Day she is married rides on when they Start on their honeymoon and begins doing to her husband before the Honey Moon is Over. For a movie Star was hospitalized after having three ribs broken while acting before a camera. No you re wrong. It was t one of those love scenes. He was just thrown off a horse. A Little boy asked his daddy if Truman and Taft were running for vice president it looks like Sparky and Nix Are going to be the forgotten men even before the election is Over. Union labor will never be satisfied with a minor operation on the t. H. Law. What they really want is to Cut the Hart out of Taft Hartley. Now that we Are using guided missiles How Long will it be be fore we Are told the enemy id using them too a doctor says that the average Man is too fat. The average doctor looks like the average Man. General Ike says that the pub Lic questions Are no laughing matter. But Adlai seems to be defying the Law of Gravity on the subject. Has anyone stopped to think that if Stevenson is elected How Many defenceless babies will be named Adlai tilt seems a lot of commentators feel that Stevenson s speeches Are marked by an irritatingly perfect enunciation. One fellow says Adlai May be speaking from his heart but his voice seems to be coming from the top of his head. And another fellow says Ste Venson talks like an Acheson with a sense of humor. In football name Fame lame shame. Season Dame game maim dumb Dora thought the school boys were drunk because they were called High school boys. In any town in these United states the biggest news on sat urday morning is the local High school football game the night before. In pretty soon comes the time of year when people Start thinking of putting on heavy underwear. That is men do. Doctor says Edwin p m Side glances i to Way Cut my opening cans in cooking class i i marry a Man who Likis Frozen a 28-year-old Reader says that she has been troubled with a condition diagnosed As poly neuritis and wants to know if it is any Kin to Parkinson s Dis ease. This Reader s concern is readily understandable but before Dis cussing pol neuritis the question of its relationship to Parkinson s disease can be answered with a pol neuritis merely Means inflammation and pain in several nerves. Sometimes the condition gets worse As time goes on though this is not inevitable. Quite often the parts supplied by the affected nerves show weakness wasting of the mus cles pain tenderness and often changes in sensation or feeling. Sometimes the pain is severe and once in a while the inter Ference with sensation is so great that a pin can be stuck into the skin of the affected areas with out being Felt at All. There Are a Host of possible causes. Most of the Well known metals such As Mercury Bis Muth arsenic and Lead Are responsible in some cases. Vitamin deficiency diseases particularly beriberi which is a Vitamin a deficiency and pellagra May be at fault. Pol neuritis sometimes develops from general dietary deficiencies during pregnancy and in the presence of such general diseases As diabetes or pernicious anaemia. Chronic alcoholism can produce this condition. Infections May also produce pol neuritis. Pol neuritis is a frequent symptom of so called rheumatic infections. It May complicate typhoid fever Scarlet fever influenza mumps and Al most any of the Well known infectious diseases. Whether severe or mild the cure of pol neuritis depends on finding the cause. If caused by a Vitamin deficiency for example the proper remedy is to treat that error in the diet. It complicates known infections recovery generally takes place without special measures As the patient improves from the disease responsible. Bed rest needed rest in bed is usually needed not Only because of the muscular weakness but also because the heart May become involved. Serious deformities can develop because of muscular weakness if the limbs Are not supported by splints sandbags or other Means. The sufferers from Polyner Ritis Are indeed to be pitied. The pain and the muscular weak Ness usually interfere with walk ing or with the use of the hands and arms depending on where the trouble is located. Treat ment usually requires great patience on the part of the patient and ingenuity on the part of the physician. Out our Way

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