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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 19, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeGround breaking exercises for the new Sanctuary of Bethel presbyterian Church were conducted recently. A service of worship was led by the Rev. K. Compher pastor of the Church. Prayer of dedication was led by the Rev. B. Ketchersid pastor of the Highland Park methodist Church. Or. John Yelton superintendent of Home missions Holston presbytery is shown turning the first shovel of dirt for the new building. The Rev. Bill Cameron Chapel Pas Tor of the Bethel Church pronounced the Benediction. Construction on the new Church began september 15. Church Calendar cum cd or . Watauga Street cd Archt dec c. Auburn pastor. George Watauga Bernard Mason minister. O. Harr jr., associate pastor. Sunday sunday school . Morning won hip. School. . Morning worship 11 evening worship. 7 . Evening worship. . Rock s Stuart or. Pastor Church school 10 . Pre a Cit ing every and third sunday. 11 of . Lid c b. Cat Bey. Minister. Sunday school. 19 a. Morning worship 11 a. Evening worship. P. tech or Isis Chi list i i Kyj and Park amt Tiv. K. Forbes. Pastor. Day school. 10 . Preaching. T . Saltation 1xmt aft 211 k. Captain Timber Cox. Officer in sunday school. . Morning 11 . Of lunch of god Kvek of 8k. Ray Morgan pastor. Sunday school 10 . Morning won hip 11 . Evan Gell Stylc Are race. . Church ge4. Bread Bot Artawa White pm Tor. Sun Day school. mom in f won hip . a Errice . Island in Jimh t. R. Bent on pastor. Sunday 10 pref Ching . Latter Dat baxnt1 Barck of Christ latter Day Tiu Lester e. Monroe Branch president. Sunday .10 . Sacrament . On Hank Jimh Curtal x. A Marshall pastor. Sunday school 10 . Evangelistic service. and every . Dope second and fourth sunday c 0 w. Gott sunday school 10 . Won hip pastor. And Shankles pastor. Sun Day school 10 . Church service . And St l. Peanon., minister. Church school. . Morning worship. 11 . Evening worship. 8 . Betkel a. A c. Zoom e. T. Pugh minister. Church school . Morning worship 11 . Evening Wor ship. 7 . k. Compher pastor. We. Cameron assist pastor. Morning worship . school . Of 8. Wright pastor. Sunday school. 10 . Morning worship 11 . Wexter Large Charles Ferguson pastor. Sunday school. A. Morning Wor ship a. Central presbyterian Cameron pastor. Morning worship . Church school . First presbyterian a. O. Sommers Pas Tor. Davis youll assistant pastor. Sunday school. . Morning worship. 11 . Evenin worship. 8 . A and Riegge pastor. Sun Day school. 10 . Worship service 11 . Evening worship . W. Buchanan pastor. Sun Day school. 10 . Morning worship. It . Evening worship . View James s. Mann pastor. Church Cabool 3 . Worship 4 . Waverly r. Mackinnon pastor. Sunday school . Morning worship. 11 . Evening worship 8 . Bethel. 1527 Burwell Compher pastor. Church school. . Morn ing worship 11 . Evening worship . Becky Creek Tor. Sunday school. Worship 11 . T. Bellamy Supply Pas . Morning Grace. Gate City b if k White minister. Sunday school. . Morn ing worship 11 . Ite oing worship. , pastor. Sunday school . Morning Wor each first and third sunday 7 , each second and fourth sunday a , Gray c. Henry pastor. Fail View lint and third sunday 11 . Worship and fourth sunday evening worship. Sunday school. 10 . Second and fourth sunday i . Sun Day school in . Valley and second sunday , third Sun Day. 3 . Sunday school. It . And t. Smith pastor. Sun Day school. 10 . Morning worship. 11 . Evening worship t . Glea Walter Martin put or. Sunday school 10 . Worship i . Evening worship . Holston View William land Pas Tor sunday school. 10 morning Wor ship 11 a. Evening worship p. Ketron p. Pastor. Sunday school . Morning worship. . Evening worship. . Icing port Willis pastor. School 10 . Worship service 11 . 7 30 . Each each first sunday and third sunday Mountain View sunday school 10 . Worship services. 11 . Each second sunday and . Each fourth sunday hark ours Chapel sunday school 10 worship services each fourth sunday 11 . And each second sunday. . Bethel sunday school 10 . Worship each third sunday i Frank o. Mason pastor. Sun Day school . Morning worship 11 evening worship . W. V Pierce pastor. Church school 10 . Morning worship 11 . Kendriek Creek Fleenor. Pastor. Dev Glai shed sunday school i . Worship services first sunday morn ing and third sunday evening. Kaitera Star sunday school 10 . Worship services first sunday night and third sunday morning. Ken Friek Creek sunday school 10 . Worship services second sunday morning and fourth Sun Day . A morning night. School. 10 worship services. Sunday night and fourth sunday morning. O. Boye pastor. School 10 . Wor ship services each second and third Sun Day 11 and Tach first and fourth sunday . It Black at Day school 10 . Worship services each second sunday at . And each fourth sunday 11 . W. Y i minister. Church school 10 . Worship service St. Fail s v. Pierce Pas Tor. Church school. 10 . Evening Wor ship . Fall Branch s. Wilson pastor. Sunday school 10 . Preaching services third and fourth Bun Days 11 . And first and second Daya . 8. Wil son pastor sunday school in preaching services 11 . First and Sec Ond sundays third and fourth sundays. Logan s s. Wll Soi pastor. Sunday school. 11 . Preaching services ii . Midway c. All food Tor. Farley s 10 10-50 . Evening worship . Worship services each first sunday 11 a comial Pitser m. Lyons m. . And each third sunday 7 . Pastor. Sunday school. 10 . Morning Mcc Humli v school 10 worship 11 evening worship worship services each second Sun Day. 7 . And each fourth sunday. 11 . It. School. 10 Catholic St. Dominie s Cathelis Chireh Thomas pastor. Sunday i . And . Celebration of mass. Daily mais at Hammond Tabb Juralb Tater Acle kee4y Creek school. 3 . Worship . Episcopal it. 7. Rector. Holy communion . Church school Bible . Morning prayer and ser Mon 11 . Trl Aitt. In server Ald Tauble pastor. Sunday school. B if m. Morning worship. 11 . Naza Texe Ckark Hill o. Gentry pastor. Sunday school . Morning worship 11 . Evangelistic service 7-3t or the Jenkins pastor. Sunday school t.45 . Worship service. 11 . Evangelistic Astl Ostli of god first As Mikly e. Waddle Pactor. Sunday school 10 . Morning worship 11 . Evangelistic service 7 p to. Oak Glen Calva Chireh Washington Blankenship. Pastor. Worship services Tach second and fourth saturday at . Sunday school 10 . Meve Odist e. Wiley or. A Lliter. Church school. . Morning worship. Worth up each first sunday 7 . And each third sundry. 11 . School 10 . Worship services each second sunday. 11 . And each fourth sunday. 7 . Grange Ball Arnold. Tor. 10 a. A. First and second sunday and p a third sunday. Grange 11 . First and third sunday and p. Sec Ond sunday. Prayer meeting wednesday. P. Worship at p. Second sunday and p. Fourth sunday. Ross Camp 10 a. Third sunday 11 a. Fourth Sun Day. P. First and third sunday Valley 11 a. Second sunday p. Fourth saturday. Sun Clay school. 10 each sunday in All churches ckkist1ah first Christian Broad Palmer toting minister. Harold Davis assistant Bible school morning worship 11 am evangelistic services. . Belvie , Brit us Stuart k. Widner Minuter. School 10 . Morning worship. 11 . Timing worship. . Morrista City c. Clark. Minister. Bible school 10 . Mom ing worship. 11 evening worship. . Baptist Blankenship pastor preaching each flirt and third sunday. 11 . Sunday school. It . Howard Hiu freewill Baptist Tom Hall pastor. Sunday school 10 a. Worship services. , 3uuu.vt i Ririe Baptist Block n am first Castor sunday school. 10 a. Morning 11 . Evening worship . Glass pastor. Sunday end and fourth it. Mark e Peyton uan Ning liter. Church school . Morning worship. 11 . Evening Wor ship d Nave Man ister sunday school. 10 a. Morning worship. 11 a. Evening worship pc m. Irame Pas Tor sunday school. 10 morning Wor ship 11 evening worship. Hlf Kjad m Pas Tor. Church school. torn Long worship. 11 evening worship. 7-30 p Ami View j Furner pastor Church school morning worship. 11 evening worship. tight. Sunday school. 10 . Morning worship 11 a tenting won hip. 7 Alta a. Giles pastor sunday school. 10 morning worship. 11 evening worship. 7 . W Jones pastor .8un Day 10 am. Morning worship. 11 evening worship . P Watkins. Pas Ter sunday school. . Morning worship u evening worship. 7-30 Jer pastor. Sunday school am. Morn tar worship. U evening worship. . State school a a morning worship a. Evening Wor ship. 8 p. Mill t. Richards pastor. Sun Day school. 10 a. Preaching each Sec Ond and fourth sunday. 11 a. And each first and third sunday. P. H. Black pastor. Sunday school. A. Mornini worship. 11 a. A evening worship p. Graveley Johnson pastor. Sunday school . Morning Wor free will Bap Taftt Union tempi Jesse r. Curtis pastor. Sunday school. 10 a. Morning worship 11 a. Eve Ning worship p. Calvary k. Ketner Pas Tor. Sunday school. A. Morning worship. 10 a. Evening worship p. First Gibson Davis pastor. Sunday school a. Morning Wor ship 11 a. Evening worship 8 p. It. Mitchell Church Cole pastor. Sunday school 10 a. Regular meeting each second saturday night and sunday. W Byrd Pas Tor. Sunday school 10 a. Morning Wor ship 11 . Evening worship freewill Baptist dry Ernest Ramey pastor. Sunday school 10 morning worship 11 a. Evening Wor ship p. It. Pleasant Robert Needham. Pastor. Sunday school. . Preaching 11 a. And 7 p. h. Parrott Pas Tor. Sunday school. 10 a. Morning Wor ship 11 a. Evening worship 8 p. Lynn l. Trent minister. Sunday school . Preaching m. And p. Oak Glen. Tana Cali let pastor. Sunday school 10 a. Morning worship 11 a. Evening worship p. Jack Campbell pastor. Sun Day school. A. Morning worship 11 a. A eve Wing worship s p. Collins pastor. Sun Day school a. Morning worship 11 a. Even ing worship p. Barton s Chapel Studham Theodore Russell pastors. Sun Day school 10 a. Worship every fourth saturday and sunday at p. Central m. Stock Ltd. Ister. Church school a. A. Morning worship 11 a. Evening sir vice p. Is. Lett g. Polk pastor. Sunday school 10 a. Morning worship 11 a. Evening worship p. G. Long pastor. Sunday school 10 a. A. Morning worship 11 a. worship p. Weit View Park Man tonary Baptist g. B. Price pastor. Sunday school a. Morning worship 11 a. Is. Evening service 8 p. Hene Creek free will school 10 a. Morning worship 11 a. Preaching. 8 p. Ten Wood Freeman Wright pastor. Sunday school a. Morning Wor ship a. Evening worship 8 p. A Sargon Shrille l. Booth jr., pastor. Sunday school 30 a. A. Morning worship i a. Training Union. 7 p. worship 8 p. Wednesday. P. Prayer service. Cedar Edwards pastor. Sunday school a. Worship ii a. Evening worship 8 p. West View primitive Baptist dans Crawford elder. Regular meeting each second saturday sunday. 11 m sunday school. 10 r. First Baptist Chyroh t. Kel son pastor. Sunday school. 10 a. Morn ing worship 11 a. Evening worship p. Fort , pastor. Sunday school a. Morning Wor ship 11 a. Evening worship p. Long Litand n. Black Pas Tor. Sunday school 10 a. Morning Wor ship 11 a. Evening worship. 8 p. A. Free will Baptist Highland Hammonds pastor. Sunday school 10 a. Morning worship i a. Saturday and sunday p. M., worship services. Grace Corner pair View Avenue and pair View Road twin oaf a Sherman Woods pastor. Sunday school a. Morning Worshen 11 a. Eve Ning worship p. Oak Jones pastor. Sunday school. 10 a. Preaching each first and third sunday 11 a. A and p. A capper Creek common try a. Boatright pastor. Sunday school 10 a. worship services each Teco Iid and ourth sunday. Fellowship freewill Alc Road. Rev. J. A. Dykes pastor. Sun Day school 10 a. Morning worship 11 a. Evening worship p. Independent Assembly of god Chireh of or Bank Luther pastor. Services sunday. 11 . And d. To Mission state line school m. Worship 2 p. M., saturday. Church of the bkethke14 Chireh of the p. Block pastor. Sunday school. A. Morning worship. 11 a. Jehovah s witnesses Jehovah s witnesses kingdom Emi 117 3roa.d p. M., by Rie study. Friday. P. M., Arr vice meet no. Theocratic ministry school. . Bible lecture followed by watchtower study p. Pentecostal pentecostal Park school 10 a. Preaching. 11 a i. Ning worship p. A first pent Ectal k. Tay or pastor. Sunday school 10 a. Morn ing. Theocratic ministry school. P. Bible lecture followed by watchtower study. P. We Lalami Chapel holiness Church. Grav Ely Road. Lyan Garden elder g. E. Peters. Sunday school. 10 a. Radio program. Win p. Healing and evangelistic service. P. A. Advent18ts seventh Day r. Potter pastor. Saturday service at 1308 Midland drive. Sabbath school a. Ship. 11 . Car Kitlan science the subject of the lesson Sermon to All Christian science churches for sunday will be Gate atty acre ably Ralph Smith pastor. Sunday school 10 . Morning worship 1 . A. Vespers , meeting . New organization of methodist men at Broad Street a new organization of meth Odist men known As the Young men s Fellowship club of the Broad Street methodist Church has been chartered by methodism s general Board of Lay activities in Chicago. Officers of the new club Are James m. Hamlett jr., president Robert a. Gee jr., vice president Richard e. Williams Secretary and Glenn Pendleton treasurer the local group will become one of methodist men organizations which the Board plans to charter by 1856. Youth sunday to be observed at holy Trinity holy Trinity lutheran Church will observe youth sunday sep tember 21 at the 11 a. Wor ship service. One sunday each Vear is set aside in the United lutheran Church in America to pay special tribute to the youth of the Church and the Observance is in charge of the Luther league the Young people s organization of the lutheran to the Rev. Donald r. Fauble pastor of holy Trinity. This year s Observance will feature a pantomime produced by the Luther league and de dieting the part that youth play n the work of the Church. Miss Brenda goer Dell will be the Nar Rator of the pantomime which s in five scenes portraying in urn a sunday school class the Luther league a confirmation service boy scout work and the Junior choir. Those taking part n the pantomime Are mrs. Claude Moody and her sunday school class Kay Keglar Gretchen Goerdel Ann Hultin Nancy Umberger Oakie Lionberger David Lionberger Donnie Fritz Teddy Fritz Phil Steadman Dick Jennings Rex Jennings Dick and Jim o Dell. This year s Observance of compare Winkler Oil floor furnaces any Musee on the Market before Lee Bey. Reporting their reel Bill no from s4t to tse Winkler Oil floor Furnace we Complete 1. fan 2. Forced draft j. 4. Automatic 5. Oil tank installed Complete Only per month to Wimb m m i no Down payment a months to Pax Southern Sheet Metal works 334 e. Sullivan St. At Flo Potate phone 111 youth sunday will close with a youth banquet at 6 p. For the present and prospective Mem 3ers of the Luther league. We believe that the youth of he Church Are the Church of to Day and As such we Are Happy of pay them this special tribute. We Are continually aware of and constantly appreciate the contribution which these Fine Young people Are making to life of our or. Fauble said. Gutenberg stamp Sale highlighted by special service the first Day Sale of the gut Enberg commemorative stamp will be highlighted by a special inter Faith ceremony in the Coolidge auditorium of the i been expanded through an m Barry of Congress Washington crease by the general Church. D. C., tuesday september 30. I or. Luther Evans the n_., Ian of Congress will represent k6v. Real estate Loans to build to refinance to buy Lowit interest it minimum Cost but compare our Complete loan err Lee to Coet or obligation. Garons office of 2100 Rev. S. F Manning commissions Are announced for is. Mark s members of various commis Sions of the St. Mark methodist Church were announced Friday by the Rev. S. P. Manning Pas Tor. These commissions include commission on Rev. Stafford mrs. Annie Long j. White mrs. F. Lynch mrs. Agnes Vaughn mrs. Ella Davis mrs. Ella Montgomery mrs. Charity Avery and mrs. Vina Stafford. Commission on v. O. Dobbins f. W. Stafford w. Hendricks mrs. Luther Graves mrs. Ella Stafford mrs. F. W. Stafford and mrs. Pauline Mack. Commission on membership and Cannon e. B. Collins mrs. V. O. Dobbins mrs. Luther mrs. S. P. Manning Glen Martin James Stafford. Commission on mrs. Delia Hendricks mrs. Helen Patterson c. J. Jackson l. Clintock f. Lynch j. Leeper mrs. Glen Martin mrs. Sybil Machen. Or. Manning explained that at the recent general conference held in san Francisco cal., the Church was ordered to appoint the commissions through the official Board. He added that the financial plan of the St. Mark Church had the Library As Host. He will accept the album of the special Gutenberg Stamps which is to be presented by assistant postmas Ter general Osborne a. Pearson. Other participants in the pro ram will be or. William a. Jackson of the Houghton Library at Harvard University who will speak on the topic the place of he Gutenberg Bible in the his tory of the Rev. Edward f. Siegman of the Catholic University of America the text of the Gutenberg the Rev. Eric m. North general Secretary of the american Bible society English versions of the and the it. Rev. Angus Dun Bishop of the episcopal diocese of Washington who will deliver the invocation. The Library of Congress possesses the Only perfect three volume copy on vellum of the Gutenberg Bible. This will be on exhibition along with the Manu script of the great Bible of Mainz. Also on View will be the Library s collection of other important bibles and significant biblical materials that have been loaned for this exhibition. Tuesday evening Kingsport will join with other cities throughout the United states in the revised Standard version Bible Observance. A special pro Gram has been prepared with or. Dwight Chalmers pastor of Westminster presbyterian Church Greenville s. C., Prin Cipal speaker. Faith Bible Church to hear missionaries or. And mrs. J. Gho Aston missionary volunteers to Portu Gal will be guest speakers Faith Independent Bible Church sunday it has been announced. The Rev. William Sherbert is pastor of the Church. To hold revival St. Paul a. 6pu the Rev. E. Y. Robertson pastor of Park View Baptist Church Richmond va., is evangelist for a revival to be held from sep tember 21 to september 26 at St. Paul s Baptist Church. Cottage prayer meetings will be held prior to the revival at the Home of mrs. Claude Cooper Friday at . Hawkins county demo Cross form Milwaukee up democrats Lor Mccarthy was formed Here today by a group of wis Consin democrats desiring to support sen. Joseph Mccarthy in bid for re election As a Republican senator. The group elected William Cal Lahan of Milwaukee As chairman and John Zimmerman Milwaukee vice chairman. We As democrats who put our government above Callahan said that Joseph Mccarthy should be re elected so that he can continue his unrelenting Campaign against Mccarthy was overwhelmingly renominated in the Wisconsin primary last week polling some More votes than the to Tal of his Republican opponents and democratic candidates. G. D. Refers new pastor of wigwams elder g. D. Peters pastor of the Williams Chapel holiness Church was born and raised in is c o 11 county fva., and attended Shoemaker school. During world Iwar ii he served in the armed forces with 22 months overseas duty. He has lived in Kings port since 1939. G. D. Peters for the past eight months or. Peters has served As co pastor of the Wil Liams Chapel Church. Services at the Church begin with sunday school at 10 . Evangelistic services Are at . On tuesday evening prayer meeting is held and Young peo Ples services Friday evening. Ladies quartet to give program at City Mission the Kingsport ladies Quad Tette will present a special serv ice it the City Mission Friday evening. Other quartets Are also expected to take part in the program. The Rev. O. Gentry pastor of the Church Hill Nazarene Church will preach at the mis Sion next week. Services Are daily at . L. H. White to hold services at Weber Chapel the Rev. L. H. Wiite Mission Ary evangelist will hold services at the Weber Chapel methodist Church sunday at 11 a. His topic will be what must i do to be services Are open to the Public. Newsman has new Kingsport times Friday sept. 19, 1952 3 it s already Here singing meet at it. Zion Church Hill spa the third sunday Hawkins county singing convention will be held at it. Zion methodist Church about five Miles North of Church Hill at 2 . The Anderson Trio will sing with the group. All singers Are invited to attend the program. Decoration service at bowery cemetery a decoration service will be held at bowery cemetery near Bethel Church sunday at 3 . A Brief ceremony and songs will be conducted by the Rev. Ray w. Willis pastor of Bethel Church. A members Are requested to meet at the Church at 5 . Following the decoration to Dis cuss the building and expansion of the Church. 3rd sunday convention the third sunday Sullivan county singing convention will be held at the Rock Springs methodist Church from 2 . Sunday. Ott. If Otto one visit service compare save 156.60 outhit amount up to in Pink Ilion phone first for immediate service come in and get it Community finance it Thrift corporation of Kingsport 218 most Marker Street Telephone 3760 Community investment certificates pay 3% Al annul news of Tony s death to be lamented around world item in expenses Olympia Wash. Don Magnuson the Newspaperman who surprised the politicians re ported a dog gone new twist i Campaign expenses. The Seattle reporter said Dur ing his successful Campaign for the democratic nomination for the new Post of congressman at Large that he could t afford sound trucks and billboards. So he paraded a Pooch with vote for Magnuson signs. His Campaign Cost report of today included two dog blankets. Third sunday song meet the regular third sunday singing will be held at the cop per Creek Community Church at . A singers Are invited to participate. By Charles a. Wills there Are great dangers in our today and some serious ones have already fallen upon us. A divorce can wreck a Home As Well As a bomb Only we can rebuild the House or apartment but we can t rebuild twisted distorted lives. A broken Home can wreck a child s life As surely As can broken Bones and More people Are maimed and killed each year from Drunken driving than have suffered casualties in Korea. The losses our Standard of living suffer through gambling and intemperance alone could soon pay the National War debt. A nation can disintegrate from within while it prepares for danger from without. It is a popular formula among politicians to capitalize on fears of communism without detracting from the danger of communism we need to become conscious of the dangers that Are already Here dangers that can Only met by moral weapons and spiritual defences. Baltimore an Tonio Cataneo businessman died yesterday. He was 64. His death won t cause any particular stir in chamber of com Merce circles nor will an appraisal of his holdings be Neces sary. But news of his death will be lamented around the world. Cataneo Tony to everyone was in the ship tying business. That s All just tying up ships when they docked on the Balti More waterfront. But he was known Well by steamship agents on both coasts and by Skippers and Crews that frequented this port. Tony immigrated Here from his native Foggia Italy in 1906. He was a Stevedore until he opened a tiny lunch Shack in the Early 20s opposite pier 8 in the lower Canton Section. By 1927 he was All but bankrupt. He owed 50 months ground rent for the land where his rundown lunch Shack stood. Then came the break. It happened so naturally he almost missed it. He was standing in front of his Shack when he heard a ship s officer yell will somebody please take a Tony grabbed the heading line when it was thrown Over and pulled the hawser to the pier. He got for the helping hand. Then the officer promised him More if he would throw off the line when the ship sailed. Tony did. That started him thinking. One ship s5. Lots ships lots dollars. He started making Calls to the steamship lines and found his services were welcomed. Soon he and his son were Busy enough meeting ships to give the lunch Shack up. Tony talking about it recently made it sound so simple. I laugh at myself when i think How i did t catch on. In All those years. I had to be Down and out sitting in my lunch room with nothing to do but look at ships. Then i see the same thing nobody to take lines. Something give me a push. I went out to take the lines. Now my Mike and i have built urn the profession of line Mike takes Over the business with 20-Odd employees. All from a idea. We Welcome you special services at Morrison City Christian Church evangelistic services will be held in the Morrison City Christian Church daily at . Through september 28, it has been announced. The Rev. J. W. Jones is evangelist in charge of services. Church of Christ 900 Watauga St. And Gibson Mill Road j. Bernard Muon minister radio Broa Cut win wept school worship hour evening hour wednesday night congregational san staff without the addition of mechanical instruments of music i Felt lost from the world in. Ruby Honaker 4 buffered thirty four years from spells of smothering pres sure pains with result ant nervous dizzy Blind headache feel ing lost weight and strength. It seemed that i was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I feel like new on Scalf s Indian River de clares mrs. Honaker mrs. Ruby Honaker swords Creek va., is a respected Mother of seven sons and three daughters. In telling her experience with Scalf s Indian River Medicine she states for thirty four years i bad spells of smothering stomach pressure pains which seemed to make me feel so weak and rundown that i could not stay on my feet Long at a time and i1 often suffered from blinding dizzy headache feeling with loss of sleep. All this made me feel so out of heart that i Felt like i was lost from the world. I believe i was on the verge of a nervous break Down when i started on Scalf s in Dian River Medicine. I it is amazing How this grand Herb stomach tonic helped me. i appetite came Back the smother ing Gassy stomach distress was relieved i no longer suffered from headaches in fact i Felt so much stronger and better on Scalf s in Dian River Medicine that i was like new. I Felt so much happier and livelier that i could get More out of life. I am telling my friends about Scalf s Indian River medi Cine and insisting that they try it too for words cannot express my gratitude for what it Bas done for Why not profit by mrs. Honaker s experience. You can t lose because you get your Money Back on the very first bottle of Scalf s Indian River Medicine if not entirely satisfied with the results. Try it to Day. Sold All Cole drug stores. This Speed writer Learned shorthand in 6 weeks did it my course in Speed Ritac and typewriting at Steed tech been of great help to me in my present position As clerk stenographer in the freight and traffic department of the Southern railway. I use Speed writing in taking telegrams letters Aad reports. This would be very slow without its sign Frank jesters Knox tue Tenn. New night glasses new forming Ami Edi Eakon div. Whitney school of business 143 Commerce St. Phone is now

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